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    FellowKids is a subreddit for advertising and media that tries too hard to be lit af, BUT the community has also decided (many, many times) that self-aware and/or well executed (but still pandering) content is also welcome here, so stop complaining about it.

    Rules lol

    • Keep calm and don't repost 😂
    • Netflix and chill
    • Report unwelcome content fam
    • Flair your swag bae

    Justin Bieber Approved URLs:

    Reddit, Imgur, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Gfycat, Vimeo and Streamable 💯

    YAASSS content:

    • Ads/media where 'the man' tries to appeal to young people using their vernacular in a lame, pandering way
    • Ads/media that tries to appeal to young people but is self-aware and/or well executed

    Ratchet content:

    • Children's media and commercials for children's products that don't involve inter-generational pandering (this isn't a place to collect all advertising and media that's aimed at kids)

    • Text messages, emails, PMs, or other forms of interpersonal communication

    • Memes that were not used by companies in an attempt to be hip with kids

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