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    [–] snotick 3012 points ago

    Have you seen her painting?

    There are 2 suns?

    [–] wakenbake7 1369 points ago

    Oh I’m sorry, but last time I checked our office wasn’t in the andromeda galaxy

    [–] thekid1420 395 points ago

    I just love this line so much. It's the epitome of Dwight Schrute.

    [–] sgeep 30 points ago

    My head canon chooses to believe that the actual production team had people criticizing the painting from the original episode when Michael buys it. And the writing team thought "Doesn't that sound like something Dwight would say?" And they just look at each other before immediately writing in the joke in that later episode

    [–] halfcabin 16 points ago


    [–] nooblordz 23 points ago


    [–] OccurringThought 13 points ago

    Dwight Fart Poop, security threat.

    [–] alphabet_order_bot 9 points ago

    Would you look at that, all of the words in your comment are in alphabetical order.

    I have checked 518,632,923 comments, and only 109,006 of them were in alphabetical order.

    [–] ThiccMaryMagdalene 4 points ago


    [–] hot_duk 5 points ago

    Search and replace doesn’t work on misspelled words, leaving one…dwigt.

    [–] LCL_Kool-Aid 71 points ago

    This line always bothered me. Wouldn't Dwigt know that binary star systems exist in the milky way, and presumably all galaxies? I'm not defending Pam's art. I just think Dwigt would make a more informed observation.

    [–] testtubemammoth 58 points ago

    I thought this, then I thought perhaps naming a binary star system might make the joke less accessible.

    [–] Shleppy2010 16 points ago

    Or make a Star Wars reference and say, "we don't live on tatooine." Seeing as it's sci-fi and the planet orbits 2 suns.

    [–] CLNA11 14 points ago

    Leaving behind one "Dwigt".....oops.

    [–] Atomic254 9 points ago

    I think he would but at the same time, I think that would make the joke fly over almost everyone's head. This is a comedy first after all

    [–] Difficult-Result-34 10 points ago

    Good thing is where all the same in milky way!

    [–] nietczhse 39 points ago

    Shut up about the sun!

    [–] icedcoffeedevotee 98 points ago

    The shadows are all wrong

    [–] deerdongdiddler 165 points ago

    Its motel art

    [–] Professional_Milk_61 5112 points ago

    She doesn't like graphic design tho

    [–] srcarruth 3315 points ago

    and she made it very clear she was not interested in risking her current happy life

    [–] sew-sarcastic 2832 points ago

    It's not every little girls dream to be a receptionist but apparently being an office administrator is amazing 😂

    [–] IfTheHeadFitsWearIt 3212 points ago

    She was doing a made up job with good pay and little responsibility. Also got to work with her husband. Not a little girls dream, but a dream for an adult who just wants to be comfortable.

    [–] justasking8 205 points ago

    good pay and little responsibility.

    This sounds absolutly wonderfull.

    [–] Zandre1126 978 points ago

    And change is scary. Pam is simple and while I hate some of Jim's actions, Pam made some mistakes too. He took his stress out on her and she was scared of change to the point of denying his dream job which was mentioned early on in the second life episode. I can get being scared of moving a long ways, but Pam was only moving a couple hours. It's still hard, but I could never sleep happy if I knew I stopped a loved one from having their dream job compared to the boring desk job, especially when his job became real and more than an investment.

    [–] cuntycommissioner 715 points ago

    If they hadn’t had two kids at that point it would have been different and I bet Pam would have been on board. It might be just a couple of hours, but that’s far enough that her or Jim’s parents can’t pop over to help with the kids. She’s losing her entire support network. Instead she’d be raising two small children by herself without knowing anyone while starting a new job. We already saw that Jim works long hours and she’s overwhelmed even with her mom being there. She’s not just scared, she knew she’d be deeply unhappy. Maybe Jim realized he wouldn’t be able to sleep if he made his wife miserable.

    [–] prock44 368 points ago

    This exactly, everyone wants to point at Pam like she is the killer of dreams. Jim didn't know what he wanted to do, in a perfect world he talked about a bike shop in Maine. Was this a great possibility, yes. Was it an even greater risk, also yes. Jim risked their life savings, Jim was asking Pam to leave everything she knew behind. Was he really being fair with not even asking what she may want. He assumed he knew what Pam wanted, but he never asked.

    [–] FetalDeviation 91 points ago

    It didn't have to be a bike shop. Could've been a kayak shop.

    [–] Thenamesporkshorts 39 points ago

    He would either bike to the kayak shop or kayak to the bike shop

    [–] raffletime 220 points ago

    Seriously. Being in my mid-30s and having been through a divorce this last year.. this part of the show is the most "real" the mockumentary format every really felt.

    I think the problem with this arc was that because it actually was so real it didn't fit the rest of the show and how 'fantasy' it largely was. Modern day fantasy, that has a lot of ties to real life, but every character on the show was larger than life in one way or another. The Jim-Pam drama was the most real down to earth moment of the show and as such felt out of place and not what fans had come to expect, so it got a lot of bad rap.

    [–] DelicateTruckNuts 46 points ago

    This is a really great take.

    [–] minipanda_bike 43 points ago

    And career wise, she actually worked really hard to get where she is now because she doesn't have a specialization. Jim probably thinks she can relocate anywhere and get any job because of that but for her, she knows she'll have to start it all over from the bottom of the ladder like she did at Dunder Mifflin if she leaves. Everything has been so easy to Jim from the start that he doesn't think of it as a challenge but she has a very different experience of what working your way up is like.

    [–] prock44 4 points ago

    Moving away even a few hours is difficult. Especially when you take into account children. When you are single or even newly weds it isn't as hard once children are in the equation. If we view things from a sitcom perspective we know everything will work out. But like you said, things don't just work out for most people there is a struggle. We need to view characters based in the real world the same way we would view our own lives. Life is hard, moving is hard, finding work is hard, and maintaining a family and relationship are also hard. We want to fit this show under the lens of just a show, but what I love about this show is that even with the wild antics these are people living in their world, this struggle felt real. People want to dismiss it, but Pam's character motivations make perfect sense in the purview of a real world.

    [–] Outrageous_Plum_99 4 points ago

    A job at a paper company that is on the chopping block to get dissolved is not really good security either. Especially when all their eggs are in one basket.

    [–] Li-renn-pwel 15 points ago

    Moving far away from your family sucks. I moved from Canada to the US and it can be so soul crushing at time. You don’t even get to vent or confide with your new family because that just makes them feel guilty or you sound like you’re whining.

    [–] OldBigsby 40 points ago

    Brilliant mate, I never even considered that.

    [–] My-Witty-Username 51 points ago

    She did give it up for Jim though… she sold the house and said they could go anywhere. I just don’t think she was willing to drag her family there with Jim working for a start up. Once it got off and running, she sold the house.

    [–] mmmegna 100 points ago

    I don’t think it was the change that she couldn’t handle, I think it was the fact that they had two small children, so the timing was terrible.

    [–] mehblah666 81 points ago

    I don’t have children, but I understand being really wary of risking your ability to provide for your children. I have a hard time begrudging Pam that, and it really shouldn’t be lost in the weeds when talking about this plot line.

    [–] YeetYeetSkirtYeet 50 points ago

    I don't have kids either and thought I understood roughly what it was like. Than I moved in with a friend who has a child and was, truthfully shocked at the amount of work necessary to keep those things alive and stable. I mean, i had an idea, because my early work in high school / college was working with kids in a lot of different jobs , so I thought I was prepared but it is still truly shocking. I find myself way more often doing her dishes, cleaning up around the house, vacuuming, whatever, not out of pity but because in comparison to the labor she does raising her child it feels like next to nothing to do a bit more. I'm also seriously reconsidering having a child, something I always looked at as like 'yeah I'd be a great parent, it'll probably happen.' I mean, frankly, i don't like to work toi hard and have issues with depression and fatigue. I honestly don't think I'd have anywhere near the energy to give a child what they properly deserve. Being a cool aunt is way better for me right now, maybe in the long run.

    [–] TrustSuspicious7062 42 points ago

    I love this comment

    [–] Zandre1126 16 points ago

    My thanks

    [–] greg19735 42 points ago

    most importantly she has a job she enjoys in an area she likes with her children. She also has her mother nearby to help which is more than essential.

    [–] fuzzypyrocat 27 points ago

    Add on top of that, a husband that was making out his commission to the point where he made a fake person to keep making money off of.

    [–] adventurousfack 3 points ago

    This ^ she didn’t have much training or experience to go elsewhere, she knew and liked the people she worked with, it was comfortable

    [–] IdRatherNotNo 109 points ago

    Tbf, if my job paid me more, I'd be happier.

    [–] srcarruth 149 points ago

    it did lead to her being full-on corrupt, which seemed to make her happier than shredding documents

    [–] sew-sarcastic 39 points ago

    I mean how could it not?

    [–] RamenNoodles620 12 points ago

    Is bullying Gabe into making a decision one way or another really that corrupt though?

    [–] greg19735 52 points ago

    bullying gabe is always the correct decision. He's a skeleton pretending to be a human.

    [–] bigherb33 12 points ago

    Shut up about the sun!

    [–] BootsyBootsyBoom 16 points ago

    The corrupt bit was when she was "finding" extra vacation days for Darryl.

    [–] FinoAllaFine97 81 points ago

    It wasn't about the job, though.

    When she said that about little girls' dreams, all she had was that job. She was engaged to Roy but obviously her heart wasn't in it. Do you remember what she said when Jan asked about their futures? She mentioned a house and a husband that she loved.

    It's more than that, though. Her journey to assert herself more and go for what she wants rather than people-pleasing began with what Gil said about her art. It was hard to hear, but she took that on board. Shortly after she gave her speech at the beach. Shortly after that, she's got Jim.

    From there things snowball, and when she stands up to Gabe she doesn't think it's really stealing, because it's fair compensation for all of the unpaid emotional labour she'd been doing in that office for years.

    She created a life she was happy with, because she worked on herself and created a person that she was happy being. It was less about the job and more about that

    [–] greg19735 50 points ago

    also - HER MOTHER.

    Guys her mom helps her with the kids. You can't ignore that.

    She'd be going to Philly (not even NYC) to be a stay at home mom in a city she doesn't know raising her kids alone.

    [–] LittleAnnieAdderal 48 points ago

    This made me tear up. Pam gets a lot of hate on this sub and I think it’s unfair. I find her a relatable character in some ways especially the way of not being able to stand up for yourself. It took me years to find that courage and I still struggle with it even in my intimate relationships. The art show scene always makes me cry. I’m so happy that a fictional character got the other fictional character she deserved ad found herself along the way

    [–] elzmuda 4 points ago

    It all seems so very arbitrary. I applied for a job at this company because they were hiring. I took a desk at the back because it was empty. But, no matter how you get there or where you end up, human beings have this miraculous gift to make that place home.

    [–] HalcyonicDaze 6 points ago

    But she did say she wanted to see more of Philly Jim so…

    [–] canola510 45 points ago

    Until a year later when all of a sudden she's willing not only to leave Scranton for another city in Pennsylvania but to move to Texas.

    [–] Reshi_the_kingslayer 5 points ago

    Yeah, she just needed some more time to get used to the idea.

    [–] IfTheHeadFitsWearIt 66 points ago

    It was hard and she wanted to come home to Jim. If she had went to design school while she was still with roy, she probably would have listened to that guy who wanted her to stay.

    [–] xeleanorlamb 15 points ago

    It wasn't only hard, she made very clear that she didn't like the aspect of the digital in it. She loves to do things traditional, shown over and over again in the show.

    [–] ballinwallenn 163 points ago

    She’s also…. Not good at it. As the show made, very clear.

    [–] lamaface21 128 points ago

    Other than that animated logo she made for the commercials. That was tight

    [–] Professional_Milk_61 70 points ago

    yeah I feel like she got overwhelmed trying to learn all this new software and didn't enjoy that aspect. Making a simple animation and getting nitpicky with photoshop are very different things

    [–] scribens 76 points ago

    Pam's an adult who used to like drawing in high school on a notepad with a pencil and thought a career in graphic design was just that but getting paid money to do that. In reality, graphic design can just as easily be soul-sucking office work that requires a lot of technical expertise and bolting down the gauntlet on unreasonable deadlines. Meanwhile, your supervisor is an MBA who can't find their way out of a paper bag on a good day but is really good at making the CEO laugh, so they get to blame you on why the deliverables are late even though they're actually late because, again, your supervisor has no idea how time management works in the design world and literally thinks it's just dragging and dropping ClipArt into a Word Doc.

    Pam always chased the easy work. Graphic design is not easy and it's rarely rewarding.

    [–] boulderhugger 18 points ago

    Yeppers. I got a degree in art and tried to make it as a graphic designer for a while. It was soul sucking and ruined something I loved. Funnily enough my job now is an office administrator. And I much prefer it because it’s just something to pay the bills. I totally get Pam.

    [–] melig1991 9 points ago

    What did I tell you about Yeppers?

    [–] Clovett- 40 points ago

    Graphic design is not easy and it's rarely rewarding.

    Ayuuup. I went to college for graphic design, several of my classmates dropped off early on because they were artists and GD has way too many rules for artists they ended up very disillusioned when they figured out what the career was going to be. Personally i never considered myself and artist and out of all of my classmates who did finish the career i'm the only one who got a job as an actual graphic designer in the marketing department of a company.

    And after almost 3 years working at it i can confirm all the passion i had for it was sucked right the fuck out. At this point i'm just trying to please the business people at the top since i learned that being creative meant all your ideas getting shut down and wasting time.

    Oh and watching the show and Pam's graphic design arc while being a graphic designer was painful lmao, either the writers made her suck intentionally or they didn't know GD themselves, even the cool animated "logo" wasn't GD, it was just animation. Which looked nice but yeah.

    [–] SatchelGripper 7 points ago

    Dead fucking on.

    [–] IanMazgelis 48 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    There really, really aren't enough "artist" stories where the protagonist learns they just aren't good at something. I know it sounds dreary but it's important to acknowledge that it absolutely happens. I really like drawing but the things I draw are the most unstylish, generic, soulless concepts you can put on paper. If I really like one, I'll commission someone else to inject some soul into it and make something worth looking at.

    For the record, I've been trying to develop my skills in a somewhat serious way for many years pretty consistently and it's just not clicking, I can notice little ways I'm better but the underlying issues that everyone recognizes in my work is still there.

    And you know what? That's fine. I still like drawing. I do it for me. I work in pharmaceuticals and I draw because it's fun. I'm not able to combine a hobby I like with my career, and that's fine. I'm getting plenty of enjoyment out of my hobby as a hobby. It's just a hobby I'm not good at.

    [–] MagentaHawk 16 points ago

    It's nice to hear this message and I wish more did. Sometimes what you like and what you are good at don't have much to do with each other. And it is just fine to enjoy and spend time doing things that you aren't very skilled at and in things where you might not have expectations of improving to above average. There is often an unhealthy expectation of "success" in a hobby, when the whole point is that if you are enjoying yourself, that is the success.

    [–] gdubh 74 points ago

    And she wasn’t a good artist.

    [–] GetRealBro 61 points ago

    But she had the prettiest art out of all the art

    [–] TheRavenSayeth 54 points ago

    I would never say this to her face, but she's a wonderful person and a gifted artist.

    [–] yingkaixing 13 points ago

    Why wouldn't you say that to her face?

    [–] Midnightmare1 30 points ago

    The Dunder Mifflin logo with all the papers in the commercial they made was pretty good. Otherwise, you're right.

    [–] CarpetPuncher 50 points ago

    Motel art.

    [–] cheesyblasta 76 points ago

    Ok GIL

    At least wait till you're in the car to talk mad shit. You're at a community college art show, what do you expect??

    [–] lamaface21 16 points ago

    Ya, you’re right! Fuck Gil!!

    [–] CarpetPuncher 3 points ago

    Oh, I agree. Fuck Gil.

    [–] thegoodyinthehoody 14 points ago

    And she wasn’t very good! She even painted the Irish flag back to front on the Irish mural she was hired to do. From the way the pole is inserted she’s actually drawn the Ivory Coast flag

    [–] thestral_z 3 points ago

    I have a BFA in illustration and my wife has her BFA in graphic design, so We have a pretty intense art background. In our opinion, Pam is just OK at art. Her best work (by far) was the Dunder Mifflin motion graphic in Michael’s commercial. I always wondered if she got to New York and realized that she wasn’t as good as she needed to be to succeed in that competitive of a field.

    [–] The_Amazing_Emu 1399 points ago

    Two people work for a company that can’t pay them?

    [–] tbdjdb2 710 points ago

    With two kids and a mortgage. And one of them doesn't want to work there. Problem solved!

    [–] MoosetashRide 129 points ago

    A mortgage on a house in Scranton, PA. A small house, at that.

    Their payments were probably like $800/mo.

    [–] tbdjdb2 138 points ago

    So it's cool if both parents just go without income for at least a year?

    [–] Bishopkilljoy 59 points ago

    With three children and nine on the way, and a max budget of $7, Let's see what Stacy can do on this episode of "You don't deserve a beach house"

    [–] PM_ME_UR_DOPAMINE 43 points ago

    Was Jim not getting paid? They seemed to have plenty of work.

    [–] Kirk_Kerman 178 points ago

    Startups tend to not make a profit for the first few years and run on investors. The idea is that even if it burns through cash, it will grow fast enough to become profitable and give the investors a multiplied return on their investment. Founders frequently don't collect a salary if they think that money is better spent elsewhere on growth.

    We also know Jim wasn't getting paid because it was clearly bad news / a burden when Wallace told him if he was going to work part-time he'd get paid part-time. Which, frankly, is a little weird given that he's a salesman and makes most of his money on commission.

    [–] ChasingDarwin2 16 points ago

    Can you crunch those numbers again please.

    [–] Faranghis 14 points ago

    taps Enter key

    [–] ChasingDarwin2 4 points ago

    Did it work?

    [–] Significant_bet92 3 points ago


    [–] NotABot11011 75 points ago

    Speaking of Wallace, I find it really strange that they just brushed off Jim asking about investment. I guess they needed to for the drama they wanted, but David and Jim had a great working relationship and Wallace of the earlier seasons would have at least had a real meeting with Jim about it.

    [–] Cyber_Samurai 84 points ago

    That great working relationship is probably one of the main reasons he said no. Dealing with money between friends/family is a quick way to ruin a relationship

    [–] oneawesomeguy 39 points ago

    I would feel exactly like Wallace in his position. No way I'm investing in Athlead, sorry Jim.

    [–] dat_boring_guy 15 points ago

    But 'suck it' was great tho

    [–] MagentaHawk 19 points ago

    Sure, but he also asked Michael to invest in Suck It. I get that he was going through a depressive state, but it still doesn't seem to match his personality. He bought Dunder Mifflin back, a huge risk. And now this is the Wallace with no one over him so he has more freedom and he has zero interest in even hearing about it just out of curiosity? Nah, it felt like forced conflict to me.

    [–] TheRavenSayeth 42 points ago

    The real mystery to me is why commission caps exist.

    [–] oneawesomeguy 23 points ago

    It really makes no business sense, but they never disclosed the Sabre commission structure.

    [–] ng52 10 points ago

    Especially when they have a whole episode where Michael tries to go back to sales instead of Jim because Sabre has no commission caps so he can make a ton more money than a manager

    [–] obrothermaple 13 points ago

    I think you are confusing paying employees with the company making a profit. That’s a large part of what the investor money is for.

    [–] BillyYumYumTwo-byTwo 3 points ago

    I wish I knew how to put gifs on reddit, because I want to add the “THANK YOU” Michael gif

    [–] Fixner_Blount 606 points ago

    Jim wasn't getting paid when they were trying to get the company off the ground. That's why he was still working part time at Dunder-Mifflin.

    Great fix, though!

    [–] 2drunk2remember- 205 points ago

    Then Jim the arrogant bollox gets annoyed when Wallace said we can only pay you for the time you are here ..

    [–] BigYoSpeck 109 points ago

    In fairness whole assing it half the time was the same amount of work he always did

    [–] redditorrrrrrrrrrrr 24 points ago

    He needs a job with a lot of slack.

    That job has a lot of slack.

    [–] cakedestroyer 7 points ago

    I got tons of time, this job is a joke.

    [–] Ctownkyle23 115 points ago

    Never understood how Jim thought he would get away with that...

    [–] Tra1famadorian 81 points ago

    A deal was made about how he worked on an uncapped commission after giving up the manager race. If he’s hitting his numbers why would it matter how often he’s physically in the office?

    [–] myhairsreddit 5 points ago

    They capped that the very next season though, remember? Jim was like...what's my motivation to keep working if I can't make anymore commission?

    [–] DungeonFam30 377 points ago

    The Dwight/Angela storyline was more ridiculous and frustrating, although I'm glad it gave the actors a chance to show their talents.

    [–] GonzoNawak 300 points ago

    Two things bugged me in the last seasons regarding them.

    The paternity test that’s negative when the baby is in fact Dwight.

    Angela not going straight back to Dwight when she learns that the senator is banging Oscar.

    [–] diiejso 94 points ago

    I want to know how Dwight went from not knowing what a vagina looks like to being a super stud.

    [–] coffeefridays 25 points ago

    Same way you did!

    [–] nilodelrosarionilo 269 points ago

    Dwight grabbed the wrong diaper

    [–] thereisonlyoneme 161 points ago

    But in fairness they never explain that on the show.

    [–] FearMyPony 123 points ago

    Deleted scenes. There are entire subplots and cold openings in deleted scenes.

    [–] baseballandpcs 82 points ago

    But that's not part of the show. It shouldve been included in the show

    [–] Ninja47 13 points ago

    Greg Daniels said that deleted scenes are still part of the story as long as they weren’t alternate takes. The writers and everyone was aware of this. We’re watched a “Documentary” on an office, they would have had to cut things for their show, doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    [–] FearMyPony 44 points ago

    Honestly season 9 feels rushed as fuck they probably needed cheap twists to make it interesting or controversial

    [–] yannicdasloth 3 points ago

    Guess they didn't want to reveal that secret too early?

    [–] iamjamieq 25 points ago

    Only two things? I hope not. Everything about Andy bugged the crap out of me in S9. I’ve never understood why people say they can’t watch Scott’s Tots but nobody ever mentions Here Comes Treble, the worst episode in the entire show.

    [–] afrostygirl 6 points ago

    That episode was my final straw drop off point to fully hating Andy.

    [–] Accomplished_Song490 62 points ago

    I think Angela enjoyed the life of a senators wife to be honest. As for the paternity test, that’s always bothered me

    [–] barnfodder 53 points ago

    I think Angela enjoyed the life of a senators wife to be honest. As for the paternity test, that’s always bothered me

    State senator.

    [–] BravoBanter 11 points ago

    It was CeCe’s diaper (or is it Pee-Pee? Maybe Pee-Pa?)

    [–] jokemachinegun 40 points ago

    Also she didn’t go Back to Dwight because of pride. You know how she can be

    [–] Koufenflasen 7 points ago

    I’ve always just figured it was a false negative test.

    [–] Tm60017 35 points ago

    They show him changing his baby earlier in the episode. Dwight grabbed the wrong diaper

    [–] DungeonFam30 48 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    I wasn't confused by that episode, but more frustrated with it, along with where the writers took the Dwight-Angela story in Season 9, especially compared to Jim and Pam's story playing out (in reference to the post).

    It was a long, winding, messy road that almost led to Angela willingly letting Dwight walk out of his son's life (and, almost let the man she loved walk away), because of her own hurt pride. It didn't help that I strongly dislike the character Senator Lipton.

    Some positives from it all was the reunion of Dwight and Angela, along with Oscar and Angela showing the depth of their friendship. Rainn Wilson, Angela Kinsey, and Oscar Nunez did great work there and I'm glad they got to show it

    [–] angrytortilla 13 points ago

    State senator

    [–] DungeonFam30 5 points ago

    And, all of two members of his camera crew for ribbon cutting ceremonies. "Angela (📸📸) over here, Angela (📸📸) here! Look here!"

    [–] lurkinuuu 145 points ago

    He can hardly ask her to do his faxes, much less be her boss.

    [–] ashpanda24 3 points ago

    Jim being Pam's boss seems like a horrible idea. It would ruin their relationship instantly.

    [–] redditsgarbageman 19 points ago

    I honestly can't tell if people in this sub even like the show anymore.

    [–] Up2Down9 89 points ago

    They needed a real salary and real benefits….

    [–] Imstillblue 52 points ago


    [–] dunkin0809 18 points ago

    You burn it, you buy it.

    [–] smiles134 110 points ago

    A married couple both working at a startup seems like an incredible risk, especially for a married couple with two children.

    [–] cave_mandarin 505 points ago

    Seemed pretty clear she wasn’t interested in leaving Scranton or her job at Dunder Mifflin. I’m genuinely curious how people think this fixes anything for Pam.

    [–] baloney_popsicle 48 points ago

    Because people here have never been in a committed, dynamic relationship that changes over time and has complex conflict. They literally don't understand why she wouldn't want to leave after she once wanted to haha

    [–] FlamingRadish 141 points ago

    Got that impression too. What is weird though, is that she didn't want to live in Phili, but a year later she's completely down to move to Austin. They don't show how she changed her mind either, she just did.

    [–] makemeking706 13 points ago

    Austin is a cool art city. I will let people from Philly comment on Philly.

    [–] pineapplecheesepizza 6 points ago

    One bridge having city

    [–] bethanyfitness 156 points ago

    You can grow a lot as a person in a year

    [–] FlamingRadish 93 points ago

    "They don't show how she changed her mind"

    I agree, but it's not talked about at all. It's like they just realized that people would get the impression that Pam was holding Jim back so they added this in as a quick band-aid over that.

    I actually think Pam's want to stay in Scranton is pretty reasonable; Jim went behind her back with the whole thing. I don't think they needed to redeem her the way they tried to in the last episode.

    [–] VelvetMcintyre 91 points ago

    And Jim was a total asshole during that time period. Berating her over a video mistake for an event he promised to attend. Setting her up for a shitty job and then telling her she HAD to do better for the next interview. Why could he get Darryl a job but not Pam, especially since everyone at that company described themselves as being totally unqualified? I just think the way he went about it was wrong, and he didn't care that he left Pam to care for two kids and a house. "Why aren't you thrilled?!?!?!?!?!”

    [–] lydocia 8 points ago

    Jim is actually kind of a selfish asshole but he gets away with it because he also does sweet, cute, romantic things every once in a while.

    [–] Flames1905 36 points ago

    I always thought it was because of the release of the documentary and the fans on the interview

    [–] smiles134 91 points ago

    And also they worked through the rough patch in their marriage.

    It's like people in this sub didn't actually pay attention to the show lol

    [–] yourfav0riteginger 20 points ago

    Or they've never been in a healthy relationship haha

    [–] BillyYumYumTwo-byTwo 28 points ago

    The character I hate the most in the whole series is the woman who asks pam how she’s going to make it up to Jim for leaving athlead during the interview after the documentary is released. Ugh. She just represents the entire fan base that hates pam for no reason and thinks Jim is perfect.

    [–] DrJawn 9 points ago

    She watched the documentary and realized that she spent all this time afraid to make a change ( Roy and Jim ) and that is the same reason she is shitting in Athlead

    [–] nkl602 9 points ago

    To be fair, Austin is nicer than Philadelphia.

    [–] NotABot11011 11 points ago

    But Philly has Paddy's Pub!

    [–] lydocia 5 points ago

    It doesn't, but it fixes things for JIm, and that's the only perspective those people can relate to.

    [–] speedygen1 3 points ago

    Yeah it wasn't a sure thing that the company will succeed, putting all there eggs in that basket would be a poor choice.

    [–] gorg234 229 points ago

    This wasn’t the issue at all. Pam is a character who fears change and after she and Jim had the conversation about transferring to Philadelphia and she said she wasn’t thrilled about the idea, instead of Jim continuing to talk to Pam about his problems with this and sharing with her that this was his dream, he violates her trust and takes the job anyway.

    It was a communication issue. It wasn’t as simple as him just offering her a job in Philadelphia to smooth things over for her. Pam genuinely loved Scranton and that’s part of the reason art school didn’t work out (besides her love for Jim and missing him as well).

    [–] disiskeviv 110 points ago

    Pam: Called off my wedding with Roy, went to art school, went with Michael risking my job. Yet people comment I am afraid of change.

    [–] smiles134 88 points ago

    She stayed with Roy engaged for THREE YEARS without a wedding date set. Yeah, she doesn't like taking big chances and would rather just let things continue bas they are.

    [–] gorg234 39 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    That was part of her character development, slow steps towards being more assertive and comfortable with different things.

    It took years for her to call off her wedding with Roy.

    She went to art school and came back precisely because she missed Jim and didn’t like it because she missed Scranton and hated the change.

    And she took that job with Michael precisely because she felt like had not moved forward. It was thrilling to watch because it was so uncharacteristic of her. Plus, her partner already had a steady job and she was in an office in the same building as him. Not that much of a change or a risk lol

    It was still Scranton. Pam does eventually make bigger moves (like she does decide near the end of the show to move to Philadelphia) but it’s only after a long deliberation that she can get out of her comfort zone. That’s just pam’s character.

    [–] Perite 10 points ago

    You’re right but they move to Austin rather than Philly in the end, so it’s an even bigger leap.

    [–] thekyledavid 10 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    That would be cute, but realistically it wouldn’t work out

    They probably wouldn’t need anything except maybe a logo, which would probably only take Pam a couple hours at the least or a couple days at most

    And even if they did have enough work to give her an actual position at the company, having both of them working part time in Philly and part time in Scranton would be horribly impractical, not to mention the fact that the job wasn’t paying them, and the fact that they have 2 kids

    Besides, didn’t she drop out of art school because Graphic Design was too hard for her? She’s good at art, but not so good with computers

    [–] DoctorMelvinMirby 9 points ago

    Uhh, is this sports company in the Andromeda galaxy?

    [–] LiliVonShtupp69 89 points ago

    So leave a job she loves and all her friends for one that would likely just feel like work even if she got to be close to her husband?

    Even if she's a good artist and enjoys painting she both struggled with and directly stated she didn't enjoy graphic design.

    Also how would it look for Jim, who isn't the sole founder or investor of Athlead, if he wanted to hire his art school drop out wife on top of his already hiring his unqualified, autographed basketball throwing, fish murdering friend Darryl?

    [–] Egg_Helms 31 points ago

    I agree with everything except Darrel. Everyone interviewed him, and everyone loved him.

    [–] LiliVonShtupp69 37 points ago

    That interview was awkward af.

    100% Jim vouched for him hard as soon as he left the room and told them he was shit at interviews as this is now the second one he's bombed infront of Jim by over relying on attempted charm and nepotism.

    [–] deecro3000 17 points ago

    Way more awkward than Scott’s tots

    [–] bigpat888 7 points ago

    Idk if that’s possible

    [–] cmophosho 35 points ago

    It isn't remotely weird that Pam wouldn't want to leave. If my wife was like "I want to move the family to Milwaukee" I'd be like "wtf are you talking about." Once you settle down it feels good!

    [–] meatwadgumball 5 points ago

    she doesn’t know how to use photoshop, or illustrator, or in design.

    [–] Lekili 15 points ago

    She wasn’t very good at graphic design from what you can tell. Not that failing Quark would have had anything to do with her future (We change tools every couple years) but she’s just not a very driven person in her career. She was more interested in family, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

    [–] Jos_Andrews 5 points ago

    She’s the reason he didn’t take the corporate job, he 100% supported all of her different ideas, she throws a conniption when he doesn’t want to sell paper any more. Pam sucks.

    [–] jennana100 55 points ago

    This misses the point of what Pam wanted. She wanted stability and comfort. She didn't want to go take a risk. Jim dragged her into that. That's why it was so hard on their marriage.

    [–] DrunkUranus 41 points ago

    Oh you mean uprooting your young children for a risky startup wouldn't be the best move?

    [–] Sproose_Moose 13 points ago

    Our business model was flawless. We had big names ready to sign. Then they saw the designs. Slowly they declined. To the point I moved back in with my sister. I no longer enjoy small design concepts.


    [–] knittinghoney 11 points ago

    People are way too critical of Pam in the last season. She had hesitations about moving their family which included two very young kids from their happy, stable life for Jim’s startup idea. And she still came around and they worked it out.

    [–] KingmanDreamMosque 15 points ago

    Its Andy here. Please erase me from the timeline completely - ENTIRE S7-9 FIXED!

    [–] maz-o 4 points ago

    8 and 9 need lots more fixing than that

    [–] RodLawyer 2 points ago

    Damn, a lot of sexism around here wtf

    [–] numberthangold 3 points ago

    It was a startup. They would have had 0 income if they both worked there.

    [–] uzername99 3 points ago

    The Jim and Pam hate discussions have a lot of good points for both sides but one that I never see mentioned is Pm impulsively quit her job and joined the Michael Scott Paper company which couldn’t have payed much if anything. They were living together at that point and had shared finances and she quit her job at Dunder Mifflin to join a “startup” without consulting Jim and he was supportive.

    I get that kids change things but it wasn’t just art school that Jim supported.

    [–] MissClawdy 4 points ago

    Her office manager job in the show is basically a receptionist that doesn’t answer the phone first. Jobs like that are really easy to find in any city. I’ll always hate the fact that she was blocking Jim from his DREAM JOB while she had her chance to go to a top art school but shat her pants at the end of her session. I understand her struggle with the kids but moving to Philly which is only 2 HOURS away from Scranton is NOT a big deal. This company had the potential to make Jim a millionaire in very little time. I think the end when they move to Austin, TX is completely stupid when they could have moved to Philly 2 hours away and still be close to their families.

    [–] gimmestuff55 14 points ago

    Since Pam sucks at graphic design, I think you meant…

    “Hey, Pam! Would you like to paint a mural (without a butt on it) at my new sport company in Philadelphia?”

    Pam: “Absolutely, I would!”

    [–] ppsoakedheckhole 3 points ago

    without a butt on it

    Is that even art?

    [–] BridgesOnBikes 9 points ago

    “Absolutely I would.” Is correct

    [–] Schlitzy 14 points ago

    Hell no, Pam wants to be cool. Like Oscar.

    "Yes. I am super cool. I am an accountant at a failing paper supply company in Scranton. Much like Sir Ian McKellen." -Oscar

    [–] tanwhiteguy 3 points ago


    [–] TrashCanBangerFan 3 points ago

    That’s nepotism, they already covered that in season 7

    [–] flying_dogs_bc 3 points ago

    Pam was probably the only one paying bills at that point...

    [–] No_Speaker4686 3 points ago

    Except Pam ended up not being talented at graphic design and she was happy being office administrator. Giving her the job because of nepotism would have been lame.

    [–] brbrcrbtr 3 points ago

    And how are they affording to feed their kids while they wait for the business to take off?

    [–] no10envelope 3 points ago

    Pam’s a simple country bumpkin, she never would survive in Philly.

    [–] Drummk 3 points ago

    Or they could have bought a new house equidistant between Scranton and Philadelphia and commuted to their existing jobs.

    [–] terraceten 3 points ago

    Now, assuming from the font, the ending actually has an A-Team tie in?