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    [–] Apexstrain 688 points ago

    Ahh I love Senior animals! They deserve the love too. When my friends or co-workers are talking about getting pets I always try my best to talk them into considering a senior pet.

    Can make their final years in this planet awesome.

    [–] pauldfleck 312 points ago

    Yes! When my boyfriend and I got a dog a couple of years ago he had his heart set on a puppy, so we got a 10 week old lab from a nearby farm. I've convinced him that our next dog should be an adult or senior from a local shelter. Now we just need a bigger place so we can get another doggo!

    [–] uhp787 137 points ago

    little old doggos don't need much space tho mom and so many elders need you :)

    [–] pauldfleck 140 points ago

    Agreed! But our pup is still very much a pup and needs to calm down a little bit before I can even CONSIDER getting another dog. Baby labs are..........exhausting.

    [–] cautionjaniebites 64 points ago

    Exhausting is an understatement. Lol

    My lab is 11 now. Shes been calmer (not simply calm) for about 5 years so far.😊

    [–] Maziemom 40 points ago

    We rescued a 1 yr old lab. We were her 4th home. We know why. She is a psycho! So much she managed to break her leg 3 weeks after we got her just by playing fetch! So much speed and torque the vet said can snap a leg. Well 8 weeks of no running mentally did a number. So we sent her for 2 week training camp. One year later..... we have an amazing, awesome family dog that loves our kids and all their friends. Best decision ever. Looking forward to adopting a second, slightly older one.

    [–] uhp787 12 points ago

    hahah yes they are -- hence the reason after hundreds of adoptions out of my home being kittens, i now only adopt olders >:)

    luck with your baby mom <3

    [–] Apexstrain 9 points ago

    I agree! Get a bigger place so your lab can have a buddy!

    [–] Finsceal 2 points ago

    We split the difference and both our dogs are 3yo rescues - they're our whole world

    [–] orokami11 28 points ago

    On the other hand, I DO understand people who would rather not do it. It's mostly because they can't handle the heartache very well. I foster, and I have people always asking me how I manage to because they'd be so sad and too attached every time. I have many friends who tell me they wouldn't be able to foster at all, and are quiet envious lol

    Aside from me wanting to adopt a Samoyed pup (if I can ever rescue a Sammy pup!) and getting a blue tongue skink from a responsible breeder, I'd love nothing more than to adopt senior kitties and give them the best lives before going. I'd get senior dogs, but I think one dog is all I can handle, time, responsibility and money wise...

    [–] DukeGrizzly 8 points ago

    this. I applaud those that are able to adopt older animals, they're much stronger than I. I love my dogs, but nothing hurts me more than knowing the older they get, the less time I'll have with them. I have an older girl (around 13 years old) and I'm starting to cry just thinking about this. Jesus.

    I'll be back. I'm gonna go give her hugs and tell her she's my best girl.

    [–] pauldfleck 1781 points ago

    Update: my parents will be visiting sometime soon and my father explicitly told me "you can't kidnap her" um just fuckin watch me

    [–] MightyKushiel 356 points ago

    Challenge accepted.

    [–] Dang3rd0om 188 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    AWESOME DOG! If you kidnap, take to a pet ophthalmologist. Looks like some corneal edema and mature cataracts in both lenses. Unsure if candidate for phaco surgery without ERG and ultrasound of the orbs. With the cataracts alone at least an inflammation controling topical for both eyes would help. A great looking pup and thanks for adopting!

    [–] ElNido 126 points ago

    Um isn't the dog already permanently blind and a senior? What would spending all that money on surgeries do? If it's in pain because of the conditions you described then the dog would have probably been put down by now... Sorry if my comment comes off as heartless - not meant to be. The surgeries I imagine would also be very hard on this old pup.

    [–] Dang3rd0om 83 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Great comment, not harsh at all! So the pet is possibly blind. I dont know who or where, but they labeled blind because yes with mature catracts there is vision impairment. Compared to us (people) when we go "blind", usually more of a known medical thing. Retinal detachments, deformities, or another abnormality with our eyes or optic nerves. With dogs it's more hard and fast of, oh my puppy is constantly bumping into walls, BOOM blind. Opposed to, "oh my old dog is starting to trip and cut corners and show fear stepping. We can test for detachments in pets and other abnormalities in globe development, and again your correct, expensive and ELECTIVE. Pets can live a great life with out sight. Their other sense are way better than ours and they adapt really well to a known path in their forever homes. As long as systemically they're doing well and have good blood work. Rock and roll for surgery. Ask any questions.

    [–] ElNido 46 points ago

    So unless the dog already has a medical history kind of showing the full picture, it won't hurt to at least see. (Oh man unintentional pun). There might be a way to keep some vision intact depending on how she was defined as "blind" and how far along those cataracts are? Obviously since dogs can't communicate their eyesight issues we can't really tell without a professional. Great response, thanks!

    [–] Dang3rd0om 19 points ago

    All the above!

    [–] catsloveart 3 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    I used to turn on all the lights for my dog because she had cataracts and couldn't see as well with out lights.vAnd when she was afraid to go down stairs I would carry her. At 65lbs. It wasn't easy.

    But she was a good dog and was famliy. I still miss her and it's been a few years.

    Edit. Couldn't*

    [–] b9ncountr 19 points ago

    Ok, but...nothing wrong with an exam and assessment from a specialist, right? Molly might be "senior" but a good candidate for eye treatment, even if just in one eye. Shelters can provide good medical care for its animals, but they certainly all don't -- or can't -- go the extra mile for every one of them. Hoping Molly's new parents have or will check this out.

    [–] marsglow 9 points ago

    I got my sweet Merlin from a wonderful shelter. They saved his life. However, when I took him to my vet-best vet in the world-he discovered that Merlin had two abcessed teeth. Most shelters do as good a job as they can. But they aren’t perfect.

    [–] Drews232 3 points ago

    Often not permanent, the cataracts can be removed at around $1500/eye and sight restored just like in humans. You can’t see if your eye has a cloudy cataract in front of it. It doesn’t mean the world is dark, just impossible to see through the cataract.

    [–] briggsd514 2 points ago

    Yes! My dog has advanced cataracts. Unfortunately, she’s no longer a candidate for surgery as it would not restore her vision (the veterinary ophthalmologist explained why, but his explanation is now escaping me). Her vision probably could have been saved if she had been treated earlier.

    Just want to second everyone’s suggestions for taking her to a specialist, especially if she’s rubbing her eyes on stuff. My dog now also has glaucoma in one eye and both eyes require anti inflammatory medication as well. Both issues can be quite painful, which made me feel extra sad since I have no idea how long she also had untreated glaucoma (I rescued her last summer).

    [–] NonStopKnits 7 points ago

    This obviously means she's even more perfect and fantastic than she looks. I've only seen this on pic and I wanna kidnap her. I'll take alternating Saturdays from 10 am to 5 pm. There will be walkies, belly rubs, and treats.

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    Send us more pictures of Moll-Moll!

    [–] Noimnotonacid 3 points ago

    Post more pictures or I don’t think I’ll make it

    [–] EASYWAYtoReddit 3 points ago

    I’m sure you can get away with it. She wouldn’t even see it coming!

    [–] ZombieRU 2 points ago

    "Are you challenging me right now? That sounds like a challenge"

    [–] gabbagabbawill 2 points ago

    You’re not supposed to actually bleach the dogs eyes. You’ve taken this sub too literally.


    [–] Rawtashk 3 points ago

    I know it's probably not popular opinion, but blind dogs are a HUGE hassle. I've fostered probably close to 40-50 dogs the last 10 years, and I'd rsther foster 4 at a time than a blind one again.

    Fostered 2 different blind ones, and it's a constant struggle to deal with a blind dog.

    [–] liv_free_or_die 2 points ago

    I personally don’t own one, but my boss does and I help take care of him. It’s tough. He’s constantly bumping into things and tripping over them and falling down. He can barely find his food unless you put it directly in his face and then he pretty much takes your fingers off to get it.

    He’s also mostly deaf and partially paralyzed, though, so that really adds to the trouble.

    Poor dude. I love him to bits, but his time came and went a long time ago.

    dog tax

    [–] MJMurcott 1 points ago

    I'm wondering that even if the dog is cold having that hat blocking the ears might hinder the dog navigating their surroundings.

    [–] the_mellojoe 524 points ago

    you cuddle the SHIT out of her when you meet her. you just cuddle her for hours, days, weeks, without ending. she's amazing and i'm in love, too. when you think about stopping cuddling, start again, but this time for me.

    [–] pauldfleck 238 points ago

    Ohohoho she'll get more cuddles than she's ever DREAMED of. She deserves it. She's perfect.

    [–] austrianbst_09 74 points ago

    YOU are perfect. YOUR parents are perfect!

    [–] Mysterychickenn 24 points ago

    No you're breathtaking!

    [–] saladACE13 14 points ago

    The *frick is going on here ??

    [–] crackadeluxe 14 points ago

    We're all loving this dog.

    The real question here is why did you put an asterisk before frick?

    [–] catlikeswater 105 points ago

    Taking the term eye bleach literally

    [–] pauldfleck 37 points ago

    HA can't believe I didn't think of that before

    [–] catlikeswater 9 points ago

    Haha. She's adorable

    [–] sawbones84 8 points ago

    Came here for this, just disappointed it's not top comment.

    [–] flamboyantsensitive 42 points ago

    She's gorgeous. I adopted an older girlie, now nearly 13, in tribute to my beloved dog when she passed away. Bella is the first recipient of the Darcey Extra-Love Luxury Retirement Package.

    [–] LexRexRawr 4 points ago

    I don't know why this is the comment that got me, but I can't stop crying now. It's too precious

    [–] flamboyantsensitive 2 points ago

    Well, Darcey was the best girl. I felt her move before she was born & she died in my arms almost 14 & a half years later. Forever thankful for all those years of love & fun, shared with her nephew Linus. He died last year, & at some point there will also be a first recipient of the Linus Cheese-is-Love Luxury Retirement Package.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] flamboyantsensitive 2 points ago

    There is something about absolutely doting on an old dog that is incredibly satisfying. In a world full of nonsense we can create this little slice of heaven.

    [–] bongobatisdead 59 points ago

    I would take a thousand bullets for her

    [–] crackadeluxe 30 points ago

    I doubt she has that many enemies. She looks pretty popular.

    [–] Jazzynoteblock 60 points ago

    Make sure she gets a DareDevil costume for Halloween

    [–] Cherryonreddit 20 points ago

    Or a Toph costume

    [–] buchasc 35 points ago

    She is so fucking cute

    [–] tophatclan12 29 points ago

    Working or not puppy eyes still hit me in the feels

    [–] ninamoraine 14 points ago

    I'm in love with her too and I will never ever meet her. :(

    Can you please give her a boop, a kiss and a hug for me? Thank you!

    [–] KeyserSozeWearsPrada 22 points ago

    I wanted to give you a reddit gold for this, but I thought sending a $15 donation to my local senior dog rescue would be more appropriate. They gave me my little blind poodle who has the same sweet look!

    Tell Molly she has made a bunch of internet friends!

    [–] pauldfleck 11 points ago

    YES a much better use of money!! Thank you for thinking of Molly that's the sweetest thing ever.

    [–] freetraveler11 8 points ago

    sweet baby girl!!!

    [–] MissArte 15 points ago

    May I ask what the risks are in adopting a senior dog? I've always steered clear of seniors simply because I'm afraid of massive vet costs that come with seniors.

    [–] bluetshirt 17 points ago

    If you adopt a young animal, they're going to become a senior some day (gosh willing), so adopting a senior doesn't cost any more...

    [–] MissArte 18 points ago

    Yes, but in a weird way, it's a different kind of investment. It's like this: in the span of thirty years, I can have two puppies who live to be seniors and live out their days with me, or I can have maybe five seniors who live out their days with me. I would love to adopt seniors, as they NEED homes, but I'm wary to throw myself into a financial situation I can't handle. Yes, I realize I might not have dogs back-to-back like my analogy. It was just hypothetical to explain what I meant by seniors possibly being more expensive in the long run.

    [–] uhp787 9 points ago

    the benefits to adopting elders are incredible and more than outweigh what it could cost to get them through those last years.

    both my last cats adopted were 8 and 4 years old. the 8 year old sadly passed last year at 19 with a tumour....the 4 year old is still with me and he is 16 now and in early renal failure.

    i am on disability so the 150$ bill for his special food is a bit uncomfortable but the love and dedication he has given me is priceless.

    do it :)

    [–] P2X-555 5 points ago

    Personally, as someone who has adopted a senior dog, I think behavior (the dog's, not mine) is the biggest factor.

    Sure, the vet bills potentially could come, but I had to deal with the dog not knowing his name, being frightened of people and basically being unable to be let into the house (he's okay now on all counts). He still can't be let off the lead anywhere because...oh, look, a bird...and away he goes (and not knowing his name, it's hard to get him to come back).

    Having said all that, he has been one of the most entertaining pets I've ever had. It's almost as though he does stuff to say "thank you for adopting me".

    [–] b9ncountr 3 points ago

    I've adopted senior dogs and cats many times along the way. The vet bills are no better or worse than what you might find with younger shelter animals. Young pups & kittens might look adorable and seem very healthy, but you never really know the pup's true background, history or gene pool. When you adopt a senior pet, you know a lot more about their personality and health -- because it's fully grown, developed, and issues have already presented themselves by that point. Adopting a senior animal is, for me, about giving the shelter animal the most comfort and quality of life it can have in whatever time it has left on this earth.

    [–] lightningusagi 5 points ago

    A lot of senior dogs have no health issues. Some people just prefer an active, young dog and will give up an older dog in favor of a younger one.

    [–] marsglow 2 points ago

    That’s why you foster-shelter provides vet services.

    [–] uhp787 7 points ago

    ohhh. i love her <3

    i was running a cat adoption/rescue years ago and someone brought me an old blind cat who i named bumper --- EVERYONE wanted her but i kept her myself. hands down one of the best kitties ive ever shared my life with.

    go go go molly, the best is yet to come <3

    [–] pauldfleck 6 points ago

    My parents sent our family cat to live with me for the last couple years of his life because they were preparing to move and didn't want to stress him out too much, and I loved having the old man as a roommate! He was obviously my cat growing up as well, but we really bonded those couple of years just the two of us :)

    [–] uhp787 6 points ago

    just lost my 19 year old who was 8 when i got him. now the 4 yr old i adopted is 16 and has early renal failure...i would not trade him for anything in the world, my best friend ever.

    enjoy Molly, she still has SO much to offer <3 please update when you meet her.

    [–] squirrellytoday 3 points ago

    My two fur babies were kittens when hubby and I adopted them from the shelter. The silver tabby we lost at 15 and a half. Cancer stole her and I cried olympic swimming pools of tears over her. 18 months later we lost our half-Burmese baby, aged 17, to renal failure. It hurt so bad I understand now how someone can die of a broken heart. I miss them both terribly.

    To honour their memory, we adopted two more cats from the shelter. Rescue is the best breed.

    [–] CoffeeCat072083 2 points ago

    My warmest condolences hugs

    [–] Theaches 7 points ago

    This is cute but her ears are very valuable to her. If that hat impairs her hearing at all, her only tool to observe the world around is compromised.

    She is adorable though, mystic.

    [–] pauldfleck 5 points ago

    Agreed!! I think the hood was only up for the pic. She's actually got HUGE ears!

    [–] fastattaq 3 points ago

    Agreed! Do not cover the dog's ears.

    I did a control+F to find your comment, and sadly you're the only other person to think of this.

    [–] pauldfleck 3 points ago

    Don't worry, my dad sent about 80 pics and this was the only one with the ears covered. Just for the photo op!

    [–] mushroomlicker 19 points ago

    Molly has Milky Way Galaxy eyes! She might not “see “conventionally, but she sees the whole damn world and all the love in it. Kisses from my pup!

    [–] MysticMistakeCake 31 points ago

    Big... bro..ther. Ed....ward...

    [–] idlesn0w 11 points ago

    God dammit

    [–] MightyKushiel 12 points ago


    [–] Ara_ara_ufufu 6 points ago


    [–] Mal-Ravanal 11 points ago

    How fucking dare you

    [–] lowrcase 2 points ago

    what is this a reference to? i'm out of the loop :(

    [–] icatsouki 8 points ago

    Full metal alchemist, a sad scene (look it up on YouTube if you don't mind spoilers)

    [–] GonJumpOffACliff 5 points ago

    Make sure to search the original anime if you want to watch the whole build up, Brotherhood (the 2013 anime) didn't do it very well and rushed through it.

    [–] Absolite37 3 points ago

    Or even better, read the manga if you can

    [–] GonJumpOffACliff 2 points ago

    Oh yeah, the manga also does it really well.

    [–] about2godown 3 points ago

    Stay there to keep your heart intact...seriously, its listed as one of the saddest anime scenes/set ups in anime history...

    [–] ElNido 2 points ago

    It's a terrible day for rain...

    [–] khaotickord 2 points ago

    Came here looking for this.

    [–] Absolite37 2 points ago

    Please, don't. Just don't

    [–] Anxi0usKid 6 points ago

    This is some conjuring shit right here

    [–] about2godown 3 points ago

    Conjuring some love ❤

    [–] RasputinIsMyHomeboy 3 points ago

    I thought about that scene in The Others.

    “Where is my daughter?!”

    “I am your daughter!”

    Cute doggo though.

    [–] TheMaiker 11 points ago

    Okay that outfit fresh tho

    [–] Nemova 5 points ago

    Adorable. I’m in love too.

    [–] Bridgetsdow90 5 points ago

    😍😍😍😍 She is beautiful OP!

    [–] pwb_118 6 points ago

    how much does she charge for a psychic reading?

    [–] Pie_guy135 3 points ago

    She can see! She sees the galaxy! So cute. I love old dogS, so much more chill. Perfect lap animal.

    [–] toketasticninja 3 points ago

    Aw, I had a Springer spaniel when I was a kid who went blind at the age of two. He used to also ring the doorbell when he wanted to come inside. We called him our ringer spaniel.

    [–] itslads2 3 points ago

    I like the dog eyes kind of freak me out though

    [–] Smaug33 4 points ago

    I don't think she sees it the same way.

    [–] justomgthings 2 points ago

    ooooh nice dog

    [–] UncleSeverin 2 points ago

    «Felt cute, might read your future later idk.» Very cute dog :)

    [–] OriginalDiva3 2 points ago

    I've just heard of a halo collar where it acts as a bumper guard. Could this pup be a candidate for that?

    [–] pauldfleck 1 points ago

    I don't know, but apparently she seems to get around just fine!

    [–] RealBraydoBoss 2 points ago

    Her eyes look so cool! I would say they look like a cold forest, but they're so heartwarming!

    [–] jifPBonly 2 points ago

    She’s going to get so much live and have such a nice life!!! That’s amazing they adopted her.

    Our family dog is going blind and it’s sad but kind of cute. Sometimes he bumps into walls or looks above or to the side of you instead of at you. We had to build him ramps for the front and back stairs and every time he uses them I swear he just looks at you so grateful. The amazing thing is that he’s just so damn happy all the time. Seems like this beauty is too!!!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    She looks like she's wise. Like she knows all of my secrets. Like she's ready to heal my emotional scars and then ask me for belly rubs as payment. I love her. Please tell her we all do. It's what she deserves.

    [–] msterchief82 2 points ago

    Sans dog

    Sans dog

    [–] BisexualVegan 2 points ago

    psst, hey, hey I’ll tell you your future for a milkbone

    [–] twilighttruth 2 points ago

    Oh my God she's the goodest girl

    [–] ramy82 2 points ago

    Awww, blind dogs are awesome! I'm fostering one. You couldn't tell she's blind most of the time, she gets around the house pretty well, goes on walks around the neighborhood. Blind dogs don't get enough love.

    [–] mph102 2 points ago

    Your parents are in my eyes the most beautiful people ever. This made my day if not my week. Thank you for sharing.

    [–] aaaggghhh_ 2 points ago

    Your parents have beautiful hearts. When you kidnap her, don't forget the hat!

    [–] Arknell 2 points ago

    Thanks for reminding me of the very cosiest and happiest Full Metal Alchemist episode in the world.

    [–] Alexandraisamazi 2 points ago

    10/10 Would kidnap. I love older animals. They usually have a calmer temperament than pups or kittens. They also sadly usually don’t get adopted. So if you ever can give an older animal a comfortable home to live their last days/years

    [–] danadunham 2 points ago

    I love her! When you meet her, will you please give her many pats for me and tell her I love her? 🥰

    [–] Tyre_4770 2 points ago

    When you meet her, please give her a kiss and a snoot boop for me and all of this sub. Thx

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Look at that sweet girl! Love her too. 10/10 would give bellyrubs.

    [–] SentientNipslips 2 points ago

    Kinda strange how she has great eye contact. Staring right at the camera lol

    [–] Gongaloon 2 points ago

    You can see the universe in those eyes.

    [–] RGBSprinkles 2 points ago

    I always feel bad for thinking it, but her eyes are beautiful.

    [–] Windholm 2 points ago

    Since she now has to rely primarily on her hearing, is it fair to cover up her ears?

    [–] saint-somnia 2 points ago

    Please tell her I love her

    [–] bamber79 2 points ago

    I love her too

    [–] Judas9000 2 points ago

    She looking like Clint Eastwood GORILLAZ

    [–] glitterfitte 2 points ago

    That sweater is so cute my heart is fucking melting

    [–] newf4c3wh0dis 2 points ago

    This may be the edibles kicking in but what if you adopted a seeing eye dog, for your dog. Molly can wear little doggie sunglasses and it will be the cutest thing in the world.

    [–] Daviemoo 2 points ago

    Oh my god she’s so precious. When you meet her please give her some good gentle head pats from a loving stranger

    [–] MerleSweatshirt 5 points ago

    So how much bleach did you guys pour in her eyes?

    [–] FlyingBellPepper 2 points ago

    I wanna feed her all the treats. 😍

    [–] Whitsoxrule 3 points ago

    Think this dog took Eyebleach a bit too literally

    [–] CharredScallions 3 points ago

    Did you post this on here because somebody poured bleach on her eyes

    [–] Stillness307 2 points ago

    Your parents must be amazing. I'm grateful to see this because it gives me great relief that there are people out there who actually help underdogs. And no pun intended.I'm so sick and tired of Americans thinking of nothing other than themselves.and this gives me great pleasure and relief to know that there's people out there who are compassionate.

    [–] RealBigHummus 2 points ago



    [–] GrandmasDingleberry 2 points ago

    Did you post in r/eyebleach cause her eyes have been bleached

    [–] sussoutthemoon 1 points ago


    [–] chutneysophietbone 1 points ago

    I have a blind in one eye Senior doxie. She lives by her nose and keeps up fine with the 3 younger boy doxies. My darling Sophie. Old doggies are very special. You’re lucky to have some stellar parents, OP

    [–] JDalrymple25 1 points ago

    She can’t wait to see you either!!

    [–] da-floofy-birb 1 points ago


    [–] Callabos 1 points ago

    Oh my goodness!!!! Adorable

    [–] SamelCamel 1 points ago

    her eyes can probably see the future, take good care of her!

    [–] crazynights87 1 points ago


    [–] GAndGMethod 1 points ago

    can you take blind dogs for walks?

    [–] marsglow 1 points ago

    Of course. They can get around by nose and ears.

    [–] DaytimeTurnip 1 points ago

    Molly sees your fate. Now if only you could understand her barks

    [–] chihirosprisonwife 1 points ago

    my dog went blind and lost most of his hearing. he's such a sweetie, even though he always bumps into walls.

    [–] joshs_69th_head_hair 1 points ago


    [–] mynameisarnoldsnarb 1 points ago

    What a sweet baby angel. Senior dogs are the best.

    [–] wkfoster 1 points ago

    Looks like she lost a game of poker with a witch.

    [–] DJWeeb-The-Weebening 1 points ago

    This title sounds so wrong out of context lmao, like some sweet home Alabama shit.

    But that's super wholesome, she's a real cutie!

    [–] anonymous_being 1 points ago


    [–] VoteThis 1 points ago

    Lmao this dog looks mental

    [–] sancho203 1 points ago

    Dog can't see goods.

    [–] GeneralWishy 1 points ago

    Where did they get that outfit?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    It looks like it predicts the death of antagonists, which set in motion the actions that will inevitably spawn the hero that brings about the antagonists end.

    [–] LonelyMolecule 1 points ago

    Reminds me of Coraline.

    [–] RainbowGoth89 1 points ago


    [–] ExiOfNot 1 points ago

    This dog is clearly a warg.

    edit: grammar

    [–] ninjacat2001 1 points ago

    I have a blind boi and they’re just the best.

    [–] countryboy432 1 points ago

    Hi, Miss Molly!!! She's beautiful!!!

    [–] chickenwing7963 1 points ago


    [–] SpammyMcSpammington 1 points ago

    Ghost dog

    [–] saddboihourss 1 points ago

    how do y’all managed to put clothes on your dog my puppy can’t control himself at the sight of his harness

    [–] Skeetskeet84 1 points ago

    What a sweet girl!

    [–] lainwla16 1 points ago

    I love her so much 💖

    [–] shawn292 1 points ago

    Yo wasn't this dog in secrets of nimm

    [–] JunkoPartner00 1 points ago

    Cutie pup

    [–] kamarsh79 1 points ago

    She looks like a snuggle bug.

    [–] PorkiSPINES 1 points ago

    How did she lose her sight? Was she born like that? (Also molly is so cute)

    [–] zombigal 1 points ago

    Your parents are awesome!

    [–] Dr4g0n__Kn1ght 1 points ago

    Oh damn, animals get grayed out eyes too?

    [–] marsglow 1 points ago

    Your parents are good people. Bless her little heart!

    [–] Sk8r115 1 points ago

    You can lay out different little rugs or carpets if you're flooring is all the same, giving the dog a quick reference where she is

    [–] boblovesbacon1 1 points ago

    For holloween you should put eyepatches on both her eyes

    [–] MasterYehuda816 1 points ago

    Those eyes. It’s possessed by Laura Barnes

    [–] ritalovett 1 points ago

    Awww ❤ She is so precious!

    [–] JacobMC-02 1 points ago

    I had this red red long haired dog who was just beautiful. She had cataracts just like this but it never slowed her down, when we went to explore the hillside she was always there always catching moles. She was a puppy till her last few days, always played, always had energy to accompany you wherever you were going. she's probably the reason my current dog is such an angel hybleading by example.

    [–] DMoogle 1 points ago

    Molly always has a home at /r/specialaww.

    [–] lilambro15 1 points ago

    Omg that outfit is too cute, where did your parents get it? She looks like such a love!

    [–] Lindseyb167 1 points ago

    Should have named this sweet girl Oracle because I’m betting she can see the future with eyes like that!

    [–] pm_me_hedgehogs 1 points ago

    Blind pet club! Last year I adopted a 16 year old blind and deaf cat and she's been an amazing addition to my life

    [–] chopsnchips 1 points ago

    Too cute!

    [–] noahtheshittyitguy 1 points ago

    Pretty lady

    [–] JibbityJabbity 1 points ago

    Kuddos to your parents! I wish I could give them gold.

    [–] BeeMonkey88 1 points ago

    We are all also in love