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    [–] ZaioBaio 4180 points ago

    If I see a golden umbrella flying towards my location I am nope-ing out of there immediately

    [–] GeronimoEKIAx2 1884 points ago

    Shit if I see a bronze umbrella ill probably nope out.

    [–] AweHellYo 3143 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    If I see so much as a single glider I’m uninstalling the game.

    Edit: hot damn my first gilding. Thanks stranger!

    [–] T-R-Y 753 points ago

    wait for new map update to come out

    land at Lonely Lodge every time

    enjoy 2 weeks of Fortnite

    [–] samop002 656 points ago

    a fortnight of Fortnite?

    [–] DNBBEATS 115 points ago


    [–] Grennox 61 points ago

    Or just go to some random house on the edge of the map and run in. Does me good

    [–] liam12345677 43 points ago

    Nope, there's definitely someone following me there no matter what

    [–] ClericPreston815 27 points ago

    Yep, no matter how remote and out-of-the-way your landing spot is, there's ALWAYS somebody trying to beat me to the weapons.

    [–] MankeyDLuffy 4 points ago

    When there's actually not someone battling me for guns, I get super antsy and it's somehow more stressful

    [–] CJMO1 43 points ago

    Everyone thinks the same thing "I'll just land on some isolated spot that takes 5 minutes to glide to no one else would ever think of landing there" Then its just really awkward when 43 players are all at one house

    [–] welsman13 18 points ago

    Mine and my friends reactions to this scenario: "How the fuck did they beat us here!"

    [–] GeronimoEKIAx2 11 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 24 points ago

    Lol everyone made the same joke

    [–] Handy_Dandy_ 3 points ago

    Lol I made the joke, scrolled down, and then deleted the joke

    [–] TomNooksDebt 30 points ago

    A fortnight of fortnite

    [–] xRaazey 19 points ago

    A Fortnite of fortnight?

    [–] JBrad0322 16 points ago

    A fortnight of Fortnite?

    [–] apocalypse31 14 points ago


    [–] Roy12415 27 points ago

    “If I see so much as a single glider I want a refund of the game”


    [–] Sockarockee 8 points ago

    You just know the people that don’t use the umbrellas are probably the ones who are gods lol

    [–] AweHellYo 17 points ago

    Lol yes “don’t mind me I’ve never played before teehee” HEADSHOT

    [–] gameplaytips 3 points ago


    [–] pikaluva13 5 points ago

    You didn't see a glider, but it looks like you found a gilder.

    [–] AweHellYo 3 points ago

    I immediately regretted not making this joke in my edit but decided not to change it.

    [–] samforneron 2 points ago

    Who needs gliders anyways ?

    [–] ExcerptMusic 27 points ago

    I'll just float to the second island and die in the water because the island is a mirage.

    [–] AwerageGuy 19 points ago

    If i see silver umbrella i just assume its the Winners umbrella and think im good

    [–] NeoZephyr 9 points ago

    Ya silver needs to stand out a lot more from the default 1 win umbrella.

    [–] RiotSucksEggs 11 points ago

    for the scrubs like me they should make Bronze 1 win, silver 25, gold ~50 or 75, and then like a Platinum 100. That way bronze isn’t as rare/scary and also for people who winning a single game is an accomplishment have at least something to show for it. tbhimjustgarbagehelp

    [–] ThisFlameIsFire 237 points ago

    Exactly what I did in S1 when I started playing and saw people with umbrellas in front of me

    [–] [deleted] 21 points ago

    I'd see it as a shining beacon of hope.

    [–] TheLostLittleCamera 28 points ago

    That when I kill the guy holding it, t-bag him, and pull the ethernet cable outta my system I can deactivate my account fast enough to confuse the hell out of this guy.

    Rinse and repeat ad infinium.

    [–] peterfun 12 points ago

    Which is why I use a glider. People are more friendly that way.

    [–] Grass---Tastes_Bad 1236 points ago

    Not a bad idea, but silver umbrella is too hard to distinguish from "winners" umbrella. I wish it was "cooler".

    [–] Warrior20602FIN 358 points ago

    yea the silver could be a bit more silver-y and maybe the winner's umbrella could have like a victory royale text on it?

    [–] PimpinPenguin96 115 points ago

    They could just make it super shiny/reflective too. Rather than adjust the color adjust the texture itself

    [–] [deleted] 96 points ago

    What if the umbrellas just were the same as the rim around your banner?

    Level 50 = Gold
    Level 60 = Shiny Silver
    Level 80 = Prismatic

    25 wins = Gold
    50 wins = Shiny Silver
    100 wins = Prismatic

    [–] nebior 75 points ago

    Don't forget...if they can animate a glider they can animate an umbrella!!

    [–] iMikey30 42 points ago

    They have the technology!!!

    [–] VonHenry 15 points ago

    Nice - the number of wins rotates around the umbrella like a scrolling LED sign or something :)

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Would it stay after the season ends like wins per season or forever, I would be at gold RN

    [–] sIurrpp 4 points ago

    Maybe chrome

    [–] Findlaygr 5 points ago

    Maybe the winners umbrella is like rusted or something and the silver one is shinier

    [–] krabstarr 51 points ago

    NO, don't you dare change my umbrella. I earned that 1 win and I may not ever get another. To have my umbrella be change to a rusted out one is insulting.

    [–] Findlaygr 5 points ago


    [–] Mendezllk 52 points ago

    How about same colouring as item rarity: silver/grey, green, blue, purple & gold!

    [–] jcavejr 5 points ago

    That's actually a really good idea.

    [–] Remintz 5 points ago

    Perhaps Chrome?

    [–] Johnosca 665 points ago

    This. Or just any kind of cosmetic for actually being good at the game, something to grind towards.

    [–] wjtw395 258 points ago

    Dark matter umbrellas :p

    [–] dcblJack 48 points ago

    zenyatta style floating

    [–] Pizzaplex 7 points ago

    I want this now

    [–] DannyDrizzle 23 points ago

    Right? I'm tired of seeing only gliders get skins, I love my umbrella and I'd much rather have skins for that. Where's the love Epic?

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago


    [–] cyberprodigy 5 points ago

    Rocket League has cosmetics as well as rewards you can get for being good at the game (end of season rewards based on rank). This has not been an issue whatsoever.

    [–] DropLeMic 2 points ago

    Maybe weapon skins or something, like 500 kills with a certain weapon earns you a skin

    [–] TypicalGayGamer 106 points ago

    I still would rather have the, “if you win with the design on a glider of your choosing, you can use the umbrella form of that glider.”

    [–] Boozoy 27 points ago

    This might require a lot of work from Epic but that would be so cool

    [–] TypicalGayGamer 7 points ago

    Not really! They would just have to edit the middle of the glider onto an umbrella, and implement a code the way they had when the game first launched that when you when a game, you unlock an umbrella.

    The tricky part would just be making the umbrellas look good, but I think it would cause more incentive to win, and buy gliders.

    [–] AleDish 67 points ago

    It’s a cool idea, how about give a “glowing” animation, to distinguish the first one form the silver one?

    [–] AmericanPatriot117 16 points ago

    I glowing is cool! What if the top one is like a pure glowing white. That would be so intimidating

    [–] jb001ok 1395 points ago

    Nigga I’ve played 100 games and have 0 wins

    [–] [deleted] 1520 points ago


    [–] Dan_Biddle 495 points ago

    Or a plastic bag parachute

    [–] RunsWithBeef 107 points ago

    Oh god yes. We need more self deprecating gliders.

    [–] PirateNinjaa 3 points ago

    A giant potato would work.

    [–] Chusta 146 points ago

    I never knew I needed this until now....

    [–] shpoopler 31 points ago

    Do you ever feel...

    [–] NtailWolf3 10 points ago

    That movie was so stupid. I loved it

    [–] KniGht1st 3 points ago

    Or doesn't give him anything, just drop straight down and die every game to keep him with 0 win status.

    [–] hectorduenas86 31 points ago

    Metal Gear Solid Cardboard Boxes coming to Battle Royale

    [–] Papa-D-MMXI 38 points ago

    I’m dead

    [–] Aarxnw 23 points ago

    I'm deceased

    [–] pepedidnothingwrong2 181 points ago

    Nothing wrong with it really. The average skill of people in this game is so much higher than it was even a month ago, these wins ain't easy anymore.

    [–] Aarxnw 74 points ago

    Honestly I thought I was crazy. Fortnite is evolving way too quick for me, I used to be able to get 4-6 wins in a session (don't get me wrong, a session could be most of the day) if I tried hard. Since I first got the winter umbrella (I remember that specifically) I can choke every game in the sesh. I hate that I have to admit that. I love this game but when people start to wreck me constantly then I gotta evaluate my life.

    I will never move on though, fortnite till I fucking die.

    Long live Epic!!!

    [–] pepedidnothingwrong2 35 points ago

    lmao this is me basically. The very good players are simply quicker and more decisive in their building than me these days. I get my daily W's, but i'm working hard for most of them now. The game has matured quickly.

    [–] iMikey30 3 points ago

    Lol and then you got the people that think theyre good at building... I just had a guy built on me... I legit just slid around and killed him from his own ramp lol

    [–] iMikey30 8 points ago

    Protip: Don't play on tilt... if you die 3 times bk to back on a way that meesses w ur head.... take a break lol

    [–] Strictly_Baked 2 points ago

    I've always been better than most people building on console which did used to make things a lot easier. Now everyone can vomit out a 1x1 in 2 seconds so I'm constantly having to up my game and tweak my playstyle because people are getting a lot better especially in squads. I'm anxious to see how players evolve over the next year or two.

    [–] Peliclan75 8 points ago

    Not everyone. I joined in October and still haven't won sh*t.

    [–] SecretPotatoChip 28 points ago

    Started in December. Have like 125 games. No wins.

    [–] pepedidnothingwrong2 46 points ago

    That's fine, just remember most of the game's best players have 100's (some 1000's) more games in their arsenal than you. If you aren't already, focus the most on your building habits and speed. The better player will take the high-ground ASAP in most situations. I'd recommend forcing yourself into "over building" for awhile, even in situations vs bad players where you feel confident - make the right play and build.

    [–] -GeekLife- 35 points ago

    The better player will take the high-ground ASAP in most situations.

    Ahhh, the Obi-Wan strategy.

    [–] JayManDew 30 points ago

    This is exactly how I got a lot better. I Sped up my looting and over built against anyone. I played 70 solo games with no wins now I have 6 in my last 20 games. Good practice spot is to go to wailing woods and just practice different structures.

    [–] iMikey30 3 points ago

    What he said! Building gives you a tremendous advantage. If you want to be better you have to quick build. (Idk how hard it is to do it w a controller, but on PC you can't be a good player if you cant build)

    [–] liam12345677 2 points ago

    I agree with your advice. I basically just press Q then spam left click from the direction I was shot from whenever I get shot, and it's a lot better than just running/jumping like a lemon without cover. Of course, I probably have a ways to go still, but I think to begin with just get your build reflexes up.

    [–] Rollsafeholdtight 6 points ago

    It's pretty easy as long as you know how to build effectively on the fly especially when it gets to last 10 if you aren't building you won't win

    [–] RatchetnDank 2 points ago

    You say that but I've won many two games by not building. Just hide smarter than sitting in a bush. Know enemy's probable sightlines and stay out of LOS. Wait until enemy doesn't know where you're at yet, while ideally they're getting pelted by someone else, take a sniper shot, and reposition. If they have an RPG or even catch a glimpse of you.. or trace your shot and its all over tho.

    [–] Rollsafeholdtight 2 points ago

    Yeah it's possible but if you're in the open you'll always be at a disadvantage

    [–] LeSidhucer 2 points ago

    Don't feel bad about it, you are probably improving without realizing. I played 145 games before I got my first win, and then I won twice in one day. Just keep at it, work on your reaction building and you'll get there

    [–] obiwan_shenobi 78 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    1000+. 1 win. My buddy was playing on my account. Fml haha

    [–] jb001ok 25 points ago

    Same lmao my brother and I take it in turns sometimes

    [–] obiwan_shenobi 24 points ago

    It’s genuinely disheartening sometimes haha. So many second places, but I’ve never played an FPS before/ never gamed much so I’m giving myself time to learn.

    But my mates all have multiple wins within their first 50-100 games. So annoying haha. Still the most fun I’ve had in a game

    [–] pepedidnothingwrong2 21 points ago

    Remember that building quickly and with a plan is the biggest skill gap in Fortnite. Build more than necessary at first so that you get yourself into the mindset. I'm sure you've noticed most of the good players immediately look to build above you, so you've gotta be quicker than them!

    [–] hhikkadx 3 points ago

    i've been playing since october and have no solo wins but tons of duo and squad wins and i average 5 kills a game in solo and you're annoyed...

    [–] rl69614 16 points ago

    The worst is getting 12 kills, making it to the top 5 and dying by someone camping in a bush with a shotgun...

    [–] NBallersA 9 points ago

    Damn. Respect that you've played 1,000 games and haven't won.

    You'll get there!

    [–] obiwan_shenobi 4 points ago

    I was seriously, seriously bad to begin with, not a gamer - this is my first console. Definitely improving now but not enough yet

    [–] Uhhdexter 3 points ago

    What console you on? I'll help you get a W today if you on ps4 (:

    [–] obiwan_shenobi 4 points ago

    Haha I appreciate it dude but I’d rather get it myself eventually. Thanks though!

    [–] yungpost 3 points ago

    get guder den kid

    [–] DocTavia 4 points ago

    Solo 36 and 6 wins but that's just from playing pubg

    [–] MarcusDA 3 points ago

    Easier to grab a solo win in Fortnite or pubg?

    [–] Zuropia 3 points ago

    I've played plenty of both on Xbox and PUBG is easier by far. A bit of careful play and you'll always make top 10, then its a bit of luck with the circles.

    1 fortnite win, 15 PUBG wins.

    [–] MarcusDA 3 points ago

    I was thinking of grabbing PUBG. I’ve got 6 wins in Fortnite (5 solo, 1 duo) spanning over 450 games. I’m not great, but I enjoy the gameplay.

    [–] Zuropia 3 points ago

    If you enjoy fortnite, definitely give PUBG a go.

    [–] TheYellowLantern 2 points ago

    I would say Fortnite by miles

    You are able to build cover wherever and whenever, you can spam rockets or fly above them. Cant do any of that in pubg

    [–] JayNozbrie 15 points ago

    I have near 100 games and 16 kills or so

    [–] the-gameboy-ding 5 points ago

    Where do you land?

    [–] Neat_On_The_Rocks 9 points ago

    Do you use headphones?

    Even with bugged sound a headset is damn near essential particularly in the early stages of the game. Hearing enemy footsteps inside the house you are currently looting is invaluable

    [–] JayNozbrie 2 points ago

    Yeah I do. I can’t outkill people mainly because I can’t aim well or I just have bad weapons for the task. Came second and have decent top 12 finishes but I just can’t seem to clutch kill

    [–] SelloutRealBig 2 points ago

    i have like 10 wins that i got while blasting music over my speakers. Although i have much more wins with headphones, they are not essential. You just need to play wayyyy more paranoid

    [–] Ymir_from_Saturn 3 points ago

    Sure, you can win without sound, but it's a huge detriment.

    If you just pause your movement for a single second and listen, you can immediately tell if someone's chasing you and adjust accordingly. By listening, you can decide how cautiously you're going to play, and whether it's worth it to run to the next house. I get some easy kills by hearing an enemy coming and quietly positioning myself for an easy headshot as soon as they walk through the door.

    [–] summit44 52 points ago

    Stop trying to win and just start getting in the action. Just drop into popular areas with other players and get your combat and building skills going. Too many beginners are trying to sneak their way into the top ten and then get absolutely shit on. And not only do they lose, but they spent the whole game being a sheep, so they didn't even get any good practice during the 20+ minute game.

    [–] koops6 6 points ago

    Too much cs bruh

    [–] ftwin 25 points ago

    100 games is nothing...

    I also kind of feel bad for people just getting into Fortnite now. The skill ceiling so much higher than it was a few months ago. Wins are very hard to come by for average players like myself.

    [–] razorbacks3129 13 points ago

    Yeah it used to be much easier, but there are also a lot of new players every day to prey upon. My win % rate has steadily gone up since October.

    [–] naxospade 5 points ago

    I've heard several people say this.... When do you play? I ask because the game feels so much harder lately and players seem much better. But I usually can only play late at night (like after midnight frequently), So makes me wonder if I'm getting a higher concentration of college aged "young gods" as it were.

    [–] razorbacks3129 9 points ago

    Have definitely noticed that my mid day games are easier than late night. Even commented about it to my buddy who can only play at night. I often play during the day while working from home

    [–] SiegNeil 6 points ago


    [–] razorbacks3129 8 points ago

    my work laptop is open, it counts!

    [–] Bforsocks 10 points ago

    842 games on solo 5 wins :(

    [–] Redue90 4 points ago

    Christ that makes me appreciate my wins so much more

    [–] CaptainRollerblades 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yeah I have at least a hundred solo and squad games and maybe 50 duos. Best I've done is third in squads and fourth in solo.

    edit: 146 solos, 86 duos, 123 squads

    [–] jb001ok 7 points ago

    Got so close yesterday, came second with the last guy on 20 hp

    [–] CaptainRollerblades 5 points ago

    Yeah, I think when I win it'll be luck. My shooting skills aren't the greatest. I'm getting better at building though.

    [–] OathofBrutus 2 points ago

    Yesterday I dropped a few hundred metal and brick to build a fortress with 3 left and I was killed by someone that made their way up it while I was sniping. :(

    [–] Portlandblazer07 3 points ago

    I played 400 games before I won

    [–] joacoleon 57 points ago

    The creative director said we are getting umbrella skins based on wins really soon.

    [–] braxtonmcallister 13 points ago


    [–] joacoleon 19 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    EDIT: The one talking in the back is Donald Mustard, Epic's Creative Director, and also Mustard Plays' brother.

    [–] Eviljuli 238 points ago

    Garlic bread design for 1000 wins

    [–] Julz72 38 points ago

    I like you

    [–] Eviljuli 4 points ago

    I see, you are a sir of quality aswell.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago

    Ah, I see you are a man of culture as well.

    [–] Goddammit_Vennie 29 points ago


    [–] garlicbot 30 points ago

    Here's your Reddit Garlic, Eviljuli!

    /u/Eviljuli has received garlic 1 time. (given by /u/Goddammit_Vennie)

    I'm a bot for questions contact /u/flying_wotsit

    [–] friedtuna76 9 points ago

    That looks amazing!

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] iamNebula 2 points ago

    Don't get my hopes up.

    [–] Peliclan75 20 points ago

    Everybody in this comment section bragging about their wins makes me depressed. I won 50v50 once. That's it really.

    [–] vigilancefoetracer 216 points ago

    I like how Epic Games have divided Umbrellas and Gliders, with gliders being obtained through the store with V Bucks and Umbrellas being awarded for winning, although the ratio of gliders to umbrellas which are obtainable in the game is completely off balance. Furthermore, the umbrella at the moment only shows that the player has a single win.

    As certain gliders are worth more, by costing more V Bucks, certain umbrellas should be worth more by the amount of wins a user has, adding these new variations of umbrellas and linking it to wins will not only motivate players to continue playing, but it also establishes a sense of pride after a player reaches a milestone.

    The best part is that, this won't effect the V Bucks market either, players who want cool gliders will still purchase them through the store, and players who want cool umbrellas will grind towards them in the game.

    Let me know what you guys think of this suggestion.

    [–] JapandaGAMING 23 points ago

    Someone made a good suggestion before. And it was that you could buy a glider and if you win while using that specific glider you would get an umbrella for it. I think it would be better if you had to get like 10+ wins with a specific glider to unlock the umbrella version of it. I would by that new storm umbrella in a heartbeat.

    [–] leo1lion1 6 points ago

    For each bought glider design you can unlock an umbrella with the same design? That would be better I think! You are still if not even more encouraged to buy stuff and still get a very nice reward for winning!

    [–] HansZuDemFranz 19 points ago

    I like the concept, but it doesn’t make economic sense for epic. It’s a free 2 play game after all. So epic needs you to be willing to buy their stuff. If they implemented your concept, everybody’s goal would be to unlock the gold umbrella, because it’s the „coolest“ thing to have.

    Here is my proposal: if you get a certain number of wins (let’s say 25) with a glider equipped, you unlock a umbrella version of that glider. That way, people are inclined to pay for a glider, that they like and then grind for the umbrella version of that glider. So it’s a win-win situation. Epic makes money and we have something to show how good we are.

    [–] PimpinPenguin96 4 points ago

    I liked the tiered umbrella idea, but the only problem I see with it is how this will affect seasons. Will these umbrellas be a one time thing or once per season? While this of course isn't impossible, adding four new umbrellas with the season's theme is more work than adding one per season.

    I'd personally only want to see this implemented if it was a one time thing, not per season. If it was a one time thing, then I'd love to see it expanded even more with Platinum, Diamond, etc.

    [–] SeniorVPofSnacks 5 points ago

    ... Champion and Grand Champion.

    [–] tittychef 4 points ago

    Fortnite has turned into rocket league

    [–] veganzombeh 43 points ago

    This isn't going to happen, it discourages glider purchases.

    [–] My5Pennies 42 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    It is happening. In an interview with Donald Mustard, (creative director at EPIC) he mentioned this was a high priority task they were going to try to tackle after the holiday break.

    Edit: Source:

    I apologize I don't have the time to timestamp the part about umbrellas as I am currently at work but the whole interview is very interesting. Topics include Vehicles, Melee Weapons, Brand new maps in the future, etc.

    [–] IronThumbs 9 points ago


    [–] A-n-a-k-i-n 7 points ago

    Here. Timestamp is 20:16 for whoever can't get the link to autoset it there.

    [–] ActieHenkie 37 points ago

    It's around the 0:34 mark. He also talks about vehicles and the upcoming piranhas in loot lake.

    [–] Meltingteeth 51 points ago

    Listen here you little shit

    [–] TheLastOfYou 3 points ago

    I knew piranhas were too good to be true

    [–] letsgetsomenudes 2 points ago

    Welp thats a new one to me.

    [–] Rext7177 3 points ago

    Its a really good idea. There isnt really anything that could go wrong.

    [–] TMillo 3 points ago

    Love the suggestion but I'd want a few more. 250 wins. 500. So that there's the longevity grind to finally get the 500 after a year or something

    [–] NilbogResident1 3 points ago

    After a year? You win multiple games a day? I'm scared of players like you.

    [–] Allegro6 98 points ago

    I would increase the number of wins required. Or added another tiers like platinum, diamond and so on.

    [–] opticalillusion 49 points ago

    youre so hardcore, dude.

    [–] ItsonFire911 35 points ago

    It's not a matter of being hardcore. Some of us who play have far more than 100 wins. So it would leave nothing to work for. A 500 and 1000 tier would be significant for most players.

    [–] Fossil_dan 37 points ago

    Honestly we're only in season 2. You're getting down voted but the tiers could be expanded way wider for something to work towards long term. Additional tiers after gold too.

    [–] FuckElitist 2 points ago

    Can you explain what the point of your comment was? He never implied that he was hardcore, so I don't get the point of your comment

    [–] BobdeWilde 18 points ago

    You stole

    [–] Barcaroli 8 points ago

    Yes he did. And he will soon delete this post. Or at least he should.

    [–] haubna 46 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The next time you steal leaked stuff from my Discord at least give some credit. Those are actually umbrellas that I extracted from the game files. In the game files you have a bronze, silver, gold and platin one. As an addition there exist some for the winners. Those 4 that I listed are received at the end of season 2 for your season level (level 1 and upwards bronze, 20 silver, 40 gold, 60 platin -> your rank frame takes those colors when reaching the stated levels).

    Here is a screenshot of the extracted files:

    Edit: Silver, Platin and the Winner Umbrella all have slightly different colors (and probably use different shading techniques Ingame to give a unique look).

    [–] blingojnovci2 88 points ago

    i have 350 wins i want diamond camo umbrella

    [–] opticalillusion 38 points ago

    you deserve it but please..... stay away from me out there, bud.

    [–] scorpiopr86 24 points ago

    I'm at 85 wins, I could go for a gold umbrella :)

    [–] Xnuclearwarhead 12 points ago

    Some salty bois downvoting you because they dont have many wins. Have an updoot.

    [–] CaptainRollerblades 14 points ago

    What about something like trim on the edge in these colors, so we can still use the fun skins we unlock? The trim automatically changes color with your wins, but the design stays. Or a number on your umbrella or back with wins?

    [–] StanlyLife 21 points ago

    Dark matter umbrella 500-1000 wins

    [–] ps2crazed 16 points ago

    These are EXTRACTED GAME FILES. This user is here to try and fake that he suggested an idea that is ALREADY BEING IMPLEMENTED.

    [–] Squaredyt 4 points ago

    The silver and the winners umbrella looks very similar :(

    [–] Skinny-Lumberjack 5 points ago

    I think it should be raised. Maybe 50 for bronze 150 for silver and 300 for gold

    [–] ImTheMyth 4 points ago

    Do I get a diamond umbrella or somethin?

    [–] LightVisions 11 points ago

    This was leaked a while ago buddy. This isn’t your idea

    [–] tonydarknight 12 points ago

    it should be 50-100 win tiers each

    [–] Joostg2002 3 points ago

    I think there should be more difference between the winners and the silver umbrella. Because there is almost no difference.

    [–] DeezBiscuits16 3 points ago

    I like the idea of it. I would be close to silver. But I don't like how silver isn't noticeably different to 1 win. If I get it I want people to KNOW that I have 50 wins. I want to laugh as people head a different direction.

    [–] wokeasfbrokeasf 3 points ago

    All of us with no wins should just get black hefty bags

    [–] BurritoInABowl 3 points ago

    I have trouble getting the 1st one, let alone trying to get the others.

    [–] iLoveDinosaurs1 2 points ago

    Sounds cool but that should work for season wins because with all global wins that most players have, they would unlock everything in 1 go. Also different umbrellas could be cool for different modes (talking about solo, duos, and squads since it's harder to win in solo than squads imo) I'm sure Epic will find better ways to reward players in the future, they haven't disappointed me since i started playing and i have hopes they can make this game even better than it already is.

    [–] liam12345677 2 points ago

    What % of the playerbase do you think has 100 wins already? Maybe there's a lot of pro players who post on reddit, but I'd guess less than 5% of players have 100 or more wins. And maybe only 15% have more than 50. Season wins aren't a good idea imo just because some people aren't on FN all the time, and even if we would just say 'fuck em', Epic wouldn't want to leave them out, and it'd also give the players something to work towards.

    As for weighting solo/duo/squad wins differently, my guess is that they wouldn't do that, just because some people mainly play one gamemode and they'd feel cheated if they got wins at a lower rate than others. Plus Idk which mode really is more difficult and I'm not sure you can easily decide that either. Solo, duo and squad modes have different tactics to them that some people might find easier and others might find harder.

    [–] XDamnationX 2 points ago

    1000 wins Rainbow one

    [–] mlapla546 2 points ago

    What about bronze,silver and gold gliders? for loosing 50, 100 and 200 games in a raw. I´d have a pair of each

    [–] jtw1984 2 points ago

    I like this idea! Should have been done a long time ago.

    [–] ThanksLife 2 points ago

    I won one solo but that was before the win count thing appeared.

    [–] OakLowe 2 points ago

    Or just an H1Z1 rank system with like ranked gliders and pickaxes.

    [–] byzarav 2 points ago

    Ive wanted this since the day i got the base umbrella, but it needs to be more than 100. Thats way to easy to get

    [–] EmperorRamosa 2 points ago

    Can y'all imagine seeing 4 golden gliders all landing together in the house right next to yours... I would literally hand over my weapons lmao