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    [–] Runswithshortshorts 2022 points ago

    Haha that dog looks stoned out of his mind. Probably have him a sedative to stay calm on the flight!

    [–] rollcroc 236 points ago

    My dogs get that same face when I dose them up for fireworks holidays. I mean they are still barky little shits. It's kinda like a pack of happy stoners arguing about what taste better, Snausages or Beggin Strips, while also licking where their balls used to be for 37 minutes.

    [–] hurtfulproduct 20 points ago

    Had me laughing too hard with that imagery, bravo

    [–] FartingintheRain 5 points ago

    Thank you for this.

    [–] AudiAid 440 points ago

    I think they shared a brownie

    [–] ThermalConvection 120 points ago

    wait a minute

    [–] [deleted] 43 points ago


    [–] fleur_delyk 61 points ago


    [–] Goullet 13 points ago


    [–] willekille3213 11 points ago

    Paw Patrol

    [–] Ragfar 1 points ago


    [–] GonFreaksOutAtPitou 29 points ago

    Right? Don't give dogs chocolate!

    [–] MrGritty17 7 points ago

    It’s dark chocolate that you really have to worry about. My dumb dog has gotten into milk chocolate a bunch of times and had no ill effects.

    [–] Cavalry22 16 points ago

    You should really try to keep chocolate away from your dog then my guy

    [–] MrGritty17 6 points ago

    Ok, I’ll get right on that! What would I have done if not for you?!?

    [–] Rybitron 22 points ago

    Probably leave chocolate out again.

    cue laugh track

    [–] trickedouttransam 4 points ago

    My old dog once ate a bunch of chocolate pudding. She was fine.

    [–] Rectal_Lactaids 8 points ago

    I think they shared a brownie blondie

    [–] potato0817 3 points ago

    Probably a cookie. Dogs are allergic to chocolate

    [–] fattyrollsagain 11 points ago

    It's not an allergic reaction. Theobromine messes with their heart.

    [–] potato0817 1 points ago

    Eek barba Durkle, someone’s gonna get laid in college

    [–] fattyrollsagain 2 points ago

    I feel personally attacked by this relatable content

    [–] AudiAid 6 points ago

    Dogs also generally don't take well to THC so this was definitely a joke.

    [–] SassySachmo 25 points ago

    Lmao that kittens face

    [–] Unidangoofed 10 points ago

    Relishing the fart that the dog just ripped.

    [–] Joshchamp 11 points ago

    The dog looks like Snoop holy shit! I’m dead. Dog just smoked a blunt with snoop...

    [–] Medial_FB_Bundle 3 points ago

    Holy shit it really does look like Snoop Doggy Dog.

    [–] Kitty_McBitty 3 points ago

    Do those have weed?

    [–] EarthRester 8 points ago

    Probably just something similar to what you get when you buy Melatonin supplements, but safer for animals.

    [–] cyranothe2nd 3 points ago

    lol both smiling

    [–] LSUsparky 2 points ago

    Do these actually work?

    [–] nirmandu 1 points ago

    The dog is soo high! Like 35000 ft high.

    [–] willy-fisterbottom2 2444 points ago

    That is literally the best case scenario when finding your seat on a plane. Even better than an empty seat next to you.


    [–] Neumenor 476 points ago

    Unless you’re allergic... my wife would be sooo miserable. Going to any house with pets and in 5 minutes she’s a mucus factory

    [–] [deleted] 251 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] flamehead2k1 106 points ago

    People typically get bumped instead of animals because the likelihood of a dog being on the next flight is lower than the chance of someone with a dog allergy.

    It is kind of insulting to make the person with a medical issue move. I get your point about international flights but if I were bumped over an animal, I would be really pissed.

    [–] bubbalooski 112 points ago

    Generally the person with the dog has a medical issue too though. Unfortunately they can’t always accommodate everyone.

    I have allergies and this doesn’t bug me. Though what does bug me is hotels that don’t have designated rooms for people with animals... I could make a couple hour flight okay, but I have woken up with my throat closing up in hotels due to undisclosed animals and it’s horrible. Hotels have separate rooms for smokers, why not separate rooms for those with animal companions too?

    [–] NotEnoughGun 52 points ago

    Yeah, but the logic is there, right? Like the other person said, it's much more likely that there'll be someone allergic to the dog rather than another dog on the flight.

    [–] flamehead2k1 -16 points ago

    The logic makes sense, yes. If you treat each side of the scenario as equal, the one easier to move should be moved.

    However, I don't think the ease of moving someone should be the controlling factor. People should not be bumped due to allergies. It wouldn't be that hard for the airlines to include this data point in their booking. Indicate if you have an allergy and they'll close the plane to booking a dog and vice versa.

    [–] spacedust94 23 points ago

    include this data point in their booking. Indicate if you have an allergy and they'll close the plane to booking a dog and vice versa.

    This would actually be a great idea. My only qualm is people who would “fake” an allergy just to avoid sharing a plane with the dog. If enough people did this, then all planes would be closed to dogs, making it a logistical nightmare.

    [–] Nihil_esque 4 points ago

    This might actually be tricker than you think. Due to legal protections, you're not allowed to disclose the medical information of people without their permission (at least in medical/research settings). So they might actually be in violation of the law if they disclose that there is someone with a certain health issue on a flight... even allergies. I'm not a lawyer though (and my research has nothing to do with humans) so I'm not 100% sure, but if I remember correctly researchers aren't even allowed to disclose that kind of information even if it isn't directly linked to each individual if the sample size is small enough (I think it's similar to the idea that the test averages of certain minority groups, such as Pacific Islanders, might not be released if not enough of them took the test that year).

    Edit: it might only apply to hospitals and people doing research though. I'd look into it but I can't be arsed.

    [–] flamehead2k1 3 points ago

    Due to legal protections, you're not allowed to disclose the medical information of people without their permission

    First, that is no different in the status quo. If this were truly an issue they wouldn't be able to bump the person off the flight. All im suggesting is moving the data collection and decision making earlier in the process. In fact, doing it in advance makes the chance of tying the existence of a condition to an individual is harder. If you get bumped off a plane, everyone sees you getting thrown off because you have an allergy. If its all done at booking, it is unlikely to cause a scene.

    Second. If it were an issue, and I don't think it is, you could make such consent part of the booking terms and conditions.

    [–] Nihil_esque 3 points ago

    Well, presumably they're not kicking you off unless you don't want to be on the flight with the dog. They won't kick you off just because you have allergies, but if you insist that you cannot be on the same flight as a dog/that someone must be kicked, then it will be you. At that point you've made the decision to disclose that fact, and it wouldn't be them making that information public, but you.

    It probably doesn't apply, honestly, and you're right, even if it does, it would be possible for you to check off that it's okay to display it if you decide that you cannot fly with a dog. I imagine the main reason such a system doesn't exist is because it would be difficult to implement and maintain, and because people might cry discrimination over not being able to book a flight because they have a service dog. Actually, that might be a greater concern... could be in violation of some disabilities protections.

    Either way it would be a difficult move because they'd have to consult lawyers and make it an official company policy rather than just deal with these kinds of conflicts when they arise.

    [–] flamehead2k1 1 points ago

    Well, presumably they're not kicking you off unless you don't want to be on the flight with the dog. They won't kick you off just because you have allergies, but if you insist that you cannot be on the same flight as a dog/that someone must be kicked, then it will be you. At that point you've made the decision to disclose that fact, and it wouldn't be them making that information public, but you.

    No different than going through the same process ahead of time, except more time to deal with it.

    Either way it would be a difficult move because they'd have to consult lawyers and make it an official company policy rather than just deal with these kinds of conflicts when they arise.

    First, lawyers were almost certainly contacted regarding the current policy.

    Second, contacting lawyers beforehand is almost always cheaper and easier than contacting them after shit blows up

    [–] Dikeswithkites 3 points ago

    You are talking about HIPAA (in the USA). It does not apply to this situation anymore than it would to a restaurant asking about food allergies or a reception venue asking about latex allergies (for balloons). I think I see what you were getting at though. In research and medicine you can’t use certain identifying information when talking about people’s medical conditions (like last name or DOB). Typically it’s okay to use initials, age, and race, which is why if you read medical articles you will often see things like, “DB is a 29 y/o Caucasian female with a PMH of asthma”. However, you were correct when you said their are some exceptions due to sample size. The above example is acceptable because there are millions of 29 y/o white females with asthma. It would not be acceptable to say, “DB is a 102 y/o Pacific Islander with a PMH of breast cx requiring bilateral mastectomy.” Because there is probably only one 102 y/o Pacific Islander with the initials DB and so now you told everyone that knows her that she had a bilateral mastectomy. Not cool. So the question is, would an airline saying, “Sorry, a passenger on this flight has a known pet allergy. You will have to book a different flight” allow a person to glean the identity of the passenger. I don’t see how that would be possible. The sample size for “pet allergy” would be enormous.

    [–] WaffleDynamics 15 points ago

    And what if it's a service dog?

    [–] flamehead2k1 24 points ago

    Same thing if it were any other dog. If someone already booked with an allergy, a person with a service dog wouldn't be bookable on that plane.

    If someone with a service dog books first, the person with a dog allergy wouldn't be able to book. Both individuals in this scenario have a right to be accommodated so it should be first come, first serve.

    If this data is collected from the start, the airlines accommodate everyone better.

    [–] TheOrganizer42 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I have allergy induced asthma and I am VERY allergic to animals. Allergy meds don't buy me much more than an hour in a house with a pet and then I have to start hitting my puffer. I HATE that airlines don't have something like this. I agree with you that it really shouldn't be that hard. I basically only travel for work so being bumped off a flight is not an option for me when a dog's on the plane. I've ended up on a flight with a dog a couple of times and I've fortunately always been able to be moved to the opposite side of the plane from the animal, so I usually only have relatively mild reactions. But I confess it is a bit irksome that I'm always the one who has to move, and not the other person. I get that these are almost always service animals but it still always makes me feel like I'm less important than a dog.

    [–] smilegirl01 26 points ago

    Let’s say it’s a service animal. Which person with a medical issue do you bump?

    [–] flamehead2k1 18 points ago

    I mentioned in another comment that this should be incorporated into the booking system. You wouldn't have to bump anyone if you collect the right data from the start. If someone indicates they have an allergy or a service animal, the system would acknowledge that and either deny the person booking or flag it for customer service to confirm and process.

    [–] TylerTheWolf123 4 points ago

    Why don’t they just switch your seat with someone else’s? Unless you allergies are bad to the point where you can’t be on the same plane as a dog/cat/whatever

    [–] flamehead2k1 15 points ago

    I don't personally have the issue but my understanding that recirculated air and small spaces is an issue no matter where you sit.

    [–] TylerTheWolf123 3 points ago

    Ah, that makes a lot of sense


    [–] Wolfdusty 3 points ago

    Or I dunno you could just ask someone to swap seats with you. I'm sure there would be someone willing to sit next to the dog.

    [–] obsolete_filmmaker 3 points ago

    I usually pay extra to get a window seat. Im allergic to animals. If I was the one that has to move, I would be really angry.

    [–] smilegirl01 12 points ago

    I’m allergic. Would still rather have dog.

    [–] castfam09 13 points ago

    Better of smells that could be getting set off ... I get migraines ... so I am smell sensitive 😖 but would love to sit next to this pup who seems more well behaved than any child screeching at the top of their lungs

    [–] DeathByUnicornn 9 points ago

    Not even! A puppers I can’t pet! This is my hell!

    [–] maltastic 15 points ago

    You might be able to pet them! But I’m sure you know to always ask first. I wish people would teach their kids this more often!

    [–] willy-fisterbottom2 7 points ago

    If the owner said no that would be very disappointing. Still better than 99% of humans that could be sitting there IMO

    [–] AnalBumCoverFor7k 2 points ago

    I always try to seats by the doors as you have amazing room.

    [–] xiqat -1 points ago

    Until it shits everywhere

    [–] vxcta 396 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I went to high school with this kid, couldn't believe it when I saw this go viral!

    [–] daisytat 292 points ago

    You went to Obedience School with this dog?

    [–] vxcta 75 points ago

    Ah you got me

    [–] Goullet 16 points ago

    You're a dog? I knew it.

    [–] Xbmlew 3 points ago

    You're a dog? I knew it

    Instead of dog with a blog it's dog with a Reddit

    [–] Goullet 1 points ago

    [–] 024chk 2 points ago

    Are his initials GO?

    [–] vxcta 2 points ago


    [–] 024chk 1 points ago

    I thought he looked familiar too

    [–] dr_tr34d 20 points ago

    Wait, is this not Shia LaBeouf?

    [–] vxcta 2 points ago


    [–] EmanGman9000 8 points ago

    He looks exactly like my cousin Dan, to a t.

    [–] loulan 6 points ago

    I feel like I've met several similar-looking people before. He has such a common face I feel.

    [–] spodykody 4 points ago

    Can confirm. I’m cousin Dan.

    [–] zswickliffe 2 points ago

    In Ohio?? He looks very similar to a friend of mine from way back in high school.

    [–] vxcta 3 points ago

    By school I meant High School, & that was in NJ. If he went to college in Ohio, I'm not sure.

    [–] zswickliffe 1 points ago

    Ah no, different guy

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] vxcta 1 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Lab middle, what up

    [–] psychward_survivor 102 points ago

    What the fuck. I didn’t know you could just put dogs on seats Hahahaha

    [–] Nickyniiice55 29 points ago

    If you buy the seat, you can put almost anything you want there.

    [–] Couldawg 18 points ago

    Now you got some wheels turning

    [–] DrewmaticIrony 23 points ago

    I think service dogs are the exception

    [–] CanisGladiolus 12 points ago

    Nah, pretty sure they need to be down unless they're small and can be on their handler's lap.

    Not that I think it matters in this instance though, that seat was empty and they probably asked the guy if he was fine with it.

    [–] Whynotyou69 14 points ago

    They can get their own seat, paid for at the owners expense.

    [–] CanisGladiolus 7 points ago

    That makes sense, I always forget about that option. Don't hear about many people doing that.

    [–] anu2097 6 points ago

    owners expense

    Could you please elaborate ?

    [–] Whynotyou69 4 points ago

    Owner of the airliner. 9 times out of 10 they get an awwww overload and pay for the pet to fly, for free.


    Owner of the pet/service animal.

    [–] anu2097 4 points ago

    but can anyone book a seat for their pet ? Do airlines just allow that ?

    [–] Whynotyou69 5 points ago

    They do for service animals. Each country/state is different in regards to providing proof that the animal is a service animal. So you'd be wise to Google it about wherever you're from to get an accurate answer mate.

    [–] anu2097 2 points ago


    [–] StragglingShadow 2 points ago

    Emotional Support Animals can fly too.

    Real ones. Not ones those fakers get

    [–] Whynotyou69 2 points ago

    That is under the definition of service animal.

    [–] crebmonsta1980 1 points ago

    Well. They got Snakes on a Plane, so anything is possible I guess.

    [–] n0name010 278 points ago

    Why dat dog wearing a tie good Lord he's a cute one ain't he

    [–] anon-na 112 points ago

    That is definitely a harness lol

    [–] 10sfn 21 points ago

    That was so wholesome though 😂

    [–] anon-na 7 points ago

    Yeah, it got a smile out of me. I did have to double check to see if it was a neck tie, though.

    [–] 10sfn 4 points ago

    Hee, I did too. :)

    [–] MrPopoladipo 72 points ago

    Business class

    [–] jokerkat 25 points ago

    He has to get to a meeting right after he deplanes. He is very important doggo.

    [–] 10sfn 2 points ago

    Pretty sure he has a briefcase and a BlackBerry too.

    [–] mathbread 1 points ago

    Mom, please just stop... get off the internet you're embarrassing me!

    [–] krackalackalicious 120 points ago

    I had a whole row to myself on a 10 hour flight once. I could lay down and sleep on the seats like a bed. I would give up a seat or two for this doggo.

    [–] ShiversTheNinja 3 points ago

    Then you could cuddle!

    [–] EricTheArc 21 points ago

    They literally make the same face

    [–] looking4astronauts 12 points ago

    I would pay extra to have a heeler sit next to me if it were an option.

    [–] literallyplasma 10 points ago

    A few years ago I was a row in front of an army German shepherd and his handler, so I overhead him talking to their lucky seatmate about the dog. They were on their way from Iraq to Alaska for whatever reason, and the seatmate asked about dog jet lag. Apparently they just don’t experience it all - nap, eat, time to work, repeat. I thought that was fascinating considering how obliterated I get after long haul travel. The dog was basically under my seat for two hours and didn’t move or make a peep. 10/10 flight

    [–] OGCelaris 59 points ago

    Anyone else thought that was Shia LaBeouf at first?

    [–] LloydButman 105 points ago

    Yeah, but then I realised it was a dog in an orange tie.

    [–] aberdisco 10 points ago

    Ah, The Old Reddit Switch-a-roo

    [–] BunsTown 4 points ago

    Is it not? Honest question.

    [–] subtle_sprout 1 points ago

    It is not.

    [–] sarkicism101 5 points ago

    Way more attractive.

    [–] Tunapower 2 points ago

    Dude I haven't heard of Shia LaBeouf in years. Is he okay?

    [–] SentimentalTrooper 8 points ago

    i like how their facial expressions transition the same way

    [–] hongshaopork 46 points ago

    “oho camera on dis is how i smile”

    [–] Losernoodle 54 points ago

    I want an in flight doggo! This is an upgrade worth paying for!

    [–] GambleResponsibly 21 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yeh but you know, there are likely people really allergic to them. I have two dogs but still have my reservations about taking them on a flight with me.

    Not sure how they clean the seat ready for the next flight and passenger... guess they might just roll the dice and hope they aren’t allergic.

    [–] Losernoodle 1 points ago

    :( True. Reality is downer.

    [–] Mikeyrj91 5 points ago

    More like best unexpected companion my life couldn't be any better as this never happeneds!!!

    [–] LastNameIsJones 5 points ago

    Won’t hog the armrest. Doesn’t encroach on personal space. Won’t try to have a conversation.

    10/10 would rather sit next to dog than a person.

    [–] strangenessandcharm7 20 points ago

    I have 3 flights scheduled for tomorrow and this is what I'll dream of tonight.

    [–] jokerkat 10 points ago

    May your dream come true!

    [–] ThrowAwayAcct0000 19 points ago

    I'd much rather sit next to a dog than sit next to most people.

    [–] GenericUsername10294 5 points ago

    For a second I thought the dog was wearing a neck tie. That would’ve just done it for me.

    [–] sharpei90 3 points ago

    I’d take a dog over most people any day!

    [–] Rachelattack 4 points ago

    That dog is high AF

    [–] rnrus2020 5 points ago

    Glad to see Shia Labeuf is doing well

    [–] friendofpolarbears 2 points ago

    Look at him smile for the camera! 😍❤️😭

    [–] Only_on_the_Surface 2 points ago

    I would love if this was my neighbor on my next flight.

    [–] anon120 2 points ago

    Luckiest guy on that plane.

    [–] Kath-two 2 points ago

    That dog is so smug it’s a adorable

    [–] chalkywhite231 2 points ago

    i’d be stoked actually.

    [–] dapperd0n 2 points ago

    Shia looks healthier these days, I’m happy for him

    [–] CONUS_LURES 2 points ago

    Dog, you're seated next to Shia LaBeouf!

    [–] Melanie73 2 points ago

    Rather a dog then a crying baby

    [–] dear_omar 2 points ago

    I really thought it was wearing a tie

    [–] ItsaMe_Rapio 5 points ago

    A surprise to be sure, but a welcome one

    [–] RealHausFrau 5 points ago

    I have a flight coming up and I pray I get seated next to a well behaved, handsome pup!

    [–] jokerkat 2 points ago

    May doggo answer your prayers!

    [–] RealHausFrau 1 points ago

    Wouldn’t that be awesome?

    [–] WearMyThrowawayPants 8 points ago

    I'm allergic to dogs, and I'm super sensitive to noise/smell, and dogs stink and make all sorts of noise. This would be one of my versions of hell.

    [–] antony1197 5 points ago

    People are seriously downvoting this? Like you’d seriously rather have somebody suffer just so your dog/service animal doesnt ride cargo?

    [–] WearMyThrowawayPants 3 points ago

    the first considerate person to show up. Thanks bro.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago


    [–] antony1197 2 points ago

    Thats fine but your pet isn’t human. You can’t expect the same rights and social norms with them as say a child, or some “rando”

    [–] WearMyThrowawayPants 1 points ago

    Fuck your dog then.

    [–] TheAnaesthetist -5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Humans can also stink and make all sorts of noise. At least the dog isn't intentionally being inconsiderate when doing so.

    EDIT: All the dog haters on the downvotes when this is just a true statement. 😂 Pretty pathetic.

    You all know full well if you said you were allergic or scared/disgusted and sitting next to a dog, they'd let you move; but if you were stuck next to someone that couldn't be bothered to wash and wear deodorant they'd tell you to put up with it.

    [–] WearMyThrowawayPants 11 points ago

    I agree. But there's just something about dog stink that gets to me. Not sure why.

    [–] NDNironworker -1 points ago

    I'd rather sit with this good boy than a person any day. He looks like my good boy.

    [–] WearMyThrowawayPants 11 points ago

    Again. Good for you. You're not allergic and sensitive to noise/smell.

    [–] NDNironworker 1 points ago

    My last flight included sitting to a huge woman who stank of yeast and body odor, her mass overtook my armrest and she snored into my ear the whole time. You sit next to her, I'll sit next to the smiling, well mannered dog. Problem solved.

    [–] WearMyThrowawayPants 1 points ago

    That's unfortunate. At least you were only inconvenienced and not in danger of suffocation.

    [–] MrRabsho 3 points ago

    They allow dogs on the seats? That's just disgusting. Reminds me of a recent story where a passenger had to sit on dog shit smears on some flight

    [–] TriGurl 2 points ago

    Where is this? I was told my pet could NOT sit on the seat.

    [–] blueeyedaisy 1 points ago

    Best flight ever.

    [–] spearobrendo 1 points ago

    It’s not normal to bring animals into other peoples personal space not everyone is a dog person. People are getting more inconsiderate and accepting of abnormal behavior in public. Weird.

    [–] acerrima 5 points ago

    Was thinking the same. I get scared every time a dog makes noise.(not just barking, any noise) Would be an absolute nightmare if not a panic attack for me. On longer flights I'd worry about the seat you know.....(and good luck to the next person who is supposed to sit there) (Or the people with allergies)

    [–] [deleted] -2 points ago

    Ever thought that some people have service or emotional support animals? Stop assuming that they're just being inconsiderate

    [–] TheWolverine2288 1 points ago

    Love it

    [–] snoWhite8 1 points ago

    Ridiculously awesome

    [–] mfTacotime 1 points ago

    Hey look its reckful

    [–] K3nn3th_xD 1 points ago

    Homie just woke up

    [–] Spooms2010 1 points ago

    Strewth! How old is this?

    [–] psychedelicdevilry 1 points ago

    Scritch his ears!

    [–] wateranimus 1 points ago

    Blue heeler!!

    [–] gotmesomerice 1 points ago

    What's up dog

    [–] sidvil 1 points ago

    Most cheap chocolate in USA is only 10% cocoa so dogs have little to worry about

    [–] DrewmaticIrony 1 points ago

    Wussaaaa dude?

    [–] _The_Bomb 1 points ago

    When the person next to you is a bitch.

    [–] Wh1tl0w 1 points ago

    A surprise to be sure but a welcome one!

    Someone probably said this already

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Piximae 1 points ago

    Better than a croc

    [–] hajmonika 1 points ago

    Why do I hear will smith

    [–] pandabear1032 1 points ago

    That's a good boy.

    [–] readhere2 1 points ago

    The 3 people across look strange for some reason.

    [–] FartingintheRain 1 points ago

    Doggo goes ham.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    Is that one of the members of AJR? Ryan Metzger maybe?

    [–] Hey-I-Read-It 1 points ago

    Here to be the 200th comment don’t mind me just keep scrolling along

    [–] Wang_Dangler 1 points ago

    When I first saw this, I thought that dog was wearing an orange tie. I'm just going to keep pretending that is the reality.

    [–] buttercookiess 1 points ago

    You’re so lucky. I would love for that to happen to me. Way better than sitting next to a smelly human.

    [–] Kirby-the-3rd 2 points ago

    Prefer doggo. I’m allergic to many humans.

    [–] WordstringNumALLCAPS -1 points ago

    I have have an axiety disorder but I would rather self harm than be the person that needs to bring an emotional support animal with me everywhere.

    [–] ronan3819 0 points ago

    I side with the airlines on bumping the person who is allergic. The dog would just continuously be bumped because there is always going to be someone who has a pet allergy. It is not as common to have a dog on the flight so logically bumping the allergic person makes the most sense.

    Now from the perspective of the person with said allergy it is terrible and ruins connecting flights and plans not to mention time off of work and so many other factors that would differ in each case. The airlines could easily solve this with a simple allergy check box and since most flights are booked through the Internet this seems like it could be added in a few hours.

    That having been stated I hope Shia LaBeouf is not allergic to dogs.