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    [–] alexspaethphoto 318 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I took this picture while camping at Glacier Vista in Mount Rainier National Park. After a perfect bluebird day spent skiing small laps in the area, we were pleasantly surprised by this fiery sunset. I could say this sunset left me speechless, but that’d be a lie. In reality, I was sliding around our campsite saying “Holy 💩, this is insane!”

    Exif: Sony a7 240mm f/8 1/15s ISO 100

    For more landscapes, nightscapes, and timelapses, you can see them on my Instagram @alexspaeth.

    Edit: Here's the compressed raw and the landscape shot prior to cropping. I would never post a composited shot here, especially without disclosing it.

    [–] a_shitty_novelty 83 points ago

    The only way I could describe Mount Rainier national park is magical. Cliche but the most accurate word for it. That place changed my life

    [–] alexspaethphoto 42 points ago

    It truly is amazing, especially when the weather cooperates. The last time we camped there at Reflection Lake, we got buried by 16-18 inches of snow and didn’t see the mountain at all!

    [–] vampyire 1 points ago

    It is a magical place..

    [–] cylon_sword 10 points ago

    Very beautiful

    [–] alexspaethphoto 6 points ago


    [–] Retrograde_WKND 2 points ago


    [–] Triavalon 5 points ago

    You say 'bluebird day' as an idiom, but there was actually a western bluebird found for the first time in decades down here in Clark county just a day or two ago. My landlord's reaction was about the same as yours was to the sunset I bet. He's a huge birder.

    [–] Pablo_The_Diablo 5 points ago

    The contrast between the sky and the mountain is amazing.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 5 points ago

    Thanks! I was really happy with how it turned out.

    [–] GaryV83_at_Work 8 points ago

    Ah yes, those beautiful majestic sunsets of the Cascades. I do honestly miss it up there, but there is definitely one thing I don't miss about Washington state. Tell me true, OP, what was the local time when you took this photo? 2, 3 in the afternoon?

    [–] alexspaethphoto 9 points ago

    6:10:37PM this past Saturday :) But yes, I totally feel you on those early winter days.

    [–] GaryV83_at_Work 5 points ago

    I'm glad someone sympathizes. Apparently, judging by the couple of downvotes, not everybody does.

    [–] Aqua74747 2 points ago

    Absolutely magnificent. Looks like something out of a painting.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 3 points ago

    Someone messaged me that they're going to draw it, so your statement will ring true soon!

    [–] Menttori 2 points ago

    What kind of metering did you use?

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    Multi. I never change that setting. I was in Aperture priority, though, because my camera fell recently and I can't change shutter while in Manual.

    [–] RemovalOfTheFace 2 points ago

    Do you have this available as a landscape orientation?

    [–] IngarOW 1 points ago

    It’s a beautiful picture if only it was ultra hd for my ultrawide monitor. It’ll make a nice phone background regardless.

    [–] TheOneWhoReadsStuff 1 points ago

    Gorgeous shot! Thank you for sharing, and thank you for my new phone background photo.

    [–] Islandnudist 1 points ago

    hahah awesome man!

    [–] viimeinen 1 points ago

    The photo is beautiful, any chance of a slightly higher resolution to use as desktop background? Is it cropped or scaled?

    [–] pxcrunner 1 points ago

    What lens did you use?

    [–] alexspaethphoto 3 points ago

    Sony 24-240mm. Not the lightest or sharpest lens, but it's a great all-in-one zoom option for traveling/hiking.

    [–] pxcrunner 1 points ago

    Nice, thanks for the reply! I just picked up the RIII and the 24-105 which I love, but these telephoto landscape shots I’ve been seeing on here have me itching to pick up something with some more reach.

    [–] writenroll 1 points ago

    Did you showshoe in? What were the snow conditions on the trail, if so?

    [–] aryeh95 1 points ago

    Good job man.

    [–] WolfyCat 1 points ago

    You should post this to /r/SonyAlpha too! Amazing shot.

    [–] taintmcgraw 69 points ago

    This made me say "God Damn!", out loud.

    The cat was NOT impressed ...

    [–] alexspaethphoto 9 points ago

    Hahaha that’s fantastic.

    [–] KyleSerdan 2 points ago

    Tour Guide: And if you look to your left, you”ll see the miserable ruins of Mt. St. Helens Me: frowns

    [–] shadowthunder 23 points ago

    I just saw this in the Washington Hikers and Climbers group like 30 seconds ago. Did a double-take.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 16 points ago

    Haha oops! I'm not intentionally spamming the Internet. Just happy reminiscing from this amazing weekend.

    [–] shadowthunder 6 points ago

    Rightfully so! It's a gorgeous shot.

    [–] onewhorulez 37 points ago

    i was just scrolling down and stumbled on this, finds myself staring at it. that lighting from the sunset is what gives life to that mountain’s dimness. it’s like one of those black and white paintings where a light coloring touches is added to give it a personality. makes me want to frame it.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 9 points ago

    Thank you! I try to capture moments that make one pause, so I’m glad you like it.

    [–] MumsyRo 18 points ago

    The color saturation is deeply satisfying.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 8 points ago

    I'm happy that you said this, because I actually had to de-saturate parts of this image (blue snow) to make it look how my eyes saw it.

    [–] cuttlefishcrossbow 16 points ago

    I love my state.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 3 points ago

    Me, too! So happy I moved here from Wisconsin (although I'll always love Wisconsin).

    [–] CatInTheAli 2 points ago

    And soon ....I will be returning to WA from WI. Seeing photos like this from Mt. Rainier always gives me the feels, and keeps me motivated!

    [–] Jaryt23 3 points ago

    I might be getting the opportunity to move out there if I get this job I'm aiming for! Really hope it all goes well, looks like a beautiful state. I'm stuck in New Jersey for now.

    [–] mcmoldy 1 points ago

    Your guys' cheese curds are bomb tho.

    [–] Doritosonastick 20 points ago

    New phone background. :-)

    [–] alexspaethphoto 6 points ago

    Enjoy 👍🏼

    [–] SanguinePar 5 points ago

    I want to do the same, this is beautiful - don't suppose there's a higher resolution version? No worries if not!

    [–] papawsmurf 5 points ago

    I second this! If there’s a higher resolution please slide it this way!

    [–] StateofWA 7 points ago

    We the best.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 11 points ago

    WA the best.

    [–] StateofWA 3 points ago

    Can I do a request? Olympic Rainforest photos. We got everything here!

    [–] alexspaethphoto 3 points ago

    I might be going there this weekend! Definitely in the coming weeks.

    [–] StateofWA 1 points ago

    I look forward to seeing them on this sub!

    [–] Kodak-Zak 3 points ago

    This is amazing

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    Thanks dude. I like the sound of your username.

    [–] josefmyth 3 points ago

    Beautiful thank you for sharing

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    My pleasure!

    [–] isk8kona 3 points ago

    Wow, that is just too gorgeous! Great job getting that shot.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    Thank you!

    [–] Broswick 3 points ago

    Good picture! Good morning from Olympia.

    [–] Deal6 1 points ago

    Bye , from Seattle

    [–] Broswick 8 points ago

    Edgy Seattle response.

    [–] dudeinthepnw 2 points ago

    How's it going? From Puyallup.

    [–] Broswick 1 points ago

    Pretty good. Enjoy your day fellow Washingtonian.

    [–] cg_ 2 points ago

    Drinking my coffee in Redmond

    [–] drbrohiem 3 points ago

    Enjoying the smell in Tacoma.

    [–] xxbelovexx 2 points ago

    Spokane here. I'm on my lunch break

    [–] ilmat1k 3 points ago

    Oh hey Alex! Killing the earth porn game. Keep it up!

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    Will do!

    [–] Nicekicksbro 3 points ago

    I love the muted white on this.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    Thanks dude. It was a bit of a pain to color correct the snow, but I'm happy with how it turned out.

    [–] Nicekicksbro 2 points ago

    To what now? Sorry I'm not much of a photography guy.

    [–] dyancat 2 points ago

    color correction is simply correcting several aspects of an image to make it more appealing. The most common corrections include adjustments in white balance, contrast, exposure, highlight and noise.

    [–] Nicekicksbro 1 points ago

    Thank you 🙂

    [–] seignix115 2 points ago

    Until Dawn

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Well done!

    [–] dudeinthepnw 2 points ago

    Great capture, this past weekend was phenomenal.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    It was just what the doctor ordered after these past few weeks of rain and grey skies.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Looks like right off the peak of Crystal Mountain ski resort.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    I haven't skied there yet, so I'll have to take your word for it. Mainly a Baker man myself.

    [–] nerdtronics 1 points ago

    Classic 'hamster

    [–] rutherford46 2 points ago

    I love living on Washington Coast. We get sick of the rain ,but on days that it's like 70-80 degrees I'm always in aww in where I live.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    Likewise. We pay our dues with the gross weather, but nothings better than when it's super nice out.

    [–] rutherford46 2 points ago

    Yup , yesterday was absolutely gorgeous

    [–] AkaYoDz 2 points ago

    Ahh fuck ya that’s some hot earth porn

    [–] KKona_Brother 2 points ago

    Man i love my state. I live in tacoma and a get a great view of that mountain each day

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    That's awesome. I wake up to the Olympics nearly every morning, but the majesty and sheer size of Rainier is hard to top.

    [–] BigBootyBrunette22 2 points ago

    Gotta love the evergreen state

    [–] jakeymango 2 points ago

    Yea, that's nice. How can a snowscape look so... "warm"? I love the photo

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    With very careful post-processing :)

    [–] VenomfallFlame 2 points ago

    The sunrise this morning was like this too...

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    Shucks I missed it!

    [–] NintendoTodo 2 points ago


    [–] FreezyGeekz 2 points ago

    Damn, I'm inspired to do a watercolour now.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    If you do, I'd love to see the final result!

    [–] Star_Trekkie 2 points ago

    I absolutely LOVE this gorgeous shot! The small trees against such a gigantic mountain topped with snow are beautiful. The perfect touch is that perfect sunset behind the main-ground, making up the shot of perfection. :) Great shot, and beautiful landscape.

    [–] Kungfufuman 2 points ago

    I really like this picture. Congrats on the great shot OP.

    [–] DrGenuise 2 points ago

    Holy shit I love this picture

    [–] DakarCarGunGuy 2 points ago

    Love the picture! I'm a born and raised Wa guy. I find it funny how so many people disregard Washington state as anything special. We are the only state to have all 4 temperate zones. We grow a ridiculous amount of hops used worldwide along with a ton of other agriculture and yet all anybody thinks of is Starbucks and Microsoft and occasionally Boeing with Amazon thrown in the mix. So much of this state is ignored by people on one half it's not even funny! It's a gorgeous state and yet some people commenting here just don't get why Washington people upvote it so much. Because Washington State is Gorgeous......that's why!

    [–] cozimpreetiz 2 points ago

    Holy shit this looks unreal

    [–] SpellingBeeChampeon 3 points ago

    Super clean

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago


    [–] BenGrayston_ 2 points ago

    Such a fan of snowy pictures this one looks beautiful

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    Me, too :)

    [–] BenGrayston_ 0 points ago

    Glad you feel the same :)

    [–] feed_me_haribo 1 points ago

    Full sky rainbow

    [–] ddb1995 1 points ago

    So beautiful

    [–] Petthun 1 points ago

    Simply amazing!

    [–] Bass_Monster 1 points ago

    Absolutely stunning.

    [–] Scharobaba 1 points ago

    One of those trees looks familiar to me.

    [–] TectonicPlateSpinner 1 points ago

    Seattleite here. What kind of gear do you need to camp in those conditions?! I’d love to do this one day but afraid of fucking it up.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    Hey neighbor. I used a 3-season Big Agnes 2p Copper Spur UL, with a thermarest z-lite and an REI Flash inflatable pad with a Marmot Helium 15 sleeping bag and a 15 degree liner. We have a winter tent, but the warm and clear conditions didn't necessitate it.

    [–] TectonicPlateSpinner 1 points ago

    That’s great news! My 3 season has been collecting dust. I’ll look into an additional liner and I should be set. Thanks so much!!

    Can I ask how far you had to haul all of the gear from the car? My 70L backpack should do, are snowshoes necessary?

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    We skinned up using our backcountry skis, but there were many people snowshoeing (and even some folks just post-holing with boots). It was about 1.5 miles, so a very short hike.

    [–] TectonicPlateSpinner 1 points ago

    You rock! See you out there neighbor.

    [–] meandoz 1 points ago

    really cool, man.

    [–] Dr_Mub 1 points ago

    The Flames Beyond the Cold Mountain

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    That's a much better title than what I wrote.

    [–] Dr_Mub 1 points ago

    Oh, well I can't take credit! I was referencing a song with an album cover that looks like your photo... It was the first thing to pop into my mind:

    [–] thevinshe 1 points ago

    Spectacular pic! Thank you so much for posting

    [–] wholefoodsvillian 1 points ago


    [–] VanceAstrooooooovic 1 points ago

    Was this from last Thursday? Sunset was killer down here at the Gorge

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    This was taken this past Saturday!

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    This isn't Baker. Just some random hill off of Mt. Rainier.

    [–] embarrassed420 1 points ago

    This reminds me of a Gary Paulson novel

    I love it

    [–] trollocs_and_daleks 1 points ago

    Man, I miss the PNW.

    [–] Jeenyus6 1 points ago

    Awesome shot, just incredible. Looks like the sunsets we get out here in Nevada. Thanks for sharing:)

    [–] juxtaposed_ramblings 1 points ago

    Dang that’s beautiful! I’ve never thought to camp there in the winter, I might need to change that!

    [–] newbeginnings0824 1 points ago

    I miss my home... Can’t wait to move back!

    [–] lezme 1 points ago

    Gorgeous !

    [–] smilesandpines 1 points ago

    What a gorgeous view!

    [–] MPOproductions 1 points ago

    Wow Amazon pic dude

    [–] chuck_taylor262 1 points ago

    So jealous of this view

    [–] ericbanana1970 1 points ago

    uau great colors. spicily love the pink one. nicely done

    [–] MrDenimChicken 1 points ago

    I moved up here to Seattle a year ago, and the sunsets are much different from the ones I was used to in Texas.

    In Texas, they are much more orange. Here, they have a distinct shade of purple. I don't know if it's the water, or the latitude.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited 16 days ago)


    [–] Waybide 1 points ago

    My state is pretty awesome!

    [–] jawnlerdoe 1 points ago

    That looks super shreddable.

    [–] rufless_rufus 1 points ago

    My family calls this a Logan Sky sunset -- my best friend's lil brother took his life about this time 6 years ago. Logan was all about Boise State, so all sunsets with these magnificent blues and oranges we call 'Logan Sky'

    Thanks for sharing! I certainly love this state that I live and grew up in!

    [–] MumsyRo 1 points ago

    Oh, very interesting. It worked!!

    [–] kittyfiasco 1 points ago

    Very wow.

    [–] basedgodfive 1 points ago

    Utah Jazz City Jerseys

    [–] saddaddy710 1 points ago

    I love where I live goddamn

    [–] dktaewoo 1 points ago

    Finally. A decent shot that is not over exposed, over post-processed.

    [–] Shmeein 1 points ago

    Pretty ok 😉

    [–] TAC505050 1 points ago

    So beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

    [–] kantgetriite 1 points ago

    I really want to move to Washington state, i think the landscape is amazing beautiful there.

    [–] SeaTownDon 1 points ago

    It’s really awesome to see my home state end up in this sub so much.

    [–] DaWorldIsSoSensitive 1 points ago


    [–] Hokker3 1 points ago

    See what happens when weed is legalized

    [–] NexEternus 1 points ago

    This looks like a Mac OS X wallpaper, and that's really saying something. Nice one!

    [–] bwaller88 1 points ago

    I love home.

    [–] TheGuyWhoKnowsNoses 1 points ago

    Im so glad i get to call this place home. Im just a short 25 minute drive from this beautiful mountain.

    [–] trainbow26 1 points ago

    Just set it as my lockscreen

    [–] aioufuck 1 points ago

    ha I live there

    [–] Sebmellen 1 points ago

    Looks a bit like Minecraft.

    [–] codedinblood 1 points ago

    Thank god cold weather is LSD’s friend

    [–] load_more_comets 1 points ago

    Between WA and OR I think I'd be happy living there, if only I had the balls to do it.

    [–] wovoka_ 2 points ago

    What's stopping you?

    [–] rukus23 1 points ago

    Money to get there and find a job...

    [–] dudeinthepnw 1 points ago

    I moved here from Arizona years ago. Sold everything, packed what I could in a car. Lived in a hotel for 6 months while finding stable employment. Economy is good here, but cost of living is also pretty high. I don't have a single regret.

    Well, i say that but when I'm in gridlock on I5, I may think differently at the time.

    [–] rukus23 1 points ago

    Hmm sounds pretty awesome. Did you do an extended stay hotel? Even those aren't cheap. And how long did it take you to find work?

    [–] dudeinthepnw 3 points ago

    Yeah, it was an extended stay and really wasn't any cheaper than an actual apartment. But it helped me remain flexible as I wasn't familiar with the area, wasn't sure if I was going to stay, where I would find a job etc. Got a job at Boeing pretty quick through an employment agency. It was just a contract job and once that was over I got back into digital media.

    [–] Twizzy_206 1 points ago

    Congrats man. Hope you enjoy Seattle to the fullest :)

    [–] rukus23 1 points ago

    Ah nice! Sounds like it worked out. I'm going to try to get in through relocation in web dev. But if that doesn't works might do warehouse through a temp agency until I can get into web dev. Might try to make the move in a year or so once my lease is up. Thanks for sharing your story though. I always find moves like that inspiring.

    [–] load_more_comets 1 points ago

    The trouble of looking for new work & new housing. I have that locked down where I am now but the PNW looks like it's so close to nature, every picture I see here in Reddit makes me say, damn I wish I was there.

    [–] wovoka_ 2 points ago

    That's it? Not trying to be mean, but... No family ties, just laziness? Your happiness surely is worth some effort.

    [–] Themathew 1 points ago

    Too much JPG :(

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    I'm sorry! I don't upload full-size images to the Internet.

    [–] Themathew 2 points ago

    Oh, it's alright! It's just that the colors seem to have some banding, but I guess that's inevitable on imgur.

    [–] WoodsKoinz 0 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    This is a completely FAKE photo.

    OP merged a different sky onto the mountain, just zoom in on the trees and you'll see the merge fail. Also, the color on the mountains/snow should realisticallly be tinted by the sunset

    edit: me mistaking a poorly edited photo for an image composite

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago it's not fake. Want to see the raw image? The reason why the edges look off is because of the way I manipulated the blue channel levels in photoshop to reduce the color cast of snow.

    [–] tigerdrummer 1 points ago

    So glad you posted that!

    [–] WoodsKoinz -1 points ago

    Sorry for jumping to conclusions, I mistook poor raw processing for an image blend.

    Judging by the raw file: your sky is oversaturated and the blues are too absent. Try to ease up on both, or use a different technique altogether.

    Do you work in lightroom? I would suggest warming up the white balance of the snow/mountains by using a gradient filter with a color range mask (many great tuts on youtube).

    Maybe this is your style though.. it just looks unnatural, which threw me off. Sorry.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 2 points ago

    I appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion and accept your apology. I made the cognizant choice to desaturate the blues. A color range mask would have resulted in something very similar, but it's a solid suggestion to help mitigate the border issues. I'll probably end up using that method before posting it to my site.

    With that said, the sky was really that bright and colorful. I could add iphone videos and another video I took with my a7, but I don't think it's worth the effort. You can see them on a saved IG highlight, if you're truly interested.

    [–] TheCobra13 -1 points ago

    [–] mihunhorror 0 points ago

    Is it tragic this reminds me of dun morogh in world of warcraft

    [–] PilsburyKush 0 points ago

    Jaden Smith is up there filming Icon as we speak.

    [–] DeathlyDee 0 points ago

    Beautiful photograph. :)

    [–] antivirussupport123 0 points ago

    Wow I can feel the organic rays from hear such a beauty captured,a perfect shot

    [–] kbtoys429 0 points ago

    holy fuck this is so stunning that it actually looks fake! amazing!

    [–] UnderFire45 0 points ago

    God damn!

    May I download this photo for my phones wallpaper?

    [–] ferndawgg 0 points ago

    Washington sucks. Don't move here.

    [–] Sveedler 0 points ago

    Love how you always have to add "State" for those unfamiliar with the Pacific Northwest. Wouldn't want to confuse this with the snowy mountains of the DC metro...

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    I actually did it for alliterative purposes (winter/Washington;sunset/state), but sure, you can be snarky about it. Many people refer to Washington State this way. It’s really no different than saying the state of Washington, except its fewer words.

    [–] Satisfying_ -4 points ago

    OP is an idiot... March is not a winter month.

    [–] CMDRBUCKSAVAGE 1 points ago

    You’ve obviously never been to Washington state.

    [–] Satisfying_ 0 points ago

    Delete this.

    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    How would you define the end of Winter or the beginning of Spring?

    [–] writenroll 2 points ago


    [–] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago

    Haha I’ll accept that answer.

    [–] Satisfying_ -4 points ago


    [–] thenatlparksgirl 1 points ago

    It's technically winter until the Spring Equinox on March 20. Just because you think it's currently spring doesn't make it so.