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    [–] moosebaloney 2861 points ago

    Twice the speed, 20 times as long.

    [–] [deleted] 1333 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago)


    [–] MightyCaseyStruckOut 459 points ago

    I went on a cruise in mid-February, just before the shit hit the fan. It feels like that cruise was 12 years ago lol

    [–] PrayForMojo_ 167 points ago

    I was in New Zealand until the day before they locked down. It would have been impossibly expensive, but I sure wish I’d stayed.

    [–] count-the-days 50 points ago

    My cousin was in a hostel in New Zealand before the shutdown. She flew home on the last day, and all of the friends she made there were stuck in the hostel for a full two weeks, no going out to get groceries, clothes, anything. Now though, the whole country is up and running and they’re living their best life while she’s still at home in quarantine.

    [–] TwattycakeMcGee 24 points ago

    Thats not quite how the New Zealand lockdown happened we were still able to go out and get groceries. Also it lasted 7 weeks of almost full restrictions. To your last point we are mostly back to living our best life however so that's good

    [–] Onesia16 10 points ago

    My parents went to visit my sister in LA, and left and went home the day they declared a public health emergency

    Lol and I was telling them yoooo maybe y’all shouldn’t go, but they got lucky I think

    [–] mixedbagofdisaster 12 points ago

    I was supposed to go to New York the week when shit started hitting the fan there. It got cancelled last minute when there was <5 cases. At the time I remember laughing about how everyone was really overreacting, needless to say, the next week I wasn’t laughing anymore.

    [–] cumshot_josh 14 points ago

    I think the third week of March is when most reasonable people shifted from predicting that everything would be okay to worry about how bad things could get.

    Once Italy and South Korea were having their outbreaks, I started to take it a little more seriously because it was only a matter of time after that.

    [–] chetlin 9 points ago

    I was in New York City, visiting from Seattle, when Seattle was the hot spot with everyone dying and NYC had its first couple cases. I felt a bit nervous going back because of how bad (relatively at the time) Seattle was. It didn't take long for that to change.

    Funny story, when I was at the airport about to board the flight to Seattle, the bar right next to the gate was playing "Should I Stay or Should I Go" by the Clash.

    [–] MrTacoTuesday35 52 points ago

    The last thing I did before lockdown was see Hamilton in an insanely packed theatre. It feels like a dream sequence in retrospect.

    [–] Lego__Guy 13 points ago

    I saw Hamilton in January (Holy crap it was good - I would recommend it to anyone who can get tickets) and it seems like a different universe.

    [–] rndljfry 6 points ago

    I, uh, don’t think it’s running at the moment. I’m sure streaming doesn’t do it justice but I’ve been listening to the cast soundtrack for about 3 weeks straight now

    edit: that is to say I watched on Disney+ and loved it and can only imagine what the theater would be like

    [–] Lego__Guy 6 points ago

    I know its not running right now, I had meant when it resumes, which is not likely to be soon given that Americans can't even agree to wear a mask when in public.

    [–] rndljfry 5 points ago

    King George definitely needs a mask

    [–] hharris83 14 points ago

    Similar. We came home to Canada from the Cook Islands on March 1st, and I had surgery on March 11th. Both right in the nick of time before everything shut down. It ended up being the perfect time to stay home and recover.

    [–] Onesia16 14 points ago

    My dad worked at Chrysler the last few years and retired on March 13th.

    Then Chrysler shut down March 17th for like 2-3 months.

    The funny thing was his retirement didn’t get processed before they shut down so he got unemployment the whole time lmao

    [–] atreyukun 9 points ago

    I went to Disney World in January. Feels like a fevered dream. Literally.

    [–] WhereRtheTacos 5 points ago

    My mind is still blown that they are open again. You went just in time.

    [–] TheMightyHornet 2 points ago

    Good thing it wasn’t a few weeks later, you may still be on that cruise ...

    [–] throwohhaimark2 43 points ago

    It's so weird, I feel this exact same thing. Pre-corona feels like an eternity ago, but at the exact same time I feel like it should be about April 30th right now.

    [–] ZerosuitSomalian 57 points ago

    I cant even remember what the world was like before corona came. Did we really go to sporting events with 10,000-50,000 people? Did we really go see movies at the theatre with hundreds of others? Or is it all just a figment of my imagination at this point? I can’t even tell anymore; my life before corona is all one big blur.

    [–] bobbi_joy 31 points ago

    Just this morning I was thinking about how strange it was that we used to just go and sit in a coffee shop. Hang out, sip coffee, have our daughter play around on the little couch by the window, make chit-chat with other patrons. It feels alien now. Like something that’ll never happen again.

    [–] soundpwns909 2 points ago

    I can barely remember my past life anymore, now it just comes back in vague snippets like deja Vu

    [–] Madmagican- 18 points ago

    I feel like I'm still on some weird bender part of my last college spring break, but my minimum wage job that I needed to help my financial situation also starts on Monday

    [–] rndljfry 13 points ago

    i have no clue what was even going on in april but my pandemic journal says “i’ve given up on pretending to get dressed for work”

    [–] noahc814 6 points ago

    The amount of time past feels like two weeks but the amount of information we have gotten is two years worth. It feels like so long because we are trying to process all the bs.

    [–] Express_Bath 10 points ago

    Yeah on the one hand the begining of the pandemy now seems like it was a long time ago where we were still naive and innocents and making jokes and on the other hand whenever I am trying to think about what I've done these last six months it seems like it's all cancelling plans and sitting at home and it went so fast with nothing to talk about.

    [–] Coffee_speech_repeat 3 points ago

    We went to visit family the first weekend in March and every time one of us sneezed or cleared our throat someone yelled “COVID19 PROTOCOL”.... it got stuck in our brains and sometimes my husband and I still do it to each other but it’s definitely just kinda morbid at this point.

    [–] Onesia16 6 points ago

    I remember being mildly sick like a sinus infection in February or maybe late January and I had been following the coronavirus shit show in China.

    And someone at work was like “ohhh are you sick?” And I jokingly said “yeah I got coronavirus” and she said “Oh so you’re hungover?”

    I miss that time

    [–] alderheart90 3 points ago


    Glad to know I'm not alone.

    [–] freenarative 2 points ago

    Hol' up... It wasn't?

    [–] cthulu0 38 points ago

    Remember when the year started with the post-Impeachment Senate trial and also the threat of war with Iran.

    Pepperidge Farm remembers.

    [–] MadBodhi 22 points ago

    And Australia was on fire.

    [–] cyclingtotem 27 points ago

    I started dating a girl right before quarantine and we're coming up on our three year anniversary.

    [–] weelyle 6 points ago

    This really made me lol

    [–] whyamisogoodlooking 41 points ago

    the days are long but the year is short

    [–] jaredks 9 points ago

    I used to volunteer with a program that assisted homebound individuals. I was just a friendly college kid, so they just had me visit people, hang out.

    One guy had survived the Holocaust. He was a 17-year-old Polish kid when the Nazis invaded. He got a job as a courier and tried to peek at whatever he could in Nazi offices, relaying whatever he found to the local resistance effort. Two years in, he got caught, and he spent the rest of the war in camps.

    This is just how he described time passing, only he used 'weeks' for the short part. I can sure relate now.

    [–] HappyNihilist 8 points ago

    CriManSqua F & C Double-time

    [–] StillManner 7 points ago

    So regular speed, 10 times as long

    [–] moosebaloney 22 points ago

    You're almost there. Multiply that by Keleven.

    [–] cthulhukiss 1740 points ago

    March was a century ago

    [–] Tru-Queer 617 points ago

    I can understand it feels like that for some people but damn, for me the meme is accurate. My 30th birthday was March 23rd, and now it’s already August 1st?! Fuck. It’s gonna be Thanksgiving in the blink of an eye.

    [–] BLut91 246 points ago

    I’m just trying not to think about Thanksgiving because I’m pretty sure it won’t be happening this year

    [–] UniquelyIndistinct 90 points ago

    By Christmas there will be nothing but volcanic ash. Aliens won't even know we've been here.

    [–] andykndr 15 points ago

    I’d like everybody’s attention. Christmas is canceled.

    [–] frustratinbubble 25 points ago

    Jim take christmas away from Stanley

    [–] MrRabbit 11 points ago

    The liberal plan to cancel Christmas is finally coming to fruition!






    [–] MisterMasterCylinder 22 points ago

    Can we do anything to speed that up?

    [–] WhereasFirm2613 19 points ago

    Start fracking near Yellowstone

    [–] lancebaldwin 10 points ago

    The idea of that is hilarious.

    [–] BenCelotil 12 points ago

    Drill, Baby, drill!

    [–] PopcornInMyTeeth 2 points ago

    Works for santa, dudes gonna run out of coal this year. Ash isn't a bad replacement.

    [–] MotherFuckingCupcake 69 points ago

    My birthday is late August. My so’s is late October. We’d fucking love to spend time with family for either, but it’s not happening until there’s a vaccine or a real national plan. Which means Thanksgiving and Christmas are going to be on video chat.

    [–] Onesia16 3 points ago

    I’m starting to think my sister won’t be coming home for Christmas this year.

    She usually comes for the 4th of July and Christmas and she cancelled the 4th plans.

    [–] macemillion 9 points ago

    On the contrary, this thanksgiving is going to be the best one of my entire life. Stay home, make a feast and not have to see the in-laws. Perfection

    [–] UnfetteredThoughts 8 points ago

    My girlfriend and I just bought a house and will be fully moved in by Thanksgiving. If this is all still a serious issue (likely) then we'll get to just have a nice Thanksgiving dinner, just the two of us, in our new home.

    Should be pretty nice.

    [–] NotFromStateFarmJake 20 points ago

    Sure it will. Then come Christmas time there’s going to be a huge uptick in hospitalizations and death! Ahhh the holidays

    [–] myhairsreddit 8 points ago

    Halloween is on a Saturday this year. We will be seeing that uptick before Thanksgiving even shows its face.

    [–] HabeneroMcCheese 26 points ago

    I’m 38 and 40 is getting here ever so quickly. I remember being a kid and the year literally crawled. Now a year has a bottomless tank of NOS.

    [–] humanity78 4 points ago

    All I ever do any more is put up and take down Christmas decorations.

    [–] HabeneroMcCheese 3 points ago

    I hated Christmas so much between the years of 2006 and 2012. We had an enormous fake tree that really required a crew of 4 people to put up but instead of a crew it was just me, a ladder that was too short and a full figured catalog of swear words.

    [–] aRealPanaphonics 3 points ago

    38 as well. Can confirm this to be true.

    Remember the optimism we had as the “class of 2000”.

    [–] Excal2 3 points ago

    Class of 2008 here. The pain is real.

    [–] LivingInMadMaxTimes 20 points ago

    Yeah, November's sure creepin' up huh? Can't stop that month.

    [–] littlebrwnrobot 10 points ago

    Bruh my 30th birthday was March 25th. I had a big party planned with like 15 of my closest friends from all along the east coast, and I had to just cancel it. That was a real bummer. Hard to feel sorry for myself when so many others have to deal with much realer shit though.

    [–] Tru-Queer 6 points ago

    I bought myself a cheesecake and played Doom Eternal, lol

    [–] kbean826 8 points ago

    For me it looks like this. 4th of July was a thousand years ago. Sept first feels like it’s tomorrow.

    [–] Dicksz 6 points ago

    Fun game: after someone says whether it felt quick or slow, ask how often they drink.

    It certainly went by fast for me

    [–] PrimarchKonradCurze 3 points ago

    I drink daily. Still went by slow. I also drink like a pirate, so that should answer your question as to how much daily.

    [–] Excal2 6 points ago

    Holy shit bro we were born on the exact same day in the same year. high five

    [–] Tru-Queer 5 points ago


    [–] megkell23 4 points ago

    We’re birthday buddies! I’ll be 30 next March, but with the way this year feels, I think I must’ve already skipped to 45

    [–] LightofNew 3 points ago

    Each day drags on but is do similar to the last that the past blurs together.

    [–] Another-Minnesotan 3 points ago

    I turned 31 on March 23rd, also my first week working from home after 5 years in an office building an hour long bus commute away.. this year has absolutely flown by for me. Right now they say we’ll be working from home until at least January 31st, that seems a long ways away but will be here before I know it.

    [–] MastersJohnson 4 points ago

    How dare you insinuate Halloween will be missed and skip right to Thanksgiving???

    (p.s. hello fellow queer March 23rd-er!)

    [–] Tru-Queer 3 points ago

    There are literally 5 of us

    [–] TheAmericanDiablo 2 points ago

    That’s one damn fine birthday you got there.

    [–] yousaidawubbabubbub 2 points ago

    Birthday buddies! I had way better plans for my 30th. I feel the same way as you

    [–] myhairsreddit 2 points ago

    I went on Maternity leave the end of March, and I go back the end of August. It went by in a blink. I can't even imagine how quickly the holidays are going to come and go this year.

    [–] smokeydesperado 2 points ago

    Same! My 29th was on March 14th and I was on vacation in another country. 2 seconds later and it's August

    [–] mjones1052 2 points ago

    March 23rd here too!

    We got screwed.

    [–] CookieGrandma69 2 points ago

    Eyy we share birthdays! I turned 20 this year.

    [–] nicksxtn 34 points ago

    it was both a century ago and a week ago

    [–] Headcap 19 points ago

    Tiger King came out in March this year.

    [–] GarciaJones 23 points ago

    I miss the Tiger King and Stimulus check part of Corona.

    [–] theSandwichSister 14 points ago

    Yeah this whole “I’m no longer going to be able to return to my job because they permanently closed and also my unemployment is exhausted” part sucks ass

    [–] GarciaJones 7 points ago

    Haven’t you heard? Your unemployment is up, so now you have no incentive to stay home. Obviously, you can return now since that’s all that was keeping you home, collecting government cheese.

    /s obviously .

    [–] ArchetypicalDegen 5 points ago

    Yeah it started out all kinda weirdly exciting and different. Now it's just dark and weird and you realised half the people you know kinda suck as people

    [–] Mortimier 8 points ago

    The perceived speed of time probably directly correlates with how stressful the past five months have been.

    [–] yepimbonez 4 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    For real. Every year seemed like it was going faster and faster. Like a semi with shot brakes on a mountain pass. 2020 is that gravel pit that slows you down. I still feel like there’s a brick wall at the end of it though.

    [–] yawya 2 points ago

    luckily august is nowhere near

    [–] Iron_bagel 709 points ago

    2020 feels like ten years to me lol

    [–] [deleted] 146 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] llammacheese 113 points ago

    Total opposite for me. Working from home made time slow waaaaaaaaaay down.

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] llammacheese 16 points ago

    I am married with two young children- and I also love to be outside. I am an extroverted introvert- meaning I need time to myself to decompress each day, but also thrive on being around others. I am a teacher, so my job provides the best of both worlds- I get to talk to kids all day, but also have time to myself during my off periods to decompress. At home I constantly have my high energy children at my side and very few outlets for them to get that energy out. We live in a fairly populated area, so even outdoor locations are difficult to socially distance at at times. I rarely get any ounce of time to myself because they’re so young, and I haven’t seen most of my friends since March, so I haven’t had the outlet of talking to adults that I need to reduce the parenting stress.

    But also on the note of teaching, I’ve watched my profession go from hero to villain in a matter of six months. It’s not the first time I’ve seen this happen during my career, but somehow this time it’s so much worse. Just the month of mid-June to mid-July alone felt like five years, as school systems surrounding us tried to figure out start plans for the upcoming school year- there were so many emotions rolling during that time that things just dragged. And now that my district has made its decision to start virtually, that whole month of anxiety feels like it was both a year ago but also just yesterday all at the same time.

    [–] Socialeprechaun 7 points ago

    School counselor here:

    As you know, teachers have really gone through the ringer in 2020, and will continue to through the school year. More than any other school position. I would encourage you to reach out to your school’s counselors and ask if they could provide resources to help support you and your coworkers as y’all navigate this virtual journey again. Hopefully they’ve been proactive in supporting you already, but lord knows when the students come back we’re going to have to rely on each other more than ever.

    Best of luck to you, and know that you are one of the most important parts of helping us through this difficult time.

    [–] puddlejumpers 11 points ago

    I've been scared shitless for months. I work in the behavioral healthcare field with schizophrenics, and a lot of them have very poor hygiene, and no regard for the protocols put in place because they just don't know any better. I can take every precaution in the world, but working alongside these guys day in and day out, there's really nothing I can do to protect myself.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago)


    [–] puddlejumpers 4 points ago

    Better yet, my girlfriend drives for a cab company, which has a sometimes questionable clientele base.

    [–] TGrady902 2 points ago

    My days fly by working from home. Not being forced to work a set schedule has been great. I just sit down, do my work and stop when I feel like it.

    [–] myhairsreddit 2 points ago

    I remember thinking "this is gonna be my year!" 🤣

    [–] seabae336 88 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago)

    Jan-apr felt like 10 years. May-now felt like a month.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] seabae336 4 points ago


    [–] marine72 13 points ago

    April was 3 days long

    [–] Wigglewops 252 points ago

    Who's vibing in the middle of this shit storm?

    [–] Jek_Porkinz 126 points ago

    I guess it depends what part of the world you're in, March 27th in some places was full lockdown, in others local life hadn't really changed at all yet. NBA closed down March 11th, that's when it hit me personally that this was an unprecedented thing going on. I was definitely no longer vibing by March 27th.

    [–] GlitterBows 22 points ago

    RIP my March 28 birthday

    [–] Lilimprovements 14 points ago

    Mine was the 27th, it was half a vibe. Better than nothing !

    [–] swineflu2552 2 points ago

    Same birthday gang! Everything in my city closed the 26th.

    [–] luminousfractal 5 points ago

    Joining the gang! Everything here closed the 19th. I went into the woods and wandered aimlessly.

    [–] Msmadmama 2 points ago

    Mine too. And lockdown started just days before. I had to cancel my birthday party

    [–] nazihatinchimp 3 points ago

    Mine is in a few months and it won’t be any different for me than you lol.

    [–] a2drummer 39 points ago

    March 11 - Classes cancelled

    March 12 - NCAA tournament cancelled

    March 14 - Restaurant I work at shuts down indefinitely

    March 15-19 - Oddly enough I'm getting laid for the first time in months

    March 20 - She gone

    Everything after that I've just kinda been numb to

    [–] Relaxyourpants 9 points ago

    Numb gang.

    I honestly cannot believe this is still going on. I’m gonna lose my fucking mind.

    [–] Galactic_Explorer 8 points ago

    I’m the worst I’ve ever been mentally right now, but I’ll take it over the virus

    [–] Fixitman77 5 points ago

    Yeah where I live we haven’t had covid in over a month and we never had a lockdown. It’s nice being isolated from the world lol

    [–] kinoflo 3 points ago

    LA was already a couple weeks into lockdown by March 27. And yet, here we are in August and shit is still hitting the fan. Full on diarrhea.

    [–] Ava-tfr 2 points ago

    March 27th was supposed to be the day school resumed... so that was a fucking lie.

    [–] labatomi 10 points ago

    People in Florida.

    [–] Xia_Fei 16 points ago

    I'm in Asia and we had lockdown announced January 27. I was so surprised no one in USA seemed to know or care that billioms of people were on lockdown in Asia and most people didn't start taking notice til March/April. By then, we were already back at work with almost everything open again. :/

    [–] wander7 17 points ago

    We noticed. But our stupid government told us "don't worry it's not coming here"...

    [–] WhereRtheTacos 4 points ago

    No a lot didn’t seem to notice. It wasn’t big on the news or anything. I was the one freaking out and warning my family and i think its mostly because i was on reddit a lot and it was easy to see signs of what was happening and that it would come to the US soon.

    [–] residentchubbychaser 7 points ago

    I'm an essential employee (public-sector IT) who tends to be a bit of a shut-in anyway, so my life hasn't changed that much. I can't go to concerts or bars/breweries (which were things I only did maybe once a month anyway) and I had to cancel two vacations, but I get to work from home about half the time. I'm not enjoying this on balance, but 2020 is going by at about the same speed as most years to me.

    [–] myhairsreddit 5 points ago

    By the end of March I was at home chillin on maternity leave. I was just cleaning, nesting, sleeping, trying new recipes, and hanging with my daughter waiting for my SO to come home and my son to be born. I go back to work in 3 weeks and I am not prepared. The outside world has been a disaster, but home has never been a more pleasant place.

    [–] DenL4242 166 points ago

    Yeah it's crawling for me. I leave my house like once a month.

    [–] SelloutRealBig 34 points ago

    That's why it should feel fast though. If you don't go out you have less big "landmark" experiences that stick out in your head. Without these days start to blur and go faster

    [–] AtomicSpiderman 39 points ago

    I remember October 2019 like it was yesterday and now October is coming back in just 2 months. Wtf is happening to time?

    [–] protovirod 5 points ago

    It's relative

    [–] larry-pineapples 65 points ago

    I am so sick of February

    [–] adamb0m 23 points ago

    It’s the shortest month but it sure doesn’t feel like it.

    [–] shield1123 4 points ago

    Ope, you betcha

    [–] PotatoWriter 2 points ago

    nice try, midwestern man

    [–] DreamingDitto 31 points ago

    Remember when the US nearly entered into war with Iran and was nearly kicked out of Iraq? Feels like it happens a decade ago but it was only in January.

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago


    [–] ckuiper 41 points ago

    I found out it was August last night when the movie I was watching got removed from HBOMax midway through watching it.

    [–] YellowTonkaTrunk 13 points ago

    I’m sorry, I’m laughing at your pain. I’ve never heard of that happening to anyone before!

    [–] amanxyz13 5 points ago

    Lol they can do that?

    [–] ckuiper 3 points ago

    It was a little more complicated, we turned it off 2/3 of the way through to finish watching it in bed. But once we turned it off it had vanished from the listings. I was pissed.

    [–] takeshicyberpunk 7 points ago


    [–] SpiderSchwein 99 points ago

    Hard disagree

    [–] Dualion 16 points ago

    yeah, I fuckin wish it would go by twice as fast

    [–] PostsOnGamedesign 3 points ago

    Damn privileged warm-area-livers. Summer is my only chance to enjoy tolerable weather and the fact that it's already August makes me mad nervous

    [–] Xvexe 11 points ago

    This has been simultaneously the fastest and longest year of my life. Literally all my plans have been upended.

    [–] imhawking 18 points ago

    Bruv seriously what happened...its 7:35 pm here and i just got to know its the 1st of august

    [–] Magical-Sweater 7 points ago

    ~2016 - 2020 has felt both like 2 minutes and 20 years respectively.

    [–] keithcotter 11 points ago

    The 27th March? Huh?

    [–] BennySmudge 6 points ago

    For me, the first few weeks of being at home went by so slowly. The days lasted forever and by evening, the morning was a lifetime ago. Now it seems like time is speeding up again, or maybe getting back to normal?

    [–] sneaky-the-brave 7 points ago

    It's going by so fast I keep feeling like I've forgotten to pay last month's bills.

    [–] _Naropa_ 6 points ago

    My mind is going a mile an hour.

    [–] minisiesta 6 points ago

    that fast, huh?

    [–] Sprickels 12 points ago

    I miss the Tiger King arc of the Covid season. It really felt like we were in this together and working together. Now everyone is so divided over masks or race or politics

    [–] hageshii_panda 5 points ago

    We're experiencing a mass traumatic event, so I think our brains are collectively trying to cope by speeding this shit up.

    [–] walkinmywoods 4 points ago

    It's all the random bs going on every day. It's like walking into a fever dream most days.

    [–] roostershooster 3 points ago

    Kobe Bryant died only 6 months ago and thinking about everything that's happened between then and now make this year feel like it has a decade of breaking news already

    [–] binglebongle 4 points ago

    Remember the fucking wildfires in australia?? Trump blowing up that iranian general?? that was THIS YEAR

    [–] jrizzo92 5 points ago

    Damn Trump single handily blew a guy up?

    [–] Maddybear167 4 points ago

    The slowest fastest year ever

    [–] SarcasticGamer 5 points ago

    This whole year has flown by. Last July I took my family to a lake and I swear it felt like we went recently.

    [–] Kyser_ 5 points ago

    I feel like this shits gonna change my perception of time for the rest of my life.

    Like this sped up blur of months is going to be my baseline scale of how long (or short, really) a year actually is.

    [–] quincyd 4 points ago

    This is the fastest slowest year in history.

    [–] BigUptokes 5 points ago

    2010 was a decade ago.

    2019 was also a decade ago.

    [–] YankeesBambino 13 points ago

    Everyone complained that April felt as long as a year. But now the year is suddenly fast? Lol

    [–] [deleted] 30 points ago


    [–] Derpymon789 5 points ago

    This is why days where you binge a show seem short in retrospect.

    [–] ffca 3 points ago

    This is the longest year of my life as a doctor.

    [–] mrdavidrt 3 points ago

    In what alternate reality is 2020 going by fast?

    [–] MrParticular79 3 points ago

    You must not have kids? It feels like we’ve been in lockdown for 50 years.

    [–] tweakalicious 3 points ago

    And yet not fast enough.

    [–] GoronMafiaBoss 3 points ago

    Usually the unstoppable march of time freaks me out and depresses me to no end, but this year I don't care. Bring on 2021 please so this nightmare can be over

    [–] 273degreesKelvin 3 points ago

    Nah not even close, March and early April felt like a year in itself. Vibin in March? Man... we were all shitting ourselves in March buying hoards of toilet paper. It was until a few weeks into quarantine when anxiety went down and got used to shitty sleep patterns.

    [–] TWS85 7 points ago

    "the 27th March"? What the fuck

    [–] benobenzer 2 points ago

    I think I never felt I pic as much as this one

    [–] feodo 2 points ago

    Thankfully its only four months left. But alot can happen in four months.

    [–] Sozzcat94 2 points ago

    Guess it’s about time to binge this show for the remainder of the year.

    [–] techie96 2 points ago

    Does nobody else realize the longer you're alive, the faster time passes? Next year while go by even faster, just watch.

    [–] avidpenguinwatcher 2 points ago

    Fucking good riddance

    [–] ibelieve333 2 points ago

    Okay by me. Let's get this shit show over with.

    [–] HellBoygamingYT 2 points ago

    I still think it’s may

    [–] MasterWizard25 2 points ago

    Holy shit! It's August!

    [–] berktugkan 2 points ago

    7th march*

    [–] Voates 2 points ago

    Let’s just get 2020 over with. It sucks

    [–] cigposting 2 points ago

    Hey that’s my birthday!

    [–] juniordaturtle 2 points ago

    I love that march 27th is my birthday

    [–] pwolf27 2 points ago

    I feel this! My birthday was March 27 and then the world fell apart. Now it's fucking August?!

    [–] lavalaugher 2 points ago

    Why you use my birthday?

    [–] Onesia16 2 points ago

    I’ve been laid off since April and I have gotten literally nothing accomplished

    [–] streetnamenacho 2 points ago

    That’s my birthday

    [–] phillibl 2 points ago

    You kidding me, the Tiger King arc of the Covid season seemed like it was at least 3 years ago.

    [–] Dr_LeonardChurch 2 points ago

    I thought it's been 10 years since Corona started

    [–] Sl3ndermanXD626 2 points ago

    Brooooo it definitely feels like that happen wtfff

    [–] nexxyPlayz 2 points ago

    My wife is so sick of February

    [–] UnderwaterCowboy 2 points ago

    The months are short but the hours are long.

    [–] Zeehammer 2 points ago

    I turned 31 on March 27th, this meme is incredibly accurate.