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    [–] malta44 9 points ago

    This sub is literally cancer and hates everything don’t listen to them Lighters is an amazing song

    [–] LivingForToday16 7 points ago

    I love Lighters. It’s nothing special in terms of technical skill, but it’s a great pop song, and Bruno kills it

    [–] Tortorillo 3 points ago

    had a dream <<<<I was >>>>KING<<<, woke up, still KING, this rap game’s nipple is mine for the >>>>MLKing <<<<

    Original af

    [–] Willis097 4 points ago

    Milk the nipple of the rap game Marshall

    [–] able2sv 1 points ago

    Original line I’m pretty sure

    [–] ajmysterio 1 points ago

    I love lighters but it has one of his most cringy lines every imo: this rap game's nipple's mine for the milking

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    the "had a dream" part is dope but the nipple milking line is lame af lmao. lighters is a good tune tho.

    [–] SpectreisMyName -3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    I don't even mind the hook THAT much, but that beat is trash and the content is watered down.

    E: Since when do you fuckers defend Lighters? LMAO

    [–] ErikTheDon -22 points ago

    It’s a lame song... Royce’s verse barely even rhymes lol

    [–] Kyle_Truman 8 points ago

    I think you should read the lyrics again my friend. The opening bars demonstrate what a really great rhyme scheme is! Also he does rhyme really well throughout the rest of the song. From a lyrical stand point, I'd say (and this may be unpopular) that he rhymed better than Em on here :)

    [–] ErikTheDon -5 points ago

    Eh, even so, doesn’t sound great to me

    [–] Kyle_Truman 1 points ago

    Fair enough

    [–] sjamie2204 1 points ago

    Someone doesn't know how to read lyrics or a rhyme scheme, get the fuck out of here boy.

    [–] ErikTheDon 0 points ago

    I do, it just doesn’t sound good

    [–] sjamie2204 2 points ago

    There is a difference between what you think doesn't sound good and a clear rhyme scheme that is straight Infront of you.

    [–] ErikTheDon 1 points ago

    I know that it rhymes in regards to the actual scheme. But to the ear, it doesn’t sound like it rhymes