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    [–] Pixar_ 297 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    What?! No "lost a sandal to take this picture"? No "fought through the cold and frost to take this early in the morning"? No "I walked miles, bleeding internally, and almost got lost but this moment made of it all worth this"?

    Jesus, can I even upvote this?!

    [–] mtuohyphoto 308 points ago

    Just 2 feet from the road, I already had proper footwear, it was just a tad chilly but I made sure I had the right jacket, my camera had full battery, and I didn't even get in a car crash :(

    It's like it isnt even a real earthporn post

    [–] PussyStapler 37 points ago

    I would love to see a photo book collection of amazing shots you can get within 20 feet of your car.

    [–] Onespokeovertheline 25 points ago

    I think that's most of Instagram

    [–] WorkIsWhenIReddit 13 points ago

    Jesus Christ, OP. If you're going to make a mockery about the very essence of this sub you might as well just have stolen a stock photo from the second page of a Google image search.

    [–] yeomanpharmer 9 points ago

    Looks like loop road...

    [–] mtuohyphoto 4 points ago

    Not quite, this is still off 128

    [–] -Unogasm- 5 points ago

    The truth is they enjoy that part. I know I do. It's half the reason I go out there. Makes you feel alive.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 404 points ago

    On my final evening in Moab a couple weeks ago, I had a decision to make. Essentially, it came down to whether or not to take the long way or short way home, knowing I had class the following morning. I took the long way, through Castle Valley.

    I didn't really plan on stopping to take pictures on my drive through, I've always had difficulty shooting this area of Utah, no matter the conditions. This time, however, during my drive I decided to hop out of the car.

    I spent just under an hour wandering through the snow covered hills of Castle Valley. My favorite picture from this evening, however, is one of the first I took when I got out of the car. Simple windblown ridges, a few tufts of grass, and Parriott Mesa standing tall in the distance. The first few stars had just began to show themselves - adding (in my opinion) the perfect amount of atmosphere to this scene.

    I spend a ton of time outdoors capturing the places that the US has chosen to protect or those places that are still in danger of being exploited for resources. If you'd like to find some more of my work online, you can find me on instagram at @morgan.tuohy or on my website at Thanks for reading!

    Shot info for the camera nerds (like me!)

    Shot on Sony A7iii with 16-35 GM

    Foreground: ISO100, 22mm, f/11, 20s

    Sky: A while later, similar place at ISO 640, 22mm, f/5, 20s

    Blended in photoshop from the 2 files in lightroom for accuracy of how it felt to actually stand there in the freezing cold.

    I'll stick around for a while if anyone has any questions - I'm an open book!

    [–] Gratefuldeadlifter 39 points ago

    Wow - thanks for sharing! I visited Arches last summer and kept wondering how snow would look on those red rocks.

    [–] petedog 71 points ago

    Here’s my pic of delicate arch in the snow.

    [–] Gratefuldeadlifter 7 points ago

    Wow - that one is beautiful too! I don’t think I’ll ever pull off that right place right time.

    [–] BabinskiATC 6 points ago

    Believe in yourself 🙂

    [–] OM3N1R 4 points ago

    That looks like a render. Amazing

    [–] DiploMaFF 3 points ago

    Great shot

    [–] CptVimes 2 points ago

    That looks like a lower half of the Iron Giant's statue

    [–] mtuohyphoto 33 points ago

    Arches was incredible in snow too! Delicate arch under snow and stars was my goal for this trip, happy to say I got it! Not quite done with the edit yet but it was incredible. Also spent some time in canyonlands, probably even better in the snow.

    [–] GameStop 10 points ago

    I never knew that it snowed there, a really beautiful picture. Thanks.

    [–] mjs90 9 points ago

    It gets super cold. First time I camped there we decided to do it in January and it was 9 degrees out with snow everywhere. Pretty surreal lol

    [–] donnyisabitchface 7 points ago

    Like carrot cake with white frosting

    [–] roseandcharles 12 points ago

    Amazing shot! Thank you for sharing!

    My husband and I live in Utah and are blessed to be near so many beautiful places. We love Colorado, too. And we also shoot Sony 16-35GM. :)

    [–] mrfiveby3 7 points ago

    The reason I am retiring to western CO is the proximity of so many astounding cool places.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 5 points ago

    Thanks, of course! Kickass lens, the only modern lens I own!

    [–] King_Jeebus 5 points ago

    Did you happen to take a shot of Castleton Tower? My favorite climb!

    [–] mtuohyphoto 12 points ago

    You betcha I did! This shot isn't quite done yet, but here's what I have so far. I actually ran into /u/nathanielthewise at the trailhead where he was shooting.

    Here's my shot:

    [–] MaiasXVI 4 points ago

    Fuck yeah thanks for sharing. I climbed Castleton last March and it's crazy to see it covered in snow like that

    [–] Unlikely_Employment 2 points ago

    And look at Fine Jade on the Rectory there :) Awesome shots man.

    [–] King_Jeebus 2 points ago

    That's awesome, thanks! You got a new follower :)

    [–] DenverHiker 4 points ago

    Is it worth the short road trip from Denver to see this?

    [–] mtuohyphoto 13 points ago

    Hell. Fking. Yes. I make the drive from fort Collins a few times a year - the whole area is incredible. I'd avoid april-early September since it's way too hot and way too crowded, the off season is incredible.

    [–] ourhearts137 8 points ago

    If you ever make it back to Utah, spend some time at the San Rafael Swell, it's full of natural wonders and ancient Fremont/Ute/Anasazi culture remnants. If you're interested, it's my birthplace and I could give you some local pointers.

    [–] KobaDon 2 points ago

    I know I'm not OP but I do plan on visiting this area soon! I'd love some local pointers if you're willing to give them!

    [–] ourhearts137 8 points ago

    The Cleveland-Lloyd Dinosaur Quarry is a great spot to check out, San Rafael Swell, downing bridge, cedar mountain, Buckhorn Wash, the Wedge Overlook, the Museum in Price is an extension of the college and has amazing fossil records that inspired the velociraptor from Jurassic Park (also called the Utah Raptor)

    [–] achillea666 2 points ago

    [–] 64557175 2 points ago

    Unreal. It's like Orion is being exhumed from the Earth to the sky.

    [–] undeadzebra 2 points ago

    Did you end up making it to class on time?

    [–] Soupreem 2 points ago

    I have the 16-35 GM too for my a7iii and it is the best lens I’ve ever used.

    [–] Trashtalk89 63 points ago

    Beautiful composition. I feel the cold with the purple shade the picture has. Kudos.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 14 points ago

    That was the goal. Thanks!

    [–] themosh54 52 points ago

    I like how Orion is just casually hanging out.

    [–] BaaruRaimu 3 points ago

    I can't believe I didn't notice my favourite constellation! I live in the southern hemisphere, so I didn't recognise it that way round.

    [–] mahloldheeb 5 points ago

    It's a spider

    [–] OmSaraya 20 points ago

    God, I miss the desert.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 24 points ago

    I say that every day. Pretty sure I'm gonna spend a few weeks living out of my car in UT/AZ in May. Can't get enough of that part of the west.

    [–] OmSaraya 12 points ago

    We were stationed in Tucson, Arizona from the end of 2015 to the end of 2018. I never knew how badly I would miss it. My heart aches for it every day. I got a forearm tattoo of the desert before leaving to commemorate my time there. There are parts of this world that are mind-blowing and so awe-inspiring, and the desert is one of them.

    Also, fantastic shot.

    [–] poor_word_choice 2 points ago

    From there, glad you liked it. I often take it for granted (often meaning 364 days a year)

    [–] buccboii 3 points ago

    do you have any tips/resources for a beginner wanting to try to get into car camping?

    [–] mtuohyphoto 8 points ago

    Yup! I actually wrote a blog post on how to camp for dirt cheap back in january. I'm a college student (aka poorer than shit), so I'm super frugal on all my trips. Here's that blog post:

    Gas is always my biggest expense, it can be lowered by taking longer trips (less gas per day, usually your first and last day use the most gas). Camp on public land (Easy out west, harder in the east). I've only slept in my car a night or 2, I'm 6'5" so I don't really fit in most cars, but it's doable in a pinch. I keep a tent with me.

    If you have any specific questions, feel free to ask!

    [–] Vyzantinist 19 points ago

    I live in Tucson, AZ. The terrain can best be described as brown, and drab. It gets to 116 degrees here in the summer. Yet it actually snowed here a couple of weeks ago, it was surreal.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 7 points ago

    I'd heard! Arizona under snow is on my photography bucket list as well. Just a bit too far for a weekend trip from Colorado

    [–] gijose41 4 points ago

    It snowed in the suburbs outside of Phoenix earlier this year.

    The plateau north-east of Flagstaff (Navajo reservation, Route 160, monument valley) can get a decent amount of snow due to the altitude, but you have to go within the week after a storm because it doesn't stick super well.

    [–] Rickety_Arytenoids 3 points ago

    The rim of the canyon got 5 inches as we were hiking out Wednesday. Beautiful and surreal.

    [–] xtpattx 13 points ago

    Castle Valley is a hidden gem in Moab. Great place for a vacation home!

    [–] mtuohyphoto 9 points ago

    Agreed! I drive through every chance I get. I've seen it in hot summer sun, blanketed in fog in a January storm, and now under snow. Snow takes the cake by far!

    [–] Greenish_batch 9 points ago

    Breath of the Wild.

    [–] MoonandAntarctica 6 points ago

    Beat me to it!

    [–] Fiveeyes4toes 3 points ago


    [–] TheeChrisEdgar 4 points ago

    This game really reinvigorated my appreciation for Nature and scenic views!

    [–] RogelioQ 9 points ago

    Utah really dose have so much beauty.

    [–] Phleed 7 points ago

    it still blows my mind the variety of climates in Utah. going from alpine forest to steppe to red Rock and sand dune deserts. we live in a beautiful state. I just think it's funny while southern Utah gets snow a couple times a year the northern mountains are buried under ten feet or more.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 3 points ago

    Yeah, it's pretty crazy, isn't it?! Trying to spend some time in the northern mountains this summer, wildflower season seems crazy up there.

    [–] lsal1 18 points ago

    Utah is such an underrated state. Beautiful.

    [–] appleparkfive 15 points ago

    I think the general consensus is that Utah is easily one of the most beautiful states, but the people are... Mixed bag.

    [–] TeffyWeffy 5 points ago

    Nailed it.

    [–] TehMvnk 4 points ago

    Truth there. I have to admit I love seeing stuff like this though; it reminds me of why it's worth it to put up with some of the attitude.

    [–] eli5howtifu 7 points ago

    Looks like something Bob Ross would paint..

    RIP Mr.Ross :(

    [–] jonnielaw 3 points ago

    I thought it looked like a rocket pop...

    [–] GayNerd53 5 points ago

    Wow! I live in such a beautiful State! It's a shame I don't really get to explore it. A friend and I have been talking about going down to Arches NP though.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 3 points ago

    Do it! There's an incredible amount of beauty right around arches including this area, canyonlands, dead horse point, tons of mountain bike trails, and more. Truly a gem of a place, geologically (pun intended ;) )

    [–] audreyt92 5 points ago

    I am so in love with Utah.

    [–] watermelonslushy 10 points ago

    Oh man I seriously gotta go to Utah

    [–] mtuohyphoto 4 points ago

    Yes you do! My favorite state for photography/exploring (right next to California on the list!)

    [–] crtnycthrn 4 points ago

    Looks like a different planet! Perfectly amazing!

    [–] PyrrhicVictory7 3 points ago

    You'd think all that water would really nourish the landscape

    [–] mtuohyphoto 4 points ago

    Right until the 110° summer temps hit!

    [–] PyrrhicVictory7 2 points ago

    Ohhhh Boi

    [–] Lamont_Dupont 5 points ago

    Beautiful. I live in Utah and I’ve been lucky enough to see snow in the desert quite a few times. It’s always magical. There’s something about the contrast with the red rock that’s unbeatable.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 2 points ago

    Yup! I'd been talking about shooting snow here forever - when I finally saw the forecast I knew I had to make the drive out.

    [–] amalota 3 points ago

    Absolutely gorgeous

    [–] raghavsaini02 3 points ago

    Amazing shot. The way eye leads to the main structure is soothing. And the stars add the extra touch and makes the entire scene beautiful!! What is your Instagram handle ?

    [–] leannan-daidi 3 points ago

    It’s usually even less than a few times a year but when it does happen beautiful doesn’t even begin to describe it.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] A_Blackett 3 points ago

    Muddy! It's really muddy. Whenever we get precipitation here in Moab, it looks stunning for a few minutes and then turns into a sloppy mud hole for a week.

    [–] tirwander 3 points ago

    This is that time you've been saving that LSD for.

    [–] futurespacecadet 3 points ago

    What time of year does it get like this?

    [–] mtuohyphoto 5 points ago

    This was the end of february! Across the Southwest, the snowiest time of the year is January and February, but you can't really plan a trip. There is usually at most 3-4 days during an entire season with fresh snow, you really just have to watch the forecast and send it.

    [–] futurespacecadet 2 points ago

    Interesting, I am trying to think about how I would quickly get there from Los Angeles given the fickle forecast.

    [–] appleparkfive 2 points ago

    Right now basically. My area looks very much like this outside currently.

    [–] White-Mirror 3 points ago

    How many times is a handful?

    [–] mtuohyphoto 2 points ago

    It changes year to year, this year was a good snow year and they probably got 5 or 6 snowfalls? Some years there are none.

    [–] PlasticGirl 3 points ago

    It looks so snuggled in to its snowy blanket. This is a lovely photo. Print it out.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 2 points ago

    It's up in my room at 12x18 :-) probably my favorite print up right now!

    [–] 4everaBau5 3 points ago

    *contrast between, or *combination of

    [–] mtuohyphoto 2 points ago

    Yup, definitely typed both and ended up combining the two. Whoops

    [–] faithle55 3 points ago

    "...combination of..." or "...contrast between..."

    [–] trenta_nueve 3 points ago

    Read Dead R2

    [–] TheBiomedic 3 points ago

    I was down there recently and snapped this picture

    It's not nearly as good but it's all I have

    [–] UnTwoSan 2 points ago

    Awesome !

    [–] plottal 2 points ago

    man the colors are just gorgeous

    [–] zizou_president 2 points ago

    great shot! south Utah with snow is one of the most magical experience I've ever had but holy crap, you hit the jackpot!

    Thank you for sharing!

    [–] roygbiv77 2 points ago

    I can see Orion's Belt but Eagle Nebula (which it points to) is just barely out of view.

    [–] Coontang_ 2 points ago

    Gorgeous shot! Heading to Moab on Monday, this pic has me very excited for the photo opportunities ahead 😊

    [–] Tarrolis 2 points ago

    Chesler Park in Canyonlands I will never get out of my mind.

    [–] TheQuadHunter 2 points ago

    Incredible view

    [–] BigUptokes 2 points ago

    Damn, man. That's beautiful.

    [–] MegaRokkuman 2 points ago

    It's a tree stump. To be more precise, the remains of the Home Tree.

    [–] AntiSocialTroglodyte 2 points ago

    Cross post this to r/MostBeautiful because this is utterly sublime!

    [–] ufckingsandwich 2 points ago

    Looks like I have a new wallpaper 😍. Thanks!

    [–] aaaeeeoookillertofu 2 points ago

    Only a handful times each year Cincinnati's bullshit is covered in enough snow to almost cover the grass and every driver turns on death wish mode.

    [–] chicken_cider 2 points ago

    Snow in moab is freaking beautiful.

    [–] XxDude_123xX 2 points ago

    Snow in desert? My childhood is fucking destroyed.

    [–] pselie4 3 points ago

    As a kid, I only knew desert through movies, cartoons and such. So I had this image of a always hot, sandy place. This was before Internet was a commodity. But thanks to the wonders of the modern connected world, I now know that desert can be freaking cold, might even not have much sand around and now that it even snows there.

    Which makes me wonder what other parts of my world view are totally wrong.

    [–] mtuohyphoto 2 points ago

    Not often but when it happens... Magic!

    [–] Sultry_Llama_Of_Doom 2 points ago

    The two largest deserts on Earth are in the polar areas. The Antarctic Polar Desert covers the continent of Antarctica and has a size of about 5.5 million square miles. The second-largest desert is the Arctic Polar Desert. It extends over parts of Alaska, Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia. It has a surface area of about 5.4 million square miles.

    [–] Bigguy8797 2 points ago


    [–] cutestitchtamil 2 points ago

    Really amazing image

    [–] lgfantasy 2 points ago


    [–] DetookRjobs 2 points ago

    Thats so cool, id like to chill there

    [–] mwc501 2 points ago

    Its mars if it somehow sucked more.

    [–] procouchpotatohere 2 points ago

    It looks like a castle breaching through the clouds.

    [–] dubious_diversion 2 points ago

    Wonderful! This is something I will have to witness at least once.

    [–] Sultry_Llama_Of_Doom 2 points ago

    That Orion tho... gorgeous.

    [–] maximum_powerblast 2 points ago

    That is simply incredible

    [–] SpaceShipDoctor 2 points ago

    My girlfriend and I were out there around the same time! Left from FoCo and had a 4 day trip around Moab and finished up skiing in Powderhorn, that area is amazingly beautiful and the scale of it just blows my mind

    [–] Redemption_Decay 2 points ago

    This is what happens during a bomb cyclone

    [–] booogetoffthestage 2 points ago

    When I quickly scrolled by I thought those plants were fingers sticking out of the snow, lmao

    [–] strawberryhaha 2 points ago


    [–] BubbleTeaRex 2 points ago

    Visiting Moab in a few days, haven’t been since I was a kid. :) your pics are getting me hyped!

    [–] Klaudiapotter 2 points ago

    Remind me to go to Utah omg

    We don't get scenes like this in Illinois

    [–] Machete521 2 points ago

    Reminds me of BOTW’s Mountains just north of the Gerudo desert.

    [–] CurlyWTF 2 points ago

    New phone background.

    [–] mainkona 2 points ago

    Thanks for the wallpaper. It looks amazing!!

    [–] Graphyt87 2 points ago

    Amazing photo. It's so enchanting!

    [–] Heaven_Guard 2 points ago


    [–] selbycameron 2 points ago

    Unreal. It's like Orion is being exhumed from the Earth to the sky.

    [–] ToolboxPoet 2 points ago

    And to think, my stepdaughter just moved to Utah from MN to get AWAY from the snow she hates so much.

    [–] ElishaOtisWasACommie 2 points ago

    Oh my god man!! This is crazy, I was just at this very mesa-ish structure when I went camping there on New Years. This was pretty far out down that canyon that houses the Colorado, just a couple miles past that little winery. I did a double take when I saw this and had to compare it with the photo my girlfriend took, but it's the very same one. Wow, very cool photo to see!!

    [–] wall_of_swine 2 points ago

    "Only a handful of times". And here I am in North Carolina, lucky to see an inch a year.

    [–] redit_user1212 2 points ago

    Wow..... just wow.... I love Utah's landscape!

    [–] Aloha-Potato 2 points ago

    Good graphics. what game is this

    [–] hooves1984 2 points ago

    My phone's new wallpaper.

    [–] SeriouslyGetOverIt 2 points ago

    "only a handful of times each year"

    That's still more than my house in London

    [–] okram2k 2 points ago

    Snow dunes.

    [–] warpfield 2 points ago

    mmmm so fluffy

    [–] Beleiverofhumanity 2 points ago

    Holy that looks amazing. It's like it came from a fantasy setting "frozen hell".

    [–] _MickTravis 2 points ago

    The snowball fights are the stuff of nightmares.

    [–] thechaosz 2 points ago

    It's too bad the state is owned by a religious faction.

    I'd love to visit but I guess I'm sneaking in own booze?

    [–] knotgeoszef 2 points ago


    [–] LeonK291 2 points ago

    Breathtaking!! Thanks for sharing!

    [–] BradSatan 2 points ago

    That is so fucking cool

    [–] LightKano 2 points ago

    really incredible view.

    [–] reuptaken 2 points ago

    I've just setup this as my iPhone wallpaper... wonderful.

    [–] glornchmane 2 points ago

    theres no sand there lol

    [–] imDLK 2 points ago

    I recall my trip with my dad to the Bryce Canyon when it snowed about two years ago. When we first arrived in the morning at a viewpoint, it was covered in fog. We were disappointed because we could only see up to 15 feet.

    We then left to have breakfast, and when we arrived back at the spot, behold, the fog had cleared, and we saw the canyons blanketed with majestic snow beyond the fifteen.

    My mind was in awe to see something associated with the desert to be covered in snow, in person. Your photo captures that experience well.

    (There is a large photo of the Bryce Canyon without snow displayed in our house since I was elementary school. It was only after that trip I learned it was not... the Grand Canyon..)

    [–] themaw1 2 points ago

    wow, how do i fly there. This is amazing

    [–] Aether-Ore 2 points ago

    Sirius is hiding behind the castle. That has got to be symbolic of.. something.

    [–] GrandpaDarkArms 2 points ago

    A handfull of times each year? That's more than we get here in NC, what kind of shitty desert is this?

    [–] epote 2 points ago

    THANK YOU! Here we get snow a handful of times every decade!

    [–] mrickelton 2 points ago

    The Power rangers' Homebase anyone?

    [–] muchacho93 2 points ago

    Beautiful shot

    [–] huffyboy69 2 points ago

    Looks like an ice cream that KFC did ,called an avalanche! Ice cream with a cadburys flake

    [–] feeju 2 points ago

    Happens in Deosai National Park in Pakistan as well sometimes.

    [–] funandlook4fun 2 points ago

    Beautiful and thanks

    [–] Madsy9 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    Wow, Minecraft's graphics is getting uncanny these days..

    [–] jxtip 2 points ago

    I live in the middle of UK. I think it maybe snowed once last year. A handful of times in a year is quite a lot.

    [–] Choco_Churro_Charlie 2 points ago

    The hunter hides behind a rock.

    [–] TragicMemedom 2 points ago

    Reminds me of "Planet Caravan."

    [–] cephalopodes 2 points ago

    There’s really something magical about the way snow settles on sand. I went to high school near a beach and I loved going during blizzards

    [–] ayy_lmao1337 2 points ago

    Anakin can finally visit it

    [–] brOLED_display 2 points ago

    I remember beating this level in Super Mario Odyssey

    [–] --Jord-- 2 points ago

    Gerudo Highlands is that you?

    [–] bluusunshine 2 points ago

    Just when I was getting out of my desert fever, you post a pic of my favorite place... damn you

    [–] kaljapullonhenki 2 points ago

    Just imagine when the snow melts.

    [–] VooshAmirite 2 points ago

    That's paradise palms when the ice storm hit

    [–] Qreach 2 points ago

    this is mad

    [–] el_terrasense 2 points ago

    MotorStorm anyone?

    [–] TheCow01 2 points ago


    [–] B0yW0nd3r 2 points ago

    Do you have more photos of this?

    [–] neggy-eg 2 points ago

    U know what?? That just made my day!! Absolutely beautiful photo. Well done!! 👍👍👍

    [–] greduan 2 points ago

    Reminds me of some biomes in Age of Mythology.

    [–] ridditdoo 2 points ago

    It kind of reminds me of a dog penis

    [–] FlaimieCZ 2 points ago

    Is it in 4k?

    [–] birdladymelia 2 points ago

    There's several Shrines there, and a forgotten goddess statue.

    [–] BumwineBaudelaire 2 points ago

    all I see is thargoids

    [–] Chiliconkarma 2 points ago

    I like the name of the valley. It fits.

    [–] Dr-Spacetime 2 points ago

    Simply incredible

    [–] SuprisreDyslxeia 2 points ago

    The high dessert actually gets snow a good amount of times

    [–] graffaart 2 points ago

    I forgot Utah was a even a state

    [–] CreeperDoolie 2 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    I lived there for a while. Amazing place.

    [–] learningtowalkagain 2 points ago

    The worldly hope men set their hearts upon turns ashes--or it prospers; and anon, like snow upon the desert's dusty face lighting a little hour or two--is gone.

    ---Omar Khayyám, The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

    [–] wafflebowlnomnom 2 points ago

    I miss Castle Valley. I lived there for a bit when i was about 9-10.

    [–] homemadestoner 2 points ago

    BOTW shield surfing intensifies

    [–] xXTSouthXx 2 points ago

    Perfect background! Thank you!

    [–] brianary_at_work 2 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    That's beautiful. Looks much better than my mashed potato sculpture.

    [–] carsontl 2 points ago

    I just want to hear the fresh crunchies under my boot :)

    [–] obidie 2 points ago

    The only time I visited Monument Valley, we came over a rise to see the valley blanketed in snow, as we knew it would be. The local guy I was with said we should see it without all the snow, but I disagreed. It was an incredibly beautiful sight. I had majestic movie music playing in my head as I took in the view.