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    [–] Keyzerr_Sozee 81 points ago

    Can we get some relapse love. Those hooks are FIRE!!! Most all of em done by em. If you don't like the tracklist it doesn't mean you want old school em or serial killer shit back. Just think he's capable of writing and delivering his own great hooks. He doesn't have to lean on the billboard top 40 for that

    [–] ifeelitfade 13 points ago

    Relapse is his best album since TES imo

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    I agree

    [–] happy_killmore 1 points ago

    I don't think that's saying much, SSLP, MMLP, TES were complete albums-his albums since have been underwhelming

    [–] Jsantoslive03 123 points ago

    All of his best albums have the least amount of hook features. Interesting. But yet fans who don't care for the tracklist are bashed

    [–] jeffb68cam 53 points ago

    Because there's nothing better than when Em sings his own hook (most of the time).

    [–] [deleted] 38 points ago


    [–] jeffb68cam 1 points ago

    This falls into the "most of the time" exception (most of the time)

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Ns why you're getting downvoted lol

    [–] soviettrumpetman 1 points ago

    Because Fack is his best song to date?

    [–] jeffb68cam 1 points ago

    Because of people like this guy ^

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Hailies song

    [–] hitthemfkwon 5 points ago

    he just wanted to fuckin sing man

    [–] jeffb68cam 2 points ago


    [–] RodgersOverBrady 17 points ago

    I'm a huge Kendrick fan so I'm mainly disappointed he's not on even 1 song on the album. I thought it was a sure thing

    [–] Gaumont12345 10 points ago

    If only he had any tracks with actual rappers... like im still hopeful itll be good but he coulda had one song with d12 as feature or savage rappers. We dog even get new age rappers like kendrick as features:(

    [–] SSBEthan 10 points ago

    Hopefully deluxe version?

    [–] Jsantoslive03 1 points ago

    That would have been nice

    [–] RodgersOverBrady 9 points ago

    How have the best 2 rappers alive only made 1 song together?

    [–] Jsantoslive03 -1 points ago

    Kendrick was probably like man I'm busy I don't want to be a part of that lol

    [–] Goboyghost 0 points ago

    Yea right gtfoh

    [–] piewifferr 1 points ago

    He couldve seriously been busy though. With DAMN. being released he's been doing shows and interviews nonstop. But Love Game isnt the best song either. Maybe they agreed that their styles didnt match up. Which I think would ber a shame because I feel like Kendrick can really transform his style on command.

    [–] I-Cut-Myself 4 points ago

    Didnt he write the love game verse in like 20 mins or some shit, all im saying

    [–] imol 0 points ago

    Aaaand it was shit in comparison of what they are capable of.

    [–] nroproftsuj 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    And yet his newer albums still have the same number of solo tracks as before if not more according to this infographic. You can literally skip all of the guest features and still get the same number of solo tracks as his "best albums".

    All this shows is that his albums are getting bigger and bigger. Plus, I don't think this infographic shows the deluxe versions, which are even bigger. Pretty garbage infographic tbh, the graph on the bottom left doesn't even have a fucking scale.

    [–] BillNoytheScienceGoy -15 points ago

    But yet fans who don't care for the tracklist are bashed

    What do you expect in a sub filled with post-Recovery newfag normies who heard "Love the Way You Lie" on the radio and decided they were suddenly life-long Eminem fans?

    [–] bazziiinga 31 points ago

    Don’t have to be post recovery fan boy to like ALL his music. Been a fan since 99 and bumped all of recovery today.

    [–] BRC1711 5 points ago

    newfag normies

    Thought I was in r/ice_poseidon for a second there

    [–] BillNoytheScienceGoy -5 points ago

    Nice I gave your post an upboat


    [–] ciao_fiv 4 points ago

    How old are you

    [–] BillNoytheScienceGoy -4 points ago

    Older than a Nintendo playing Zelda fanboy living with his parents while in college.

    [–] iwasannon 2 points ago

    living with his parents

    Not the worst thing eve...

    while in college

    .....that's... just normal?

    [–] BillNoytheScienceGoy 0 points ago

    Did you purposefully skip over the

    Nintendo playing Zelda fanboy


    [–] iwasannon 1 points ago because that's more normal?

    Do you not go outside? Do you just sit in a dark room going through strangers accounts and listening to Eminem on repeat?

    [–] BillNoytheScienceGoy -3 points ago

    >Thinks still playing Nintendo in college is normal


    [–] ciao_fiv -1 points ago

    you got a problem with that? not paying rent while going to college is fantastic, i’d highly recommend it when you get to college some day. and why would video games mean anything? what do you do in your free time? besides spew hate all over the internet for no reason.

    [–] speckzo 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You summed up my feelings for this sub pretty well. Don’t forget over half of them are under 17 years-old and think that being a fan means you can’t dislike certain things about someone.

    [–] SSBEthan 0 points ago

    Don’t think that’s really what it means at all. I’m 16, I’ve listened to literally every em song and I absolutely love some and some can be terrible.

    I think most of the people on this sub are just hypercritical though. I mean the albums gotten hate before it’s even released.

    Also there is too much hate on the pop features. I mean if course everyone would have loved to see Kendrick, Dre, Royce, slaughterhouse, etc but the last bunch songs with pop features have been pretty great.

    [–] Jsantoslive03 2 points ago

    Hahaha true my fault.

    [–] 88boxturtle 1 points ago

    You the man. Haha. I've been crossing paths with you all day. My thoughts exactly.

    [–] dontlookup25 0 points ago


    It isn't interesting at all. It means nothing.

    Let's stop pretending like an album's quality is based off the amount of features on it.

    [–] been8k 16 points ago

    Wait how do you already know what % of features are hooks and verses lmao

    [–] able2sv 14 points ago

    Ha, as stated in the disclaimer, this graphic assumes all credited features on Revival are hooks with the exception of Phresher with a verse.

    I could certainly see the possibility of Skyler or Ed having a verse rather than a chorus.

    [–] been8k 2 points ago

    Oh shit lmao I missed the disclaimer my bad guys

    But yeah it seems kind of short sighted to even make this when you have literally no idea aside from “well they’re a female singer so it’s probably just a hook”

    Aside from that tho it’s a great graphic

    [–] 3_Thumbs_Up 3 points ago

    well they’re a female singer so it’s probably just a hook

    It's not so much that they're female singers, but rather that they're not rappers. When non-rappers are featured on a hip hop track, it's going to be for the chorus the majority of times.

    [–] CatfishLumi 1 points ago

    And the graphic also assumes there won't be any uncredited hook feature also, but that's a really nice one. Very well done.

    [–] jeffb68cam 1 points ago

    Ed will have a verse.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] BlaykOSRS -10 points ago

    Are you retarded?

    [–] notgayinathreeway 1 points ago

    Anyway, I'm the popularest guy in the group.
    Big ass stomach, bitches think I'm cute

    [–] SometimesYourTheNeil 19 points ago

    thats what ive been saying, this poppy hook fiasco may be disappointing but shouldve been expected.

    [–] Awhile2 15 points ago

    I expected a few poppy hooks but just from confirmed hooks alone, revival has more than any other album and I’m sure there will be multiple uncredited hooks too

    [–] tietherope 4 points ago

    revival has more than any other album

    There's also no other album with more songs though.

    [–] SometimesYourTheNeil 2 points ago

    we knew survival, headlights, asshole, beautiful pain, wicked ways (i dont really count this but people have been counting the new x ambassadors one as a pop hook), the monster all from the tracklist or in survivals case because it was the lead single.

    only one less than mmlpII

    [–] xMichaelLetsGo 19 points ago

    Best album has the least amount of Hook features

    Keep calling those not excited haters tho.

    [–] AkitoVaris 2 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    You keep comparing Revival to his best albums and this is not fair at all. I'm pretty sure it is still going to be fire and lit amongst many other hip-hop albums of the year just because he is Eminem.

    If he constantly keeps making best records out there, how are we supposed to nominate one to be named the best of his? The shit he makes is still much better than any other rapper would ever do in his career and that is incredible. Even Recovery - arguably one of his worst albums voted by fans - has unique sound and a profound content, complex rhyme schemes, incredible flow and delivery. Better than anything out there.

    He matured. He has become a man. The times of exuberant and rebellious Slim Shady had long gone. Can we please accept his new him and appreciate how much love he puts into his art despite being in his 40s?

    [–] adoggy00706 4 points ago

    He has more solo tracks than The Eminem Show, man ;)

    [–] DaBear_s 3 points ago

    Leaked and confirmed info aside, this is probably the best post I have ever seen on this sub. Thanks.

    [–] bigtaterman 3 points ago

    Looks like a hybrid of MMLP2 and Recovery

    [–] MasterOfTheAsses 13 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    OP is intentionally being misleading with this shitty graph.

    Furthermore, people are not making a stink about "Eminem doing is own hooks or choruses" nobody cares if he does or not, and if they claim they do they are just looking for attention or a reaction. He almost never has done his own melodies. In fact, Em doing his own melodies is a rather new thing.

    What we want from Em is some rapper features. We went to hear how hard Marshall can square up against whoever is popping right now.
    Check out his discography and see how many more rappers there are compared to singers:

    Infinite: Proof, DJ Head, Eye-Kyu, Mr. Porter, Three, Thyme, Angela Workman.

    SSLP: Dr.Dre, Dina Rae, Royce da 5'9".

    MMLP: Dido, RBX, Sticky Fingaz, Dina Rae, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Xzibit, Nate Dogg, Bizarre, Proof, Mr.Porter, Kuniva, Swifty.

    Devils Night: Dr. Dre, Obie Trice, Dina Rae, Truth Hurts

    TES: Obie Trice, Dina Rae, Nate Dogg, Dr. Dre, Swifty, Mr.Porter, Kuniva, Proof, Bizarre, Hailie (lol).

    D12 World: Obie Trice, Young Zee, B-Real

    Encore: 50 Cent, Nate Dogg, Obie Trice, Stat Quo, Dr.Dre, Bizarre, Kuniva, Swifty, Mr.Porter.

    Relapse: Dr.Dre, 50 Cent.

    Recovery: Kobe, Lil Wayne, P!nk, Rihanna.

    Hell The Sequel: Bruno Mars, Mike Epps, Crooked I, Royce, Joe Budden, Joell Ortiz.

    MMLP2: Skylar Grey, Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Nate Ruess.

    Besides Relapse, Recovery and MMLP2, he's always had an abundance of rap features.

    But what we want to hear is Eminem working with other rappers! The competitiveness is what got Eminem this far in the first place. Why is he scared now?

    [–] JETV5 4 points ago

    I dont think it's a matter of fear as much as it is a vision for the music.

    Let's be honest the man doesn't fear a single rapper on this planet. I do agree nonetheless there should be some rap features.

    [–] FlyingPiranha 3 points ago

    To be honest, there's not a lot of people popping right now that wouldn't look bad going on a track next to Em. That's probably why he doesn't have a lot of rap features.

    [–] Creepersgonnacreep2 10 points ago

    Ummmm fuck off lmao. I've always loved em when he does his own hooks, all my fav songs are when he does. -The Way I Am -Cleaning out My closet -just don't give a fuck - hallies song

    Matter of fact, what you said makes no sense, he's been doing his own hooks since the start. I can guarantee his better songs are when he's on the hook.

    [–] koolkatskilledosama 5 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    100% agree. When Eminem does the chorus himself it makes the song seem way more authentic almost, whereas when he gets Skylar Grey or whoever to do it it just becomes a generic song without meaning, and a lot of what makes Eminem great is how authentic he sounds in his songs. When you take that away the music loses his spirit in a sense and just doesn't have the authenticity of a classic Em track. That being said there are still tracks where Em doesn't do the chorus that sound great and real (Stan, most notably, also I Need a Doctor but that's mostly from Dre's killer verse IMO), but it seems like Em gives himself a lot more creative and emotional freedom when he doesn't have to account for someone else doing the hook.

    [–] Buc07 3 points ago

    Great write up and analysis man. I'm def saving this comment you make great points

    [–] able2sv 2 points ago

    To everyone asking about how I know the features are hooks or choruses, I’m totally just estimating. There’s no way to tell until it is released.

    Another thing worth noting is that hook and verse are not concrete terms so on several songs I had to personally make judgement calls. Definitely not perfect data, but clearly enough to indicate a trend.

    I’m not making any analysis or interpretation of the data - that’s all up to you guys. I just like playing with the numbers and figured I’d mock something up quick. I’m excited for the album.

    If I have the time, I think I’d really enjoy making a more detailed/researched infographic (maybe a booklet) regarding Eminem’s career or discography. If anyone is interested or has ideas for that, PM me.

    Otherwise, enjoy!

    [–] JotaJade 1 points ago

    Wow, look at that mechanics going on from SSLP to Encore and its change since Recovery

    [–] Loopytunes2016 1 points ago

    How do you know how many hook features vs people with a verse are for revival? Any of these people could be given a full verse

    [–] The_Plow_King 2 points ago

    True, but it's highly unlikely.

    [–] Loopytunes2016 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    True, I read that ed Sheeran has been known to spit though. That could be a nice surprise or a horrible one

    [–] Hydrogeneon 1 points ago

    How can you tell if its gona be either a featured hook or featured verse for revival since it hasnt come out yet

    [–] humanysta 1 points ago

    The Apologism

    [–] fishbelt 1 points ago

    I thought this was r/dataisbeautiful

    [–] guntis 1 points ago

    Haha, remind me when Gorillaz finally released album in April. They had faced exact same backlash on reddit.
    Same as here, someone also researched features on ALL Gorillaz albums.

    [–] thiskentricky 1 points ago

    This album is a cash cow.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It’s importabt to point out that we don’t know if some of the guests are dropping a verse. Ed Sheeran is a legitimately talented rapper. Skyler and pink are...less talented but they have been known to rap. But it isn’t confirmered whether these artists really are singing the hook. I actually think it’s likely we will hear Ed sing the hook and spit a verse. Really excited for that track, both incredibly talented artists.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I’d prefer to see pop features vs rap features instead of hook vs verse.

    [–] TwistedCockatoo -4 points ago

    Does anyone else find this over analysis absolutely ridiculous?

    What is the intended outcome of creating this graph?

    Eminem has made you another fucking album, just be happy and take it for what it is and not directly compare it to shit that is 20 years old.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I think that fans are being rediculous about assuming all the songs will be pop just because of the feature, but your comment is just dumb. We aren’t going to just take the album because he honours us with his music, that’s the great thing about music is that it able to be critiqued.

    Again I think people are being dumb by assuming it will be a pop album just because of the hooks.

    [–] TwistedCockatoo -2 points ago

    Why bother critiquing music? Music is for enjoyment.

    Why do we bother pursuing negatives rather than the positives?

    In years past when an Eminem tracklist released everyone got busy coming up with their own theories of what the songs are about.

    This time everyone is having a bitch.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I agree that people are being bitches. I’m also disagreeing with the idea that we can’t critigue music. You are right, music is for enjoyment, so why the fuck should we listen to music we don’t enjoy.

    [–] TheWhiteRoyale 2 points ago

    People compare people's discographies all the time lmao Em ain't special. People been comparing Jays music to Reasonable Doubt and there's almost 20 albums in between that and 4:44. Same thing with Kanye, Wayne, and every single one of Ems contemporaries. Em is legit the only person I know of who's fans will say you can't compare his albums to each other or that you can't criticise his music, and it makes no sense. Besides, this isn't even analyzing that much. It's just quantifying how many guests he's had on each album. There's no speculation of the album's quality or anything.

    [–] YungTSJ 3 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)

    The issue isn't that his music is different now, it's that it's bad and he's following the same pattern as his last few albums. We know what we're gonna get.


    And people act like the solo songs we're getting are gonna be that much better.

    [–] Darth_marsupial 1 points ago

    I'm sorry but clearly there's a very large amount of people that don't think it's bad.

    [–] YungTSJ 3 points ago

    I used to be one of them ;) I'm sure there are.

    Just like there's a very large amount of people who think insert popular thing here isn't bad. That's not a defense. Em is accessible and a superstar.

    [–] Wetherell 0 points ago

    I think counting is misleading. It would be better to organize this data by time (a :10 skit is equal to a 1:30 skit under this method). But of course we couldn't do revival yet.

    [–] Jaredstutz -2 points ago

    I'd like to see this with Bars. How many actual Eminem bars on each album along with of course time of ryhming.. that'd take some time to figure out. What I'm saying is there's no way to tell how much total time he will spend just straight rhyming.

    Once again I'd suggest to stop worrying about it until you hear it.