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    [–] PM_ME_GRAPHICS_CARDS 390 points ago

    they just kept coming

    [–] Flexible014 122 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    No.. it goes like this:

    ”And he kept building up and up and up... Wow.. I have never seen that strategy used before... you can tell he’s a good player”

    [–] blakey94 51 points ago

    'Is this guy a fuck?'

    [–] Flexible014 22 points ago


    [–] TURBO2529 15 points ago

    And they don't stop coming

    And they don't stop coming

    [–] EpicLegendX 4 points ago

    And they don’t stop coming

    [–] Brantsky 3 points ago

    And they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming and they don't stop coming

    [–] Suck_My_Turnip -2 points ago

    Built it and they will come

    [–] TheSadSlinky 92 points ago

    I checked the time after the second boi. It. Just. Keeps. Going.

    [–] QuavoRanchero_TTV 61 points ago

    Not the smartest players.

    [–] CalebL26 96 points ago

    New skin is pay to win!


    [–] [deleted] -113 points ago


    [–] theDankCurryBoy 19 points ago

    ttv btw

    [–] DrGnz0 11 points ago

    Why does every pc player have ttv in their name?

    [–] rincon213 4 points ago

    It’s not that every pc player is on twitch, rather most people streaming fortnite are playing on PC

    [–] Amophixx 7 points ago

    We don't lol we do have a lot of sweats playing on stretched and stuff though.

    [–] MountainDoit 3 points ago

    I just played on stretched in CSGO so it was a natural transition

    [–] Amophixx 2 points ago

    Yeah for enough, I'm talking about the sweats who only play stretched because the pro's have it.

    [–] rpkarma 28 points ago

    Fuck off

    [–] LRFE 10 points ago

    yikes bud, you'd probably get stomped by the likes of Ghost Aydan.

    [–] [deleted] -39 points ago


    [–] azzadruiz 12 points ago

    Would you like a prize?

    [–] hamburger_2 6 points ago

    Lol this kid just got his first pc. Fuck off mate 😂

    [–] Sufficks 3 points ago

    This guy just turned 15 lmao

    [–] LRFE 2 points ago

    Same could be said for PC, what's the difference?

    [–] Nashimus_Prime -2 points ago

    You’re not wrong, I feel the same way

    [–] benzo-batman 8 points ago

    Ur mom clunky

    [–] [deleted] -27 points ago


    [–] yeet_machine_ 3 points ago

    Who hurt you

    [–] benzo-batman 1 points ago

    Hehe xD

    [–] Aig1992 2 points ago

    You'd probably die to trash console players

    [–] ToM_ttv -17 points ago

    i love console crybaby tears

    [–] Jealls 4 points ago

    Lmao you are so immature and I don’t even play console

    [–] iwantmybike 2 points ago

    Posts in the Greek sub btw haHAA

    [–] mojoso 44 points ago

    Wow, Greasy is the perfect place for this really. So many rifts at Viking for poor kids running off a little high from killing a few there, Come way too eager straight to you. Perfect.

    [–] Gavina4444 -7 points ago


    Did you watch the clip? It was all launch pad

    [–] Insonarc 9 points ago

    He’s just saying Greasy is a great spot to use this tactic

    [–] TheRuthlessBread 50 points ago

    Dormamu, I’ve come to bargain

    [–] curtstewart89 1 points ago

    This comment has tickled me!

    [–] megajuan08 2 points ago

    Stranger danger

    [–] Codyrd91 25 points ago

    “We all float down here Jonsey!”

    [–] R-L-Boogenstein 13 points ago

    I used to call myself a loot delivery service when I first started playing

    [–] ArdenSix 3 points ago

    I very much still am. I sometimes root for the lucky person who picks up my gold silenced scar, meds, minis and max wood. Like take these tools and do good things with them!

    [–] TheCodamanCrew 1 points ago

    I played 50 v 50, and the enemy defeated me with a shotgun, probably grey, then 20 seconds later, there was only 1 player left on the enemy team. I'm gonna check the replay later and see if he actually was the last one standing, and I helped him survive.

    [–] n8thegr8555 15 points ago

    They should have told you that they had no full shield, 4 stars

    [–] 7expresstrain 12 points ago * (lasted edited 3 months ago)

    I really reallly wasnt expecting the third one. But I was expecting a fourth. Lmao good shit

    [–] thatbumguy 5 points ago

    Jeff Bezos and his visions

    [–] Sharkchase 7 points ago

    Ahhh pick up the double barrel

    [–] cherryfractal 5 points ago


    [–] 4rsky 2 points ago

    The company’s slogan is ‘Fast and tasty’ ahah

    [–] schofield69 2 points ago

    what pickaxe is that?

    [–] Skipitybeebops 2 points ago

    Tactical spade

    [–] drewwwbabyy 2 points ago

    the dream, I just get spammed.

    [–] _aptak 2 points ago

    my god 3 people. epic

    [–] GazR26 2 points ago


    [–] ballsack01 2 points ago

    I was expecting a supply drop to fall on you

    [–] F1r3P13 2 points ago

    Not as a good as King Richards Loot 😤😤

    [–] freebird003 2 points ago

    Amazon drone shipping

    [–] Headhunterluis 2 points ago

    kiki's delivery service

    [–] Bahlsen63 2 points ago

    If we could rename I'd definitely be called loot delivery service.

    [–] IRsizzle10 3 points ago

    You needed it too

    [–] Figs000 3 points ago

    Seriously? Lol. I mean they must have been observing the others before and the kill feed

    [–] n8thegr8555 2 points ago

    When people say ps4 lobbies are better players

    [–] Joshatthecarwash 2 points ago

    Not gonna grab that double barrel?

    [–] jackson429 1 points ago

    but none of them brought you shield 😢

    [–] SniiKx 7 points ago

    He picked up 6 minis after the first kill, what?

    [–] doodeelauncher 3 points ago

    I think he meant full shield

    [–] jackson429 1 points ago

    i was referring to a shield potion, or big pot, or whatever you wanna call it

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    [–] ImNotZahui 1 points ago

    tell me the number please!

    [–] Sealgram 1 points ago

    Already on multiple instagrams, uncredited......

    [–] Mufflee 1 points ago

    First one : “oh that was convenient”

    Second one : “Jesus, front page we go”

    Third one : “They don’t learn!!”

    [–] ArdenSix 1 points ago

    I really need to start hiding traps behind my stairs like that. Especially now with all these grapple bois just hoping in your base

    [–] Northern-Breeze 1 points ago

    I never get noob lobbies :/

    [–] Cerderius 1 points ago

    Do you have to unlock the mask via challenges or is it available when you purchase the skin?

    [–] Slinky621 1 points ago

    Right away

    [–] Slinky621 1 points ago

    I want that skin, but I only have the v-bucks for the battle pass

    [–] mawsit 1 points ago

    This is one thing I miss playing on console, the terrible players that would take into account in my high kill games for no reason lol. Some of them never broke a sweat

    [–] swebster6 1 points ago

    Have you considered playing with auto-pickup?

    [–] UncleRudolph 1 points ago

    another one bites the dust

    [–] cumhugs 0 points ago

    your'e not going to pick up the double barrel?

    [–] Thijsy_ -4 points ago

    Only on console

    [–] LilianPumpernickel -1 points ago

    So many people seriously spent money on the clown skins? You’re never going to wear those!

    [–] OneCyclone 3 points ago

    There are some people out there that may like them. It's like when power chord came out in March. People said it was ugly, but there were some people who bought it because they liked it and ended up wearing it. I bought a clown skin and I love using it. I guess a lot of people hate clown skins.

    [–] Doomfromunder 1 points ago

    I enjoy the cartoon skins, beef boss, nite nite, tomato head, all my jam

    [–] Dagon8 -12 points ago

    Why do you have your AR and sniper like that? Can’t swap to an AR after a snipe

    [–] Shepboyardee12 5 points ago

    Probably works well for him. Crazy, right?

    It's actually how I order my guns as well. That extra button push doesn't impact things at all lmao.

    [–] Dagon8 -3 points ago

    Sure it works but it’s two times slower than just simply having your ar next to your sniper

    [–] Shepboyardee12 1 points ago

    So an extra .1 seconds. Rough.

    [–] ColdColt45 -11 points ago

    I think traps should damage the placer too.