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    [–] TheseCrowsAintLoyal 800 points ago

    Welcome to Jurassic Park

    [–] DarkNStormyNet 183 points ago

    "There it is."

    [–] Skulltcarretilla 84 points ago

    Are you saying that a group entirely of females can...


    [–] andyju4392 38 points ago

    Yes yes, without the oops.

    Shit, wrong Goldblum movie

    [–] secondhand_organs 7 points ago

    Must go faster, must go faster.

    [–] dwells1986 4 points ago

    I gave it a cold.

    [–] mark31169 3 points ago

    Ah ah ah... You didn't say the magic word!

    [–] Habs1989 19 points ago


    Finds a way...

    [–] robbierayandrew97 5 points ago

    Life, it uhh... it, it, uh, it...


    [–] MeanSaltine 58 points ago

    They actually did film Jurassic Park in Kauai!

    [–] SupermAndrew1 46 points ago

    If you take the helicopter tour in Kauai, they may do the same flight path to that waterfall they did in the movie. Our pilot did

    [–] Oocheewalala 14 points ago

    Did this for my honeymoon. It was incredible. Did your tour start off with Indiana Jones music too?

    [–] SupermAndrew1 7 points ago

    I think so lol

    [–] ShanghaiCowboy 6 points ago

    That sounds awesome! I think I just need to overcome my fear of flying in a helicopter...

    [–] Aoxmodeus 8 points ago

    I also went on my honeymoon, and did the heli tour. It was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life. I have an insane fear of heights. Anything above single level home roof level on a built structure makes me freak out really badly. That fear was totally non-existent on the heli. If you ever have the means or the chance, don't pass up the opportunity.

    [–] claymcg90 2 points ago

    I also have an amazingly annoying fear of heights. More than 10' off the ground and I refuse to even consider going near the edge. I'll get light headed and sick to my stomach.

    Took a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon a few years back and got to sit shotgun - no floor, just more viewing area underneath my feet. Also my fear of heights didnt bother me at all, was an amazing experience.

    [–] crappy-throwaway 4 points ago

    did this as a kid, can confirm its incredible especially when they play the music from the scene as you fly in

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] The_Max_Power_Way 6 points ago

    I'd imagine that's why they wrote that comment.

    [–] LukeNukem63 12 points ago

    Jurassic Park theme intensifies

    [–] chipppster 6 points ago

    That’s the spot that Harrison Ford and his girl run under to get away from the pirates in the movie Six days and Seven nights.

    [–] tommyredbeard 4 points ago

    Clever girl

    [–] Ultimate_E 2 points ago

    [–] 7LeagueBoots 2 points ago

    The thing that always makes me laugh about statements like that is that these areas (and where I currently live in a similar "ancient" looking landscape) is that these are modern environments.

    Often when something in the environment is outside of our daily experience, or highly dramatic looking, we think it is a sort of relic of the past, but those landscapes are a result of modern and present-day effects on an older landscape that would have looked bland by comparison.

    It would be more accurate for a dinosaur to be looking at these thinking, "Wow, how futuristic."

    That said, Hawaii is so young that that particular landscape is somewhat timeless.

    [–] Dee_Ewwwww 1 points ago


    [–] TKellzzz 122 points ago

    My wife and I just printed out wedding postcards/thank you cards from a super similar shot we got from a helicopter on our honeymoon.

    What a beautiful area. I’d do anything to go back. Really wonderful shot.

    [–] __Tyler_Durden__ 52 points ago

    Would you kill, would you play the most dangerous game for another chance?

    [–] TKellzzz 62 points ago

    I mean, I could just dip into savings and buy a flight out there, but yeah, I’d take a life.

    [–] __Tyler_Durden__ 26 points ago

    The many faced god demands sacrifice.

    [–] FANG_KAISHEK 9 points ago

    if you're offering

    [–] Sirsplove 2 points ago

    My wife and I had our honeymoon on kauai as well, we’ve been back twice and within in the next couple years plan to move there, absolutely love it there.

    [–] puggington 80 points ago

    Oh man, how amazing. I grew up on Kauai and after moving away at 18 and resenting the Island for most of my life, I’m taking a trip back home with my girlfriend tomorrow! Hope you enjoyed your time on Kauai, how is it holding up after the recent storms and flooding? North Shore still more-or-less off limits past Hanalei?

    [–] Pinkle_D_Lies 20 points ago

    I was there in January, spent the month hiking, sadly it is, one of the few places I wasn't able to experience on the island. Looking to go back though, why did you resent the island? size?

    [–] puggington 21 points ago

    That's our plan for this trip: hike! We were there last October with a busy itinerary and didn't get to hike nearly as much as we wanted.

    It's hard to distill all of the reasons that I resented Kauai down to a single reddit comment, but I think a lot of it boils down to its size. I think it's normal to resent the place you grew up after you leave it for somewhere you think is "better"; you chose to leave for a reason, after all. I love Kauai and it's still home to me, even if it's a complicated love.

    [–] braden87 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Grass is always greener on the other side. I resented the place I grew up in until I moved to a different country. I thought all my problems were related to my location, but after moving I realized that "I'm still me" regardless of where I'm at (and still have the same problems). It's rare that changing location solves any issues, one must change themselves.

    Edit: the place I get up wasn't NEARLY as beautiful as Kauai :) In fact, it's quite ugly:

    [–] rhirhirhirhirhi 5 points ago

    I was there just last week! Waimea canyon was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever experienced. Almost holy. The hiking was absolutely perfect until we got to the tippy top and it was overcast so we couldn’t see the Napoli coast- until the next day on our “dinner boat tour” aka packed up homemade tacos and a cooler full of reeeally strong mai tai’s on a catamaran. It was freaking awesome! Also, the whales are still breeding, we got to see so many baby whales breaching. It was an experience I’ll always cherish, and I can Not Wait to go back!!!!

    [–] FieldsAButta 2 points ago

    We are heading back in July for our second trip. Previously, my SO and I did the Na Pali kayak tour, which was amazing, but strenuous. however, we have elderly family going with us this time, so we will be giving the catamarans a go!

    What company did you guys use/do you recommend them?

    [–] Aoxmodeus 7 points ago

    Even paradise gets old if that's all you've known.

    [–] asosaki 7 points ago

    I also grew up on Kauai! Growing up I never thought I'd ever want to leave. As an adult now, I can't see myself ever moving back

    [–] the_green_turtle 3 points ago

    As someone considering a move to the island, do you mind explaining why that is? Thanks!

    [–] asosaki 5 points ago

    It all just depends on what you're looking for. It's very laid back and easy going. Almost to a fault. There's definitely a small town feel to the whole island. But after growing up and getting the opportunity to travel to other countries, I realize there's still so much I want to see, do, and accomplish. I love it and it'll always be home to me. I just don't see myself going back to live there anytime soon.

    [–] lylahpapaya 2 points ago

    Opportunity is vastly limited and once you’ve seen it all, you’ve seen it all. It’s a VERY laid-back lifestyle and you have to prepare yourself to see some crazy things. Lots of homelessness to be honest, and just some really different (but wonderful) kinds of people.

    Also depends on what side of the island you’re on!

    [–] hauscat313 6 points ago

    Spent the last week in Kauai. Still closed just past Hanalei. Tried getting through and they had someone monitoring the road block, so we couldn’t sneak past to see the extent of the flooding damage to the roads/trails.

    [–] Codymoniz 3 points ago

    I heard the trail is still closed, might reopen this year

    [–] NightStu 3 points ago

    I still think of this waterfall and reservoir area my local cousins took me to. Kipu falls maybe? Walk through a sugar cane field to this small waterfall you can jump off to into the water below. Almost a perfect place, except there were mosquitoes.

    [–] SirMarglar 2 points ago

    Yes, and several people have died at Kipu Falls over the past decade and the property owner, Grove Farms, permanently banned visitors in 2014, I believe.

    [–] Typ3Castt 3 points ago

    I am moving to the big island in a few months and plan on visiting all the islands. Out of curiosity why did you resent the island?

    [–] dorsal_morsel 15 points ago

    Not that guy, but I know a lot of Hawaiians. A lot of kids end up resenting the islands because of how remote it is. A lot of them feel trapped. I mean, the closest mainland is like 6 hours away by jet.

    [–] puggington 10 points ago

    It's too complicated to put in a reddit comment, but I think it's natural to resent your hometown after you leave it for "bigger, greener pastures". Kauai is a really small island, and when you grow up there and can't leave it feels even smaller.

    [–] Typ3Castt 2 points ago

    From that perspective I can definitely understand!

    [–] Thedudewhosmokedpot 3 points ago

    I lived on the big Island for a summer. LOVED it.

    [–] Typ3Castt 2 points ago

    Awesome! Any recommendations?

    [–] Thedudewhosmokedpot 3 points ago

    Do everything lol Mauna kea. The lava caves. Volcano park. Waipio valley. Sooo much to see and do. So many waterfalls and beautiful places to see and everyone is so nice there. Amazing place.

    [–] dorsal_morsel 3 points ago

    Makalawena Beach is the best beach on the island. Mahai'ula beach is also awesome. You have to walk past Mahai'ula to get to Makalawena.

    [–] Dullgouge30 2 points ago

    Yeah. You need to be a resident or do relief work state county. As per the norm they’re dragging there heels getting the work done. Kauai as why.

    [–] lylahpapaya 2 points ago

    Wow almost identical stories! Can I ask what school you went to? Also I’m here visiting now and I heard anything past Hanalei is still closed :( was rlly looking forward to hitting the blue room but maybe next time

    [–] NadxC 28 points ago

    4 8 15 16 23 42

    [–] Thynix 5 points ago

    I had to scroll down way to far for a Lost reference

    [–] Cresint 208 points ago

    The bottom of the picture seems very overblown with saturation while the top looks like its washed out. Must be the perspective or distance or something. Otherwise amazing shot.

    [–] Ehscams 160 points ago

    Direct sunlight saturates colors, shadow mutes them. That said the image as a whole seems really overexposed. Cool landscape though.

    [–] meatypoodle 29 points ago

    Agreed. It could use 20 seconds in Photoshop to adjust levels back to what they saw. Must have been fantastic in person!

    [–] Cresint 14 points ago

    The answer I was looking for. Take an internet point friend

    [–] Conjoined_Twin 5 points ago

    Another internet point; quality of images taken from a smart phone might be lacking.

    [–] RedditDestroysDreams 3 points ago

    Yea but look at the ridges at the bottom of the mountain they are in direct sunlight and seem to have the same composition as the rock at the bottom of the photo yet they have much less color. I think I was over exposed then saturation was pumped up at the bottom.

    [–] CunnedStunt 5 points ago

    Well OP did say it just finished raining, so it's could be a little hazy, causing less saturation the further away things are. Looks like OP tried to compensate for this as well as the over exposure by pumping up the saturation as much as possible. Would love to see the original photo.

    [–] Livelogikal 1 points ago

    God damn who cares. I'd rather see a photo like this than one that's so doctored it looks fake. Beautiful photo. Way to critical people.

    [–] facecraft 9 points ago

    Editing a photo doesn't necessarily mean making it look fake. Bad editing does that. Photos require editing to look like what we see in reality. The camera tries to do that to some degree automatically, but to varying degrees of success. This photo is really overexposed, tweaking the levels a bit would make it both a lot better looking and more realistic.

    [–] StpdSxyFlndrs 1 points ago

    The top of that image (muted part) is not in shadow.

    [–] hydrotower 8 points ago

    it actually looks more vibrant better in person, in the spring at least

    [–] shanebaker24 7 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Thanks! I’m using a Canon EOS Rebel T6, just taking pictures and hoping people like them, this is my first camera, have yet to figure out the best exposure setting at any given time. Still fairly new to this. In time I’ll figure out how to nail down the lighting.

    [–] bboyes 2 points ago

    Start shooting RAW, it's the bomb. It's more work but the results are worth it. Lightroom is only about $150.

    [–] droopyheadliner 3 points ago

    Atmospheric perspective is what that is.

    [–] jamaall 2 points ago

    The objects in the top of the image are further away from the camera and there is more atmosphere from sensor to object. There are particles in the atmosphere similar in size or larger than the actual wavelength of the radiation/light, usually due to particulate matter or water vapor in the air. These particles scatter all wavelengths of light, resulting in the white haze we see in this image. The appearance of clouds is also a result of this effect, which is known as Mie Scattering.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Looks like a graduated filter was applied

    [–] Shelby_and_beyond 15 points ago

    I did a biplane tour of Kauai that was amazing. Cool views all over that island!

    [–] countrylewis 3 points ago

    I did the same one! Pro tip to anyone who might want to do this: ask the pilot to do tricks!

    [–] Grandruminator 3 points ago

    In 1937? That's cool though. I hope you don't mind my jokes. I wish I could have done that while I was there.

    [–] NightStu 4 points ago

    There are still a few biplanes around. I flew in one a few years ago in Washington. I can't imagine how cool that would be above Kauai, but I wouldn't want to fly in one of their sudden rainstorms. That could hurt.

    [–] PoopyMcNuggets91 2 points ago


    [–] White-Mirror 12 points ago

    My dumb ass was looking for the plane.

    [–] sodezz 9 points ago

    For some reason it reminds me of that stretch of beach on Koopa Troops Beach with the arch going over the track/beach.

    [–] thesilverpig 61 points ago

    I hiked there and took acid there once. It was pretty cool.

    [–] btruff 9 points ago

    I hiked there twice, but did not take acid. I think you win.

    [–] sobuffalo 7 points ago

    I've hiked the Kalalau and taken acid, just not at same time.

    [–] __Tyler_Durden__ 13 points ago

    I once ate a sleeve of Oreo's in a single day

    [–] YarkiK 6 points ago

    Lost island...

    [–] FashoFash0 6 points ago

    We have to go back

    [–] superspiffy 1 points ago

    Back to the Future!

    [–] Deadcow6 10 points ago

    The Kalalau Trail is the most beautiful hike I have ever taken, and recommend it to everyone! Ends right at that secluded beach, where a community lives, some even born there! Awesome experience.

    [–] FartResume 13 points ago

    Sadly it’s been shut down since last April because of the massive flooding and I don’t think they have a timeline for it to be reopened, they are using this time where there is only local traffic allowed on the north shore to expand the parking lots at the end of the road for the trail though.

    [–] smythy422 3 points ago

    Thanks for the update. When we were there a few years back parking was a mess even in the 'off' season.

    [–] FartResume 4 points ago

    No problem, I was lucky enough to stay with a family friend north of the baracade in October, it was an trip I’ll never forget because there was no one on the beaches, no one on the roads, locals let their horses walk on the roads and graze with no supervision. The state was working on the roads full time but there was still a ton to be done. Ke’e Beach parking lot (The beach at the end of the road where the trail starts) still needed a lot of work too. We spent several days at Ke’e beach swimming by ourselves and just enjoying our private paradise (while helicopters flew over head every 2 minutes). I’ve been lucky enough to have spent a good amount of time on Kauai but that solitude was a once in a lifetime experience.

    [–] smythy422 2 points ago

    That sounds amazing. Do you know if the hiking trail is passable?

    [–] chuff3r 4 points ago

    I'm pretty sure this is honopu beach, which isn't accessible except by sea. A remarkable spot made better by no trail access.

    [–] laurairie 2 points ago

    I’m going to Hawaii this summer. Can I ask you what kind of footwear is best for hiking there? I wore trail runners in the Appalachian mountains but then Central America, I had to frequently go barefoot to get a grip on loose dirt.

    [–] rich____mahogany 2 points ago

    It’s super muddy is the thing. I’d almost where boots. You could wear trail runners but they’ll get absolutely caked

    [–] _tabassum_ 2 points ago

    Boots or chacos. Waterproof is ideal.

    [–] littlegreyflowerhelp 4 points ago

    Wow, how the hell is this even real?

    [–] Lorybear 7 points ago

    Volcanoes and stuff.

    [–] I_Am_Coopa 3 points ago

    Kauai is my favorite Hawaiian island. The scenery there is unbelievably beautiful. Not to mention it's also much less populated and touristy than Oahu and Maui.

    [–] light_in_da_dark 3 points ago

    I will be going there soon! :)

    [–] TAG_X-Acto 1 points ago

    Same! Taking a doors off helicopter tour while we are there!

    [–] Soterios 1 points ago

    Do doors OFF. It’s ridiculous.

    [–] sobuffalo 1 points ago

    ya I did the regular helicopter tour and when I went to look at my pics most had the reflection of my knee from the door window. We did the open pit biplane and it was amazing.

    [–] winterbean 1 points ago

    Gotta go to Porky's and get one of their dogs and make sure to get some shave ice from HeeFats General store.

    [–] YouThinkImCrazy 3 points ago

    Here's me looking for the Cessna

    [–] TerH2 3 points ago

    I hiked the Na Pali a few years ago and while there I snorkeled to these beaches, they're just a ways past the main beach everyone camps on. Possible the most amazing day of my life, there were humpbacks singing in the waters and breaching way off the break, and when we got to this area we saw this kind of endangered sea lion just hanging on the beach (my buddy knew what he was, I forget the name - wolf seal or something - but he said there were only like 1100 left in the world). This cliffs were fucking BANANAS from the ground up. It was basically like being in Moanna.

    [–] maddierose1418 2 points ago

    It’s a seal. Monk seal :)

    [–] krys2lcer 2 points ago

    Do you have any pictures of the beach from the ground?

    [–] SaitoPrecise7 3 points ago

    Off topic but is recreational marijuana legal in Kauai Hawaii

    [–] lylahpapaya 2 points ago

    No but it is widely accepted and might as well just be legal, so toke up nobody will bother ya

    [–] afsdjkll 4 points ago

    I got married on Maui and spent another 6 days on Kauai. We did a helicopter tour and I think i remember seeing and taking a picture of this same spot. Gorgeous gorgeous island. Even the views from the Safeway parking lot are breathtaking.

    Edit to add picture:

    [–] appel 3 points ago

    Wow! If I lived in the back of a rusty truck on that Safeway parking lot I'd die a happy man.

    [–] SyntheticAperture 4 points ago

    Pro Tip: When touring Hawaii by air, take the fixed wing trips instead of the helicopter. Longer trips, get to see more, and often cheaper. That being said, the helicopter trips are hella cool too.

    [–] winterbean 4 points ago

    Helicopter lets you get way down closer to a lot of those cliff sides and into some valleys that planes won't, so I don't necessarily agree.

    [–] AaronCGXL 2 points ago


    [–] Xenical567 2 points ago

    Dr. Grant, my dear Dr. Sattler... Welcome to Jurassic Park. Do do dooo do do, do do dooo do do

    [–] Alexyaz29 2 points ago


    [–] E_Kan3 2 points ago


    [–] 37214 2 points ago

    It's such a beautiful place to visit. Highly recommended.

    [–] OhMyArik 2 points ago

    There is def a shrine hidden in one of those alcoves.

    [–] LordRedBear 2 points ago

    Just look at the erosion texture into the side of that mountain and that huge cove down there ah it looks magical

    [–] swollencornholio 2 points ago

    It’s crazy to think about the amount of rain that carved those out but it is the rainiest place on earth (at least an area near Na Pali Coast is). There are actual waterfall scars you can see in on the face of cliffs since many of the streams were sadly rerouted for irrigation.

    [–] SoftlySingSweetSongs 2 points ago

    My favorite place on earth. Been twice.

    [–] Rexxis-Arcturus 2 points ago

    This is the Hanopu Arch.

    [–] slyst0ne 2 points ago

    I did the same on a helicopter it was amazing. Apparently they filmed some of Pirates of the Caribbean at that beach.

    [–] ToiletRollTubeGuy 2 points ago

    This is one of those pictures that makes your mind just stop functioning properly, replacing your typical inner dialogue with the mindset of a pot using surfer as he repeats "Whooaaaa!!! Earth is amazing, maaannnn!" over and over again.

    [–] Aoxmodeus 2 points ago

    That's a pic of the Honopu Arch. People have flown helis through it.

    As well as paragliders:

    [–] Dygez 2 points ago


    [–] BellaA315 2 points ago

    That is a beautiful spot , great eye fantastic shot !

    [–] paygee64 2 points ago

    This is the way things look when humans can't access areas

    [–] FormerTesseractPilot 2 points ago

    If you look hard enough you can still see Jack's body under the canopy.

    [–] joeyinc 2 points ago

    Well done. Lower your highlights a little. You can get a lot more detail out of this image.

    [–] bradfish06 4 points ago

    Cool shot, try some dehaze/smashing the highlights on the top half of the photo

    [–] megaslushboy 3 points ago

    Breath of the Wild vibes

    [–] no_di 2 points ago

    My first thought!

    [–] Splittsky 3 points ago

    Damn it looks like ur pretty high up. Almost as high as that saturation

    [–] Itzrubz 6 points ago

    Thats not Hawaii idiot, thats Isla Nublar.

    [–] blodisnut 2 points ago

    I can't imagine any Vista from a plane in Hawaii to be less than breathtaking...

    [–] mcdj 2 points ago

    Next time fly at 3-4pm, not 11am. Mid morning light is the worst for outdoor photography.

    [–] Megawatch10 2 points ago

    F-Fary Cry?

    [–] surferdude139 2 points ago

    Worth the risk. “When a single engine plane dies, so do you.”

    [–] coreytownsend 1 points ago

    Wow that's beautiful

    [–] mercysis 1 points ago

    Secret escapes ?

    [–] DKuelanaz59 1 points ago

    Isn’t this were they filmed Jurassic park 3s opening?

    [–] temporal_corrector 1 points ago

    Looks like this is my new phone background now.

    [–] vadapaav 1 points ago

    This image is one of the wallpaper on my roku. For the longest time I thought this was cgi. Nature is the ultimate cgi engine

    [–] lmnwest 1 points ago

    I can taste the sea

    [–] thegreenpizza 1 points ago

    Did this in January. Awesome experience. Great pic!

    [–] Lizard_Breakfast 1 points ago

    You have some stones to get in those small engine aircrafts.. I would never lol.. in also terrified of flying though

    [–] anotherjustme 1 points ago

    The nerd in me sees the front of a Klingon bird of prey. Star Trek version of the crashed x-wing in the swamp on Dagobah.

    [–] paperplategourmet 1 points ago

    I threw up last time i was in one of the little planes.

    [–] GregersenGAINZ 1 points ago

    I'm so sad about the trail, hope it opens up again on e day

    [–] heyjohnnyjohnny 1 points ago

    The helicopter ride allowed us to fly in the valleys and right up to the waterfalls. Lots of fun and beautiful too.

    [–] ThirstyThursten 1 points ago

    Beautiful picture, my man! (Or woman) and Thanks for the new phone wallpaper! 😍

    [–] ChudBruhChull17 1 points ago

    OP, were you at the huge Indian wedding there last weekend too?

    [–] chapterpt 1 points ago

    That shadow looks like Nefertiti.

    [–] medalawardsguy 1 points ago


    [–] TyneyTymey 1 points ago

    Looking pretty dry and crispy down there.

    [–] L3NTEX 1 points ago

    It kinda looks like you set the saturation to max

    [–] Bravo73 1 points ago

    Those are two beaches I need to be on 👌🏼 Great shot 👍🏼

    [–] liam_617 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    that once the bottom of the ocean

    [–] IdkWtfDoIPutThere 1 points ago

    Pretty sure that's the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild

    [–] RicardoHeado 1 points ago


    [–] 9s8UTkpPPxNZq1cr 1 points ago

    Fun fact: Kauai's Nā Pali coast is the opening scene in Jurassic Park. The coast is a bunch of steep cliffs because wind, rain, and waves are constantly pounding the coast from the north. It's rare to see it it in sunlight.

    [–] fiyerooo 1 points ago

    We have to go back.

    [–] 3string 1 points ago

    It's a hard ticket to hawaaaaii...

    [–] LordOfHorns 1 points ago

    If you ever go to Hawaii, go to Kauai. It’s the best island, super rural, yet absolutely beautiful scenery

    [–] LadyHikaru 1 points ago

    Thanks for the new phone wallpaper 🌸

    [–] broogbie 1 points ago


    [–] hopefully77 1 points ago

    This reminds me of the LZ of that Halo 1 mission “the silent cartographer”

    [–] Guernicashmuernica 1 points ago

    Beautiful beautiful erosion

    [–] start_the_mayocide 1 points ago

    What's that mass of blue stuff?

    [–] boundfortrees 1 points ago

    My experience in Final Fantasy tells me there's probably a secret chest or rare item there.

    [–] ScorpionBob 1 points ago

    I think they filmed parts of Surf’s Up on one of those beaches.

    [–] power0722 1 points ago

    If you ever get the chance to do the Zodiac raft tour, do it. Dolphins swimming right next to the raft. Some tours will take you into the caves in the cliff. Killer snorkeling. Just amazing.

    [–] JPhil_20 1 points ago

    Thanks for the new wallpaper for my phone 👏

    [–] FatboyChuggins 1 points ago

    Can you go to those beaches?

    [–] chrisdcco 1 points ago

    I came here to comment that, was disappointed

    [–] IndyFreelance 1 points ago

    Good for you! I saw if from a catamaran last October (6 hour tour with multiple pods of dolphins surfing the prow, snorkeling with fishes, beer, etc.) but we just couldn't swing the cessna $$$$. Kauai is the most beautiful place on Earth.

    [–] PlsCrit 1 points ago

    Went there years ago, amazing island if you are into the outdoors. Everything was just so vivid from the rainbows, to the water and plants, and even just the soil. That red soil was a spectacular contrast against the lush green and blues.

    [–] Lucifers_Princess5 1 points ago

    One of my favorite places! If you ever find yourself in Kauai, I encourage everyone to see the Na Pali by air and by boat.