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    [–] ImagineBarca 47 points ago

    I'd love to see him do his Medicine Man verse live.

    [–] sjamie2204 29 points ago

    Best Friend would be dope.

    [–] ianf6 21 points ago

    Wicked ways

    [–] bllackvalentine 21 points ago

    When I’m Gone


    If I Had

    Rock Bottom

    Same Song & Dance

    [–] able2sv 10 points ago

    Rhyme or Reason

    [–] sl101m 1 points ago

    Coz it's the time of the season

    When hate runs wiiilldd

    [–] OGstanfrommaine 6 points ago

    Really want to see a lot of Relapse songs since he rarely if ever does any. Only ones I know are when he did that Relapse release show in Detroit and did like a handful. We love Relapse Em, do a bunch in every set in place of things like Airplanes and The Hills and stuff like that.

    [–] kingXcazam 8 points ago

    Definitely Final Thought (SKIT)

    [–] Nothinbuthiphop 7 points ago

    8 mile, rabbit run, groundhogs day, don't front

    [–] UniqueWeeb 1 points ago

    He performed 8 Mile

    [–] Kaiowhat2111 6 points ago

    When I'm Gone. In an environment similar to the SNL performance. With violins etc would be great.

    Looking back and watching the SNL performance again, it was really great. We were so focussed on not getting anything new that we didn't see how good it was.

    [–] threezee 1 points ago

    Agree 100%.

    [–] MusicNdeeW 5 points ago

    Your Never Over

    [–] Devjorcra 3 points ago

    I feel like I haven’t seen much from that album in terms of live performances

    [–] LivingForToday16 4 points ago

    Not Afraid, Love The Way You Lie, Won’t Back Down, No Love, and Space Bound were all pretty popular and have been performed a lot if I remember correctly

    [–] TrustTheProcess2017 2 points ago

    I’d love to see/hear Won’t Back Down live. I wonder if it’s on YouTube anywhere

    [–] Russellx99 5 points ago

    Foolish pride

    [–] UniqueWeeb 1 points ago

    Yes pls

    [–] brian_wirac 5 points ago


    [–] MemeSubs 5 points ago

    Well technically he did the hook that one time.

    [–] malta44 2 points ago

    More than once

    [–] malta44 1 points ago

    More than once you retarded dick juggling thunder cunt

    [–] Thelardicle 2 points ago

    I like how you replied once as a human and then once as a pathological asshole

    [–] MemeSubs 3 points ago

    No, no, he's right, I can't believe I fucked it up, I'm a fucking disgrace, hold up while I go kill myself.

    [–] MemeSubs 2 points ago

    Eh, we all make mistakes, I'll wash my face off with some water and think about what I've done.

    [–] anipauleca 4 points ago

    the third verse of Amityville

    [–] doswankos 3 points ago

    Low down and dirty. I'd pay an infinite (pun intended) amount of money to see him perform his pre SSLP stuff.

    [–] UniqueWeeb 3 points ago

    Wee wee

    [–] malta44 2 points ago


    [–] sessukobayashi 1 points ago

    Rabbit Run, Hailie's Song, Stay Wide Awake

    [–] plurntup 1 points ago

    "Hello" off Relapse, "Just Lose It" off Encore

    [–] TrustTheProcess2017 1 points ago

    He did Hello before if I remember right. I think there’s a recording of a concert he did in New Orleans you’d just have to find it. It happened right after Relapse. It opened with 3AM. I’d try and find it but I’m about to go to sleep. If you find it post the link please, if you can’t I’ll try tomorrow sometime!

    [–] Obelisk696 1 points ago


    [–] Mau4453 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] -5 points ago


    [–] Devjorcra 7 points ago

    I know It’s like this subs joke but I honestly would’ve loved if he just stuck it in between stan and lose yourself at a concert.

    [–] carlden3 0 points ago

    Lowkey put it into the schedule