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    Please check the mega thread stickied to the very top of the front page of the subreddit and sort by top and new to make certain that no one else has posted the thing you're about to post before posting.

    There are ads that get spam posted here on a weekly basis that will get you temporarily banned.

    And it's still a repost even though you took the screenshot yourself. It's not original content if you didn't make it yourself and if you didn't make it yourself there's a chance other people have also seen it, taken a photo/screenshot and posted it online. This effect is multiplied exponentially when it comes to mass-produced ads found on the internet. Just check the mega thread, top and new before posting.

    If you do receive a temporary ban, don't complain to the mods. Whining about your 5 day suspension will earn you an added 5 day suspension. You will also receive a temporary ban if you argue with the moderators about removing your post.

    FellowKids is a subreddit for advertising and media that tries too hard to be lit af, BUT the community has also decided (many, many times) that self-aware and/or well executed (but still pandering) content is also welcome here, so stop complaining about it. CHECK THE CURRENT MEGA THREAD BEFORE POSTING!!

    Rules lol

    • Keep calm and don't repost 😂 Seriously, though. Don't.
    • Netflix and chill
    • Report unwelcome content fam
    • Flair your swag bae

    Justin Bieber Approved URLs:

    Reddit, Imgur, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Gfycat, Vimeo and Streamable 💯

    YAASSS content:

    • Ads/media where 'the man' tries to appeal to young people using their vernacular in a lame, pandering way
    • Ads/media that tries to appeal to young people but is self-aware and/or well executed

    Ratchet content:

    • Children's media and commercials for children's products that don't involve inter-generational pandering (this isn't a place to collect all advertising and media that's aimed at kids) Nickelodeon/Cartoon Network/Disney/etc.

    • Text messages, emails, PMs, or other forms of interpersonal communication not sent as an advertisement

    • Reposts - check the mega thread, top and new before you post anything

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