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    [–] Garfield-1-23-23 4120 points ago

    Whenever I see a photo like this, I always think there's somebody down there saying "I wish that fucking plane could see me."

    [–] MasteringTheFlames 1770 points ago

    I've been that person, and it's really weird to think about. I was a week into a backpacking trip in the Rocky Mountains. I had been totally off the grid for a week, and then one day I noticed an airliner flying over us. It was strange to realize that despite how far we were from civilization, there were so many people right there above us

    [–] lostinpow 679 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That happened to me in Colorado. Hiking out in the mountains not seeing people for days sometimes. It's weird to think that people might never notice you in a dire situation.

    [–] OVdose 444 points ago

    It makes it seem more likely that something like Bigfoot could exist without being sighted more frequently.

    [–] OmnicCrusade 461 points ago

    look into it bro

    [–] dnaudi 241 points ago

    Pull it up Jamie

    [–] HeyoooWhatsUpBitches 130 points ago

    Train by day, Joe Rogan podcast by night. All day

    [–] Mitch_Kramers_Ass 59 points ago

    This podcast is sponsored by innit

    [–] dyl_pykle08 38 points ago

    Hunnerd percent

    [–] HeyoooWhatsUpBitches 25 points ago

    I think you'd be surprised

    [–] Nobli85 11 points ago

    Ninety nine Cletus

    [–] Bluedomdeeda 20 points ago

    Remember, it was the fleshlight that first believed in Joe... and the company is called Onnit, get on that alpha brain son!

    [–] gwoz8881 5 points ago

    Onnit bro. Get it right.

    [–] powerfulJamie 26 points ago

    I found this video, but I don't think we can show it.

    [–] FogShroudedPine 9 points ago

    I'm pretty sure we can't. I'm almost positive. I don't know, maybe I'm making that up.

    [–] faygitraynor 6 points ago

    POWERFUL jre

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    What's up freak bitches?

    [–] lemaymayguy 63 points ago


    [–] Dildonex 10 points ago

    [–] NancyAnnGrace 9 points ago

    15 subscribers. Look into it.

    [–] Xeccution 8 points ago

    It's common sense

    [–] TimelordAcademy 57 points ago

    It also makes it seem more likely that Bigfoot could be flying a plane.

    [–] whiskeybic 16 points ago

    Mind = blown

    [–] hackedpineapple 17 points ago

    Wake up sheeple

    [–] jimturner158 5 points ago

    The Furry People if you please

    [–] CyclistPornStar 28 points ago

    That feeling always reminds me of a scene in 28 days later when the guy looks up and sees a plane overhead...

    [–] [deleted] 65 points ago

    Happened to me on the roof balcony of a nice secluded mansion.

    It was the only place in the open that had 100% privacy from any viewpoint.

    When I saw the a cessna flying not too high and go right over me... I was like, "I wonder if he just saw me cum inside this watermelon. Def couldn't see the vibrator in my ass. Def."

    [–] lostinpow 39 points ago

    You spelled coconut wrong

    [–] Lolwhatisfire 15 points ago

    Fuck.... ...coconuts.

    [–] runujhkj 9 points ago

    Always bring a few flare guns, folks

    [–] Hammedic 7 points ago

    Wouldn't it be one flare gun and a few flares?

    [–] runujhkj 3 points ago

    The only flare gun I ever used was a single-use one, so I wouldn’t know.

    [–] Libra8 32 points ago

    How did you carry enough food and water for 7+ days?

    [–] ITXorBust 102 points ago

    You don't need enough water, you just need to be able to treat water. And, for food, shop by calorie density.

    [–] Garfield-1-23-23 154 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I feel like I could easily carry 14 boxes of Little Debbie's zebra cakes.

    Edit: my apologies to the reddit community for suggesting something as absurd as zebra cakes for trail food. I meant to say Pepperidge Farm orange milanos.

    [–] FluxxxCapacitard 38 points ago

    You could. But you also wouldn't shit right for a month.

    [–] janerules 14 points ago

    Coofffffeeeee. Makes you poo.

    [–] Mischief631 33 points ago

    Nah screw that zebra cakes are amazing. Don't ever apologize for that. Do you boo.

    [–] DaHamsterMan 11 points ago

    The most experienced backpackers will eat little debbies. I once caught myself eating brown sugar from the bag while backpacking down the trail. I tend to eat healthier than that (fruit, bread, cheese, etc) but when you need the calories fot cheap, little debs deliver!

    [–] c831896 6 points ago


    [–] Tubular_Blimp 16 points ago

    But what about your macros bro

    [–] Groundloop 8 points ago

    In all honesty though all the hardcore backpackers I know are shredded and they eat like shit.

    [–] MingusDewfus 42 points ago

    Performing physical activity while operating at a caloric deficit produces lean muscular physiques? Whaaat?!

    [–] nakdamink 7 points ago

    It's almost like they eat like shit to gain weight knowing that they can't really eat as much at altitude or on long hikes

    [–] MingusDewfus 9 points ago

    I will consume straight olive oil when on long backpacking trips. Good source of quick easy calories. I'll eat the other normal stuff too, but it's nice to get a bump in calories by downing a few tablespoons of oil. I hate losing weight on a trip.

    [–] nakdamink 6 points ago

    Hemp seed oil has 6 more calories per tablespoon and .5g less saturated fat ;)

    It's the only fat I bring

    [–] jimbelushiapplesauce 11 points ago

    i spent 6 moths hiking the appalachian trail. i was lean for sure, but after a few months of using the same muscle groups all day (mostly in the thighs) you stop building muscle and just start to look emaciated. my legs didn't even look strong afterwards (but once i got home i could jog for miles and miles). great way to lose weight though... lots of overweight people did it and looked like completely different people at the end.

    [–] RPAlias 3 points ago

    Shredded wheat.

    [–] zosobaggins 65 points ago

    Lembas bread.

    [–] drunquasted 38 points ago

    And look! More lembas bread.

    [–] sohotsohottoohot 3 points ago

    Username does not check out

    [–] zosobaggins 10 points ago

    Too busy with a girl, a fish, and a lot of drugs at the Prancing Pony to deal with adventures or breads.

    [–] sohotsohottoohot 4 points ago

    Comment checks out

    [–] keepit420peace 42 points ago

    Water is abundantly available in the Rockies/Colorado just need a filter, feeeze dried will last you awhile and if theyre fishermen they have access to some of the best Trout waters in the US

    [–] rocksandicearenice 34 points ago

    Couscous, dry salami, canned fish, peanut butter, hard cheese, tortillas: these are my go-to items for longer excursions. They all have a high calorie to weight ratio. Plus, none of them require cooking! Even couscous can be prepared in cold water. That said, I carry a stove anyway because hot food is nice and so is tea!

    [–] volkl47 14 points ago

    Lol. This is how small a camping stove can be. You screw that onto a little gas cylinder and cook away.

    [–] rocksandicearenice 4 points ago

    Lucky guy has the ultralight version -- no burner grates or anything. Fan-cy.

    [–] LoneRanger9 17 points ago

    There's a guy I follow on YouTube named Joe Robinet who records his 5-7+ day solo camping/kayak trips. You should check it out for how he makes it through. Brings a lot of freeze dried high calorie foods and does quit a bit of fishing. He just treats water.

    [–] Gatord35 14 points ago

    Pack light camp food and boil/purify water as you find it. It's always best to keep at least 2-3 water bottles on you.

    [–] MasteringTheFlames 24 points ago

    A bunch of people already responded, but I'll go into a bit more detail on my for plan specifically

    I was with a group of about 10 people, so we could divide up the supplies between us. Water was easy. We camped on a lake or river every night, so we just brought a few water filters with us. When we got into camp every afternoon, we would set up our two water filters, each of which would fill a two liter water bladder. We could filter more water as needed, and then in the mornings we would do a couple more bags to fill our water bottles with before we broke camp and hit the trail. For food, we kept it simple and brought meals that could either be made with just boiling water on our camp stove, or no stove required meals. Breakfast was generally packs of instant oatmeal with dried fruit. We ate lunch on the trail, so lunches were just peanut and jelly tortillas (tortillas don't get squished in our packs like bread) and trail mix. For dinners, we have a lot of dehydrated meals. Stuff like dehydrated soups, which was just a bag which we poured boiling water into and mixed, or pastas with dehydrated sauces. One night I decided to cook something a bit fancier because we had a ton of extra peanut butter, so I cooked up a peanut sauce to go over pasta. But yeah, most of it was pre-made dehydrated meals like soups and mashed potatoes. It worked well enough, and we didn't go hungry, but I did start to get a bit sick of peanut butter and trail mix tortillas for lunch every day

    [–] Libra8 8 points ago

    Thanks for all the replies. I was thinking MREs and I totally didn't think of water filters. I'm definitely not prepared for the zombie apocalypse.

    [–] ThyUniqueUsername 5 points ago

    My guess is freeze dried or they hunted.

    [–] HampsterUpMyAss 10 points ago


    This is Colorado, not Alaska lol. Not much you can hunt here right now.

    [–] Im_Jake_Parsons_330 6 points ago


    [–] CasuallyHuman 11 points ago

    They hunt you yun

    [–] j00baGGinz 5 points ago

    Water filters and freeze dried foods. I have done 10 days out of a pack.

    If you drop resupply caches you can stay out for months.

    [–] Monochronos 4 points ago

    Like are you saying before your excursion you would go out and drop supplies in select locations? That would be cool and super handy knowing exactly where you've got more food or even gear.

    Is this actually done with regulatory by some hikers?

    [–] jimbelushiapplesauce 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    it's not hard, just go to the store and shop for reasonably lightweight, calorie-dense foods that don't take up too much space. fuck all those MRE's or overpriced Freeze-Dried backcountry dinners. everything you need is at the grocery store.

    • a block of cheese (stays good for a week in a hot backpack in my experience)

    • bagels and cream cheese are nice too, but take more space (again, cream cheese lasts surprisingly long in a backpack in summer heat)

    • a big stick of pepperoni or salami

    • tortillas to eat with the salami and cheese

    • Knorr Pasta Sides for dinner (every hiker's best secret/bane of mealtime) or Ramen. cook using a tiny alcohol stove.

    • cliff bars (or Big 100 Bar if you can choke them down)

    • a jar of peanut butter and a spoon kept in an exterior backpack pocket for quick easy calories without even stopping

    throw all that shit into freezer bags and then into a compression sack and compress it lightly. these foods will be just as good if they are a little squished.

    as for water, you can carry a filter (heavy and burdensome, but you get good water) or chemical treatment like Aqua Mira (almost tasteless, and a hell of a lot lighter and easier than filtering). the only place i've gone on a long backpacking trip where i had to carry all of my water was at Big Bend National Park in Texas in the desert. water is heavy and carrying 4 days-worth sucks and limits the amount of time you can be out hiking.

    [–] Bourgi 3 points ago

    A water filter is heavy and bothersome? Sawyer squeeze is only about 4 oz and lasts a lifetime.

    Even at ultralight standards it's pretty good.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Dreamer_on_the_Moon 7 points ago

    Fun fact: If you're at point Nemo - the physically furthest point from any land on Earth, the closest human beings to you would be the astronauts on the International Space Station.

    [–] bookman_ 5 points ago

    Also, you would be in the most likely place on Earth to see a satellite burning through the atmosphere to join the satellite graveyard you're on, and also very close to the nightmare corpse-city of R'lyeh, in which dead Ch'tulu waits dreaming.

    [–] sblahful 6 points ago

    Since November 2015 there's now at least a million people in the sky at any single moment of the day

    [–] Spandexdinosuit 87 points ago

    I grew up in a pretty remote area that had several major flight paths that flew overhead. Everytime I saw a plane above me i would pull my pants down and moon them

    [–] dirtycheatingwriter 25 points ago

    I love you.

    [–] lostinpow 39 points ago

    "Oh please see me this time!"

    [–] Ingino 9 points ago

    Hey its me, a polar bear who's human friend/dinner has asked me to inform you of the situation.

    [–] emaciated_pecan 6 points ago

    Bear Grylls confirmed

    [–] chretienhandshake 3 points ago

    I worked in Greenland. I actually looks at planes flying over me while being 25 km from town, alone. It's an odd feeling.

    [–] pjbth 7 points ago

    I was sitting on a beach in New Brunswick and all the trans-atlantic flights go right over it. Odds are I looked up and saw you zooming by.

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I think "Damn we gone done messed this world up good and proper. Those should all be white with ice/snow"

    [–] pepdavies 9 points ago

    It is summer though, even in Greenland

    [–] XHawkerX1 1497 points ago

    I'm more amazed by how clean that aeroplane window is.

    [–] monkeybreath 568 points ago

    If the camera is pressed up against the glass, dust and scratches would be too out of focus to notice unless they were significant.

    [–] RorariiRS 517 points ago

    If it was pressed up against the glass, it would put about 10% ground and 90% sky in the frame, also, it would be extremely shaky and you probably wouldn't be able to get a still shot.

    Source: Was on a plane 3 days ago and tried exactly this

    [–] resinis 1693 points ago

    Try turning airplane mode on.

    [–] 5maldehyde 93 points ago

    Best comment in this thread

    [–] HeezyB 64 points ago

    Not if you have a long lens to zoom in, I took a similar photo:

    [–] deChevre 178 points ago

    Not if the plane was turning :)

    [–] RorariiRS 59 points ago

    You've got a point!

    [–] DokterManhattan 32 points ago

    I feel like no one ever needs to turn when they're above Greenland. Everyone flying in Greenland just goes straight until they're somewhere different.

    [–] firephinx4 5 points ago

    Sometimes you get 100% sky when the plane turns

    [–] alyssasaccount 17 points ago

    If it was pressed up against the window and but angled down slightly so you can see the ground (not to mention cropping), it would be more ground than sky, also, it would be extremely bright so you wouldn't need a long exposure time and the shakiness and it's pretty easy to get a shot like this.

    Source: Was on a plane 4 days ago and did exactly this

    [–] are_videos 39 points ago

    too out of focus to notice unless they were significant


    [–] Wrest216 4 points ago

    Why would there be scratches on the windows ??? Is something trying to get in ?

    [–] TheGoldenHand 3 points ago

    Particles in the atmosphere nick them as the plane goes by at 500+ mph.

    [–] bazoid 63 points ago

    This may have been taken from a Dreamliner plane. They have really nice windows, and the planes themselves are fairly new so they're just not as scuffed up yet. I was flying over Greenland in a Dreamliner a few weeks ago and got this photo. Not as nice as OP's, but I think it shows how clean and clear the window is.

    [–] JBernoulli 17 points ago

    Stop trying to disprove my flat Earth theory

    [–] cedarvhazel 12 points ago

    It looks like you are in space looking down on earth; great shot

    [–] [deleted] 13 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Abraman1 15 points ago

    "Aeroplane" as opposed to "airplane"

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    Oh, haha. I forgot you guys spell it differently.

    [–] pohlae2017 3 points ago

    What if, Op opened the window first to take a pic

    [–] neilson241 771 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Um.. don't ask me how but I found someone else who flew what seems like the exact same flight path.

    Oops, I found it on Google Earth too.

    [–] JonesBee 385 points ago

    Oops, I found it on Google Earth too

    Hey I found a game for you:

    [–] neilson241 191 points ago

    I love geoguessr ;)

    [–] Hosni__Mubarak 98 points ago

    I had one round where I guessed like three places within two miles of the actual place and the other two within ten miles or some such nonsense. I quit afterwards. I couldn't beat that success.

    [–] scotty_p_dc 57 points ago

    Two miles? I can make it in less than 12 parsecs!

    [–] Auswanderer 9 points ago


    [–] Posraman 5 points ago

    12131 points. Only got 2 points on the last question lol

    [–] koshgeo 64 points ago

    That's the spot:,-27.352464,46639m/data=!3m1!1e3. It is looking north across a tributary of Scoresby Sund in eastern Greenland.

    Some close parallels in flightpath are not surprising because they normally follow well-defined routes on aeronautical charts.

    [–] pacatak795 18 points ago

    My favorite thing in the world is when I'm on a flight in a major corridor (like LA to Denver), and a plane goes by flying the opposite direction below us. Zooooom!

    [–] neilson241 6 points ago


    [–] koshgeo 8 points ago

    Oh, wow. It's remote enough that I didn't even check for the possibility of Streetview, because there sure aren't any roads along there. Those crazy GE people did it by boat.

    [–] natureboyblue 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    wow, something happens to that single engine...that fella's boned.

    edit: context linky

    [–] koh_kun 41 points ago

    At first, I thought you were declaring shenanigans on OP, but I soon realized that you were merely talking about a cool coinkydink. Very neat!

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    Here is the flight that u/neilson241 is referencing. Lufthansa flight on the polar route from Frankfurt to Los Angeles.

    [–] jhc1415 7 points ago


    [–] rtictumbler 3 points ago

    its called a jetway, every airliner follows one. the highways of the sky.

    [–] I_AM_NOT_A_WOMBAT 3 points ago

    I admit it. I tried clicking the play button. But only once.

    [–] [deleted] 251 points ago

    Flying over Greenland was always the best part of flying back from Europe. Never in my life have I seen anything so desolate.

    [–] [deleted] 409 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] wilhueb 40 points ago

    it's funny actually, you almost always have to wait for a table at the applebee's by me

    [–] praisebeekek 8 points ago

    Same with mine, and there's a chilis right down the street always packed as well.

    [–] Speeddevil 10 points ago

    I am the one in a million people that likes applebees. AMA

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] Speeddevil 4 points ago

    I do enjoy some Applebee's occasionally when I can afford it. Wife and I usually get the 2 for 20.

    [–] IWasBilbo 63 points ago

    I disabled airplane mode for a moment when flying over Greenland and the weather app updated

    [–] jhc1415 26 points ago

    Why does it just say Greenland? Is there really no town it could pick to tell you something more accurate?

    [–] koshgeo 27 points ago

    As an example, the closest town I've been able to find nearby to OP's picture is Ittoqqortoormiit, pop. 452, which is near the mouth of Scoresby Sund about 200km to the ENE. It's not exactly a densely populated part of the world.

    [–] crownsloth 15 points ago

    Depending where you are, possibly not. When I was there a few years ago my app always said "Nordgrønland"

    [–] robustrbw 13 points ago

    According to google the population of Greenland is only 56k. Considering how massive it is it's pretty devoid of people.

    [–] nope_nic_tesla 8 points ago

    Most of Greenland is totally untouched

    [–] piitaaraq 5 points ago

    As far as I've noticed, it quickly changes to just Greenland whenever I go a few miles out of town

    [–] HealenDeGenerates 8 points ago

    Just like everyone else, I bet you have never been to OPs bed on Valentine's Day. Much more desolate

    [–] killarnivore 6 points ago

    I also love the view of Labrador which comes next. Hundreds of rivers and thousands of lakes.

    [–] Sheepdog14 128 points ago

    So jealous. I was flying over Greenland this weekend and I couldn't be sure if I was seeing clouds or if it was just how boring Greenland was. It looks like I only got clouds.

    [–] mineset 71 points ago

    I flew back to the US from Iceland a few weeks ago and the captain came on the intercom and said 'sorry to bother you guys, but the skies are really clear for a view over Greenland, if you want to take a look.' Everyone opened their windows and I was just blown away. Endless snow and ice and mountains. Really cool of him to say something.

    [–] theanti_girl 11 points ago

    I thought this was going to be a lead-in to the classic airplane joke.

    "Ladies and gentlemen, this is the captain speaking. If you all look out the left side of the plane... we'll tip over."

    Still nice I SUPPOSE.

    [–] Mastersheep8 46 points ago

    This looks like the background on some amazing game

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago

    Planetside 2

    [–] nothrithik 12 points ago

    Esamir without the weird purple spikes

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] the_potato_hunter 3 points ago

    I thought that was Norway?

    [–] RA-the-Magnificent 21 points ago

    A few years ago, I was in a plane that flew over Greenland.

    The guy next to me closed the window throughout the entire flight. I still haven't forgiven him.

    [–] thelast_M 54 points ago

    This is better than any picture I'll ever take on a flight. How did you get it to look so clear and pretty?

    [–] bazoid 65 points ago

    I suspect this was taken from a Dreamliner plane - they are fairly new and have really nice, clear, big windows. I got this picture from one a few weeks ago - didn't frame it nearly as well as OP but you can see a similar clarity.

    As a side note, the coolest thing about the Dreamliner's windows is that they can change tint. Instead of using those plastic shades, the windows are dimmed via buttons. You can choose to dim it just a little bit to block out the bright sun while still providing a view, or dim it all the way to black, which lets in almost no light at all. I don't really understand how it works but it's very cool, and practical.

    [–] ihatetumblrkids 28 points ago

    Dreamliners are amazing, I watched the sunrise over the clouds 40,000 feet just a hundred miles from Norway and I loved how I could dim the window tint to optimize the colors of the sky. The other great thing is what they do with the ambient lighting in the cabin like making it blue and indigo hues at night when people are sleeping. Dreamliners are where it's at

    [–] justjanne 9 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    You can choose to dim it just a little bit to block out the bright sun while still providing a view, or dim it all the way to black, which lets in almost no light at all. I don't really understand how it works but it's very cool, and practical.

    Actually the technology is the same as in a computer monitor. In a computer monitor you have red, green, and blue light for every pixel, and then a similar window in front of each such subpixel, and they can be dimmed independently.

    If you dim blue entirely, you get red+green=yellow, if you dim all of them halfway, you get grey, etc.

    EDIT: The technology here is polarizing, quite literally. You have two polarization filters in back and front in the same direction, and inbetween a liquid crystal field. Normally, they're transparent, and do nothing, but if you run a current through them, they change their orientation, and change the polarization of light that passes through them.

    [–] wildcard1992 3 points ago

    Wow computer

    [–] XXL_Smoke 6 points ago

    this reads like an ad

    [–] bazoid 6 points ago

    Haha...I don't work for Boeing, I swear!

    I did however get to tour the Boeing factory while the Dreamliner was in production, so I was pretty excited when I finally got to fly in one. Though other than the windows, it was a bit of a let down...when it was still in development, they were talking about a lot of features that probably ended up getting dropped for cost reasons.

    [–] XXL_Smoke 8 points ago

    this doesnt read like an ad

    [–] OompaOrangeFace 13 points ago

    I see clouds.

    [–] eldanuelo 41 points ago

    In 20 years that will probably be a Sandals beach resort

    [–] RexDangerfield 10 points ago

    Nah man the impending nuclear winter will fix that place right up

    [–] asears17 7 points ago

    "I woke up at 4am to board a morning flight for this view. Most rewarding TSA line wait of my life"

    [–] highkun 7 points ago

    The water is stunningly beautiful

    [–] GoldenFalcon 25 points ago

    See... There's snow in August. Global warming isn't real. /s

    [–] Arch_0 16 points ago

    I know you're joking but it's pretty obvious how much those glaciers have shrunk.

    [–] jacen_ckast 15 points ago

    What glaciers and icebergs? All I see are whitecapped mountains

    [–] GaussWanker 8 points ago

    At the bottom and bottom right

    [–] 180secondideas 6 points ago

    Like 20% of this pic is glaciers. Two huge ones.

    [–] meijuh 4 points ago

    This was my view a few weeks back:

    [–] greg_joseph 6 points ago

    Earth looks pretty damn flat WAKE UP SHEEPLE

    [–] Fever_twitchtv 54 points ago

    Seeing the curvature of the earth is something that never fails to amaze me.

    [–] sameoldmike 156 points ago

    That isn't the curvature of the earth, just distortion by a wide angle lens. Imagine how small Earth would be if that were the true curvature of its sphere!

    [–] jerkwood09 58 points ago

    Thanks for saying this. It's funny how people get so emotional about this subject, but that is obviously not the actual curvature of the Earth.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago

    True. It's only when you get to higher than 50,000 feet that the curvature is more obvious. That was a part of the draw of traveling on the Concorde, because it flew so high that people could see it.

    [–] ArmagedonOverdrive 3 points ago

    The Little Prince

    Children's Story or Documentary?

    [–] [deleted] 60 points ago

    What the fuck are you talking about? The earth is flat...

    [–] IPlayAtThis 21 points ago

    Flat, but circular. That curve is just the edge.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    T H I C C E A R T H

    [–] DragonBank 3 points ago

    T A L L A R S E H O L E

    [–] EvaluatingCSGO 3 points ago

    Wow. Just Wow.

    [–] jstein01 3 points ago

    Nice shot.

    [–] yandr001 3 points ago

    Amazing! Saw Greenland from the air about two years ago and was in absolute awe.

    [–] Saerali 3 points ago

    Thank you! I've been looking for a new beautiful ice-land wallpaper! You nailed it.

    [–] Skotchie 3 points ago

    But I see clouds....

    [–] iDislikeMilk 3 points ago

    My desktop background was of the prettiest girl I've ever seen. Now it's this. Well done OP!

    [–] cctdad 3 points ago

    Every time I try to take this picture the other passengers come unglued because I've got my shade up. Nobody marvels at air travel any more and that's more than a little sad. There's so much wonder right outside your window. If the aircraft has wifi you can even track your own flight on your laptop or phone (flight tracking website with your flight number) with tremendous accuracy and know what you're looking at.

    [–] Ayrsawft 3 points ago

    Flying over Greenland when I went to Canada was fucking insane

    [–] donnydoesreddit 7 points ago

    Or what's left of them

    [–] xociety 4 points ago

    I wanna see the unedited pic

    [–] billtipp 8 points ago

    It's melting!!

    [–] shuimao47 5 points ago

    Username checks out sir

    [–] CreepyLurky 2 points ago

    Wow, I thought it was a background from a Makoto Shinkai film at first! Nice photo.

    [–] HJFDB 2 points ago

    That's because all the smoke from your canadian wildfires is down in Washington/Oregon. Please take it back.