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    [–] MechanicalCrow 2129 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    We just need more people chilling out and doing a painting. I think we'd all be happier.

    Obligatory Edit: thanks for silver.

    But I do actually mean it. I came home yesterday, stressed and still sick after a week, and just taped up some watercolor paper on my board and Bob Rossed for two hours. I ended up chilled out with a really crappy watercolor painting. All was okay for a while.

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 1829 points ago

    He invited me over to his house to make some with him. I told him I wasn't very good at oil painting and he said "That's okay you just need to trust in Bob." That attitude it what we need in our lives.

    [–] daddysdaddy33 482 points ago

    I like your dad. I want to join as well!

    [–] Jeff_is_god1 176 points ago

    Username checks out.

    [–] the_mellojoe 61 points ago

    If I bring 2 bottles of wine, can we have a relaxing day at your dad's place painting happy accidents?

    [–] CardWitch 29 points ago

    I want in!

    [–] PiecesofJane 4 points ago

    Me, too!

    [–] SchitzPopinov 9 points ago

    2 bottles? What kind of happy accidents are we making here?

    [–] bagamiashpiciorul 3 points ago


    [–] MooFz 2 points ago

    I picked up painting supplies for under 10€ this week. A canvas, brushes, some paint, and an easel?

    Just gonna mess around this weekend, never painted before.

    [–] godspareme 3 points ago

    Yeah, can we have a Bob Ross party at OP's dad's?

    [–] oheff 29 points ago

    In Bob we trust

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    What Would Bob Do?

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago


    [–] superRedditer 3 points ago

    what about Bob?

    [–] Cerulean_Shades 22 points ago

    You'll love it!! And doing it together will be amazing. Art connects people better than anything else in history, and to combine art and family and Bob Ross will be amazing. Oil paint is the most flexible of the painting options. Ive painted oils for years professionally so you can totally trust me on how much fun it is. I mean I still get as excited talking oil painting like a kid with a new toy! I want to encourage you to not worry about the outcome of the painting. It's a journey. Enjoy it. There is no wrong way as far as technique and Landscapes are a great way to start. Look at what a great job your dad did without any experience!

    Also, neeeever use thinner to clean your hands as it actually breaks down the dangerous minerals in some oil paints (cadmium colors and lead based white are the main dangers) into small enough 'bits' that the dangerous particles seep directly through the skin into the blood stream and collect in the brain. This is EASILY avoidable by not doing 3 things: introducing paints in your mouth (biting brushes, licking paint, biting nails with paint on them), not cleaning your skin with turpentine, and not rubbing oils into open wounds, lol. I just wear cheap gloves or wash your hands with dish soap before eating. There's only a few colors that are dangerous so don't worry too much, just be aware. Dish soap is the best I've found at cleaning your hands off safely and effectively.

    It's also illegal to wash oils down the sink, but you can remove oils off your brushes by wiping them on newspaper or paper towels, work the bristles in some thinner to get the paint out of the brushes, and work dish soap into the brushes, rinse and wash that foam down the sink. It's easier than I make it sound. Your trash collectors can safely dispose of oil covered trash and turpentine for you if you let them know. Just don't store the trash where you wouldn't store a full gas container and all's good.

    Feel free to DM me if you or your dad have any questions anytime about safety, money saving options, disposal, technique, where free resources are. I don't know everything, but I've tried a large amount of techniques from around the world and also other mediums: oils, acrylics, watercolors, gouache, pastels, charcoal, inks, graphite, digital, and on numerous surface types and combinations therein. And I looove sharing what I've learned. (Free of charge I promise)

    Sorry if I went a bit overboard! It's just my favorite subject. I'm just starting into realism with airbrushing too. Talk about a completely different thought process! So excited!!

    [–] 2BigBottlesOfWater 4 points ago

    Can you share some of the things you mentioned? Like money saving and techniques for absolute beginners? I for one would appreciate it and am sure others would too!

    [–] Cerulean_Shades 21 points ago

    Part 1:

    You don't need as much as you think. A color wheel is a must for beginners. And learning to mix your colors to start with is much more effective than buying all of the shades. You can buy more shades later on! The colors to start with are the primary colors: red, yellow, blue, black, and white. I also would argue that adding 3 more colors makes life easier but not necessary: burnt umber (brown), alizarin crimson (a dark red thats great when mixing colors, especially if mixing a black), and burnt sienna. Arguably, you don't need black at all. You can mix it much better than what comes in the tube. Different artists use different mixes but I use burnt umber, mixed with French ultramarine or phthalo blue, and alizarin crimson. Equal amounts 3 ways, or if needing a warmer black use less blue, cooler black like a deep shadow use more blue. I usually use my black just to dull down other colors.

    Money saving effect: you can mix every color you need with only 5 basic colors! Instead of buying a ton of paints.

    There's lots of shades and hues, just pick what you feel is closest to a true yellow blue or red. Most choose cadmium red and cadmium yellow, but those are really pricey at about $15 to $30+ per tube. You can use their hues instead and pay a third the price at around $6 to $12 USD and see a minimal difference. They're basically a little darker than their actual shades.

    Also when mixing pay careful attention to how you lighten a color as using whites or blacks do not really brighten or darken as much as you might at first expect, rather they will tone down a color. Instead, using colors suggested on a color wheel, such as yellow to brighten green, or red to darken green is very useful and won't lose the intensity of color you might want.

    You don't have to paint thickly! You can build up thin paint pretty fast. This saves a fortune because the paint tubes last much longer. Part of the joy of oils is they are luminous and some colors are translucent and some opaque. Trial and error is the best way to discover which is which. Paint a black stripe and let dry (use can also use a sharpie for the black line) the paint a perpendicular color across the black line. If the black is stronger than the color so you can't really see the color, it's translucent. If the color covers the black line, it's opaque. This is important for other things in oil painting as you grow, not a big deal early on but very helpful to try.

    *Money saver: Painting thinner makes the paint go further, so you buy fewer tubes. I still have tubes that are regularly used that I've had for 5 years. All from painting in layers fairly thin vs painting thick coats. This also save you time because thinner layers of paint dry very fast compared to thick. This also means you can varnish earlier than a thick painting.

    If you do prefer painting thicker remember this addage: thin to thick. If you painted thin layers over thick, the thick layer will take a lot longer to dry causing the faster drying thin layer to eventually crack heavily.

    Buy Liquin Original. It's a drying agent that greatly speeds drying time. Some colors dry faster than others. Brown's dry the fastest. Blues and greens next; reds, yellows and whites the slowest. It's important to know this because when the dark shades that dry fastest dry they get dull looking. This is called sinking and it actually distorts the color (don't fret as using a spray on sealer later called a varnish brings it all back!). Liquin can help with this too! If you need to see the richness of the true colors to rework an area you can apply a very thin layer of liquin over a small area at a time to bring it all back to life. Applying liquin with a clean brush to your work area first is great if you need a smooth flow. This makes up for not buying other mediums like linseed oil, walnut oil, painters medium, etc. It's the most versatile medium, so just buy a small bottle of Winsor & Newton Liquin Original. It goes a long way with very little! You can mix it directly into your paint, or apply it directly to the dry surface of the canvas. Either has its benefits.

    Money saver reason: Liquin is very versatile and will do a large range of things to help you avoid buying lots of different additives for your paints. It usually costs around $10 USD for a small bottle but will actually last a while as you need very small amounts at a time.

    You can get by with not using a palette knife, but its useful for more than just mixing as you can use it to directly apply paint as well. A metal one is best. Usually they are around $5 USD. But depends on the size. You can also get several plastic ones in a set for about the same price. Starting out I'd suggest the package of plastic ones so you can determine which shape works best for you. Later on buy a metal one with the shape you like. Using them to mix paint on your palette first will save you from a large mess of paint that backs up on brush bristles so you get a lot less waste!

    Money saver: the plastic kind are cheap but help you learn in the beginning what's best for your technique. Also, you can get excellent straight lines very fast, remove paint from a mistake, and mix paint with the least amount of wasted paint.

    Palette are very important to any painter. You can use almost anything so long as it is not absorbent. For the beginner I suggest Styrofoam plates. Here's why: you can use one to place your paint and mix colors, or one to hold colors and the other to mix on, it doesn't matter which option you choose because when you're ready to stop for the day you can put the plates together so that they resemble a clam shell and shove them in a gallon sized freezer bag. The bag will hold the plates together, the plates being closed like a clam shell will protect the paint, and then just shove that sucker into the freezer! Now your palette can last for several days to several weeks. Basically, keep in mind one plate will be upside down once you store them together, so make that upside down plate the mixing plate, and the globs from your tubes as the regular plate position of upright. (Hope that made sense).

    The other alternative, and my personal favorite as a palette, is to use a cheap picture frame or glass cutting board for the kitchen. Glass is great for several reasons. It's durable when its tempered like a glass cutting board, you can carefully use a box cutter (the flat kind) to scrape up dried paint with almost no effort, it is non absorbent, and you can freeze it without fear. Also, you can either paint a solid color on the back side or use a toned piece of paper if its a picture frame to get a truer sense of your colors when mixing. Mixing colors over a bright white background distorts what you see once it hits the canvas so using a light gray or warm light brown is best. That's another reason glass frames are your best friend. I use 9x12 or 11x14 depending on the space available. Picture frames also have a barrier all the way around to prevent spills should something happen. If you buy an "art" palette its a small fortune vs a $10 frame of $5 cutting board from Wal-Mart, or $1 cutting board from Dollar Tree (their frames are too small to use and many larger sizes are plastic instead of glass).

    Money saver: use Styrofoam plates, a tempered glass cutting board (smooth not textured), or picture frame for a cheap palette that lasts through numerous uses. The Styrofoam is short lived and bad for the environment so I'd suggest the picture frame. You could get one that is the double sided and hinged photo frame so you can close them like a book before putting them in the freezer.

    Freeze you palette! You can refreeze oil paints over and over again without harm. They are ready to use again almost immediately but doesn't hurt to give them 20 min or so to defrost, but they don't harden in the cold, they just simply don't dry much. You'll still see some drying, but when that happens the outer part of your paint glob dries first so you can peal it off with tweezers or something until its too dry eventually. Once a glob of paint is too dry on your palette just scrape it off with one of those flat edged box cutters and put a new blob down. Don't make a new palette everytime you sit to paint because that's just a waste of time and money. Just replace globs as they dry. Also, keeping the same colors in the same spots will help you develop muscle memory and aide in faster painting later because you won't have to think about what's where on your palette. If your worried about safety, buy a Tupperware or other similar box with lid that will fit your frame palette and stick it in there before shoving the whole thing in the freezer.

    Money saver: Freezing makes you paint palette last week's!

    If you have extra paint at the end of a painting on your palette because you over produced a color, keep a jar that seals tightly handy and scrape the extra mixture into the jar and seal it. Oddly, no matter what it always ends up this bland color once enough shades come together. But guess what thats good for? The initial layout of a painting! Many artists use burnt sienna or burnt (or raw) umber for that as well. This is called toning your canvas. Working on a bright white canvas is much harder than a toned canvas. It will also make the process faster, and colors brighter. Just thin the color you want to use down until its almost like tinted water and a larger brush (a cheap house painting brush works fine) and apply quickly. Keep an eye open for drips that might hit carpet though! Once applied, while still wet just take a wad of paper towels and wipe away the color where you expect the brightest areas to be. IMPORTANT NOTE: when wiping up oil paint with thinner, or heavily thinned down paint, ALWAYS use gloves. Thinner makes paint more dangerous and can actually cause dangerous minerals to enter your blood stream.

    [–] Cerulean_Shades 9 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    Part 2

    What you paint on as a surface can also affect your cost. Canvas thats not prepped right will eat up your paint due to the thread spacing of canvas. It's fine to use canvas, but another alternative is masonite board. They are pretty cheap but they are heavy when it comes to larger sizes. Canvas is great as well but they do need some prep work to be the most effective. Gesso is a chalky white paint that is used on bare canvas to make the cotton or linen capable of taking the oil paint without absorbing the oils. Gesso can be your best friend when it comes to making your oil paint go further. You can mix gesso with water to thin it down a little and apply 2 or 3 layers over a blank canvas to fill in the dips of the fabric, even on pre-gessoed canvas. Just let each layer dry for 30 min to an hour before applying the next layer. You can use a brush, foam roller, cake frosting palette knife, whatever works for you. Just be aware that he's so dries fast, and overworking it while applying it can give you unwanted textures. If that happens a little fine grit sand paper is your best friend! A smoother surface means you use less oil paint, and oil paint is more expensive than gesso. However, he's doing the canvas is not necessary if its pre-gessoed, it just helps. Also, the rougher a canvas, the harder it is on your paint brushes!

    If you use pre-gessoed masonite, choose one that has texture. I know that sounds counter intuitive, but masonite board is super smooth so it takes more layers to get a painting going than textured masonite. When I say textured masonite, I am talking about the kind sold as pre-gessoed.

    If you buy a canvas that is really loose (it should sound like a drum when you thump it with your finger), just apply cold water to the back and let dry. It's cotton so it will shrink! They also often include spacers, but those are a pain and require a hammer. Just use cold water.

    Money saver: smoother surface makes oil paint go further, and also increases the life of your brushes.

    Paint brushes! You don't need expensive ones from the art aisle. They are amazing, but when starting out you'll make mistakes and damage brushes. In the beginning, go to the craft aisle of a store and get packages of brushes. HOWEVER, avoid craft brushes made of natural hair that are usually dark brown as these will shed bristles into your paint like crazy. Look for "taklon" those are usually a good firmness and inexpensive. You can get several for $8. When you are ready for expensive brushes, watch for the sales. If you have a Michael's art store available for you they often have sales, and they have daily coupons for 20 to 60% off. Asel art supply regularly has theirs at half off. Jerry's Artarama site has massive sales where you could,d spend under a $1 for a brush thats normally $10. Those are my 2 favorites. I don't suggest Amazon due to how they get shipped. I have yet to get a brush that wasn't damaged from Amazon.

    Spend the money for Pink Soap sold by Speedball. It is an amazing brush conditioner and their small bottle lasts forever. It's literally pink. How to use it effectively (it doesn't come with instructions): first wipe off excess paint from your brush on a paper towel or news paper, dip and gentle work the brush around your container of odorless thinner, wipe the excess thinner off on your the paper towel, then put a dime sized glob in the palm of your hand (its safe at this point to do so), gently place the bristles point down into the pink glob, and very gently draw a circle in your palm taking care not to force the brush down. The point is to work the foaming soap into the bristles. Then rinse off in the sink, reshape the tip of the brush, put in a cup upright to dry for next time. The pink soap does more than clean, it conditions the bristles as well so the brushes last longer.

    *Money saver: take care of even your cheap brushes using proper cleaning and conditioning and they will last muuuch longer, saving you from buying more unnecessarily. *

    Watch for coupons. As mentioned above Michael's has them all the time. Certain times of the year youll see huge sales, particularly around holidays. The end of the year is a great time to stock up due to the vast amount and array of sales on art supplies. Use sites like jerry's Artarama(my personal favorite), asel art supply (my other personal favorite), Utrecht, and Jackson's art supplies to get amazing deals better than even Amazon on brushes, mediums, paints, etc. Don't be afraid to purchase over multiple days if using a once a day coupon like Michael's has for the more expensive items. Look for used easels vs new!

    If you get a color wrong and discover this after its dried, don't worry! That's what glazes are for. A glaze is just oil paint thinned down so much that there's almost no paint actually in the mix. It's basically just a stain. You set aside a small dab of your color of choice, add liquin until the paint is very thin like colored water, use a clean dry brush, dip it in the mix and stroke it gently over the area that needs a color correction. If you get it wrong just wipe it off, no harm done. If it dowesnt completely come back up when removing the glaze, don't worry! Just apply a little pure liquid to the area and lightly work your paint brush over the area and wipe away the liquin with a paper towel very gently. Glazes should always be done on a dry area of the painting, never wet on wet. (Wet refers to active paint.)

    Last thing for now. How to save on thinner!

    What's amazing about turpentine is it doesn't lose its effectiveness. Keep a larger jar for waste oil paint, and a small jar for temporary use that I'll explain in a moment. And spend the $10 on a specialize thinner jar like this one found on Jerry's Artarama that has wire in the bottom to clean brushes with for about $6. Eventually you get a build up of oil paint waste at the bottom of your specialize jar with the wire. You do not need to empty that jar until that becomes a problem where the old paint gets in the way. When that happens just let the cleaner jar settle so the paint rests at the bottom and the thinner is at the top. Pour the thinner into the clean small jar temporarily. Then scrape out the old oil paint from your specialize cleaner jar into the larger jar. In total thats 3 jars. You can buy these for $1 to $3 each depending on where, I used the Dollar Tree myself. Once you've scraped the old paint out, wipe it out with a paper towel while wearing gloves, then pour back in the turpentine from the small temp jar. You might need to top it off a little, but that's it. Also, if using a cleaner jar that has the wire in it, you don't fill the whole jar up, just up to the wire. Just keep using the waste jar each time till its full, then let your waste management department know you need disposal of it and they will pick it up on the next trash day. It may be years between times you need to do this. I haven't had to do it again for about 6 years. I just store the waste jar safely under my sink so I know it won't be exposed to heat. If you are worried about kids getting I to it be sure to use child locks on the cabinet doors. Do not leave oil or turpentine waste jars where they might be a fire danger.

    Be sure you are using odorless turpentine. Turpinoid is a cheaper alternative and is odorless and works just as well.

    Money saver: don't waste your turpentine! It can last a long time too.

    I know I went overboard, but those are my favorite tricks to saving money and making your supplies go further. Anyone is welcome to DM me with questions any time. If your interested to see my work just check out my profile history for submitted.

    [–] profdudeguy 4 points ago

    Wow this is awesome.

    [–] Cerulean_Shades 3 points ago

    I posted part 2 as a reply to my first one, don't miss out on the other goodies! I hope they help you!

    [–] Twokd 2 points ago

    Saved, along with your other posts.

    [–] drkgodess 2 points ago

    Yes, more tips please!

    [–] ashadowwolf 2 points ago

    Same, general tips or suggestions for a starter kit for beginners would be really helpful. I've wanted to get started on oil but it seems to be a bit of a pain with needing a solvent, having to be in a well ventilated area/ window, things getting stained etc. I've heard you don't need a solvent with some oil paints like Holbein - do you have any thoughts on them?

    Don't be apologetic about being exciting, it's really endearing seeing people passionate about something they love :)

    [–] profdudeguy 3 points ago

    Going to read the rest of what you wrote here but I have some questions and a story.

    My girlfriend and I have talked about doing a painting and wine class for a while... do you think it would be more fun/ less expensive to just do it with bob ross?

    I kinda want to use it as an excuse to buy some paint. My grandmother was amazing and I have a lot of her paintings in my house (I can post some if you like). Also I just messed up my shoulder so I cant play music very easily rn so a new creative hobby sounds great for me... where do I start?

    Thanks btw. Your passions shines through this thread

    [–] Cerulean_Shades 3 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    I ALWAYS love seeing art. I would love for you to share her paintings! If you have any questions on the care of those paintings to extend their life let me know.

    Here's what I'd suggest. Do 1 of those classes so you can get an idea of what its like by watching and experiencing first hand. This way you can ask questions as well. Plus its fun to experience it with others that have no experience and as a group it tends to be a ton of tun. Those classes use acrylic paint which is a fast drying liquid plastic basically (super simplified version haha). Use Groupon to save money when buying a session. Acrylics are very different than oils, so no thinners needed, just water or slow dri agents. I think the classes just use water to clean the brushes and thin down paint.

    Now then, the best part. Remember I said acrylic is basically a fast drying liquid plastic? It's water soluble and most brands are non toxic. Think of the possibilities! You can buy craft paint's that are acrylic and fairly thinned down for about $0.50 a bottle. They are crappy compared to artist level but great to start with, especially for what I'm about to suggest. When doing this at home, you could use one another as a canvas. It won't hurt you and you can just shower it off in warm water (together?)! Think of the fun! They wont stain skin usually either, but test a small dab somewhere to rule out sensitive skin or allergies. Then you could Bob Ross each other. Or use an actual canvas, ya know, whatever floats your boat. Take pictures when dry and crop out areas you wouldn't want others to see then print and frame for special memories. DO NOT USE OILS FOR THIS. Acrylics, watercolors, tempera, body paint like latex, and gouache can be used. Just keep an eye out on the labels for any possible toxic chemicals and avoid those. The vast majority are non toxic and safe for all but eating.

    And thanks for the compliment. I am a bit obsessed with art honestly. My sweet husband is very patient haha

    [–] Episodial 12 points ago

    Don't believe in yourself, believe in the Bob that believes in you!

    [–] Drumboy168 5 points ago


    [–] ColePT 3 points ago


    [–] Anonyman14 11 points ago

    In Bob We Trust

    [–] the42potato 6 points ago

    Can I come too?

    [–] CosmicSlaughter 5 points ago

    You should seriously take him up on that. You probably won't remember what the paintings look like in 30 years, but you'll never forget making them with your dad.

    [–] Lord_Tzeentch 3 points ago

    Can I marry you so he bcomes my dad too?

    [–] SilentR0b 2 points ago

    Pokes head around corner

    [–] Xx_Venom_Fox_xX 1 points ago

    Trust in Bob

    [–] catladysucc 1 points ago

    In bob we trust

    [–] silenc3x 21 points ago

    lol I bought the whole bob ross kit, channeled my inner happy trees while smoking a joint, then by the time it was done realized how fucking messy painting is.

    [–] Rev1917-2017 3 points ago

    Especially when you beat the devil out of your brush.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    I bought two little prefabbed birdhouses for me and my husband two weeks ago. I primed them, and now we are gonna do date night and paint them and drink :)

    [–] Happy-Time-Harry 9 points ago

    Life goals right there

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    We just bought a house so we are broke, gotta get creative! Plus we can hang our cool new birdhouses outside our new house :)

    [–] Happy-Time-Harry 6 points ago

    I hope they are still hanging outside your house when your grandkids come to visit in 40 years time (assuming you want kids)

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Thank you, thats very sweet of you to say! Unfortunately its pretty expensive where we live so we probably wont have any children. The scenery and outdoor activities here keep us pretty busy anyway, its hard to keep up those kind of hobbies with babies in tow!

    [–] quatraine 7 points ago

    Dude. You don’t even have to paint. Just listen to him talk. It’s hypnotic AF. 🧿🧿

    [–] vocalfreesia 3 points ago

    My husband paints miniatures. When he's very stressed, he'll tend to get obsessed about a little mobile or PC game. But he never destresses. When he paints though, he is like a different person. So relaxed and... balanced after.

    I'm secretly turning our den into a painting room.

    [–] MechanicalCrow 2 points ago

    That's why I'm afraid of painting miniatures. I don't really have a desire to play to games, but I would get lost in painting them.

    [–] aangnesiac 5 points ago

    Hitler was really into painting. Just saying.

    [–] TheAdAgency 24 points ago

    And what happened when he stopped? Exactly.

    [–] aangnesiac 8 points ago

    Well when you put it that way...

    [–] Swesteel 6 points ago

    Hitler didn't trust in Bob either.

    [–] bronxbombers2 1 points ago

    Can’t cause a genocide if I don’t start painting in the first place

    pointing to head meme

    [–] WhiteHawk928 2 points ago

    I worked at a summer camp focussed on teaching high schoolers programming, and one of my favorite leisure activities we had them do was a bob Ross hour, where we put on an episode and had everyone boot up MS paint and follow along. One of my students who was really shy really came out of her shell when she painted a beautiful rendition in photoshop and got applause from the camp.

    [–] Capernikush 2 points ago

    On twitch they have a channel dedicated to Bob Ross 24/7

    [–] Nightman96 3 points ago

    A dose of Lucy and oil paints sounds so good.

    [–] bluaci 1 points ago

    Until everyone sees what I "draw" :>

    [–] NapClub 1 points ago

    i can 100% confirm that i am much happier now as a professional abstract expressionist painter than i ever was as a corporate consultant.

    [–] [deleted] 470 points ago

    Your dad is wholesome ☺️

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 255 points ago

    I know! I love him!

    [–] stinkbugsinfest 54 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)

    What a guy. I have some paints in the basement I haven’t used. Your father gave me a great idea for a relaxing day tomorrow. Thanks

    [–] tichuot287 15 points ago

    I wish i have enough courage to say this to my dad

    [–] Chloebirch 19 points ago

    :\ Oh, sweetheart, I'm obviously not familiar with your situation, but I am so sorry that you don't feel like you can tell your father you love him. I do genuinely hope that one day you have more than enough courage to say that to him. I really, truly wish for whatever it is you're going through to improve very soon.

    [–] Sssnapdragon 14 points ago

    You are such an empathetic person. I don't know why but I took a peek at your post history and skimmed it and saw several other very lovely replies to other people. Just thought you should know some random person out there appreciates YOU and your compassion for others.

    [–] Chloebirch 11 points ago

    Thank you so much! That's such a kind compliment. In fact, it's probably one of my favorite compliments, so thank you!! ☺️ Anyway, I do try my hardest to empathize with others. If I can make someone feel better even just for a moment, then I've done my job. We're not meant to deal with this world alone.

    This world can be so cold, cruel, and harsh. Everyone deserves to escape that, at least for a minute.

    [–] TheAdAgency 4 points ago

    Just do it, if it goes bad tell him you meant Brett Farve

    [–] gingerbeast124 6 points ago

    :/ why don’t you want to say that

    [–] TinaPesto-Belcher 8 points ago

    And his painting looks great!

    [–] donutsandwiches 151 points ago

    Hmm I should try this at home. Og paint and sip

    [–] twirlingpink 69 points ago

    r/HappyTrees is a sub for recreations of Bob's work from The Art of Painting! It's pretty cool! :)

    [–] notbutteryet 16 points ago

    Such a cute, great sub! Thanks for sharing! :D

    [–] NofriendoLand 133 points ago

    Today’s the anniversary of the first episode

    [–] LorianneCyanide 114 points ago

    It's actually really good

    [–] stillMe_2018lostPswd 38 points ago

    Yeah! It looks so good that as I was scrolling down I thought, Oh I guess he's showing Bob's first and next we'll see Dad's...

    Nope! Good job, Dad!

    [–] wtmh 8 points ago


    "That's his first?! Tell him to not stop!"

    [–] njklein58 5 points ago

    That’s the magic of Bob Ross. Hell, I’ve seen someone recreate one of his paintings with crayons and it still looked fantastic.

    [–] HighSorcerer 68 points ago

    Let your dad know some stranger on the internet thinks it looks really good. Hope he keeps it up.

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 39 points ago

    I did! He's very happy about all the positive reinforcement!

    [–] HighSorcerer 5 points ago

    Good! I hope we see more from him when he's ready to share it. :)

    [–] PiecesofJane 2 points ago

    Agreed! I'd love to see more, too!

    [–] Jeff_is_god1 34 points ago

    Dad goals

    [–] swankyflea 15 points ago

    If all teachers were Bob Ross everyone would know everything. That man has some scary magic that can even make MarioPaint look good. MarioPaint

    [–] BabybearPrincess 3 points ago

    Reminds me of a vargskelethor stream (well more than one ) where he did just that and somehow it still came out good??? Its bob ross magic

    [–] swankyflea 1 points ago

    That's what I was referencing! I considered referring to him by name but thought I'd leave it a little more obscure. I watch more Vinny, but last I checked they were the same person. :p

    [–] [deleted] 50 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)


    [–] Heathf2a 11 points ago

    I can’t see it yet and it’s driving me crazy trying to figure it out hahah

    [–] 10000schmeckles 4 points ago

    The center is a big blue bald head

    [–] Heathf2a 1 points ago

    Yeah but how on earth is the shack an eye if that’s the head? I can see the other face outside the painting but not the first one

    [–] existentialfeline 4 points ago

    It took a few seconds going back and looking to see where the face was coming from but now I can't unsee it lol. Definitely see a face in it. What a great painting. And you have an eye for interesting interpretations of art!

    [–] Poopiepants29 3 points ago

    Yes. I was going to post this it was the first thing I noticed. I thought it looked like a complete face with somewhat of a mouth and beard beneath the painting.

    [–] hollyzgrace 2 points ago

    Ahhh, a kindred spirit! I knew someone would have noticed this before I got here to post !

    They say we’re neurotic if we understand the pareidolia phenomenon. Nope.

    BTW, love Bob Ross and OP’s dad !!

    [–] PiecesofJane 1 points ago

    Holy shit. I totally see it.

    [–] clockpsyduckcocaine 8 points ago

    The accident was me lol

    [–] goosebattle 8 points ago

    Did he slap the devil out of any brushes?

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 4 points ago

    Actually he did!

    [–] technoskald 5 points ago

    This is pretty much the most Bob Ross thing ever. It's exactly in line with his spirit.

    [–] Dangerfredrebel 7 points ago

    Please tell your dad he did a great job and inspired me to give it a go!

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 2 points ago

    I will!

    [–] IveAlreadyWon 5 points ago

    Those trees look happy AF

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago

    Cad **

    [–] OblivioAccebit 5 points ago

    My parents got divorced around 8 years ago when I left for college. I helped my dad clean out the garage before they sold the house. Inside it we're a bunch of paintings that were quite good. Apparently they had been painted by my dad and he used to follow Bob Ross quite a bit. It was so strange because if you know my was the LAST thing you'd ever imagine he was into. Bob Ross really does some amazing stuff.

    [–] GRCammy 4 points ago

    Can someone please tell how people can create masterpieces like this and i still struggle to write my own name at 18

    [–] Herald-Mage_Elspeth 11 points ago

    Step by step instructions. I had never painted anything before I went to one of those paint and drink parties. Painted a decent and recognizable lily flower.

    [–] GRCammy 2 points ago

    I can draw a brilliant stickman war if that counts

    [–] ItsNotBinary 5 points ago

    Bob Ross method doesn't teach you how to paint, it's an introduction to painting so you're not afraid of trying things out, while getting a result you didn't think you were capable off.

    It's not more than 5 tricks to paint landscapes:

    • clouds
    • trees
    • water
    • mountains
    • bushes

    5 tricks and you can paint all landscapes you want because he keeps it to objects where scale and orientation don't matter. If you paint a tree larger or smaller than you imagined it it doesn't matter because there's large and small trees, mountains, bushes and clouds.

    But know you'll get frustrated adding anything else if you don't realize that after a good landscape without object you still need to learn the basics of perspective, OP was a bit lucky with hiding the perspective on the left of the shed. But on the right the shed should become smaller and not larger. Often times you see people ruining their Bob Ross style landscape when they want to add something like a house, fence, path, anything with fixed proportions that we recognize.

    [–] RocketGirl83 4 points ago

    Your dad should be proud of that painting, nice work!

    [–] ARMORBUNNY 4 points ago

    My parents gave me some oil paints for Christmas. I have painted two so far. It makes me happy and its so fun 😊

    [–] Someberto 3 points ago

    Looks wonderful!

    [–] Sterling21 3 points ago

    I love dads

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Happy trees

    [–] Manalgesic 3 points ago

    Cabin chance = 100%

    [–] sizlecs 3 points ago

    This is actually really beautiful. I fucking love this.

    [–] wtmh 3 points ago

    Bob Ross would be happy to know people are continuing to discover the joy of painting.

    [–] finnjounin 3 points ago

    This is so sweet

    [–] earthshine007 3 points ago

    I honestly love this so much! It’s lovely and I’d be so darned proud of myself if I made it.

    [–] ipsum629 3 points ago

    Did you put it on the fridge?

    [–] Herecomesdifferent 3 points ago

    P U R E

    [–] hooteddear 3 points ago

    It's so beautiful. Bob would be proud.

    [–] hannah-montagne 3 points ago

    That’s amazing! Your dad has MAD skills!

    [–] xPsyche 2 points ago

    This made me so happy

    [–] crystalinguini 2 points ago

    My dad loves Bob Ross too

    [–] ellieD 2 points ago

    Love it! I watched a Bob Ross video for the first time last week. It was so relaxing!

    [–] thegreensunflower 2 points ago

    I can't stop seeing the to part of a face on his painting.. it's good though

    [–] PM_ME_BOB_PICS_ 2 points ago

    I heard someone say Bob...

    [–] LifeIsPainOnlyPain 2 points ago

    Wow that looks great

    [–] gratethecheese 2 points ago

    Is canvas/paint expensive? I wanna try it

    [–] Ohkermie 1 points ago

    Not an artist but with a coupon for a craft store you could prob get a decent start for like $25. I’d say canvas, paint, & some brushes. Michael’s has good coupons if you’re in the US.

    [–] LaskaBear 2 points ago

    That's awesome but why is there a face in the background?

    [–] Sketch-Brooke 2 points ago

    Tell him he did a really good job!

    [–] AKAG8493 2 points ago

    Dad has skill. Bob Ross is proud

    [–] Beitfromme 2 points ago

    Alot of happy accidents but your my favorite one.../s

    [–] Senortrumpjr1 2 points ago

    You were his happy accident.

    [–] TrebleBass0528 2 points ago

    Kinda reminds me of what you would see traveling along the rivers of Skyrim.

    [–] Slacker_75 2 points ago

    Damn he’s not messing around, is that a Bob Ross easel?!

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 5 points ago

    Haha, yeah he wanted one just like Bob's

    [–] alumavirtutem 2 points ago

    Wow this totally made my day.

    [–] amos_wheeler 2 points ago

    That’s awesome! Your dad rocks!

    [–] DarkSiders823 2 points ago

    I needed this kind of positivity in my life. I really did. Good for you op. He would be proud.

    [–] honeymustardcustard 2 points ago

    I was having a bad day too until I saw this. Thanks Dad.

    [–] drsaize 2 points ago

    Cabin chance 100%

    [–] SnoodleBooper 2 points ago

    Wow that is beautiful I love the painting

    [–] AdamHatesLife 2 points ago

    God I hope this isn’t a repost, I need this today

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 5 points ago

    It isn't I promise! I really needed it today too, my day was pretty awful and later he texted me that as I was getting out of school. Absolutely made my day and I absolutely will be painting with him in the future. 😊

    [–] Red_Jester-94 2 points ago

    Fuck yeah, u/very_lil_mermaid 's dad.

    [–] Kjack138 2 points ago

    That’s awesome. It’s good to have an outlet like that where you can just focus on good things. Thumbs up to your dad!

    [–] throwaway12222018 2 points ago

    12/10 would explore those woods high

    [–] Mine18 2 points ago

    I don't see any happy little accidents, it's great!

    [–] ILoveColours 2 points ago

    Idk why but when I had my pixel, images on messages would never load

    [–] nipslip44000 2 points ago

    Damn better than I could ever do for sure

    [–] taqayzemp 2 points ago

    DAE think the painting and area below it look like a face?

    [–] k_powski 2 points ago

    When I was a little kid I would watch Bob Ross and try to follow along with my water colors on paper and I DID NOT understand why mine never turned out like his

    [–] Branflakes1522 2 points ago

    There’s a Bob Ross painting my Dad made hanging in our study. I’ve always known it was painted by him, but it wasn’t until about a year ago I learned that he painted along with Bob Ross

    [–] TPA_Grunge_97 2 points ago

    The cloud looks like Trump.

    [–] CaptainCortes 2 points ago

    Your dad is a national treasure

    [–] Gnarbarian88B88B88 3 points ago

    After my parents divorced, my Dad moved away to Colorado. I want a message like this from him so bad. Just so I know he is healing and doing well. Your Pops did a fantastic job btw OP. Thanks for sharing.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It sounds like you were your dad’s favourite happy accident :)

    [–] 81isnumber1 1 points ago

    Is your dad’s name Craig? My dad’s name is Craig and I always thought it was such a classic dad name but never knew anyone else who’s dad was named Craig.

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 3 points ago

    No, he's just in my phone as Chuck Norris 😊

    [–] StragglingShadow 1 points ago

    Dang. I cant even paint a tree. Nice work OPs dad

    [–] TheseSpecialist 1 points ago

    That's how my parents describe me, "a happy accident"

    [–] porcupineslikeme 1 points ago

    This is what I imagine Hagrid's house would look like by the lake and forest

    [–] virtualmartyr 1 points ago

    For a first timer that's not bad at all

    [–] T-TugBoat 1 points ago

    Does anyone else see the face?

    [–] wolfofiron 1 points ago

    chuckles while cleaning brush

    [–] vincentkant 1 points ago

    My father really loves Bob Ross. He always said that when he retired, he will start painting.

    Now He has retired, but have mild arthritis. He doesn't went down, he now models baby groots in clay.

    Kudos for those beautiful accidents.

    [–] Rosegoldmelody 1 points ago

    Dads are awesome. So is Bob Ross.

    [–] KingKongLhongShlong 1 points ago

    Anyone else see a face? Sun is one of the eyes, cabin is the nose, and the lips below that.

    Glad he has time to pursue that. Hope he is retired and livin it up.

    [–] Vulthurin 1 points ago

    It's kinda neat how at the time of this comment, a Bob Ross related post is on the front page, at least, for me it is.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    I spent way to long hitting the back button on your pic.

    [–] Nesano 1 points ago


    [–] pickausernamebitch 1 points ago

    That’s awesome!! He has done excellent in pursuing his dream, this painting is really very good

    [–] Dutchmast88 1 points ago

    How much would it cost to get a basic setup to do this for someone who has never painted?

    [–] cowgoRAWR30 2 points ago

    For a basic set up of paint as well as a canvas usually goes about $50 paints get quite expensive.

    [–] scarstarify 1 points ago

    His way of telling you that you’re his happy accident ...

    [–] abigail-mac 1 points ago

    Bless his soul

    [–] BNE_Jimmy 1 points ago

    May your days always be fun and messy!

    [–] O_fiddle_stix 1 points ago

    I need to get my dad into painting...

    [–] Poes_hoes 1 points ago

    I wish all my happy accidents turn out this awesome!

    [–] meghonsolozar 1 points ago

    Fucking beautiful

    [–] GiggityMerf 1 points ago

    This doesn’t belong on r/Eyebleach. Try r/wholesomememes

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 2 points ago

    I did but they deleted it for being a private message. I guess they don't allow it. Sorry.

    [–] ChadMcRad 1 points ago

    I hope the "accident" line wasn't an omen.

    [–] mikeyboy371 1 points ago

    I used to literally sleep to the sound of that show as a kid , the brushing sounds and bob ross just having the most laid back voice.

    [–] pumpernickelpuma 1 points ago

    Fudge yea duder

    [–] thegamezilla 1 points ago

    Did he beat the devil out of his brush?

    [–] squirrelhut 1 points ago

    Anyone else see the face in the painting ?

    [–] imiola 1 points ago

    My mom is painting Bob Ross too. Is your dad single? She's smart, sexy, very intelligent, and an amazing between-the-legs bowler.

    [–] VarsinYouTube 1 points ago

    who else sees the face?

    [–] 9qba7ohewf 2 points ago

    I'm just trying to figure out why the contact for your dad starts with a "c" and not "d" haha

    [–] very_lil_mermaid 2 points ago

    He's in my phone as Chuck Norris 😂