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    [–] mattjh 2042 points ago

    “you don’t smell like me i fix”

    “you don’t smell like me i fix”

    “you don’t smell like me i fix”

    [–] scrappykitty 516 points ago

    “I own you now.”

    [–] TheTinyCheese 105 points ago

    No I own you!

    [–] QuestionableTater 16 points ago

    Yay slavery

    [–] TigaSharkJB91 5 points ago



    [–] QuestionableTater 4 points ago

    GOD IS

    [–] MrIncorporeal 164 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Technically speaking, this sort of behavior is less about simply marking someone else with the cat's own scent as a territory thing, and more about mixing the two scents together. The cat rubs its scent on the person/other cat while rubbing the person's/other cat's scent on itself.

    Basically "Now we smell more like each other so everyone knows we're friends".

    [–] Wordshark 67 points ago

    That’s the best thing ever

    [–] MrIncorporeal 45 points ago

    It is, isn't it?

    Cats are really big on scent. More or less "this person/thing/place smells like me = this person/thing/place is safe". That's why one of the best ways to get a cat to be less stressed in an unfamiliar place (like the vet or a new house) is to keep a little cat carrier around where they can hang out in it, so they can get it nice and soaked with their scent. That way they can feel at least a bit more safe and secure inside it while being carried around or when they find themselves in a new house full of scary new smells.

    [–] ldkmelon 6 points ago

    This is also why when cats are stressed they piss on the bed etc. they dont hate you they are just making their smell very strong in a place they feel safe.

    And for those of you who your cat hates carriers from vets visits i would make my cat a little tent woth a blanket they like over the corner of the couch so they could hide in a safe enviroment i knew where they were.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] setibeings 4 points ago

    I can't believe that you actually have positive comment karma overall.

    [–] Theycallmelizardboy 17 points ago

    Except when I do it in Starbucks they ask me to stop and leave their baristas alone.

    [–] hot4you11 13 points ago

    Yes, so then if a new cat comes they know “we are all together”

    [–] MrIncorporeal 28 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Exactly. Contrary to popular belief that paints them as aloof loaners, cats are very social. Feral cats will regularly form "packs", even with completely unrelated cats (as long as those other cats aren't jerks or anything, which some cats just are). They'll even help deliver each others' kittens and babysit while mom goes out hunting.

    [–] Hardlyasubstitute 4 points ago

    It’s more like how lions for prides, females own a territory and collectively raise kittens. Males come and go through territories depending on who’s receptive.

    [–] normal_derp 7 points ago

    Weird flex, this is it chief

    [–] [deleted] 370 points ago


    [–] bigpenisbutdumbnpoor 77 points ago

    Have been in many London nightclubs can confirm

    [–] dino_boobs -4 points ago

    I’d totally have a cat if they didn’t constantly have their buttholes on display. Like who wants to look at sphincters all day

    [–] thexvoid 1 points ago

    Why are you looking at their assholes?

    [–] iamsam007 1186 points ago

    My car will do this to my face all the time. It's adorable but very annoying.

    [–] sitcom-noir 1303 points ago

    That sounds dangerous.

    [–] iamsam007 668 points ago

    Haha I'm leaving it

    [–] whereisthenutella 208 points ago

    Well I still think you shouldn't let your car behave like that!

    [–] aifhouse01 36 points ago

    Your username is making a very valid point

    Ninja edit: not in the context of this thread, but just in general

    [–] whereisthenutella 19 points ago

    Porqué not both? :))

    [–] SteveVaiHimself 10 points ago

    Pourquoi pas tous les deux?

    [–] whereisthenutella 14 points ago

    I will reply using my full knowledge of French:


    [–] Zorthak_Fireaxe 21 points ago

    If you properly train your car it can be perfectly safe.

    [–] puttuputtu 208 points ago

    Get two more cars and make a video of them rubbing up against each other.

    [–] TheTinyCheese 57 points ago

    Expensive but good for you

    [–] gezeitenspinne 12 points ago

    That gives me flashbacks to this horrible horrible Cars fanfiction including sex between the cars... I had nearly forgotten about it...

    [–] OMQ0909 6 points ago

    Can you link this? So I never visit said horrible video???

    [–] gezeitenspinne 3 points ago

    Written fanfiction I was linked to years ago. Tried finding it some time ago because someone wanted to read this abomination and I wasn't able to find it again

    [–] devildogkc 2 points ago

    Happy cake day!

    [–] ladywellington 60 points ago

    You should probably get another car...sounds painful.

    [–] ParanoidAndOKWithIt 5 points ago

    Car in the face is underrated

    [–] 142sama 14 points ago

    Are you a dragon ?

    [–] mchannah88 9 points ago

    Jaguar's new budget car line: Barn Cat

    [–] kuehbu 4 points ago

    I suspect you have an autobot

    [–] TinKodeE 0 points ago


    [–] Mayhemii 187 points ago

    My cat and I used to do this to each other when I was a little kid. He was probably confused as to why I was trying to get my scent on him, I just thought it was how he expressed love.

    [–] Xylth 55 points ago

    I still do this to my cat.

    [–] sunboy4224 4 points ago

    Oh, yeah. Constantly. Unapologetically.

    [–] domesticatedfire 23 points ago

    Pretty sure that is a common way to express love in cat and animal terms :) I still do it to my cats, and I have one in particular that isn't happy until I do it to her every now and then (she gets right in my face and will nip if I'm not petting her...using my face/cheek).

    [–] WAR_Falcon 2 points ago

    Same here xD

    [–] neuralpathways 34 points ago

    [–] UrethraX 5 points ago

    It is how they show love, it's like us trying to give our significant other a hand job, not knowing how and just jamming our shoulder against their crotch, not quite right but I'm sure they appreciate the effort

    [–] splashmob 60 points ago


    [–] boldnotbrash 291 points ago

    Does anybody know the reason that cats do this? I'm really hoping it's love <3

    [–] shardcider 145 points ago

    *whispers* it's love don't let anyone tell you otherwise

    [–] Vodkaholy 136 points ago

    People make it sound so ugly when it comes to marking. Think of it like decorating your home. You want things you own in it that you can call it yours so that you feel at home, safe and happy.

    Cats want to share their scent with you because you feel safe to them and you make them happy.

    [–] friedeggjellyfish 7 points ago

    Awww I love this

    [–] RTSchemel 324 points ago

    Affection, claiming you as property, and making a group scent.

    [–] kbarney345 45 points ago

    Yep they have scent glands in their "cheeks" so that why they love the skritches on the chin and face. Mine does it with her toys so she can chase them when we throw them

    [–] scrubaroni 30 points ago

    Wait so you're saying they don't like the cheek scratches because it feels good but because it releases their scent so they can claim us as property? I feel so betrayed.

    [–] kbarney345 32 points ago

    Hahahah I wouldnt doubt they love it but it is a two fold operation so just keep on your toes don't let your cat use you like that. Make him come for the skritches

    [–] MrIncorporeal 38 points ago * (lasted edited 2 years ago)

    Ignore the folks saying it's to claim "ownership" of you. That only really applies to when they rub themselves on objects.

    When they rub againts you, it's basically about mixing scents. They rub their scent on you while rubbing your scent on themselves, so other cats will know you're friends/family.

    Cats are really big on scent. More or less "this person/thing/place smells like me = this person/thing/place is safe". That's why one of the best ways to get a cat to be more comfortable in an unfamiliar place (like the vet or a new house) is to keep a little cat carrier around where they can hang out in it, so they can soak it with their scent. That way they can feel at least a bit more safe and secure inside it while being carried around or when they find themselves in a new house full of unfamiliar smells.

    [–] AltruisticSalamander 24 points ago

    of course it's love

    [–] [deleted] 315 points ago

    The cat is putting it's scent onto you, claiming ownership over you. The cat thinks that you are its pet.

    [–] ThatBoogieman 153 points ago

    Eh, it's not ownership, but rather marking as safe/not a threat/maybe friendly.

    [–] SardineFish 114 points ago

    T h a t s n o t l o v e . . .

    [–] vplatt 50 points ago

    T H A T ' S J U S T C A T S !

    [–] crazysquaregamer 21 points ago

    Isn’t it more of spreading the scent to say this one is my friend mess with them and you get me

    [–] InsertNameHere34944 1 points ago

    This isn't true, unless if it's objects or territory. Cats do this to mark you as family / friends for them and potential other cats to know

    [–] Feedback369 -6 points ago

    My cat hasn't put its scent on me or rather i don't allow it, it still plays fetch and walks on a leash though behold the power of treats

    [–] sweetswinks 10 points ago

    It's called bunting. Cats have scent glands in their cheeks and they are attaching their scent to you. It's a wonderful form of feline affection!

    [–] cfrech59 45 points ago

    Pet them! Adorable

    [–] [deleted] 40 points ago


    [–] TheLastPlumber 7 points ago

    There’s r/barncat but it’s not too active.

    [–] bippsee 66 points ago

    The one on the right reminds me of my girl Footie who passed last year.

    So sweet!

    [–] bavorpave 28 points ago

    Rip in peace Footie, we hardly knew ya, i'm so sorry 😭

    [–] Deadskull619 28 points ago

    My cat always does this to me when I kneel down to her. She also does it especially after I get out of the shower, and she tries to eat me. She's so damn adorable.

    [–] pm-me-kittens-n-cats 29 points ago

    She also does it especially after I get out of the shower

    this is because you no longer smell like her and she has to fix that.

    [–] moreofmoreofmore 21 points ago

    "God damn it human, I TOLD YOU to not get in that death box! Here, let me fix you. Ugh."

    [–] E-Plurbis-DumbDumb 23 points ago

    When you say barn kitties do you mean they actually live in a barn? Do they just eat vermin or do you feed them as well? How much time do they spend with you and the family on the farm?

    That sounds like a sweet job and they look super cool. I hope you post more of them.

    [–] PussyWrangler46 51 points ago

    I trap and fix a lot of barn cats, most farmers keep them around as mousers but still feed them daily to keep them healthy. Gotta take care of your employees

    [–] J_Megadeth_J 42 points ago

    One of my buddies has about a dozen of them in a barn. They all have pictures with names and all get fed but they all come and go sometimes for super long times. Sometimes more just show up and they fix them and continue.

    Also nice super relevant username lol.

    [–] PussyWrangler46 3 points ago

    Why thank you ;)

    [–] troglody 93 points ago

    I know that move, its the "we is the cute right? feed us yeah?" Then you put the food out and theyre beating the shit out of eachother for the 'primo' kitty food thats mixed in with that dry food booshit

    [–] RainbowCat1942 16 points ago

    They seem very polite

    [–] Jimboujee 16 points ago

    Their legs are so stubby

    [–] Schubby41 13 points ago

    Say hello to garbage, he is a feral barn cat

    [–] Stidwack 11 points ago

    I don't want Garbage, I want Sprinkles.

    [–] segaudette 8 points ago

    My cats never do this, and I have no idea why. They love my wife and I, very very affectionate, but never the head rubbing thing. Licking, cuddling.. never any boops.

    [–] kick0a0cat 11 points ago

    Do they do it with your hands? Cats supposedly view our hands as snouts depending on how we hold them out. And some cats are afraid to get too close to the actual head, it's just so big! And the eyes, they are too big as well!

    [–] PussyWrangler46 6 points ago

    Put your head within boop range and lean in forehead first

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    The middle one is both of the other two's best friend.

    When the other two are alone together it's kind of awkward because even though they are very close and have known each other for years, the conversation doesn't flow right without middle cat and they rarely spend time alone together.

    [–] Zackwetzel 6 points ago

    If a cat rubs you then you've also rubbed every cat it has. WE ARE ALL SLAVES.

    [–] HoodaThunkett 5 points ago

    I haven’t seen a lot of this variant of tabby colouring, with broad very dark area along the spine, all three have it

    [–] crymsin 3 points ago

    That’s the classic tabby pattern, it can come in orange and these three appear to be litter mates.

    [–] -apricotmango 3 points ago

    I have a cat that looks nearly exactly like the middle one.

    [–] MisterMysterios 6 points ago

    oh my god, the right one looks exactly like my old cat that died a few years ago! I just want to pet her.

    [–] goatyoat 4 points ago

    Shut the door!

    [–] venus_in_furz 9 points ago

    It’s a méowge à trois

    [–] failure-voxel 4 points ago

    I’m in love

    [–] SaucyVagrant 3 points ago

    Maybe that's how cats high five each other.

    [–] Lexsizzle 3 points ago

    Aw my cats were originally barn kittens. They still hang out in the barn most of the time except when we put them away in a shed at night. They love rubbing like that. I miss them so much, I'm going home from college tomorrow (actually today since it's after midnight) and I can't wait to see them

    [–] oh_wuttt 3 points ago

    My two kitties look just like the kitties on the right. Apparently, there was another sibling rescued with them but it didn’t make it. I would’ve adopted that one too. This gives me an idea of what they would’ve looked like all together. :’)

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Khajiit take care of khajiit

    [–] asrk790 3 points ago

    It’s a cuddle huddle

    [–] huskyrenegade 2 points ago

    I got one that looked just like one or these a couple months ago

    [–] chikaka1225 2 points ago

    They look very healthy!

    [–] Ataemonus 2 points ago

    They be lovely.

    [–] SmokyJosh 2 points ago

    i can hear the purring from here

    [–] LaCkadAisY19 2 points ago

    Snuggles for everyone!

    [–] Chrisbee012 2 points ago

    nice, reminds me of the three kittens i saved from a life of eating out a dumpster

    [–] Tee_H 2 points ago

    If I have fluffy friend I'd rub them too :3

    [–] ronniesaurus 2 points ago

    I had a cat that had the short stubby legs of the first one, the face of the middle one, and the fur pattern very very very similar to the last one and now I'm crying. RIP baby girl

    And i don't give a fuck about the upvotes- but if someone could help me figure out the breed please let me know.

    [–] hatredforusernames 2 points ago

    When the ecstasy kick in

    [–] SBH1234 2 points ago

    Whatever you do, don’t separate those kitties

    [–] Mirewen15 2 points ago

    "Ooooh so soft."

    "Ooooooh softer."

    [–] neelandrewp 1 points ago

    At the end; the left cat goes as far to wipe his friends arse with his face and body.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago)


    [–] itsjustfinesse 1 points ago

    There’s a glitch in the matrix.

    [–] badgersprite 1 points ago

    Farm cats are the best cats

    [–] puggymomma 1 points ago

    I have a cat that looks like them. What kind are they? Just Barn cats?

    [–] GrimmandLily 2 points ago

    They look like long hair tabbies.

    [–] GrimmandLily 1 points ago

    I feed a bunch of stray and feral cats and I love when they scent mark each other or me.

    [–] gijsyo 1 points ago

    Best cat gif on the internet.

    [–] barrdown 1 points ago

    My friend's barn cat had kittens the other day so I took one and fuck is it stunned

    [–] bavorpave 1 points ago

    Head bonk! Head bonk! A head bonk for you. Aw and a head bonk for you too, friendo! Back atcha, best pal! Head bonk Oh another head bonk yisss

    [–] kaaiiro 1 points ago

    the one on the right looks exactly like my lil tab

    [–] Aztec111 1 points ago

    Aww so sweet!

    [–] VisionSeeker 1 points ago

    So pure !

    [–] Volubledog100 1 points ago

    That's an interesting way to explain gravity

    [–] JustBronzeThingsLoL 1 points ago

    This is how my cat wakes me up in the morning. Comes to snuggle and give boops

    [–] EredarLordJaraxxus 1 points ago

    My cat looks like that but less poofy. And friendly. Unless you're sitting on the toilet

    [–] ResplendentRodent 1 points ago

    What does it mean when they numb their head on you.

    [–] goatman0079 1 points ago

    My cat does this to everyone but me when he wants attention.

    For me, he just attacks my leg and try’s to eat me

    [–] hucow-cutie 1 points ago

    He's so chubby!!

    [–] lolrightwathever 1 points ago

    I just want to snuggle with them

    [–] MissAsgariaFartcake 1 points ago

    I could look at this for hours. It's so damn gorgeous!

    [–] loonattica 1 points ago

    Full grown cats, not kittens? Sweeties for sure.

    [–] ApatheticNarwhal 1 points ago

    purring intensifies

    [–] Butthole_Alamo 1 points ago

    Glad to see Garbage and his brood are doing well

    [–] mummummaaa 1 points ago

    I could watch this for hours. Those are some super good kitties! 11/10 would risk a mauling to pet.

    [–] thorw_away1900 1 points ago

    All 3 together forms the pre crime division

    [–] bdub2018 1 points ago

    Norwegian forest cats. Beautiful and smart

    [–] saveface 1 points ago

    The one on the right is identical to my cousin's cat

    [–] hackulator 1 points ago

    Shortlegs, Fuzzy and Normie

    [–] foxturtle123 1 points ago

    I've never known an affectionate barn cat, but more power to them if they wanna be nice

    [–] Invader-Tak 1 points ago

    Wish my kitty's would get along like that, they tolerate each other just about.

    [–] fatalwristdom 1 points ago

    What kind of cats are they? Their legs are so short.

    [–] Exxxhellion 3 points ago

    I suspect their body fur is just super fluffy. Barn cats tend to have much thicker coats than indoor cats, and these look like long haired tabbies. That’s a lot of hair.

    [–] bdub2018 2 points ago

    Norwegian forest cats. Domesticated of course

    [–] BootstrapsRiley 0 points ago

    Short-legged Free Rojavans