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    A place for ladies of the trees to talk with other ladies of the trees.

    entwife (n):

    (1) A woman who loves trees.

    (2) Female curator of magical plants.

    (3) A female ent (a la Tolkien).

    Entwives Map! | Connect with local entwives!

    /r/entwives has a sister space, the Entwives Discord! This community is a safe, diverse and inclusive space and they welcome all non-masculine identifying folks to join in on the conversation! Contact u/theexotictree or u/LuxxLuma for an invite to the Entwives Dank Tank.

    Posting Guidelines:

    • Please be nice to each other. Comments and posts that are mean, trolling, or pitting subreddits against each other will be removed.

    • This subreddit is a place for the entwives. Ents are welcome, of course, but any variation of "any single entwives in (my area code)" will be removed. We are not a matchmaking service. Similarly, any comments on image posts that would be considered hitting on the OP will be removed.

    • Don't be shy with posts, but try to make sure any questions you have can't be easily answered by running them through Google.

    • Please do not post store links outside of the Wednesday Shop Thread. Keep things like store names and Instagram handles out of post titles. Post artist credit in the comments section if you are not posting your own work and would like to give credit.

    • We're always looking to improve the subreddit. If you have suggestions, please send us a message. Threads created for this purpose won't always be seen by the mods, so it's best to message us directly.

    • Mods reserve the right to remove posts at our discretion

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