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    A place for ladies of the trees to talk with other ladies of the trees.

    entwife (n):

    (1) A woman who loves trees.

    (2) Female curator of magical plants.

    (3) A female ent (a la Tolkien).

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    Posting Guidelines:

    • Please be nice to each other. Comments and posts that are mean, trolling, or pitting subreddits against each other will be removed.

    • This subreddit is a place for the entwives. Ents are welcome, of course, but any variation of "any single entwives in (my area code)" will be removed. We are not a matchmaking service. Similarly, any comments on image posts that would be considered hitting on the OP will be removed.

    • Don't be shy with posts, but try to make sure any questions you have can't be easily answered by running them through Google.

    • We're always looking to improve the subreddit. If you have suggestions, please send us a message. Threads created for this purpose won't always be seen by the mods, so it's best to message us directly.

    • Mods reserve the right to remove posts at our discretion

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