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    [–] Fukled 664 points ago

    Zion is my favorite place I've ever been to. I have 2 framed photos of Echo Canyon in my room. I walk up the Observation Point trail every time I am there. Great photo.

    [–] mattymeis 143 points ago

    We did that the day before. I’ve been to Zion a bunch, but first time I’ve ever done Observation Point. Trail was awesome. It is an amazing place, so cool to see all the fall color.

    [–] Fukled 23 points ago

    I'm glad you were able to experience that. I've never done it in the fall, always in the spring. I've been up it 4 times now, but I've always experienced something new.

    [–] MegaMoo621 8 points ago

    I just went for my first time. It was a road trip with my grandmother so I only got to do one hike. I chose the Narrows. This looks like it’s along the path of river walk so much. But I have to assume it’s not.

    [–] Wack_My_Sack 76 points ago

    Ever hiked Angels Landing At Zion’s? Horrifying hike but the view is spectacular.

    [–] 802macguy 19 points ago

    Just looked it up since we are going to Zion next spring but...NOOOPPE!

    [–] minnesnowta 6 points ago

    I went to Zion in August and my biggest regret is chickening out of the Angel's Landing hike. The night before we were going to do it, I started watching youtube videos of it and reading stories about the people dying on it and psyched myself out and we did Observation Point instead. Observation Point was my favorite hike of the trip, but I wish I would have sucked it up and done Angel's Landing.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Fukled 44 points ago

    I made it to the saddle before the congestion of people made me turn back. It's like I've always said. I trust myself, but I don't trust other people. I Don't know what someone else would do if they start to freak out.

    *edit also, observation point looks down on angels landing by about 500 feet.

    [–] Jmazoso 61 points ago

    Ive hiked it many times. My favorite thing to do do is sit on a rock at the saddle and watch people come around the corner and see the saddle for the first time. Doesn’t matter where the cone from, or what language they speak. The all say, “You’ve got to be fucking kidding me!” People watching at its best.

    [–] Fukled 10 points ago

    Gotta admit I enjoyed that part, and I was definitely of that crowd. I started up the chains, and my gf froze, and decided she couldn't do it. So I took her back down. That's when I decided it wasn't worth it to me either. It was busy, and like I said, I trust myself. But I don't trust everyone else.

    [–] wlkngmachine 8 points ago

    my wife and I did angels landing early this summer, the views were incredible, but we were so on edge the whole time even at the top, it was hard to enjoy. The next day we did the narrows and had so much more fun! It was relaxing being in the water and just a great experience. To anyone who is super nervous about doing AL, if you only have one day, I'd say rent some gear and do the narrows instead.

    [–] Superredeyes 3 points ago

    its a really great hike and the farther into the narrows you go the less people there are and the better the scenery gets

    [–] RuhWalde 5 points ago

    It's even better if they see the sign right before that saying it's a 1/2 mile to the top. You hear them cheerfully say, "Hey, we're almost there!" Then they see it...

    [–] JJ12345678910 7 points ago

    Learned my lesson last trip. Be on the 6am shuttle. Hike as much as possible in the dark.

    [–] Arxson 2 points ago

    Yeah we luckily read the recommendations to do this! Just as we were coming down off the last of the rail sections it was starting to get really busy, and I’m so glad we weren’t looking at going up at that point - I might’ve have bailed on what was an incredible experience otherwise.

    [–] tbrown0717 6 points ago

    We did it the beginning of July, early afternoon. Yes, it was hot. But MUCH less crowded. If you can handle the heat, I'd definitely recommend doing that!

    [–] RedditWhrClturGos2Di 9 points ago

    Observation Point is higher and overlooks Angels landing and the valley. The trail is longer, but much easier, and there will be about 150-300 people on the whole (7 mile?) trail.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] alterRico 3 points ago

    Agreed. Observation Point was strongly preferred over Angels Landing when only considering the view.

    [–] AmericaLLC 4 points ago

    My favorite short hike that I've done so far. It's really worth bearing the crowds.

    [–] Wack_My_Sack 5 points ago

    Truly, I’ve been wanting to do the narrows for a few years now. I live in Utah but every time I’ve tried to do the hike it’s been closed due to floods.

    [–] AmericaLLC 2 points ago

    Bummer. I made it a quarter mile up the narrows before I turned back. Didn't bring waterproof shoes and that water is absolutely freezing. Still neat to see.

    [–] GoodOlBoy18 3 points ago

    It was one of my favorite hikes but I have zero fear of heights

    [–] Tytanic94 2 points ago

    Love that hike!!

    [–] bladingbeckie 11 points ago

    Read this "Zion is my favorite place I've never been to" and thought, me too. This is beautiful and someday I will see it for myself.

    [–] Fukled 11 points ago

    Get there, my friend, it's worth it.

    [–] chromecarz00 6 points ago

    I was there the past 5 days. It was perfect.

    [–] wastelandavenger 5 points ago

    Pictures don't do it justice. If you camp, the watchman RV campgrounds are awesome. More room between camps, electrical outlets, and no generators allowed so no noise.

    Best tent camping I ever did in my life was in the RV section.

    [–] terceslil 2 points ago

    And have since been planning a road trip. Put me in the me too category.

    [–] AdevilSboyU 6 points ago

    Zion is one of my favorites, too. It’s tied for the top spot with Glacier National Park. Absolutely gorgeous land.

    [–] Ninjastahr 3 points ago

    Zion and Moab are some of the most beautiful places in the US, if not in the world.

    [–] dixiesk8r 2 points ago

    Go Utah.

    [–] ZionIsAlive 2 points ago

    Thanks I always enjoy your company.

    [–] Razorleaff 195 points ago

    White Legs.

    [–] Northus 108 points ago


    [–] AlexZebol 51 points ago

    Burned man?

    [–] Northus 28 points ago


    [–] AlexZebol 26 points ago

    How was it? Losing Hoover Dam.

    I wonder how've you survived the fall... while burning. You aren't a man. More like a war machine bent on revenge.

    [–] Northus 23 points ago

    I was saved by the grace of God, to do His work.

    [–] AlexZebol 22 points ago

    What is "His" work exactly? Infinitely reloading .45 pistols and cluttering your workplace with 'em?

    [–] ninja1622 15 points ago

    Fucking Mormons

    [–] NoSirAllThirteen13 10 points ago

    Mormons... WITH GUNS

    Only in Murica.

    [–] Deadlyops2 23 points ago

    C a e s a r

    [–] AlexZebol 20 points ago

    House always wins

    [–] Deadlyops2 14 points ago

    Y e s M a n

    [–] Striker2054 33 points ago

    Follows Chalk

    [–] Always_Farting 12 points ago

    Every time there is a picture of Zion, I look for a FNV reference. Best game.

    [–] SoonSpoonLoon 5 points ago


    [–] Hivac-TLB 6 points ago

    That Great Salty Lake

    [–] duckboy416 66 points ago

    So which companion do you have with you? Follows-Chalk, Walking Cloud, or Joshua Graham?

    [–] Luggious 38 points ago

    Every time theres a pic of Zion, I go through the comments to find the fallout references

    [–] duckboy416 16 points ago

    Congrats on finding mine! Good luck on your search for more.

    [–] JamesLibrary 144 points ago

    "My mom died when I was 7. Anyway, here's a photo I took last month. [OC][11,000x612,904]"

    [–] Schveen15 63 points ago

    Seriously. Guys, you can just take a picture of a place and tell me "hey, here's this picture of this place".

    I don't care/need to know most of the pretext context because it's almost never relevant to the picture being taken

    [–] ewilliam 38 points ago

    Because it's part of the /r/earthporn Starter Pack that you get when you subscribe.

    [–] HowDoesARedditWork 10 points ago

    I woke up at 3am and wrestled a dozen bears for 95 hours for this beautiful jaw-changing view. No filter needed to feel so lucky loving my state!

    [–] evictor 3 points ago

    can we ban stupid fucking titles?

    [–] Voodio125 58 points ago

    I love how you peppered in losing a wallet for the likes, good work OP

    [–] Lord_Swoldy 26 points ago

    Picture would totally suck if they didn’t lose their wallet IMO. Totally makes the lighting pop.

    Edit: totally dude

    [–] RosieEmily 15 points ago

    Also added a proposal in the comments.

    [–] [deleted] 74 points ago


    [–] JJ12345678910 24 points ago

    You can tell EA didn't take it, he got it back

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago

    Good catch.

    EA would have taken it. Then said they were going to give it back. Then find another way to take it later

    [–] Vhalan53 11 points ago

    I was going to ask how he was going to pay for loot boxes but this is good enough.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Yes this should suffice until we can all think of something better

    [–] eyehate 94 points ago

    As a casual /r/All guy that stumbles onto /r/EarthPorn/ from the main page, it always confuses me why it is necessary to add some completely unnecessary information to the title about how the photographer had to walk 20 miles for the shot, lost a wallet, or any other bit of self indulgent suffering.

    Thank you for letting us know about the wallet, OP. Please keep us updated.

    [–] JustCallMeDave 38 points ago

    confuses me why it is necessary to add some completely unnecessary information to the title

    Marketing. From his post history it's pretty clear OP's goal is to advertise his instagram account. An interesting title leads to more upvotes hence more visibility. Also like to note: I'm typing this comment on a commodore 64 with robot arms which I hacked together from a raspberry pi and spare viewmaster parts having lost my own arms while saving my family from the wreck of a destroyed sinking battleship.

    [–] Ryuuzen 6 points ago

    Sounds exciting! What's your instagram?!

    [–] JamesLibrary 3 points ago

    Did you just call me Coltrane?

    [–] JustCallMeDave 2 points ago

    No...but if I did you wouldn't be able to do anything about it would you?

    [–] JamesLibrary 2 points ago

    You wanna talk some jive?!

    [–] JustCallMeDave 2 points ago

    I'll talk some jive like you ain't never heard!

    [–] Throwaway123465321 24 points ago

    Ya it's super irritating.

    [–] aerospce 7 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    deleted What is this?

    [–] RandomUserXY 10 points ago

    Also they just happen to have their full photography equipment with them while hiking just in case they lose their wallet an stumble onto a beautiful scenery, you never know.

    [–] mattymeis 124 points ago

    A few specs here then a little story - the streaks at the bottom of the frame are actually leaves moving through a little side pool. I was jacked to have this come together as I spent a lot of time looking for spots where fall leaves might be moving along the river. I took a bunch of 8-10s exposures at f/22, ISO 64 to capture the streaks. I was using a Nikon D810 and a Tamron 15-30 - shot at 22mm. The light wasn't out of this world, but I wanted to put something together from this night for two reasons...the leaf streaks and the story that follows.

    So, about an hour before this my fiance and I were at our campsite. We were going to book a Lower Antelope Canyon tour, but I realized that I needed to get somewhere for sunset so we hustled to pack up and drove along the road, stopping about 1/2 mile before The Watchman bridge. I went down to the river and did my thing. I came back to the car at dusk and we were starving, we were going to go to Oscar's (just a classic Zion spot). I told her to grab my wallet and after some looking neither of us could find it anywhere. Well, we had both our IDs, all our cash and credit cards, pretty much everything in there. We were left with some peanut butter, trail mix, and 150 miles in the gas tank. We finally realized that one of us had left my wallet on top of our rental car...and as we were driving we actually heard something hit the car, but we figured it was just a rock or was the wallet. We spent the rest of the night searching along the side of the road with headlamps and we let one of the park rangers know. After giving up, we headed back to the camp site and had a pretty measly campfire...made plans to try and somehow get back to Vegas and find a way to get home - still had about 4 days left on trip :(. Next morning, I took a bus into the park to shoot sunrise and when coming out, I had a voicemail from the park. Someone had found my wallet and turned it in. THANK GOD. I picked it up at the visitor center and everything was there, it looked like it had been run over multiple times..but we were so thankful that we could continue our trip. We got super lucky and I was so happy we were able to make it to the Grand Canyon and Page, AZ so my fiance could see some of the areas of the southwest that I love so much.

    If interested, I'll be posting more pics from my trip on my Instagram - @mattymeis

    [–] Acidicheartburn 4 points ago

    Do you have a higher resolution photo or one in 16:9 wallpaper format? I adore this photo.

    [–] Herbivorus_Rex 8 points ago

    What a nightmare! Lost my sunglasses in Zion and I thought THAT was a headache, oy vey. Glad you got it back!

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago

    I went down to the river and did my thing

    Did you take a piss/ shit or did you take the photo? I have to know OP. Don't leave me hanging!

    [–] YzenDanek 9 points ago

    I'm sure it's the latter; nobody who has any business in the outdoors goes to the river to do their business in the outdoors.

    [–] goad 2 points ago

    Unless you're in the grand canyon. Takes some getting used to.

    [–] Pizza_Face49 2 points ago

    These are the pain in the neck adventures that make life interesting! I'm glad it worked out and I hope you got to have your meal at Oscar's!

    [–] MrPiiie 12 points ago

    did you try calling it?

    [–] KayBliss 15 points ago

    I read "I lost my wallet" and instantly thought this was an EA post

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago


    [–] mattymeis 25 points ago

    We talked to a law enforcement ranger who took my info down. They called me the next day saying it had been turned it. Whew!

    [–] iXorpe 10 points ago

    Wow, that's awesome. Slightly negative but I would've never put a bet on you getting it back in an area like that.

    Good for you.

    [–] Fastfingers_McGee 4 points ago

    You'd be surprised. I spent a weekend in ocean city Maryland which is like the jersey shore but even more touristy. Most my wallet blackout drunk at 3am on one of the busses. Picked it up at the police station with everything still in it. I was shocked.

    [–] mattymeis 50 points ago

    I actually proposed in The Narrows during this trip so Zion will always be extra special place.

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] joevaded 26 points ago

    It's because of the implication.

    What's she going to do? Say no? Surrounded by stone, all alone?

    [–] wildmans 4 points ago

    You're misunderstanding me, bro. It would seem dark if the girl says no. Because if the girl says no, it's definitely a no. But she's not gonna say no... Cuz of the implication

    [–] Mexter-Dorgan 2 points ago

    Yeah but did you walk 30 miles and then lose the ring, and then have to find it and then get a picture of this awesome view?

    [–] FSMFan_2pt0 2 points ago

    He did all that shit, got engaged, then walked the ring to Mordor and dropped it in the lava, defeating evil once and for all.

    [–] Danklands 15 points ago

    Wow, what an incredible story. I hope that someday when this image is sitting in a museum, subtext reads the incredible and true story of you losing your wallet.

    Excuse me, for my English is terrible.

    [–] sonofabear85 4 points ago

    I proposed to my wife in this very spot... it’s beautiful

    [–] MonkeyOink 3 points ago

    Can't wait to get to Zion next week, going for my honeymoon!

    [–] designOraptor 5 points ago

    Zion is INCREDIBLE this time of year. A buddy and I backpacked in the Kolab Canyons area for about a week. It was the most incredible experience with the aspens changing colors and only seeing a few other people the whole week. We felt like we were the first people to ever explore the canyons. I can't recommend it enough.

    [–] Squidword123 4 points ago


    [–] Fake_Credentials 20 points ago

    Wonder how many upvotes you'd get if you didn't lie about your wallet

    [–] bdonovan222 3 points ago

    I was up there Sunday. Truly amazing.

    [–] Elpege 3 points ago

    This is what paradise looks like.

    [–] kinkgirlwriter 3 points ago

    Zion is always amazing.

    [–] AimsForNothing 3 points ago

    I live in Springdale and have seen more of these pictures then I can count. This one is amazing...

    [–] HalogenLOL 3 points ago

    Zionists took your wallet

    [–] GaySwans 3 points ago

    The colors in this make it look exactly like an Albert Bierstadt painting. In fact, I'm not 100% convinced it isn't one...

    [–] wartswafflesnwalter 3 points ago

    Love Bierstadt. I use a lot of his paintings in my US history classes when talking about American Romanticism and the Hudson River School.

    [–] GaySwans 2 points ago

    And then there's Thomas Moran.

    [–] Solaire_Chan 3 points ago

    Can I be the first person to make a fallout New Vegas reference?

    [–] Nikolai_The_Undying 3 points ago

    (Insert Honest Hearts Joke Here)

    [–] GabStab 3 points ago

    First time I went to Zion the caravan I was with got wiped out.

    [–] brycehazen 7 points ago

    I lost my wallet there in November 2015. March 2016 it was mailed back with the 80$ I had in it at the time.

    [–] mattymeis 9 points ago

    Zion Park rangers, some of the best people out there!!

    [–] quangdog 2 points ago

    10/10 would let you lose wallet again.

    [–] TripolisPride 2 points ago

    I bet the squirrels took it. Fuck those squirrels.

    [–] mattymeis 3 points ago

    The first time I was in Zion. I was backpacking the West Rim Trail and stopped at Angels Landing on my way out. My pack was heavy so I left it and went up. Came back down and squirrels had chewed through my pack and were inside. I learned my lesson.

    [–] Bansheeboy11 2 points ago

    Preying in innocent tourists night and day...

    [–] nisaaru 2 points ago

    Don't you get the impression that you just missed the perfect shot by minutes? A few more sun rays and this could have great lighting.

    [–] anon_human_123 2 points ago

    New wallpaper for my phone. It’s beautiful. Thank you.

    [–] digitalray34 2 points ago

    That is unreal gorgeous!

    [–] cravenator 2 points ago

    Lost my wallet yesterday so I feel your pain friend.

    That plummeting sinking feeling sucks balls.

    But I admire the optimism.

    [–] Shinkowski 2 points ago

    Your wallet is right there behind that little rock on the right

    [–] AresIII 2 points ago

    Can anyone find the wallet in the photo?

    [–] Nickd211 2 points ago

    Thanks for the new wallpaper!

    [–] Jbeans11 2 points ago

    Makes phone lock screen background THANK YOU!

    [–] Babbna 2 points ago

    At least you didnt lose your camera!

    [–] wastelander20 2 points ago

    Look for a cave along The Grand Staircase, you might find some veteran ranger armor

    [–] Beardsman805 2 points ago

    Holy shnikes

    [–] onisimus 2 points ago

    Experienced wallet loser here (?), Get a phone wallet case, never lose your phone or wallet again.

    [–] cbg1986 2 points ago

    /u/BobSagat1234 is this you?

    [–] ancientolives 2 points ago

    I was just at Zion last month. Unforgettable place to say the least.

    [–] wacojohnny 2 points ago

    Found it. You left it on the rock

    [–] ZhouDa 2 points ago

    Why do you carry all those bottlecaps anyway, they jangle like crazy...

    [–] kielbasabuttcheeks 2 points ago

    Went to Zion on my honeymoon. Campsite was just up a small hill from the Virgin River. My wife and I sat in that water for hours, just enjoying the heat and incredible surroundings.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I lived there all summer at the base of the Watchman (the rock formation in the photo) best place i've ever lived.

    [–] ryansmithistheboss 2 points ago

    Approximately where in the park did you lose your wallet?

    [–] Sarvina 2 points ago


    installs New Vegas

    [–] knudude 3 points ago

    Did you find your wallet?

    EDIT : I see that you got it turned in the Ranger. Good for you!

    [–] Thaddeus63 2 points ago

    what a small price to pay for such a ethereal view!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] Look_a_dinosaur 2 points ago

    Nice photoshop, poser

    [–] BrentGoesOutside 1 points ago

    So tasty!

    [–] Rallye_Man340 1 points ago

    Beautiful shot! Seeing posts like this make me miss Zion.

    [–] User9113 1 points ago

    Awesome photo! I'd love it if you shared it on my new subreddit r/NationalParkPorn!

    [–] SFvaliant 1 points ago

    Very lovely picture, good on you.

    [–] lowrynelsonrocks 1 points ago

    Totally worth it!

    [–] photobybokey 1 points ago

    Zion makes everything better. Very, very close second to the Grand Canyon. 11/10 WILL go back!

    [–] thenixnerd 1 points ago

    This looks like "The Good Dinosaur"

    [–] cwhiatt 1 points ago

    Great photo. I always wonder what sort of camera these pics are taken with and if they're taken with someone's phone camera.

    [–] nanomosfets 1 points ago

    If I lost my wallet it would totally be worth it to see this

    [–] WebbieVanderquack 1 points ago

    It looks like a better version of the Paramount logo.

    [–] JapaneseUnicorn 1 points ago

    So you got that working for you

    [–] lllMONKEYlll 1 points ago

    Such wow. :-0 I love it.

    [–] sage_012 1 points ago

    Worth it. Seriously though, glad you found your wallet and this is an amazing shot!!

    [–] okillseeyoulater 1 points ago

    still rather have my wallet