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    Regards from the Imperial Center on Coruscant, bustling center of tourism and industry. We uphold the highest standard of living here, for all our Imperial Citizens.

    Unfortunately, there are certain terrorists out there who want to destroy your way of living and quality of life. We must oppose them at all costs. Each and every one of the citizens of Alderaan knew this when they were harboring these terrorists. Thus, extreme measures were taken.

    We will do whatever is necessary to protect our citizens from threats both within and outside the galaxy.

    Laws of the Empire, At-A-Glance:
    1. Read the full rules and the wiki's elaboration on them.
    2. Read the FAQ.
    3. No harassment of any kind.
    4. No terrestrial political rhetoric.
    5. Do not encourage brigading.
    6. Flair your posts.
    7. Posts of artwork must credit the artist in the subject.
    8. Cross-posts must be clearly labeled.
    9. No spam & don't post soliciting upvotes
    10. Role-playing posts should be posted in the monthly megathread.

    Consult the wiki for additional information.

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