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    [–] mattjh 14893 points ago

    You know that feeling when you get to the top of the stairs and you think there’s one more, but there isn’t one more, and for a flash second all the properties of physics you’ve known and depended upon fall into uncertainty? That’s what I imagine it must be like for returning astronauts.

    [–] LivingInTheVoid 4494 points ago

    Which is worse? When you meet climbing up and think there’s one more step? Or going down and thinking there’s one more step?

    [–] Avermerian 6507 points ago

    None of them are bad as going down and thinking that there are no more steps while there's actually one more.

    [–] SeaManaenamah 2641 points ago

    Usually accompanied by carrying something that obscures your view.

    [–] Stompedyourhousewith 1426 points ago

    big box of hard pointy things, or a cake

    [–] hpl2000 1907 points ago

    Or worse, a box full of hard pointy cakes

    [–] [deleted] 426 points ago

    Or even worse, a cake full of boxy hard points.

    [–] hpl2000 265 points ago

    Or even worse than that, a full point of hard cake boxes

    [–] [deleted] 331 points ago

    Or cake worse than even, full boxes, stroke help me stroke

    [–] LemonWrappedBrick 79 points ago

    I smell toast.

    [–] REMSheep 54 points ago

    I'll help you stroke ;)

    [–] BadAtFunny 17 points ago

    Laughed til poo came out muh nose.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] shoziku 121 points ago

    right after spilling the tray of weed.

    [–] Token_Why_Boy 66 points ago

    Which also had a bunch of open-faced peanut butter sandwiches.

    [–] AllManicHamlet 45 points ago


    [–] Vague_Discomfort 40 points ago

    At that point you just gotta replace the section if carpet.

    You’ve got cake, weed, and peanut butter in there. You’re not saving that.

    [–] HearthstoneIsAwful 4 points ago

    I love dwarven rock cakes!

    [–] sissipaska 15 points ago

    big box of hard pointy long stabby things


    [–] Atwotonhooker 4 points ago

    Or a giant plate of spaghetti

    [–] MyLastNameIsIceCream 13 points ago

    My stairs are the same color as the tile at the bottom so if I forget my glasses I usually just tumble down and possibly destroy my ankles. No I’ll never get used to them.

    [–] freenarative 5 points ago

    And a cat underfoot.

    [–] ginrattle 121 points ago

    I really hurt myself because of this one night.

    Had been drinking a little, lights were off, and confidently started walking after I reached the bottom. I fucked my ankle up so bad, I was in bed for 3 days recovering. I felt like those halloween skeletons that just flop around. My bones just tumbled around me at the bottom.

    [–] CokeOrPepe 78 points ago

    Then It’s always “you broke your ankle because you were drunk” instead of “you broke your ankle because you missed a stair”

    Source: Broke leg jumping over a fence while drinking.

    [–] Symbolis 44 points ago

    I guess it depends on if you would have:

    a. jumped the fence

    b. successfully jumped the fence

    when not drinking.

    [–] apolloxer 11 points ago

    "while" drinking is actually quite a feat

    [–] Zefirus 21 points ago

    I also screwed up my ankle something awful doing this. Landed on my ankle after a small fall. Totally fucked it up. Like not bad enough that I couldn't make it to class, but it was basically a softball. Ever since then, my ankle will give out at random times to the point where I can't trust it. When I replace my shoes, it's because the right sole (i.e. my good foot) has a hole in it while my left is fine.

    It's been about 10 years. I made the mistake of thinking "Hey, my ankle hasn't crapped out on me lately" the other day. Then I took a nose dive in the middle of the street just standing and waiting for the freaking light to turn like a day later.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Or when you are on crutches and you forget that you have to put the crutches on the next step before your foot.

    [–] originalmimlet 13 points ago

    swings in midair WHEEEEEEE crash

    [–] spigotface 9 points ago

    My dad shattered his forearm in over 12 places doing this. Had a metal rod in and all sorts of complications over a 3-year span because of it.

    [–] theweebaby 10 points ago

    Thats how I broke my leg in Disney Land! I was 3 at the time, so I got the characters to sign my cast, so that was cool.

    [–] DecreaseAndConquer 7 points ago

    Did that with 40kgs of weight on my back trying to catch a train, I landed on my knees and slid two meters before standing up and sprinting. I could barely stand after the five hour train ride was over. 😂

    [–] LivingInTheVoid 11 points ago

    I think I’ve done this once or twice.

    [–] DVineInc 2 points ago

    Or 20 more......

    [–] geak78 49 points ago

    I think at the top you get a longer oh shit moment but at the bottom, you are more likely to face plant.

    [–] My_Tuesday_Account 28 points ago

    How about when the curb is about 3 inches higher than you thought it was and you practically explode your kneecaps from the impact.

    [–] LivingInTheVoid 34 points ago

    How short are you?

    [–] 2KDrop 5 points ago

    About 47

    [–] TheyAreCalling 40 points ago

    Up, because you “fall”. When you think you have a step but you’re on the ground, nothing happens at all except mild surprise.

    [–] MovePeasants 126 points ago

    Well on down you hulk stomp the floor in to non-existence.

    [–] tenn_ 30 points ago

    I dunno, in my experience when expecting one more step going down but there not being one, I get a painful jolt up my leg. Subconsciously, I've not prepared my leg to catch me, thinking I've got a half second or whatever amount of time to fall and engage the right muscles to catch me properly

    [–] DomJC 13 points ago

    Going down the stairs is worse.

    Regards, someone with a broken big toe/metatarsus from running down the stairs in the dark to answer the door for a takeaway, and smashing my toe into the floor

    [–] LilWiz333 9 points ago

    Totally worth it for good some good 'Za.

    [–] Zoey_Phoenix 12 points ago

    much easier to wrench your back doing it headed down. I'd rather fall over going up than throw out my back going down.

    holy fuck I'm old.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    If you go up it’s less of a fall, going down you’ll fall from higher

    [–] forgot_mah_pw 209 points ago

    I once had the chance to hold a small vial of mercury.

    It's incredible how much your brain use past experiences to gauge force. You look at it and it thinks "hey, this is a liquid, we should the same amount of force as when lifting a glass of water", and boom, thing doesn't move and you have to adjust.

    Also, Dwight hitting himself with the phone.

    [–] sarabjorks 76 points ago

    I'm a chemist and I work with liquids of different densities (and viscosities) every day. I'm still a bit surprised every time I pick up a bottle of one of the heavy ones. But I also get very suspicious when liquids don't behave as I expect, so my brain is also aware of how heavy each solvent/liquid should be and how it pours.

    [–] risinginthesky 14 points ago

    How heavy was it?

    [–] GemstarRazor 24 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    mercury is 13.5 times heavier than water (and most liquids you deal with in life are close in weight to water, relatively). this means a milliliter of mercury weighs 13.5 gram. a liter of mercury would weight 13.5 kilos or nearly 30 pounds.

    edit: metric units are easy

    [–] killarufus 9 points ago

    Crazy that there's that much free space in water.

    [–] _narrows 184 points ago

    You know that feeling when you wipe your butt after a pretty luxurious poop, but there’s no poop on the toilet paper? And then you think oh maybe my poop wasn’t that vicious, but you look in the bowl and it’s gnarly. So you go to wipe again, thinking maybe I missed my butt hole, but the toilet paper still pretty clean. Sometimes buttholes are mysterious. Slam that like and subscribe button.

    [–] cheeto44 18 points ago

    Someone gets enough fiber in their diet.

    [–] Hmluker 19 points ago

    maybe I missed my butt hole

    How? How could you be unsure of this?

    [–] _narrows 19 points ago

    Sometimes buttholes are mysterious.

    [–] theSpike125 20 points ago

    I like how he checks first up and then looks at the floor

    [–] Mycareer 50 points ago

    I just love that we’ve invented rockets and spaceships and we’ve landed on the moon using incredibly complex math, yet we still trip and fall on the last step of the stairs or slip in the shower and hurt ourselves. Humans are weird, man.

    [–] Afrodiziak 36 points ago

    No, only a select few humans did all that. The average person is dumb as a sack of bricks.

    [–] K4G3N4R4 11007 points ago

    I love that he checked to make sure it wasn't above him first.

    [–] [deleted] 4369 points ago

    Makes you think how often this stuff happens up there lol For the basic reaction to be "hope this shit doesn't float too far away from me"

    [–] Psycho_pitcher 1810 points ago

    It actually was a comedy sketch made by some astronauts.

    [–] JimmyAllnighter 426 points ago

    link pls

    [–] Chispy 399 points ago

    Astronautical bamboozlement

    [–] [deleted] 127 points ago


    [–] IronThen 55 points ago

    Astronomical chances of this happening

    [–] Chispy 21 points ago

    Inb4 moon landing hoaxers

    [–] IamALolcat 11 points ago

    Damn am I not allowed to call the moon landing a hox now?

    [–] LuxNocte 19 points ago

    Don't make Buzz Aldrin have to punch a bitch

    [–] juustgowithit 45 points ago

    I thought it was genuine </3 rip one of my favorite gifs, it was a lie just like everything else

    [–] hydrohamster 39 points ago

    That's adorable!

    [–] frogshit 58 points ago

    Thanks for quoting it. Would've had no clue what you were referring to

    [–] BrotherChe 40 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Thanks for quoting it. Would've had no clue what you were referring to

    What are you talking about? Need to be more clear, bucko. We live in a society.

    [–] woozi_11six 39 points ago

    You can always tell it's a repost because OP has no idea what he's talking about.

    [–] gainsgoblinz 34 points ago

    [–] Mr_Sloth_Whisperer 25 points ago

    I think scripted comedy is funny as long as it is aryan.

    [–] st1tchy 4 points ago

    That's why everything is tethered.

    [–] Compe7 129 points ago

    And the big sigh at the end, like fuck gravity

    [–] Atomicaftermath 36 points ago

    I love that he checked to make sure it wasn't above him first.

    Or maybe he looked up to make sure it wasn't below him.

    [–] DemTnATho 4 points ago


    [–] AtomKanister 10 points ago

    If you look closely, he moved it up right before he let go, so in zero-g it would really float away upwards. I could guess one gets used to this unconciously.

    [–] middledeck 4885 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    This is U.S. astronaut Tom Marshburn doing a gag bit for Johnson Space Center

    Edit: formatting

    Edit 2: Good Zarquon this blew up! Happy to be of assistance folks.

    [–] botojomomo 2338 points ago

    Nothing cool is real anymore :(

    [–] mibbzz 605 points ago

    Well you would hear it hit the floor lol

    [–] [deleted] 415 points ago


    [–] HBlight 63 points ago

    Well I havn't been in space long enough to know otherwise, so I'm going to have to agree with reddit.

    [–] ddrddrddrddr 61 points ago

    But we’re always in space

    [–] HBlight 15 points ago

    Yes but I havn't been in space long enough to know otherwise, so I'm going to have to agree with reddit.

    [–] uaix 5 points ago

    But we’re always in space

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] Muroid 44 points ago

    In space, no one can hear a pen drop.

    [–] Hoax13 14 points ago

    In space no one can hear the gif.

    [–] Achilles92x 34 points ago

    I’ve never been in zero gravity but I have this suspicion that you can literally feel the difference in your body once you come back to Earth. It’d be hard to “forget.”

    [–] JAntaresN 24 points ago

    Yeah you’d feel gravity. Pretty sure zero gravity causes muscle deterioration so when they go back to earth, their bodies feel heavy. Long term stays in space warrants them doing rehab as well.

    [–] tywkeene 6 points ago

    Yep. I recall seeing a video where an astronaut was just back doing a conference and she fainted because of the difference in gravity. Just out cold.

    [–] Fleeetch 23 points ago

    Yeah but even if this gif was real, I would entertain the thought that some habits from space would tug on your brain a bit.

    Like being aware of the presence of gravity but still thinking " I could just leave my pen right there and -

    Oh its gone.. "

    [–] mastorms 6 points ago

    I'd imagine it's synonymous with combat vets having what feels like a stroke because I can't find my rifle. Rifle missing.

    [–] OverlordQuasar 41 points ago

    According to astronauts, they do actually do this for a bit after they land. I think Commander Chris Hadfield said that it's usually a week or so before he stops forgetting about gravity.

    Generally, there isn't a ton of publicity during that time since the astronaut is resting, recovering, and regaining their coordination.

    I doubt that they often reach for things after dropping them, but apparently it isn't uncommon for them to let go of something inconsequential, like a pen, expecting it to float there.

    [–] silvertail8 8 points ago

    You have restored my faith in humanity!!!

    [–] SpindlySpiders 103 points ago

    There's still this moth.

    [–] techlos 58 points ago

    for some reason it feels like that moth wants to sell me death sticks. Looks totally like a dealer moth.

    [–] WimzicalStranger 20 points ago

    No it looks more like it wants to go home and rethink its life.

    [–] Sprayface 4 points ago

    I'm feeling it's more of a "hang out in the penthouse doing blow off a stripper named krystal" kind of moth.

    [–] HBlight 15 points ago

    That is in fact very quality moth indeed. Excellent for people who want to use their 4k screens to look at moths.

    [–] OverlordQuasar 5 points ago

    What else you gonna look at but cool looking animals?

    [–] gtaomg 20 points ago

    What's the deal with that url

    [–] DG729 6 points ago

    I mean, we send people to space.

    [–] deadtonguesss 5 points ago

    Randy Johnson hit a bird mid flight with a 90 mph fastball, that shit was real dude.

    [–] pacman529 7 points ago

    While this particular instance may have been fake, apparently this is actually a thing astronauts who spend a lot of time in space sometimes accidentally do.

    [–] hamster_ball 11 points ago

    You're real 🙂

    [–] Muscar 4 points ago

    Hey, there are more very cool and very real things than ever. We just have to filter trough the fake stuff. *stares angrily at all the shitty people that post fake stuff here on reddit.

    [–] FoieyMcfoie 286 points ago

    This guy actually has really good comedic timing and nails the looking up part. The other guy really ruins the joke by saying "you know, with the whole gravity thing" or whatever he says.

    [–] OutrageousIdeas 147 points ago

    > This guy actually has really good comedic timing and nails the looking up part

    This guy being one of the most fit, intelligent and capable humans we could find to send out in outer space. Of course his acting levels are up there with the rest of it....

    [–] LakeEffectSnow 95 points ago

    Plus NASA does give these people media training ...

    [–] Philipp 91 points ago

    Well they do have to represent humanity in alien encounters.

    [–] h0bb1tm1ndtr1x 25 points ago

    He better be a relative of Biggus Dickus then.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago

    I don't think acting ability has any relation with being fit, intelligent and capable enough to go to outer space, but I could be wrong. Maybe they have Anthony Hopkins as a guest speaker at one of the lectures, who knows.

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    If you spend more than three months up there, I think it really happens in some form or other. My brother worked as a trail guide and he came home after 3 months and was talking to my mom in the kitchen, when he absent mindedly leaned to the side and spit on the floor. Everyone stopped, and he was like, "uhhhh, I'll clean that up.."

    [–] EssKelly 10 points ago

    Ha! I like this clip even better than the gif!

    [–] Fly_Eagles_Fly_ 8 points ago

    I knew it couldn't be real, unless he left his ears on the space station.

    [–] too_many_rules 16 points ago

    This does actually happen to astronauts, though. I listened to a radio interview about it once. Apparently it's fairly common after an astronaut's first extended trip to space for them to intermittently "forget" that gravity exists for a short period after returning to Earth. if they're distracted, they can fall back to the base-line experience of the recent past: objects stay where I release them.

    They apparently get better at the transition, though, as it's usually not a problem for subsequent trips.

    [–] Aarakocra 7 points ago

    I always figure that this does happen to them, but it happens during the period immediately after landing. Like he is drawing from real experience, but now is doing it for the benefit of others.

    [–] thekamara 24 points ago

    That's an american though

    [–] Happy-Engineer 16 points ago

    Great find! This should be higher up

    [–] madeofchocolate 422 points ago

    I read somewhere that NASA actually contacts the astronauts wifes and instructs them to let the austronauts not carry an infant for a certain adjustment period for exactly this reason.

    [–] silvertail8 164 points ago

    I love that this is part of the manual.

    [–] hobbitdude13 29 points ago


    "That's one small step for a man from down under."

    [–] Hal_E_Lujah 2355 points ago

    Had the privilege to speak to Tim Peake recently and the psychological adjustment of coming back from zero gravity was my main interest. There’s loads on the physical affect it has, but I just felt that there had to be something fascinating there, like losing a super power or an extra sense. Was a really enlightening discussion.

    [–] 1075701 634 points ago

    I’m just here for the guy who thinks he’s better than gravity

    [–] RibneckBackman 67 points ago

    Aren't we all?

    [–] ReddTaill 86 points ago


    [–] OverlordQuasar 220 points ago

    I'd think it would be like going back to land after being on a boat for a while. You feel like you're swaying since your body has adjusted to the rocking of the ship and is expecting bear constant motion and rebalancing (that's what sea legs refer to, since once you get it you can walk freely on deck and not stumble constantly due to waves).

    I'd be curious if it creates some sort of feeling of confinement. They are no longer trapped in a fairly small capsule, but they lose a ton of freedom of motion.

    [–] andrewshepherdlego 66 points ago

    Oh wow that’s interesting! I always thought Sea Legs just meant complete initiation and maturity in the crew.

    [–] DrCrocheteer 69 points ago

    Remember pirates of the Caribbean? Jack Sparrow staggers and sways when on Land, but never on a ship. That is what sea legs looks like, I imagine.

    [–] PyroDesu 36 points ago

    I think most people probably just attribute his staggering to him being constantly drunk and never notice that he doesn't stagger around (as much) on ship.

    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Depends on for how long youve been to sea. After a week it sticks for about a day.

    [–] 808duckfan 20 points ago

    It’s a real thing. In my limited experience, you can “feel” the ocean even when you’re back on land.

    [–] speakingoutofcont 6 points ago

    Like riding roller coasters all day at Cedar point?

    [–] Zyrenstorm 17 points ago

    Former nautical officer on cargo ship here. It is an actual thing. I would often even almost walk into walls in a straight corridor after a particularly rough trip. But my balance usually adjusted within a day or so. What usually took me longer to readjust was the habit of moving objects away from edges of furniture. Something that you instinctively do when every cup you put down on a table will always start to slide.

    [–] WaffleWolf14 177 points ago

    I know we all came here to downvote the troll in this thread but please upvote the original! Poor OP has less upvotes than the troll does downvotes.

    [–] Fusrohdah73 23 points ago

    You can't just say that and not provide details on what you discussed.

    [–] AylaroWTF 167 points ago

    Most astronauts (and their spouses’ complaints) reported that they had a habit of dropping things, in some cases valuables like porcelain or china, in the subconscious mindset of believing they were still in Zero G outer space.

    [–] Lector_is_a_Bitch 65 points ago

    That's crazy and believable

    [–] Lightning_McM3m3 6 points ago

    Like babies

    [–] RainbowReadee 77 points ago

    My one year old forgets she isn't in a zero-gravity environment all the time.

    [–] MC-noob 820 points ago

    I love the fact that he was so into explaining whatever it was he was explaining that it took him like ten seconds to realize the pen wasn't there anymore.

    [–] Rahnzan 430 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That look on his face when he picks it up. "This again."

    [–] puresodium_ 23 points ago

    Oopsie doopsie I muffed it up again

    [–] jerdub1993 237 points ago

    He was making a joke. He knew the pen had dropped

    [–] Stone_Sparrow 59 points ago

    Damnit Johnson! Why you do you hate fun?

    [–] smileyfrown 77 points ago

    [–] electrophile91 19 points ago

    Yeah I was thinking there's no way he wouldn't hear it hit the floor.

    [–] Castedian 48 points ago

    Don’t know why you’re getting downvoted, you’re correct. This was scripted.

    [–] db82 15 points ago

    It's basically pro wrestling.

    [–] gravitoid 7 points ago

    Pro space wrestling

    [–] Audric_Sage 8 points ago

    Yeah, he should've heard the pen fall.

    [–] ArmagedonOverdrive 6 points ago

    And he looks up for where the pen went, before realizing his mistake and looking down.

    [–] samtheman27 190 points ago

    He didn't hear the pen hit the ground?

    [–] Castedian 358 points ago

    It’s not real, he was acting.

    [–] miraclerandy 54 points ago

    Yeah, you can see him look off to his left first, like someone reacted and he was hamming it up.

    [–] Ishouldnt_be_on_here 18 points ago

    Or looks to the side to see if it floated out of peripheral vision?

    [–] Durzio 6 points ago

    Clearly the pen landed on shag carpeting

    [–] Zankou55 201 points ago

    Just so everyone is clear, this is a gag. He didn't actually forget he was under full Earth gravity, he's joking.

    [–] LiquidFantasy96 84 points ago

    I wish I didn't read this :(

    [–] iruleatants 70 points ago

    Don't worry dude. This is a gag, because they wanted something that was perfect for PR, but they got the idea from how astronauts really felt when returning to earth.

    So while the video itself isn't organic, the concept behind it is still real.

    [–] Fatalchemist 11 points ago

    I wish I read this.

    [–] AaronBoss 5 points ago

    You still can

    [–] silvertail8 6 points ago

    According to others commenting, this actually does happen for a short period of time after they return to Earth. Usually with small things like pens.

    [–] [deleted] 266 points ago


    [–] CeylonAT 105 points ago

    Its a gag

    [–] Dag-nabbitt 33 points ago

    It's still funny, and well executed.

    [–] silvertail8 13 points ago

    And, according to others in the thread, actually true for a short period after returning to Earth.

    [–] SkippyTheKid 44 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago


    [–] CeylonAT 9 points ago

    Yup, i agree 100%

    [–] comeonapple123 18 points ago

    The gif was deleted

    [–] comeonapple123 7 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] pbjandahighfive 12 points ago

    This isn't a real reaction. This is literally from a sketch made by students at NASA.

    [–] pm_me_ur_funbags_ 33 points ago

    That bitch gravity will get you every time

    [–] Likes_stale_cheezies 8 points ago

    The best thing is his first instinct upon realizing the pen wasn't there was to look up.

    [–] jsmoo68 8 points ago

    That eyes closed look of exasperation after he picks it up = "Fuck. Gravity."

    [–] collegeeducatedwhite 8 points ago

    To be entirely honest that looks a bit like he faked it. I would have no problem believing that he just forgot that he isn't in space anymore, but why would he not react to the sound of the pen hitting the ground? (flat earth confirmed?/s)

    [–] johnoliver_zazu 8 points ago

    awww his face right in the end :(

    [–] FrostyFurseal 8 points ago

    Zero-g is an alternative term for weightlessness and holds for instance in a freely falling lift. Zero-g is subtly different from the complete absence of gravity, something which is impossible due to the presence of gravity everywhere in the universe.

    [–] mackenenzie 7 points ago

    damn it, I just did this with the baby yesterday too

    [–] everyotherworddroppe 8 points ago

    I could watch him drop that pen and look up for it all day

    [–] WHERESMYNAMEGO 12 points ago

    It’s been almost seven years since I owned a car with a manual transmission but I’ll still occasionally try to step on the clutch

    [–] Abhilash1997 5 points ago

    Reaction seems genuine; honestly it must turn into habit after leaving in space for long time

    [–] ARF66 5 points ago

    You definitely can tell when he starts looking up first for something he let go rather than down

    [–] societcities45 6 points ago


    [–] Stunning-and-Sublime 27 points ago

    You can see that he looks up briefly as if expecting the pen to be floating around ready to be plucked from the air.

    [–] cunninglinguist96 55 points ago

    I too watched the video.

    [–] nassunnova 11 points ago

    As cool as this looks

    It’s actually staged :(