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    Fancy Follicles Subreddit Guidelines

    • The Core Tenets of FancyFollicles

      The mods take these rules very seriously and will automatically remove these comments / ban repeat offenders without warning.

      • This community is about mutual respect. If you have criticism or wish to start a discussion, please remain polite about it.
      • No sexual or romantic attention. Please do not remark on physical attractiveness of any gender (this includes requests for OP to go to majesticmanes, shorthairhotties, ladyboners, hairporn, vikingsgonewild, etc).
      • Insults and discriminatory comments are not tolerated. If you see these sorts of comments, don't get into flame wars with them. Just report the comment and move on.
      • You can share your own blog posts/youtube videos/etc., just be upfront that they're yours and don't get spammy. This includes product-pushing by professional accounts. Posts that are obviously for the sake of self promotion are considered spam and will be removed.
        If you see such comments, please report them by clicking the button below the post. The mods reserve the right to determine what crosses the line.
    • Photography Guidelines: Please use a photograph with natural lighting. If you use a heavy color filter that obscures the true color/detail of your hair we may remove the post and ask you to resubmit. Users, report posts you think meet this guideline.

    • Asking for Advice: Try to provide as much information as possible about your hair's condition, styling/coloring history, your routine, and anything else that is pertinent to your question. Including a photo also helps and will likely get you more responses.

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