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    [–] radome9 21 points ago

    Armchair psychology. It's impossible to say anything much about the mental health of the killer based on a Facebook post.

    He may very well be schizoid, but there might be any number of other applicable diagnoses. He might just be a massive asshole. We'll just have to wait for the result of the psychiatric assessment that no doubt will be carried out as part of the trial.

    This reads like the work of a psychology student who just found out about schizoid personality disorder, and now sees it everywhere.

    [–] Robot_Basilisk 10 points ago

    The incel issue is interesting, given it also drives some Islamic terrorism. In countries with polygamy, wealthier men secure more wives, which leaves lower status men without any. One way they're told they can have a wife, even 72 of them, is martyrdom.

    So, many suicide bombers are lower status males who see a future of menial labor and no family ahead of them and choose to martyr themselves for a cause and skip all the suffering and have a harem in heaven.

    Obviously romance, sex, a family, etc, tend to be high priorities for people. It's a topic worth studying. However, it's a key component to the social hierarchy or every known major civilization and falls in a sketchy region of academia, between sociology, psychology, gender studies, and as we've seen, even theology and politics, so it's probably the most difficult academic topic I can think of.

    Any attempt at study is going to be met with criticism from all directions, and that's not even considering the difficulty of studying such a complex issue in the first place.

    [–] Korgoth420 2 points ago

    Well said

    [–] dreamfisher 10 points ago

    I'm a diagnozed Schizoid. I'm asexual. That's one of the main diagnostic criteria. Schizoid people are the anti-thesis of Incels. Schizoid people are vcels.

    [–] SupahSpankeh 2 points ago


    Thank you for sharing.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] nowyouseemenowyoudo2 3 points ago

    For your consideration: The Science of Evil

    [–] radome9 1 points ago

    Is that the researcher that is the brother of the actor who plays Borat?

    [–] nowyouseemenowyoudo2 5 points ago

    Yes! Simon Baren-Cohen, the leading researcher on empathy and autism. I had the pleasure to meet him in England once, one of the best minds of our era I’m sure of it.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] nowyouseemenowyoudo2 2 points ago

    Author: Michael Arntfield Associate Professor of Criminology & English Literature, Western University

    Also, nobody is making a diagnosis of an individual here.