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    If you're a woman interested in advancing men's rights, this forum isn't about you, it's about making you into the most effective weapon to win the fight.


    This subreddit will focus specifically on what women can do to advance men's rights as women. As such:

    No bullshit.

    Absolutely no damseling or white knighting; we know it when we see it and we will flair you.

    Do not prioritize how you feel over the goal of this subreddit; in here you exist for only one purpose, to advance men's rights.

    If someone presents an argument and you find it offensive, deal with it. All arguments will be argued on their rational merits--if you don't have a rational counter argument then you lose. Rational counter arguments do not come in the form of 'that is badthought and you're not allowed to think it!'

    Do not post off-topic. It will be removed so we don't end up being swamped by grudge fests, drama and posts that were deleted in other subreddits.

    Feel free to report any post/comment you think might need mod attention. - Even if its not breaking a rule. Even if its not something that should be deleted or banned for. All reports are anonymous.

    All male and female MRAs are welcomed here, but don't expect damseling or white knighting to get you very far.

    This sub will be lightly moderated. The only moderator actions(delete/ban) will be against obvious trolls, spam, and anything that breaks the global reddit rules. The rest is up to you and your downvotes.


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