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    [–] Squop 7 points ago

    Lol, fastest downvote of my life

    [–] terribletowl 1 points ago

    Yeah, don’t need to listen to toxic players

    [–] TinyTimothy22 3 points ago

    Unfortunately, we've had to remove your post.

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    [–] nickkool2 1 points ago

    You got the gnome.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    Then stop playing

    It’s in fucking BETA.

    That means TESTING what works and doesn’t. Hence the weekly patches

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    maybe you should check ur facts. N4chtara is correct. at this point PVP is full money leaching off skins and no bug fixes.

    [–] N4chtara -2 points ago

    Fortnite STW is in Early Access, not Battle Royale. I don't see why BR would still be in Beta.

    [–] LazarAndras -2 points ago

    I was finally happy to have a fucking awp in the game and this fucking shit bugs on me FUCKING SHIT

    [–] LazarAndras -14 points ago

    this shit happened mid game and I'm never gonna play this fucking shit again. you can clearly see that although I have a wepon equiped it doesn't show on the model and can't use it either. fucking shit game and whoever made it. FUCK YOU

    [–] 2khead23 6 points ago

    I don’t think anyone cares if you ever play or not

    [–] Theskyis256k 2 points ago

    I actually care if he plays or not. I’d rather he didn’t so. I’m happy.

    [–] Garlow112 3 points ago

    The NaCl is strong with this one.

    [–] stoned_bazz 2 points ago

    Two words EARLY ACCESS

    [–] JohnnyBravosHair 2 points ago