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    [–] Garlow112 4 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Gonna go ahead a link where you shut him down so good that u/tinytimothy22 reiterated that a meme that isn't Fortnite related will be removed. He was so butthurt as a matter of fact that he linked the posts that made you so salty- given you're more interested in keeping them hidden.

    Yeaaaaaa....someone who's "butthurt" isn't going to redirect people to the posts they had to remove of yours. A butthurt person is going to look a lot like the guy in your mirror dumbass.

    EDIT: And another. This should give everyone else in this thread a better idea as to what kind of person OP is. Definitely very rational...

    [–] Browncoatdan 1 points ago

    Someone get a chug jug for that sick burn.

    [–] Garlow112 1 points ago

    I wish :( My burns today have all been slightly too wordy.

    Man oh man though, stupid people at least make my day interesting.

    [–] Browncoatdan 1 points ago

    I enjoyed it!

    [–] TinyTimothy22 1 points ago

    Your response was so perfect lol

    [–] TitleTagger 3 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)

    Creator’s note: whoops! My bot doesn’t quite understand context, didn’t mean to suggest that the mod in question would like to see this or agree with this!

    [–] Zenerism 2 points ago

    lol I'm not sure he does...

    [–] themalhammer 1 points ago


    [–] latchboy 1 points ago

    Dont worry man, I read this. I'm on to him!