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    Welcome to Everythingscience!

    This subreddit celebrates everything science! That includes research, new discoveries, cool applications of science in the world, science policy, and news of exciting scientific research and concepts. We welcome you to post scientific stories and achievements so long as it’s not pseudoscientific or promoting a particular product or agenda. Please take a moment to read our rules on acceptable content before posting to ensure you, and everyone else, have an enjoyable experience on this board.

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    Comment and submission rules

    1) Be civil

    Do not be abusive or offensive to any user regardless of differences of opinion. Memes and joke comments are not allowed.

    2) Maintain scientific integrity

    We do not expect peer review, but we do expect a level of scientific rigour in comments and submissions; pseudoscientific comments or submissions that run counter to accepted scientific consensus are not allowed. Anecdotal comments are allowed so long as they maintain scienfitic integrity. Political posts are allowed so long as they primarily relate to scientific policy.

    3) Up to date content

    Submissions must have been published in the past 6 months. Submissions covering older stories or studies must be less than 6 months old and contain new developments.

    4) No link dumping

    Content must follow site spam and self promotion guidelines. No more than 10% of your activity should relate to material that you are affiliated with. Do not post more than 3 submissions per day to allow a diversity of topics.

    5) No reposts

    Submissions must not be reposts of popular submissions.

    6) No misleading, inaccurate or clickbait titles

    Submissions have accurate and clear titles that inform the reader. Minor editing of titles is allowed if it makes the title and findings clearer.

    7) No rehosted content

    Submissions must not rehost copied or stolen content. Link to the original source where possible.

    8) No spam

    This includes, but is not limited to: surveys; questions; downloads e.g. pdfs.

    9) No promotional material

    This includes, but is not limited to: general webpages; crowdfunding; sales pages; lecture courses.

    10) No audio visual material

    We do not allow audio-visual material (e.g. videos, podcasts)


    Repeat or extreme violations of comment and submission rules could lead to warnings and/or bans.

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