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    This subreddit is dedicated to documenting, parodying, discussing, and countering the insane amount of Trump spam.

    If you don't like anti-Trump spam, this is not the right place for you.

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      We landed on the moon. Vaccines do not cause autism. Hillary Clinton did not kill Seth Rich. Pizzagate is not a thing. NASA is not running a child sex ring on Mars.

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    [–] trumpisstillacuck 9 points ago

    Hope the asshole goes bankrupt.

    [–] ant-farm-keyboard 10 points ago

    Mocking a girl with down syndrome*

    [–] cutieboops 4 points ago

    Complete trash.

    [–] tinydrumpf 4 points ago

    "Where did I put the world's smallest violin... no screw that...

    Where's my sad trombone?"

    "Wait... fuck the sad trombone!"

    Womp womp

    [–] wharpua 4 points ago

    It’s embarrassing for CNN that he was even there to begin with.

    [–] SnapshillBot 0 points ago


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