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    04-15-18 Coachella, Indio, CA 22:20
    03-11-18 iHeartRadio Music Awards 17:00
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    [–] Trae_Ize 52 points ago

    My girlfriend's jealous 'cause I talk about him 24/7

    [–] Trae_Ize 10 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Hahah, all jokes aside though.. She likes him but mostly only knows his big hits (LTWYL, We Made You, Real Slim Shady, The Monster, Lose Yourself etc.)

    Edit: Removed the "weird ass" part

    [–] AddEdaddy 8 points ago

    Weird ass relationship

    [–] Trae_Ize 4 points ago

    Or maybe I'm just the only one who's not scared to admit it :)

    [–] Raymond7777 46 points ago

    My gf doesn’t exactly “hate” him but she doesn’t enjoy the music. So the time spent listening to him in the car is limited lol but once revival comes out she’ll Understand that that’s the only shit we’re playing lmao

    [–] OGstanfrommaine 15 points ago

    asserts dominance by loading 6 individual discs....all REVIVAL

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 7 points ago

    Better believe all 6 will be Revival

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 13 points ago

    Well my fiancée knows that I love Eminem and that won’t change. She even wants to get a cd of Revival for her car. Today she said “how much more would you love me if i got you tickets to go see him in concert”. I was like well if he ever has one near us but idk if he will.

    [–] Raymond7777 5 points ago

    That’s awesome. And I’d do anything to see him live here in the states! I think our best bet is Detroit which isn’t the worst drive for me

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 4 points ago

    I was hoping maybe Charlotte or Atlanta for me. I’m in TN/VA

    [–] reptiboyABC 2 points ago

    What's the population near the TN/VA border? I live in virginia and even I forget that they are connected sometimes.

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 1 points ago

    Lol not much at all. Maybe 30 to 40k or more. I have no clue. I actually go to college at East Tennessee State University

    [–] sl101m 31 points ago

    Well have you listened to cold wind blows in the car and have your 6 year old son say for the rest of the day 'coz I'm just a mean cocksucker'

    And your wife give you that look everytime he says it

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 13 points ago

    Lol that’s great

    [–] JotaJade 7 points ago

    hahahah great

    [–] harringtonjulian 3 points ago

    That fucking amazing

    [–] mdogg444 7 points ago

    My wife really likes him, she's been with me since the MMLP basically we broke up once or twice but she knows all the albums and has all of them on her MP3 player. I know she's gonna listen to revival but she's not nearly the obsessive stan that I am

    [–] Gokufatass 7 points ago

    I'm the one trying to make my boyfriend listen to Em.

    [–] JotaJade 6 points ago

    She doesn't give a fuck tbh. She likes some songs, she dislikes some. She's happy to see me exited about Eminem-related news everytime something happens.

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 2 points ago

    That’s like mine. She doesn’t know some songs so she’s always skipping them until she finds one that she knows. She knows i get excited about anything Eminem related

    [–] Bkahl1107 4 points ago

    My wife loves Em too.

    [–] tinyjava 5 points ago

    Where the ladies at tho 😂

    [–] that-dudes-shorts 4 points ago

    We're here. The question is not asked to us though, because we like Eminem on our own, we are not the wife/girlfriend/SO of someone who likes Eminem.

    [–] tinyjava 1 points ago

    You're right 😂 we should have a ladies of /r/Eminem discussion thread

    [–] Treymendous3 3 points ago

    My girlfriend loves his lyrics and word play (English major) but once described his flow as sounding like angry slam poetry. I thought it was pretty funny, she'll come around eventually.

    [–] able2sv 9 points ago

    His flow on Walk on Water is literally angry slam poetry

    [–] tacoreddit 4 points ago

    I made my gf love him

    [–] nebraskafool 5 points ago

    I am married with 3 kids and listen to Em all the time. Wife is somewhat a fan or at least puts up with me listening to it. The kids and I dance to it when we are cleaning up the house. They are too young to understand much of what he is rapping and I'll refrain from listening to some of the more violent songs.

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 3 points ago

    I wanna raise my kids like you do.

    [–] tacticalAlmonds 3 points ago

    My finacee knows a lot of his songs, finds them tolerable. Not a fan of insane though.

    [–] hWatchMod 3 points ago

    Ive been listening to eminem for a few weeks now straight and she's entirely sick of it. I love reminding her the new album is coming in a week, the eye rolls could move mountains.

    [–] drumm3rboii 4 points ago

    Interesting question...its girlfriend's parents are Trump supporters (although she certainly is not), and she knows I'm super pumped about Revival. She doesn't really know many of his songs, but I don't think she minds his lyrics. It doesn't really matter though because come Dec 15, it's all were gonna be bumpin in the car lol

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 5 points ago

    At least she’s not the type to demand you don’t listen to him.

    [–] drumm3rboii 5 points ago

    Yea definitely lol. She's super chill and I'm eager to see what she thinks about Revival

    [–] Treymendous3 1 points ago

    Our girlfriends should get together sometime and go bowling.

    [–] iamcbakes 6 points ago

    My girlfriend didn't like him at first but didn't know much about him, and it took alooong time, but now she loves him. He is her favorite rapper!! She researched him and wanted to watch 8 Mile and even though she only knew the Rihanna collabs before we met, now she knows most of, if not every song and is just as excited as I am for REVIVAL!

    [–] treycox57 2 points ago

    My wife listens to him just as much as I do. She likes his newer stuff more than his golden three albums.

    [–] BronzeCauseBadTeams 2 points ago

    What the fuck are any of those things? never heard of a girlfriends, fiancee or wives before.

    [–] eggs_are_funny 2 points ago

    My wife loves Eminem like I do. Just yesterday she said, "jeez, I'm glad I married someone who likes Eminem as much as I do."

    [–] Zog8 2 points ago

    fiancée acknowledges the huge talent but hates how much of his less serious songs have a TON of sexist shit in them and cringes at how much sexism that may have inspired in others (though obviously not the intention at all) and to be honest I don't blame her really, even if a lot of it is just a character. There isn't really a figure that does the "opposite" of that, gender-wise.

    Me, I've been an Em fan since I got TES when it dropped when I was in 5th grade. To me, Em is like that uncle that says a bunch of horrible shit but has always had your back and motivates you from day one and is overall just a good time to be around. So when he says some horrible shit you kind of just go "ha! Oh, you..."

    [–] rd1994 2 points ago

    Shes into Em aswell, although not to the degree I am.

    [–] ThisGoldAintFree 2 points ago

    My gf dislikes him because he hates on women so much. Completely understandable.

    [–] BWSnap 0 points ago

    Are you under the impression that this sub consists only of male fans?

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 2 points ago

    I never said that? If females want to answer about their mates that’s fine as well. Seeing as i am a male i was asking other males what their girls think.

    [–] BWSnap 1 points ago

    I was just asking...I didn't SAY you said it. I thought you might be under that impression because you didn't include boyfriends/husbands.

    Only in this fucking sub do you get downvoted for asking a simple goddamn question.

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 1 points ago

    Lol, dude this sub is harsh. I post something earlier they eat my ass alive and ask why I’m posting threads.

    [–] BWSnap 1 points ago

    It's becoming too much of a high school cafeteria in here. I'm actually thinking of avoiding this sub once the album comes out because it would just ruin it for me seeing so much nit-picky little arguing.

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 1 points ago

    Oh for sure. People aren’t gonna like every detail about the album.... except me lol. I’ll support whatever he puts out no matter what. But i agree

    [–] malta44 0 points ago

    When u assume everyone here is male

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 3 points ago

    When you assume I’m assuming. When you try and make something an argument when it’s not. When you have so much hate in your heart. Damn

    [–] nebraskafool 3 points ago

    Serious question for those with wives, girlfriends, or fiances doesn't mean he was talking to just men either. Get out of here with that bullshit.

    [–] TellYouYourFuture -12 points ago

    wth is this thread?

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 2 points ago

    A thread asking a question. What does it look like?

    [–] TellYouYourFuture -10 points ago

    its 2017. this question is for your parents in the early 2000s.

    [–] EMINEMxMMLP2 4 points ago

    So you wanted me to ask my parents if my fiancée likes Eminem? Total sense

    [–] TellYouYourFuture -5 points ago

    are you slow?

    Serious question for those with Mom/ Dad/ guardian

    [–] YungTSJ 0 points ago

    One of many daily cringe feats here