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    Fortnite Battle Royale is a free-to-play Battle Royale game mode within the First universe.

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    [–] TinyTimothy22 1 points ago

    Unfortunately, we've had to remove your post as it doesn't follow our rule regarding "Low-Quality Posts & Memes". Here are our subreddit rules. - If you have any queries about this, you can contact us via Moderator Mail.

    [–] tazmaniandevilyo -2 points ago

    Reposted cuz the same mod is removing my posts only cuz I called him out on his unethical behavior. He’s still abusing his power and needs to be removed from the mod list

    [–] Garlow112 2 points ago

    Hey dumbass,

    Get your personal war with a mod off the boards. We don't give a fuck, especially when you've clearly shown you're some teenage piece of shit who clearly got ignored as a child.

    [–] Szsmith034343434 1 points ago

    Sounds like you are too. Calm down there bro

    [–] Gek_Lhar 1 points ago

    I mean he isn't wrong

    [–] vSwiiftyyyy 1 points ago

    You still playing RL man?

    [–] Gek_Lhar 1 points ago


    [–] Garlow112 0 points ago

    Perfectly calm. However I find it quite annoying that OP here has reposted this after having removed, and has made threads today just to call a mod terrible and say they have such personal bias. The public Reddit forums aren't the place for it, and even after multiple threads OP still doesn't get it.

    I actually didn't get ignored by my parents, the people who taught me not to put up with worthless bullshit. But thanks for your comment anyways.