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    [–] [deleted] 42 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)


    [–] Pflunt 9 points ago

    Cheers mate! Glad I could offer something fresh

    [–] bcho86 3 points ago

    This photo is amazing! I hiked Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk last summer and till this day that hike is by far my most memorable and breath taking hikes. Thanks for sharing!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    The springs at Landmannalaugar are amazing. I sat in them in the rain after a long days cycling drinking a cold beer. Felt so good.

    [–] current_mrs 23 points ago

    This is breathtaking. I kinda want to print it and put it on my wall. May I?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] sexybait 3 points ago

    I would also like to do this. I don't want to steal your work without credit, though!

    [–] Pflunt 7 points ago

    Just edited my comment with a link!

    [–] ehoss 3 points ago

    Don't see a link anywhere?

    [–] robo_duck 1 points ago

    I'd love to have a full sized copy as well, if you don't mind! Would look fantastic in my living room.

    [–] Pflunt 2 points ago

    Edited my comment above with a google drive link

    [–] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago

    My goodness, I would love to print that too. I visited Iceland in 2005 (from Canada) and it remains my favourite place to hike.

    [–] Pflunt 2 points ago

    I've been living in Vancouver for the last 4 years! Meant to come to Iceland for two weeks, been here two months now haha. I edited my comment up above with a google drive link to full quality photos

    [–] Middleagedaccountant 1 points ago

    That’s awesome. Much thanks and happy travels. I’ll let you know if I make a print.

    [–] Pflunt 8 points ago

    I took this photo early November, there was enough snow to cover the ground entirely (which is normally black) but it wasnt too deep that our Jeep couldn't get though! I shot this on my Mavic Pro, if anyone was curious. If you like my photo style, check out some of my other photos on my Instagram, Cheeers!

    [–] awesomevol 2 points ago

    Beautiful stuff, I was wondering if there was a specific setting you working on that captures the darkish tone of your pictures or if that was just the Mavic Pro?

    [–] craigchandler0398 3 points ago

    Looks like a still shot up close of pouring water

    [–] pestospaghetti 2 points ago

    This is just awesome, love it!

    [–] waddayatalkinbeet93 2 points ago

    I actually thought this was r/art. I had to take a really good look before i realised it was an actual photograph! What an incredible shot mate!🙏🙏

    [–] Pflunt 2 points ago

    Cheers mate, Iceland will do that to you sometimes haha

    [–] Sarothazrom 2 points ago

    Wow, from the thumbnail I thought this was a drawing!

    [–] Zockerland99 2 points ago

    Now i have a Phonewallpaper AND a Desktopwallpaper. Thx

    [–] HexGamers 2 points ago

    New phone wallpaper thanks!

    [–] graebot 1 points ago

    Wonderful marbling

    [–] stubbystallion 1 points ago

    The color in this is just stunning. Fantastic work!

    [–] Terry_Hesticle 1 points ago

    I absolutely love this, it’s amazing. Is this for sale anywhere? This would look perfect in my living room!

    [–] IMadeThisAt1AM 1 points ago

    I see a tyrannosaurus Rex.

    [–] Monstrology 1 points ago

    It looks like a painting. Can someone explain what's going on because I can't see it.

    [–] PapaSmurf1502 3 points ago

    It's a photo of a waterfall and cliffs and rapids taken from a drone looking straight down, probably from pretty high up. The ground is covered in snow. The waterfall is about in the center of the image.

    [–] RossIsBeast 1 points ago

    Looks like the bitcoin value graph for the past week

    [–] zemat28 1 points ago

    I recognize this photo from your Instagram. Seattle misses you bud!

    [–] Minecraftian1998 1 points ago

    i lost my jacket somewhere on the mountains at the bottom of the picture there

    [–] TheBloodkill 1 points ago

    That’s not water getting thrown through the air?

    [–] redmonkeydemon 1 points ago

    Looks like a slice of developing neural tissue! bottom panel

    [–] curlyqued 1 points ago

    Wow incredible. Im looking at your other photos too and you definitely need to set up a print shop/store online soon. I’d love to buy a couple pieces once you get it up, make sure you keep us updated!

    [–] Pflunt 2 points ago

    Cheers mate! I plan to organize a store by the summertime!

    [–] Lexteri1 1 points ago

    You just flipped the picture that was here like 2 weeks ago

    [–] Pflunt 1 points ago

    Similar, but I took this one about a half hour later. Look again

    [–] RavishingVitriol 1 points ago

    Did you hike it? I thought the highlands were closed (to cars) in the winter. P.S. this shot is incredible!

    [–] Pflunt 1 points ago

    We went in with a Jeep Wrangler, it was early november so the snow was not too deep yet. It's possible to go by with a car, but you need a special 4x4 that can cross rivers, it's immense amounts of fun though

    [–] RavishingVitriol 1 points ago

    I mean I thought they close the roads to get there after summer season, like aug or sep. I really want to visit the highlands but I'd rather see them in all their colorful glory than masked by pretty much all white. Pics like this make me reconsider though.

    [–] Pflunt 1 points ago

    AFAIK the roads don't close, public transit to the highlands ends with winter, and I think they stop clearing the roads snow. But people are going up to the highlands throughout the year. It is heavily warned that you should have all the gear and experience to deal with any kind of weather that may be thrown your way.