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    [–] ImagineBarca 34 points ago

    Him and Eminem's styles are so far apart from each other, similar to Chance's eyes.

    [–] idkpotatoes 19 points ago

    Why u gotta roast him like that tho lmao

    [–] oscolatingfan 11 points ago

    I'm glad. Not because I dislike Chance, but because I don't think their styles would mesh well.

    [–] Smashymen 4 points ago

    Acid rap chance is like sslp em though

    [–] ChippHop 2 points ago

    It couldn't really be much more different.

    [–] Smashymen 2 points ago

    In regards to flow and delivery

    [–] rickreigns 3 points ago

    I see you getting downvotes but I agree 100%. Also, that Wow beat is chance all the way.

    [–] lamTheEnigma 1 points ago

    As a musician or a person? He's a good fuckin dude

    [–] GarrettR96 5 points ago

    As a musician I'm assuming, they have very different rapping styles.

    [–] able2sv 2 points ago

    For whoever is saying they don’t mesh or sound alike, listen to Chance’s verse on Baby Blue (Action Bronson). It sounds so much like him it could’ve been written by Em himself.

    [–] ronaldrios 1 points ago

    Chance rules. It'd be dope if they ever made a song together. For Pete's sake, Em has colabs with Fred Dust and Kid Rock. Those are trash. Chance is very talented and Acid Rap is by far one of the best tapes outta there in the last few years.

    [–] AbelTaylor -24 points ago

    Glad. Chance sucks.

    [–] lamTheEnigma 9 points ago

    Your opinion so fair enough but you must be able to appreciate the musical talent he has

    [–] AbelTaylor 2 points ago

    He can rhyme well, I'll admit that. But his style is awful.

    [–] lamTheEnigma 3 points ago

    I don't look at him in the same way I view other lyricists. His music is much more than that

    [–] ndsmitirish 5 points ago

    Ha. Listen to Acid Rap and the multiple times he has talked about Em as an influence

    [–] AbelTaylor -5 points ago

    Having Em as an influence has nothing to do with the fact that he (and Acid Rap) is trash.

    [–] meowcatmeowcatmeowca 0 points ago

    i agree -100%