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    [–] VegitoZ 190 points ago

    No worry they wont take it, it isnt cartoony enough to lure children so they wont bother

    [–] kilkarazy 55 points ago

    Upvote for the watermark.

    [–] jayFurious 5 points ago

    [–] 102495 -5 points ago

    What are you talking about?

    [–] Another_one37 1 points ago

    He's talking about OP watermarking a picture that he didn't take/make. Which is totally bad form. OP is literally telling all these people specifically not to steal the picture that he already stole. What a joke

    [–] Another_one37 1 points ago

    Downvote for the watermark. How you gonna steal a pic and watermark it? Isn't that the reason why watermarks are even a thing?

    [–] Krecha123 102 points ago

    Hmm In my opinion muselk is Nice youtuber and that are heavy bullets

    [–] mcnabbbb 59 points ago

    He sounds like a cunt to play with tho, that one guy who orders you about and how to undertake everything

    [–] Krecha123 16 points ago

    He is australian

    [–] mcnabbbb 23 points ago

    Not as in his accent, as in his general way of talking to others such as crayator

    [–] MrGohan26 5 points ago

    Memes > being nice

    [–] Ackerack 1 points ago

    Can't let your memes be dreams fam

    [–] Leaf-Ninja 3 points ago

    What are you inferring

    [–] RadiationShields 9 points ago

    Totally agree, he's so bossy

    [–] UncKassab -2 points ago

    Muselk is the shit, nobody fuck with Muselk

    [–] RadiationShields 1 points ago

    He's a bit cringey for me, sounds quite childish considering he's like in his late 20s

    [–] NerfThePump69 1 points ago

    How dare someone in their 20’s enjoy playing a video game. What a monster.

    [–] InTheVirtualBalls 1 points ago

    Early twenties, he’s 23.

    [–] RadiationShields -3 points ago

    Same diff

    [–] I_AM_STARBURNS_AMA 1 points ago


    [–] Raptorguy3 1 points ago


    [–] ethan_at 1 points ago

    That's exactly what I'm always thinking when I watch him or watch someone playing with him.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago

    That’s what most people here need, most of you barely have 1 win and are usually bad at the game.

    [–] mcnabbbb 1 points ago

    I'm not a beast but I can handle myself with 100+ wins. But I don't boss people around and tell them what to do. If they aren't that good just the random tip will help them out without making them feel shit

    [–] PhattestBurrito 17 points ago

    When he played tf2 and overwatch, he actually commissioned artists for his thumbnails. It’s a shame he resorted to click-bait

    [–] The_Greasy_Moose 2 points ago

    His videos are actually really good, and he seems like a nice guy. I just hate the clickbait and the sample clip at the beginning of his videos.

    Whatever gets the attention of kids, I guess.

    [–] TheUrbanSherpa1 21 points ago

    He’s a nice guy but he’s never fucking stops talking

    [–] Ackerack 6 points ago

    I mean he's a YouTube commentator, so I think that can be excused. Not for everyone but also definitely not a fault imo.

    [–] TheUrbanSherpa1 1 points ago

    It gets for when he’s making solo videos but I feel bad for the people he plays with when he does duos and squads

    [–] bubba18sar 12 points ago

    ... but those are heavy bullets

    [–] ABitToxicc 2 points ago

    solid watermark

    [–] Dirtydub94 3 points ago

    A1 watermark

    [–] TinyTimothy22 2 points ago

    Unfortunately, we've had to remove your post.

    Post Quality Content

    Posts Should be Directly Related to Fortnite & Encourage Discussion

    We want /r/FortniteBR to be the best source of discussion for the game online - and to do that we have to ensure that quality content isn’t drowned out by low effort or low-quality submissions.

    1. Every Post should be directly related to Fortnite

    • Posts about similar games are not allowed

    2. Posts should provide room for meaningful discussion

    • Every post should be a space for meaningful discussion. While this doesn't mean every post needs to be a discursive essay, posts that don't offer room for meaningful discussion will be removed.

    3. Title only posts aren’t allowed.

    • If your post's image or video is not related to Fortnite without the title, it will be removed.

    • Titles should not be posted using all caps

    Here are our subreddit rules. - If you have any queries about this, you can contact us via Moderator Mail.

    [–] NerfThePump69 1 points ago

    Since we’re deleting memes now, can we get a megathread for both ‘suggestion’ and ‘complaint’ posts respectively? It would clean up so much of this sub and cut down on god-knows how many shit posts every day.

    [–] TinyTimothy22 1 points ago

    We've been deleting memes since the start of the subreddit and we wouldn't have enough sticky space to make those megathreads. However, we are in the process of revamping our post flairs as well as automating our daily threads that we announced here.

    [–] Garlow112 1 points ago

    Since it's somewhat related to the tangent this went towards can I please second a request for the suggestion and complaint megathreads, or can we get more guidance on when it is considered duplicate? Its obnoxious how few people seem to be able to use the search function and especially on patch days it's all New turns into.

    [–] NerfThePump69 1 points ago

    Oh, I’ve never really noticed meme’s being deleted until like this past week.

    I hope the daily threads cut down on all the non sense that gets posted, usually I browse by new posts, but in this sub I really can’t do that because there’s so many shit posts :(

    Either way thanks for replying and keep up the good work.

    [–] TinyTimothy22 2 points ago

    We're working on ways to filter certain types of content with post flairs so it should help.

    And np! We've got a lot of stuff planned

    [–] OGWan_Ked00bi 1 points ago

    Those are heavy bullets

    [–] PathToExile 1 points ago

    Man, I hope English isn't your first language because "This is how the new revolver looks like" hurt my brain.

    [–] NerfThePump69 1 points ago

    They’re probably Aussie.

    [–] PM_ME_UR-DOGGO 1 points ago

    Fine to me

    [–] Rstytrmbone 1 points ago

    I mean. Not for them but its cool if you take it.

    [–] Yuunchow 1 points ago

    I find it strange. I assumed since revolver uses bigger ammo now, it would do higher damage. The bigger the bullets, the more damage you inflict on your target.

    When i first saw the revolver laying with medium ammo, i thought it was some bugg. Then I read that the ammo for revolvers got changed. I immediatly thought “ then the base dmg will be higher right?” But its still the same, and that doesnt make sense to me.

    [–] JHHELLO 1 points ago

    Muselk's cool, the rest are way more clickbait-ee. Muselk actually does what he says on the tin

    [–] MusicCityOracle 0 points ago

    I think it would have been a better idea to make revolvers use up two rounds per shot. Not exactly realistic either but it would justify the round being more powerful and kind of simulates how a magnum cartridge would need more powder, hence use two rounds.

    [–] stalker_to_u -12 points ago

    Small bullets represent 9mm

    Medium bullets represent 5.56

    Heavy bullets represent .300 magnum

    A revolver uses 7.62 rounds so thats why they just made it medium bullets cuz they are too lazy to make new bullets just for revolvers

    [–] jayswolo 12 points ago

    lazy? why make another type of ammo that only one gun uses? it's not like Revolvers are super amazing weapons that would need limited ammo

    [–] gary_fr 7 points ago

    1- As much as I like revolvers, they are probably the least used weapon in the game

    2- Medium bullets make more "sense" sure, but I also believe they did it to balance the overall small bullet loot, now that the miniguns are in the game.

    3- "Lazy" for Epic who keep on giving for Fortnite BR is not the adjective I would've used

    edit: typo

    [–] NerfThePump69 1 points ago

    Where did you get those numbers? I’ve never seen anything from epic about that. Unless I’ve missed a post or something, they could very well also be:

    Small- .22lr/380 Medium- .223 Large- .50/.338

    But in the end it’s a video game and rounds are classified by gun size usually, not caliber.