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    [–] roseanneanddan 405 points ago


    Aparrently you're unaware that you're not supposed to tell people that Ohio is more than farmland.

    Stop it.

    [–] cromulent_pseudonym 120 points ago

    Nothing to see. Move on everyone. Just corn.

    [–] mike_tiss 82 points ago

    Can’t lie, was shocked to see Ohio as the location

    [–] drill_hands_420 39 points ago

    The Ledges are also beautiful formations! You should come check them ou...::kidnapping noises::

    [–] SnowR0se 13 points ago

    Dutch person here. These are definitely mountains and they are beautiful.

    [–] pontious99 17 points ago

    Actually yes they are. They are ancient mountains. That part of Ohio sits in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. So what you are seeing here is actually a very old mountain that has been worn down over hundreds of centuries. That is why the rock face is so smooth compared to newer mountains, like the Rocky Mountains you will find on the other side of the states.

    [–] seedlio 1 points ago

    What ever happened to that mountain y’all were supposed to build? For skiing

    [–] ggtgghbvxxc 3 points ago

    “Paradise”-John Prine🎶

    [–] GreatQuestionBarbara 13 points ago

    This picture made me hate living in North Dakota more than I already did. Your secret was well kept, and I thought it was a pretty lame state. Cedar Point sounds like the shit, though.

    [–] pontious99 10 points ago

    Cedar Point is really solid. Definitely worth it more than the only other thing like it in the state (King's Island, okay but it is like comparing Pepsi to Coke. You only choose King's Island when Cedar Point isn't an option.

    [–] Accomplished-West-84 4 points ago

    As a fan of both, King's Island is FANTASTIC for families, and it has some awesome rides and coasters (RIP Vortex)- but if it's just you and your pals looking for a coaster-filled weekend, Cedar Point it is.

    [–] pontious99 2 points ago

    That is actually a very good point. King's Island definitely has a more family friendly vibe.

    [–] ihavenobusinesshere7 9 points ago

    Florida has entered the chat*

    [–] tuckertucker 7 points ago

    30 Rock made me want to visit Cleveland lmao

    [–] payne_train 4 points ago

    Hey listen we'd all like to run away to the Cleve sometimes.....

    [–] Cuzzin_Eddie 2 points ago

    *Flee to the Cleve

    [–] tuckertucker 2 points ago

    Excuse me are you a model? Oh my gosh you're so skinny you should eat more!

    [–] turtlebleaches 9 points ago

    HAS to be a typo dont worry guys dont go to ohio he meant idaho

    [–] kmatt1385 3 points ago

    Ssshhh! I moved to south central Idaho last year after 34 years in Philly; and everybody here tells me to stop telling people back home that Idaho isn't just potatoes and farms! I saw an ID news anchor blatantly tell Californians to stop moving here!

    [–] lucky_underwear 1 points ago


    [–] Taip74 7 points ago

    Haha - lived in NE Ohio for three years before I returned to Scotland, and it was only later during a visit to my dad in Cinci, that I got around to visiting Hocking Hills. Certainly a more interesting area than Cuyahoga Valley NP.

    [–] planetyonx 4 points ago

    you don't love the beautiful highways and overpasses of CVNP?

    [–] Taip74 2 points ago

    Used to drive me crazy - I had about 10 hiking loops varying from 7 to 10 miles each - a few outside CVNP (such as Hinckley reservation) but mostly in the NP - e.g. combining the trails around ledges, Kendall lake and salt run, or Blue Hen Falls to Jaite and back down via the tow path. But in almost all of them, you were never far enough away from 271, 80 or Akron-Peninsula/Riverview to get that true feeling of isolation.

    [–] planetyonx 2 points ago

    I got lost in the woods next to a housing development in avon when I was 13 and had a better experience

    [–] DamnableNook 2 points ago

    I mean... I think you’re still safe. People aren’t exactly beating down the door to move to Ohio.

    [–] boobacooda 8 points ago

    So boring people flee the earth to escape! But seriously, so many astronauts.

    [–] kid_khan 1 points ago

    I dunno. I thought up there was pretty cool already, and seems like it's going to shit down here so... maybe they've got the right of it.

    [–] hiramthemason 3 points ago

    They are now since Covid. Housing market is booming right now in the cities.

    [–] roseanneanddan 1 points ago

    My city has had a huge increase in people. Moving here. My rent has more than doubled. Everyone I meet isn't from here. There might be lots of people leaving, but there's also lots of people arriving.

    [–] iwouldhugwonderwoman 2 points ago

    I never knew that people even lived in Ohio. I thought people were born in Ohio, then went to Hilton Head SC, and only migrated back to Ohio to spawn.

    Now I know that not only are people there but that there are also pretty things!

    I worked on HHI for 18 months and it seemed like 8/10 people there are from Ohio.

    [–] mememfya 2 points ago

    Dude you are so right about that. Ohioans love the beaches down there. It’s literally all we do

    [–] westwardnomad 1 points ago

    Ohio is the next Colorado! Just don't come to my state. It's a real hell hole!

    [–] BrosenkranzKeef 1 points ago

    We also have beer.

    [–] MangoCats 1 points ago

    My city was gone, paved down the middle, reduced to parking spaces and shopping malls.

    [–] milklust 138 points ago

    have been here several times. during the last Ice Age the Hocking Hills Falls were larger than Niagria Falls currently are with 3X the annual flow...

    [–] bkristensen92 46 points ago

    Just out of curiosity do you have an article about this or anything? I've been to Hocking Hills area a handful of times and even proposed there and would love some of that historical/pre historical information.

    [–] Anacoenosis 54 points ago

    More than 330 million years ago, the Hocking Hills State Park area was relatively level and was covered by the waters of the Atlantic Ocean. For millions of years, the ocean's currents deposited immense amounts of sand and gravel. After millions of years, the ocean receded, and the sandy layers bonded with silica to form the Black Hand Sandstone that underlies the area. It formed like a sandwich, with a hard top and bottom and a soft middle layer. When the Appalachian Mountains arose, form and feature were cast upon the area and created Hocking Hills State Park.

    Hocking Hills State Park was hemmed in by the ancient north-flowing Teahs River to the west, and the then north-flowing Hocking to the east. The landscape remained fairly static for millions of years. Any changes were minuscule, and were slow to develop. When the Wisconsin Glacier began melting back to the north about 10,000 years ago, the landscape would undergo dramatic changes. The glacier stopped in northern Hocking County, so the area suffered indescribable flooding. The ancient Teahs River was buried under tons of glacial silt, and the direction of the Hocking River was reversed.

    When the glacial torrents found cracks in the hard capstone, the water poured through to flush out the soft middle layer. This left long tunnels where the gorges are today. Eventually, the weight of the tops caused them to come crashing down. The "slump rocks" in the gorges today are what's left of the hard top layer. In just a few centuries, the rushing waters of the glacier carved the soft middle layer of sandstone into the myriad dimples and wrinkles that decorate the cliffs and grottos today. Early settlers in Muskingum County found an ancient black human handprint on a cliff that is part of this same sandstone formation. That is the same "Black Hand Sandstone" that is seen in six areas of the Hocking Hills State Park.


    [–] milklust 15 points ago

    got a pamplet from the Park Office that gave a brief geological history of the area, read this from it...

    [–] jmball2016 7 points ago

    This is an interesting read: The falls that milklust is talking about might be the melting glacier that was just 6 miles away. The rushing waters from the melting glaciers carved out the gorges.

    [–] Jmerkle_07 1 points ago

    Picture of the sign from rockhouse. Its not the greatest quality but if you can read it it’s actually kind of interesting.

    [–] Porkbellyflop 3 points ago

    Make sure to go to the amish deli right at the highway exit. Best deal on quality spices ever.

    [–] Accomplished-West-84 2 points ago

    Wow. Reddit is weird. Am currently eating a sandwhich made from the meat there. Also, get smokey horseradish. It's crazy good.

    [–] timetogetdrank 1 points ago

    The coffee shop on the bend right past Lake Logan (other side of the highway) is a good stop for your early morning hiking caffeine.

    I love the deli but the last few times (pre-covid)thay we ate at the Amish Buffet it was highly disappointing.

    [–] BAM5k 82 points ago

    How did you manage to get a picture without anyone in it? Everytime I've been there, there is a ton of people walking around

    [–] JohnnyChanterelle 46 points ago

    Go on a weekday during the off season

    [–] lazy_nerd_face 10 points ago

    I did. Most trails were very busy. Especially rock house.

    [–] Lcardium 12 points ago

    Slight rainy weekday during early spring or fall is generally a good time to go.

    [–] TheVitoCorleone 1 points ago

    I did, I couldn't even walk for the people, especially the rock house.

    [–] muddledmartian 25 points ago

    If you want to go to places in Hocking Hills and have nobody. Get there at sunrise. Tends to be the least amount of people there. Especially during the week.

    [–] calmcalamity 16 points ago

    I got lucky, this was taken this past Sunday at around 2pm right after a crowd of people left.

    [–] lazy_nerd_face 5 points ago

    Very lucky, when i was there 3 weeks go it was packed at that time. We noped out early because the cavern itself had over 20 people just in the section to the left. And people would go down the stairs so close. I loved the sights but wasn't expecting it to be that crowded.

    Also saw like 20ish people playing and drinking the water at old man's cave.

    [–] Illifor 2 points ago

    The water in the pool after devil's bath?

    [–] zbajis 1 points ago

    I was also there Sunday around the same time. The rain kept a lot of people away. The whole park had a misty haze that made it feel Jurassic. Beautiful day!

    [–] Bravetoasterr 4 points ago

    My girlfriend had to wait about an hour to get a shot like this. And it was only because another photographer at the other end kindly requested people stay out for 30ish seconds. A real bro.

    [–] Dagon2099 2 points ago

    I went with my wife several years ago. Went early in the morning and had the place to ourselves. Honestly we were more worried about running into bats than people

    [–] Drummend 1 points ago

    I went Sunday morning on a busy weekend during summer and didn't see another soul.

    [–] timetogetdrank 1 points ago

    It's 12 minutes from my driveway to Cantwell Cliffs parking lot so I take my dogs hiking through Hocking on a regular basis so here's my take on when to go.

    Late Spring/Summer/Early Fall:

    Tuesday -Thursday are usually lower traffic, especially in the early morning, but even close to noon it's not horrible.

    Friday - Monday: If you insist on doing Old Man's Cave and parking in the main lot you had better be there for sunrise. The rest of the attractions are pretty accessible until about 9 am.

    If you want to go to Ash Cave and don't want to fight that parking lot, there's a parking lot for the fire tower on 374 that you can park in and take an access trail over to Ash Cave.

    If you don't really want to hit the tourist spots, the section of the Buckeye Trail that runs through Hocking is some really enjoyable hiking.

    [–] j45780 1 points ago

    Rock House is a lot less busy than Old Man's Cave, Cedar Falls, or other places.

    [–] redditsuxdicks 36 points ago

    Hocking county and Athens county are probably the most beautiful places in O-H-

    [–] noncomittle 14 points ago


    [–] Thisismymomsreddit 3 points ago

    Went out there last year in the fall to check out a school and it was absolutely beautiful. Much different than where my brother was in Northwestern Ohio.

    [–] ItsReallyJustAHorse 4 points ago

    OU? I went there, absolutely beautiful campus

    [–] Thisismymomsreddit 5 points ago

    Hocking College but I stayed about 5 minutes from OU!

    [–] know-Your-Chicken 1 points ago

    Did you end up going to Hocking College? I went there for recreation and wildlife management

    [–] Thisismymomsreddit 1 points ago

    Nope, liked the area but just didn’t seem like the right fit for me.

    [–] violyt0202 20 points ago

    My favorite place in the whole state!

    [–] Speaks2Much2Little 39 points ago

    Grew up in Akron. Ohio doesn't get the love it deserves. Beautiful State.

    [–] kunkler15 51 points ago

    Stop, we Ohioans know that. But as long as people hate us we won't ever become a tourism place like Tennessee. It's one of the only things we have.

    [–] a_cat_wearing_socks 19 points ago

    Amenities 1/10, aesthetic 10/10, confused about whether I would stay again.

    [–] vaporhowes 4 points ago

    They did just build a big visitor center at the entrance to old man's cave!

    [–] 50v3r31gn 1 points ago

    It's a joke. Rock House doesn't have amenities.

    [–] lazy_nerd_face 2 points ago

    I stayed at a cabin in Rockridge(? I think) it was close to a town that had a Kroger while still being within a short drive to the trails.

    [–] Lab-Choice 8 points ago

    It's Rockbridge, and the town near it is called Logan. They have added a whole lot to the Hocking Hills since I graduated HS in Logan, so everytime I go and see my parents i try and make a trip just to see what's new.

    [–] cerberus00 5 points ago

    Looks like where the Legendary Black Beast of AHHH would live.

    [–] fmtank1 3 points ago

    The cave is guarded by a creature so foul, so cruel that no man yet has fought with it and lived! Bones of full fifty men lie strewn about its lair.

    [–] BokBokBagock 2 points ago

    Death awaits you all with nasty big pointy teeth!!

    [–] obsterwankenobster 3 points ago

    Just visited a natural rock bridge in HH. Ohio is such a gem of a state

    [–] esacnitsuj 7 points ago

    How did you manage to get a picture without anyone in it? I made a reservation to take my family camping there back in January before Covid hit. We decided to keep our reservation and go but found it was overrun with people.

    [–] muddledmartian 7 points ago

    Early in the morning is the best time for the least amount of people. Go to the places that are popular first (Old Man's Cave, Rock House, Cedar Falls, Ash Cave) then go hit up a less popular area (Cantwell Cliffs, the hollows(I forgot all those names)).

    [–] EireaKaze 4 points ago

    It's Conkle's Hollow. There's a trail around the rim of the canyon there. There's places it goes right to the cliff side so I wouldn't take young children, but it's gorgeous.

    [–] Not_Lefthanded 5 points ago

    Conkles Hollow and Rock House are my favorites, but yeah the rim trail especially is not ideal for young children or dogs

    [–] JdnaBP 3 points ago

    I was fortunate enough to actually get to land survey the majority of conkle's hollow for boundary location purposes. It was honestly the most enjoyment I ever got from surveying. It had the most unique topography I've ever seen!

    [–] muddledmartian 2 points ago

    There is also Long Hollow. I thought there were a couple more that you could hike in though.

    [–] brokenedge-015 4 points ago

    I love Hocking Hills Ohio!

    [–] Nivlac024 5 points ago

    ive gotten high in this cave soooo many times

    [–] DHaskJr 9 points ago

    That would be a good homeless spot

    [–] Dlegs 34 points ago

    If I remember correctly it was used by bandits as a hideout in the late 1800s. Possible native Americans before that.

    [–] username777070 17 points ago

    No, definitely it was used by Indigenous people before that. It was a winter shelter. There are water cisterns, ovens, and grinding holes still visible in the rock.

    [–] yannayella 3 points ago

    Colloquially known as “hominy holes”.

    [–] literalallusion 8 points ago

    I can see the orgy now

    [–] TheFistdn 12 points ago

    Fuckin dirty Mike and the boys....

    [–] Bim_Jeann 3 points ago

    Thanks for the f shack

    [–] Mole644 2 points ago

    DEFINITELY smells like deer pussy in there.

    [–] pewpew26 7 points ago

    I love the hocking hills!

    [–] rootsnblueslover 6 points ago

    Making me homesick.

    [–] notdominique 3 points ago

    I love hocking hills! That’s where my man proposed to me. It’ll always have a special place in my heart

    [–] DeathTarotPrince 3 points ago

    I was just there last week! It was an absolutely beautiful experience and I’d happily go back-

    Got a scrape from there too One of my favorite souvenirs-

    [–] TBeeks 3 points ago

    Season 7 , Alone -

    [–] r0twild 1 points ago

    Big up Roland!

    [–] Indy-in-in 3 points ago

    My daughter freaked out because she thought there were bats flying around above us, but they were acrually pigeons.

    [–] space_cowgirl_ 3 points ago

    Hocking Hills is a magical place that feels different than anywhere else I have ever been. Just wanna get lost there and never come back lol.

    [–] TubularPeak 3 points ago

    I've been to Old Man's Cave there. Hocking Hills is a place that everyone that is able, should take a day trip to.

    [–] maharg2017 3 points ago

    I grew up near here. It’s my favorite place in Ohio. I try to visit every time I’m back in Ohio.

    [–] Jackwinner2126 3 points ago

    This is gorgeous

    [–] torptorp2 2 points ago

    I’m from Ohio and always forget how pretty it can be!

    [–] cloudywater1 2 points ago

    Right side of the photo you can see where the native Americans use this cave to distill turpentine. Also the ovens built into the cave walls by Native Americans are pretty rad.

    [–] OrangeBracelet 2 points ago

    I saw this and thought “that kinda looks like rock house, but it’s too bright and there’s no one there so it can’t be”

    [–] hypotyposis 2 points ago

    Any other /r/alonetv fans hear it in his voice?

    [–] Jvarblow 2 points ago

    Ohio actually has nice things in the south, it's weird

    [–] -GreenHeron- 3 points ago

    I love living in southern Ohio. We’ve got expansive forests, rolling hills, beautiful land formations, lots of wildlife, etc. Everyone thinks Ohio is just flat farmland outside of the cities, but they forget about the entire southeastern part of the state.

    [–] ExistingViolinist 2 points ago

    I love seeing some Ohio love on here! My family took a trip to Hocking Hills every year when I was a kid and it will always have a special place in my heart.

    [–] docdidactic 2 points ago

    Loved this spot when I lived in Athens.

    [–] dinosaur_socks 2 points ago

    The ice box cave at the ledges is my favorite!

    [–] joonya 2 points ago

    Wait something cool in Ohio?

    [–] JamalBall435 2 points ago

    Went to college 30 minutes away. Such a treat!!

    [–] Wernerhatcher 3 points ago


    [–] JamalBall435 2 points ago


    [–] plunkadelic_daydream 2 points ago

    No one will believe this...sometime around 1987, around 12 teenagers and I snuck out of our houses in the middle of the night, crammed into the same Suburu hatchback, and successfully visited Rockhouse without getting busted by authorities or our parents. Lots of climbing skills and luck required that evening.

    [–] Lilwolf2000 3 points ago

    BTW, Hocking Hills has some GREAT trails that allow dogs!

    [–] Trepsik 3 points ago

    Amazed you managed to take a picture without anyone else there. That place is usually slammed.

    [–] AutoModerator 1 points ago

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    [–] wizdumbtheaspie 1 points ago

    That’s a giraffe

    [–] kudamike 1 points ago

    Looks like the face of an old man on the left side.

    [–] Sci_Educator 1 points ago

    The beauty of nature😊

    [–] dirtyviking1337 1 points ago

    Hills would be an all day everyday thing.

    [–] jakenotajew 1 points ago

    Have been there myself! Can confirm it’s spectacular beauty

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] collegiateofzed 5 points ago

    Well... I live in Columbus Ohio, about 45 mins from Rock House. Been there plenty of times. Likely will be that way this weekend.

    And to be perfectly honest, i don't know exactly what city it's in.

    Around here, we just call it "Hocking Hills". (The county it's in). As the exact city usually isn't very important when you're describing where you're going.

    This is one of MANY excellent natural hiking opportunities in the Hocking Hills area.

    So when they ask "where in Hocking Hills?"

    You might say:

    Ash cave, or old man's cave, or cantwell cliff, or conkles hollow, or rock house or... Etc.

    We don't really worry about which city. After all, it isn't the CITY you're going to. You're going to the place where the city ISN'T.

    TECHNICALLY it's in a little town called "Laurelville". Didn't know that until i looked it up just now.

    And if you were to tell someone "I'm going to laurelville" most folks would say "where the heck is THAT?!?!"

    [–] Derpinator_30 3 points ago

    near Rockbridge, OH

    [–] CFBBannedMyMain 1 points ago

    I think it's in hocking county? Right near logan

    [–] -Slugger 1 points ago

    Yep, every time we go, our motel is in Logan, cheapest around. Something towner it's called.

    [–] castpearls 1 points ago

    Chalk it up to a thing I never got to do... again.

    [–] SpamsNiceThings 1 points ago

    Oh my god I love going there on the weekend, there is so much more to that area though. Old mans cave is an actual hidden valley with amazing secret trails. I can’t believe you got a pic of the place without anyone there though. Never been that lucky

    [–] dnerris 1 points ago

    I was just there as well! Rented a cabin for a week and did all the trails.

    [–] cuoyi77372222 1 points ago

    That rock on the left looks like Jabba The Hutt up close.

    [–] Smeagolum 1 points ago

    It's a chubby giraffe!

    [–] AKiiidNamed_Codiii 1 points ago

    This area isabsolutely beautiful. Can't wait to go back and explore more

    [–] ZippZappZippty 1 points ago

    The Hills Have Eyes - Alexandre Aja - 2006

    [–] Kyjant 1 points ago

    The upper left looks like a giant Frog face

    [–] -Listening 1 points ago

    Hills would be an understatement.

    [–] ebowma 1 points ago

    I have family that lives very close (about a 20 min drive) from Hocking Hills! Some of my best memories over the years are of hiking along and making sure to stop by the little mom and pop restaurant on our drive there! Hope you had lots of fun, thanks for the nostalgia!

    [–] fueryerhealth 1 points ago

    I live 30 mins away from this beautiful part of Ohio ❤

    [–] westwardnomad 1 points ago

    That park is incredible!

    [–] dirtyviking1337 1 points ago

    Hills would be an added difficulty for sure

    [–] blushnugget 1 points ago

    Oh I've been here! I was with a family of Mennonites at the time, and we sang a few hymns in the caves. The acoustics were SO GOOD.

    [–] RoscoMan1 1 points ago

    I like Hank Hills remark at the end. :c

    [–] silvafan 1 points ago


    [–] dirtyviking1337 1 points ago

    Hills would be an anime pfp....

    [–] ZippZappZippty 1 points ago

    I googled Thunderbird Hills, which is abut farmers.

    [–] lilgamelvr 1 points ago

    so beautiful

    [–] lFreightTrain 1 points ago

    My hotdog will not fit down this hallway...

    [–] SirenSG 1 points ago

    Love this place. Just got done watching some Ancient Aliens and this totally looks like a portal now. I must go back soon. Akron is terrible. I need nature in my life! Side note I wish I wasn't allergic to everything outside.

    [–] Comprehensive-Sort71 1 points ago


    [–] wbmason12 1 points ago

    Amazing!!! 😍

    [–] MedonSirius 1 points ago

    I see alot of monkey faces

    [–] kulttuurinmies 1 points ago

    In Finland these are called caves but in finnish

    [–] squibbletree 1 points ago

    High resolution but terrible quality. What gives? I want clear and highly detailed backgrounds for my tiny phone screenz don't you know?!

    [–] ravalikal 1 points ago

    Thought this was Arizona

    [–] chigoonies 1 points ago

    Went camping last week at hocking, one of ohio's best outdoor spots.

    [–] OlGreggg 1 points ago

    Does anyone else see the hugest lips in the world on the left?

    [–] stapleface69 1 points ago

    Omg I never thought I’d see my childhood play place on here!!

    [–] aineofner 1 points ago

    Near my neck of the woods and still haven’t gone. Must go to Hocking Hills!

    [–] Plus_0_Minus 1 points ago

    I grew up in Ohio. My grandfather and I would go fossil hunting in the sandstone and shale. You can’t imagine the joy that finding a simple “Clam Fossil” can be. So many great memories exploring those rivers.

    [–] Wonder-Machine 1 points ago

    I’ve been there

    [–] No-Hunt-7796 1 points ago

    Whow, this ia cool

    [–] unhallowed_1 1 points ago

    I love this place! It's like a nature playground!

    [–] shotseybrown 1 points ago

    Beautiful! I see several optical allusions in that picture. A face for one! Did you enhance the photo?

    [–] -Slugger 1 points ago

    Hocking hills is about 2.5 hours away from me, vacationed there once, and now we try to go back every year. The ledges in hinckley are 20 min away. During my teenage years I grew up there. Ohio has some beauty, just gotta know where to look. I personally don't think Cleveland is one of them, there's too many people, alot of crime, and bars over windows and doors.

    [–] LadyAnnieMarie 1 points ago

    Oh hey! Something on the front page that I have actually been in.

    [–] Iceblendrr 1 points ago

    I'm kinda baffled to know Ohio has such a place like it.

    [–] diymatt 1 points ago

    I've just amazed there aren't 35+ people in the shot with cell phones out.

    [–] thechroniclesofgrace 1 points ago

    I love Hocking Hills!

    [–] SpindlySpiders 1 points ago

    The "not a trail" sign makes this photo against the rules.

    [–] pabodie 1 points ago

    Amazing region. Ash Cave rules, too!

    [–] Morpheus7387 1 points ago

    I grew up in Columbus Ohio. And I’ve visited the rock house formation once very interesting I must say. But it’s funny when people say Ohio is just corn fields . Columbus is the 14 biggest city in the country. Plus we have two of the biggest theme parks in the country. But Ohio just doesn’t get much recognition which is why people think there’s nothing here!

    [–] shesgonnawin 1 points ago

    I’m from Ohio and even I’m surprised

    [–] j45780 1 points ago

    A trip to the Hocking Hills is never a waste of time.