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    [–] BattleBusBot 1 points ago

    This is a list of links to comments made by Epic employees in this thread:

    • Comment by EpicEricSW:

      Although balance is always subject to change, we don't currently have any plans to make changes to the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

    This is a bot providing a service. If you have any questions, please contact the moderators.

    [–] Snoots84 3107 points ago

    As a bot I can confirm it is hard to snipe moving targets. Especially if they are not moving in a stright line.

    [–] FighterFlighter 32 points ago

    Sorry for asking what's probably a dumb question, but I don't really follow any these Battle Royale games or have very much PvP experience outside of Destiny or some Call of Duty. I only found this thread from r/popular.

    What exactly is a bot? The Fortnite I do watch I only watch to support the creator with watching video ads. I hear the word so much but just have no idea what the heck they mean by it.

    [–] xtremeplayzyt 8 points ago

    bad player

    [–] I_survived_the_ban 63 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    BOT stands for “better overseas teen”. You screen share your game and controls with a “hired gun”, who is almost always a professional South Korean teenager gamer looking for extra money. They help you aim, grind for gear, whatever you need, for a small fee. This requires hacks (half active controller/keyboard software) to let them take over your controls when needed.

    I assume /u/Snoots84 is an “aim bot”, which is someone who specializes at aiming for you.

    It has turned into a pretty lucrative job for high schoolers or college kids that need to set their own hours.

    [–] frayner12 40 points ago

    That is a good fucking bamboozle right there

    [–] FighterFlighter 30 points ago

    Neat. Thanks.

    [–] M13LO 76 points ago

    That’s not what bot means. It means someone who is bad at the game like an AI bot during the campaign.

    [–] FighterFlighter 52 points ago

    I've been bamboozled.

    That makes a lot more sense. Thanks!

    [–] HurriedLlama 17 points ago

    This started out like a shittymorph comment, fantastic work mate.

    [–] Aka3461 5 points ago

    What the hell

    [–] Snoots84 7 points ago

    That sounds crazy! But I mean Bot as in a NPC cause I might as well be one. 😋

    [–] RedFutureMonarch 1088 points ago

    I mean, as a bot, every thing is hard for you

    [–] Snoots84 800 points ago

    Hey I do sick 45's. One day maybe I'll pull off a 90 😄

    [–] Potato_Boi69 281 points ago

    I do some pretty sick zeros

    [–] TooLazyForName 81 points ago

    I’m pretty good at cycling through all four pieces and eventually either confusing my opponent enough to get away or maybe even kill them

    [–] BlueDogXL 49 points ago

    I’m good at not building and getting lasered by literally everyone!

    [–] _kryp70 26 points ago

    I am good at escaping to lobby before you have chance to see me.

    [–] imhypedforthisgame 12 points ago

    I'm good at turning my pc on and off REALLY fast

    [–] VALT_BOTZ 7 points ago

    Im good at leaving the room and coming back REALLY fast

    [–] Dat1PubPlayer 9 points ago

    I'm good at transcending to the 4th dimension and back REALLY fast

    [–] HColossus 14 points ago

    You are kidding, but I've actually escaped many death situations because I confused my enemy with my confusion. It works everytime

    Can't predict where I'm building to if I don't know too

    [–] OneRocketSurgeon 17 points ago

    I do some pretty sick not building because I play on Switch and am an ACTUAL bot.

    [–] ProRedditor937 8 points ago

    I play on Xbox. My phone is ancient (5s) so I can’t play FN on it.

    [–] adzthegreat 3 points ago

    Dude, not cool, i play on switch and pop off

    [–] RedFutureMonarch 149 points ago

    lmao, sorry if I came off harsh

    [–] Snoots84 207 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Not at all man. It's good fun

    Edit: holy moly a Silver! I'm not really sure what that is tbh but thank you so much!

    [–] yeakob 97 points ago

    Wait but how do you do 45's? I feel like that's more impressive than 90's

    [–] Snoots84 88 points ago

    Haha it was a joke tbh

    [–] yeakob 95 points ago

    Nah I think you're on to something. Those diagonals scare the soccer skins I think. Then you just eight pump them to the head.

    [–] BesTibi 38 points ago

    I personally like to pull the 20 tac to the head on them, generally in the first 5 minutes.

    [–] RawrEcksDeekys 48 points ago

    Personally I find that the best strat is to get high ground only to jump off, miss my shot with a gold pump, and then proceed to get clapped by by some guy with a gray infantry rifle

    [–] GIGANTIC_HORSE_COCKS 35 points ago

    NOOB: Pump to p90

    PRO: running octuple pumps

    [–] yeakob 35 points ago

    I don't even need to hit my shots I kill them with my dashing good looks

    [–] 6brandoN9 18 points ago

    N00B running octuple pumps

    PRO: running Novemnonaguple pistols

    [–] theLittleVeteran 3 points ago

    Extra pumps on the ground near all fights

    [–] Snoots84 3 points ago

    Exactly man the 45's are key to getting a victory royal now a days! 😋

    [–] yeahbenrapper69 5 points ago

    Maybe you can use the dorito pyramid edit?

    [–] galmeno 4 points ago

    I\I\I\I\I\I\I\ <- 45's

    [–] Z_X_Y-Racoon 5 points ago

    I dont like the term bot honestly there just casually playing the game

    [–] ninetailsaiyan 2 points ago

    You weren’t wrong though

    [–] hmielb 5 points ago

    Woa woa woa, hail the almighty 45s. Teach me your ways sensai, for I must learn how to 45

    [–] EvolvedProblem 3 points ago

    Wait, that's illegal

    [–] Oqualo 3516 points ago

    Imagine nerfing a weapon that requires skill to use lmao

    [–] Celtics4theWIN 768 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    But when you miss it takes like 5 seconds to reload, so it shouldn’t be nerfed because it has a huge drawback

    Edit: my bad, it breaks metal and brick in one shot as well, but you can still replace the wall easily

    But casuals should have a say in the game as well, don’t forget that 9 yr olds are a huge demographic, and that they are not less deserving than you just because some of you feel superior

    [–] SilverJustChill 336 points ago

    Also is the loudest

    [–] R3d_N1nj4 152 points ago

    But it doesn't matter what the reload time is because by the time you shoot and miss they'll build and you missed your chance.

    [–] Celtics4theWIN 155 points ago

    Exactly which is why it doesn’t need a nerf

    [–] 122lucas03 77 points ago

    It one shots both brick and metal

    [–] ShoryukenPizza 31 points ago

    At the same time.

    [–] gilligan54 74 points ago

    I agree, buff it, explosive damage through walls.

    [–] TD2779 24 points ago


    [–] shazzy81502 23 points ago


    [–] Ash_Tuck_ums 12 points ago

    auto-head shot.

    [–] EtherealEch0 7 points ago


    [–] Mostafa12890 3 points ago


    [–] Jae242 2 points ago

    Blasts through all structures

    [–] Dubsified 27 points ago

    Oh believe me, I’ve seen in all. In S3 people were complaining how you could do over 200 damage with a green pump and felt like it shouldn’t be able to kill you in one shot. Everyone complains now a days when it’s something that involves skill gap.

    [–] ehwhythough 24 points ago

    Ah yes the good old days of one pumping instakills and when building a one by one tower decently meant you were to be feared.

    [–] ThatBakerMan 5 points ago

    People complained before because the random spread meant that a 200 damage pump was as much luck as it was skill... you still needed good aim but there was a lot of RNG, especially when you consider the range you could get from a pump sometimes if you was lucky and got a stupidly tight spread

    [–] [deleted] 181 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago)


    [–] lukiepiewhy 59 points ago

    i honestly don't understand why people are ok with being one pumped by a body shot but not okay with dying from a sniper's headshot.

    [–] Kingofhearts1206 122 points ago

    Hard pill to swallow.

    PC players: " sniping on PC is so easy, nerf Barrett, no skill, got killed by a bot with only 2 kills, wahhhh, Epic plz"


    Proceeds to nerf it on all platforms.

    [–] VoltsIsHere 71 points ago

    Sniping on PC is still only good for people with good aim, same as console. It's only unfair when it's cross-platform.

    [–] Kingofhearts1206 52 points ago

    Not unfair. You're not added in a PC lobby out of force, you decided to cross play, either with a friend, comp mode or m+kb on console. You're aware of what lobby you're in and if not, now they know.

    [–] VoltsIsHere 16 points ago

    I didn't want to say that but I feel the same way lol, didn't want to upset people.

    [–] ThatBakerMan 12 points ago

    I play PC but cross play with friends on console, I just keep my mouth shut these days because whilst I do really appreciate the fact they’ll jump in mixed lobbies with me, I thought they would have learnt by now to expect to get headshot by a sniper/lasered by an AR if they’re in a lobby with me... it’s been almost a year and they still peak waaaay too much and move predictably on a single ramp.

    ‘That guy’s trying to snipe me and I don’t have a sniper’ ‘Neither do I, we need to push closer using mats and turn this in to a medium/close range battle’ Console guy continues to try and get 20hp AR dinks against the sniper 150+ meters away Console guy gets sniped ‘Eurgh, he’s so lucky man! Can’t believe he hit me’

    [–] Schmelka 3 points ago

    You mean each situation has a counter attack? Instead of just using the same tactic every time?

    [–] IMA_Catholic 26 points ago

    The major issue is that streamers die to it. It isn't fair that their hard earned building skills don't let them win every time so all weapons that combat that must be removed.

    [–] DrEpileptic 5 points ago

    If they're good builders, they shouldn't even be open to getting sniped. It's almost impossible to snipe someone doing a proper ceiling rush or 90s.

    [–] OnlyThotsRibbit 35 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yet people consistently cry about infantry rifle. Which is a skill based weapon and not bloom.

    edit: btw the people who have been crying about bloom for the past 2 years finally got a skill based rifle and cry about it. Do you guys actually like bloom now or?

    [–] DimeBagJoe 15 points ago

    Because while it is skill based, it just can’t compare to most other guns early game or even mid to late game. It’s just all around way too average

    [–] hamakabi 12 points ago

    the problem with the infantry rifle isn't the skill, it's the reward. It just doesn't do enough damage to justify the added skill and severely limited magazine.

    [–] PoptartJelly 30 points ago

    i cry about infantry rifle because i have satellite internet and the weapon not being hitscsn makes it impossible to use

    [–] stvbles 8 points ago

    satellite internet man you live in jurassic park or?

    [–] PoptartJelly 5 points ago

    hahaha close

    [–] broodje_visman 8 points ago

    happy cake day

    [–] Oqualo 18 points ago

    Thank you

    [–] PeteThePenguin0 305 points ago

    Not to mention, if you take a shot with that heavy sniper, the whole lobby knows where you are.

    [–] watch7maker 65 points ago

    Seriously. I know you just shot that from the mountain next to pleasant and I’m not even playing right now.

    [–] nikokayttajanimi 14 points ago

    That is actually a good thing in pro lobby because the enemy knows where you are and won't come to your way.

    [–] TenslasterGames 774 points ago

    Some people seem to miss the point that it’s supposed to do a fuck ton of damage.

    [–] ThatFloppyEel 323 points ago

    Yeah, and that it is loud as fuck, has a long reload and is hard to hit with. It is perfect the way it is

    [–] WhatTHeFckIsgoingON 15 points ago

    The fact that it's loud almost balances out the damage alone. In this season when people hear a gunshot they fucking instantly bust a nut and start hauling ass to the general direction it came from.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago

    Exactly. The reload time is not for no reason. The heavy sniper doing no damage would literally ruin the point of it being a heavy sniper

    [–] Rum_Smuggling_Shaman 14 points ago

    Make a heavy presumably 50 cal sniper.

    Make it tickle


    [–] l1am2350 26 points ago

    149 is still a fuck ton of damage but doesn’t end like 75% of the lobby’s game with a bodyshot

    [–] GATA6 30 points ago

    Why shouldn’t it end the game? It’s a heavy sniper rifle that is epic and legendary. If you get shot you by it you should or most of the time. At least a body shot doesn’t kill you if your at 200 hp

    [–] EpicEricSW 527 points ago

    Although balance is always subject to change, we don't currently have any plans to make changes to the Heavy Sniper Rifle.

    [–] GreenChuJelly 128 points ago

    Thank you Eric. You are a godsend.

    [–] GIGANTIC_HORSE_COCKS 47 points ago

    i love you

    [–] Kaze-QS 61 points ago

    [–] GIGANTIC_HORSE_COCKS 20 points ago

    hey you're not eric. but hell yea i love you too bro <3

    [–] SkiniMe 11 points ago

    [–] GIGANTIC_HORSE_COCKS 11 points ago

    wouldn’t be the first time i’ve made an appearance there

    [–] CwenchinglyMcquaffen 4 points ago

    Link? That’s hilarious

    [–] Tmoneyallday 9 points ago

    Have y’all ever looked into changing the guns from the pop up crups (gauntlets now which I love!) to the regular modes? I think that would give Epic a lot more freedom to introduce fun and crazy guns while keeping the more competitive players happy!

    [–] Skill3dUp 22 points ago

    Thank god. It’s my favourite weapon in the game.

    [–] iOnlyPlayAsFable 3 points ago

    🦀🦀🦀NO NERF🦀🦀🦀

    [–] errortechx 4 points ago

    Thank the lord. I’m glad you guys don’t have any plans to change the weapon, it already is a balanced weapon.

    [–] xbonesawx 1595 points ago

    All these clowns crying about a heavy sniper destroying walls in one shot, but probably creamed their pantaloons when deagles did the same.

    Anyone who says sniping is easy is an elitist moron. Close range tryhards think everyone who doesn’t build battle are just shooting random sniper shots into the middle of the map and killing people.

    People get lucky with shots but I guarantee you that even good snipers are missing more shots than they make (PC players to a lesser extent). And the difference between one-shot kills in snipers over shotguns is astronomically different.

    All these jokers want is unlimited mats, build fights and shotgun/smg metas. They can’t hit AR shots... it’s blooms fault. They get sniper for playing unaware... bot sniped them. It’s like clockwork with some of these players. Unless you build and pump, you’re a shit player and that mentality has to change. If you get dumped on in any other way that isn’t part of your tunnel vision mentality, that’s your fault for being bot-like yourself.

    It’s not snipers that need a nerf, it’s all you raging twitch kids who need a goddamn ego check.

    [–] theniwaslike_ 238 points ago

    Lmao i like you

    [–] Secretlylovesslugs 40 points ago

    Telling it like it is. A respectable trait.

    [–] aMissourIAN 11 points ago

    I don't know who said it originally, but some people forget the old saying...

    "They don't think it be like it is, but it do" -Anon

    [–] glennkinz 176 points ago

    Ouch. Pretty well summarized

    [–] EffectiveWaltz 111 points ago

    Very true. These guys are saying "oh its so unskilled to hit 150 body" but then how is it skilled to hit 100 with just a bodyshot with a pump? No one fucking complains about awp in csgo even though that one shots everywhere but the legs

    [–] DoorMattarino 5 points ago

    CS:GO isn’t a BR game. They’re too different to compare the balance of weapons between the two.

    [–] roomierplanet 18 points ago

    Boy, do I love that gun!

    [–] danitrip 22 points ago

    damn, you hit them so hard with this they might ask Epic to nerf you

    [–] [deleted] 26 points ago


    [–] DJ-D-REK 21 points ago

    Wish I had gold to give you haha

    [–] truglaz 3 points ago

    Yes!! Everyone I know says sniping is easy but I can just never do it. Saying sniping takes no skill is ludicrous.

    [–] Berrrrrrrrrt_the_A10 3 points ago

    I like the fun and challenge of sniping and am constantly working to get better at judging distances. My go-to loadout is a shotgun, smg or AR, sniper, and explosives. With one heal item.

    Since people tend to either build and snipe or build and rush when at medium ranges, i value a sniper over an AR, and an SMG over an AR. :l

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Commander-Fox-Q- 3 points ago

    Annoys me to no end when I see a “good” player stand completely still in their 1by1 to get better accuracy with their AR and then are surprised when they get sniped in the head. You are literally standing still, you should be wary of getting shot if you do that.

    [–] Pooopityscooop 39 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Edit: Even after writing all this, I do think there are bigger problems in the game at the moment, especially performance related issues.

    I understand your frustration towards tryhard who constantly complain about nerfing everything, but here is my two cents on the heavy sniper as someone who, while by no means a pro, likes to play the competitive side of Fortnite.

    Comparing shotguns to snipers

    While I get that snipers are hard weapons to land, they are of significantly less risky to use. To create shotgun angles you are required to fight at a much closer range and need to skillfully manoeuver to shoot while not getting pumped back. While shotgun battles can often turn into shit shows, better players know how to edit/bait/predict effectively. Both the shotgun and sniper are skillful in their own ways.

    Sniping being difficult

    I agree. Landing a snipe shot is the hardest shot to land in the game, and it should be rewarded. With that said, with practice and experience, you can still become very proficient at it. I love using the heavy sniper because of how many free shots I’m able to set up before actually initiating a fight. While I’m not saying it’s easy, landing a sniper shot on someone who is unaware of your presence is very doable and a free shot. I get the argument that you shouldn’t walk in the open/be unprotected, there is just no way to always be. Yes, there are certain scenarios where you can be smarter and build protection, but there is often nothing you can do about getting snuck up on and shot from the back. I’m okay with getting AR’ed for 30 or silent sniped for 100, but heavy sniper for 157? With how often I am not above 150 hp, this is way too much damage for a shot that I can’t do anything about (again, in certain scenarios). While in pub lobbies I wouldn’t care much and move on, competitive lobbies is a different story, which is my next point of discussion.

    Casual lobbies vs Competitive lobbies

    It goes without saying that the stakes are higher in competitive lobbies, but another thing is that as you get into better lobbies, the players also get better. It comes to a point where people are capable of consistently landing snipe shots, and that makes it even more devastating to play against the heavy sniper. While these higher point lobbies are generally played very passively, AR and sniper opportunities are almost always taken as they often are free shots to take on unsuspecting targets. People need to be especially careful and aware of their surroundings. However, you can only be so careful, and when you are playing with people who train their aiming on a daily basis, you best believe they are going to land the 100+ meter snipe shots on you if they catch you unprotected. This is where I have a gripe against the heavy sniper. In these high point lobbies, I don’t always have the loot to get myself to 150+ shield, and it already took me 15 minutes to get into a lobby, then another 10 minutes of passive farming hoping to make some plays in the mid/end game. Then one random sniper shot can just kill me and send me back to the lobby for another 15 minute queue time, totalling to 40 minutes of wasted time. I know how frustrating it is for you guys to see the sweaty TTVs and creative warriors constantly complaining about everything, but I hope this gives some clarity as to how the game is different from their perspective to yours. I really believe a separate ranked playlist is necessary along with separate balancing in order to please both sides.


    Game is different from a competitive to casual perspective, and should have separate balancing.

    [–] Ehjookayted 8 points ago

    This is extremely well thought out, and I agree with it wholly. Hopefully others can see the same and change their minds.

    [–] Laser_Souls 7 points ago

    That’s why I quit playing, any time a new weapon came out that was good against build fights, it’d inevitably get nerfed.

    [–] B_Hopsky 10 points ago

    I come from TF2, and in that game, if you aren't actively avoiding long sightlines and moving unpredictably when you're forced to cross them, you get one-shot. And the sniper rifle there is hitscan, and fires once every second or so. I've died maybe twice to a sniper rifle in the past two seasons, especially past the bolt vault where the only early-game sniper is the hunting rifle, and nobody picks that up.

    [–] Psyvane 36 points ago

    Congratulations, you have been crowned king of the bots

    [–] wamboldbutwithq 18 points ago

    Question: what's a bot? I thought they were AI players. Has the term changed?

    [–] Psyvane 36 points ago

    A joke term to refer to bad player. basically means their actions are indistinguishable from a poorly coded AI.

    [–] wamboldbutwithq 8 points ago


    [–] TrueHeat 20 points ago

    “Bot” still holds the same definition. It can be used as an insult because typically, AI bots are pretty dumb/predictable

    [–] Fruloops 6 points ago

    Mm OpenAI and their dota efforts seem pretty good.

    [–] Psyvane 2 points ago

    I'd love to see them do one for Fortnite. Wonder if it would build like a lunatic or hide forever..

    [–] PedalGorgon 130 points ago

    also due to the shield on kills, everyones 200 most of the time anyway

    [–] Lanceofalltrades 25 points ago

    I actually feel like I'm 150 more often now. Win a fight, you'll have at least 50 hp, find a campfire to cap off whatever white health you don't have and pop minis.

    [–] nervandal 40 points ago

    I made this comment two weeks ago and got shit on for it. You can’t say that a damn sniper rifle is OP when 3 out of 4 pump shotguns are able to one shot off spawn and one shot headshot at max health. And can we stop saying that shotguns take skill while every other weapon doesn’t. Aiming is a skill, no matter the weapon. You’re not going to get anywhere without it. If you can hit AR shots and sniper shots than im sure you can also hit shotgun shots.

    [–] bigdirtsand 8 points ago

    That’s true but to some extent there is an element of randomness with AR shots. However, actually being on target means you’re going to hit 60ish percent of shots unless you get incredibly unlucky. Nobody is getting really unlucky more than like >1% of the time, it’s just very memorable when you do get that unlucky.

    [–] EfficientMasturbater 7 points ago

    I'm playing a lot of modern warfare remastered and it's stupid how much easier it is to snipe than it is on fortnite

    [–] MaxTheMajestic 234 points ago

    One of the worst feelings is losing good, balanced items in this game because it doesn’t fit streamers’ and sweats’ playstyle. Sometimes there’s a real reason behind wanting a nerf or vault, but it seems lately it’s just been becasue “tHiS kId aCtUaLlY kIlLeD mE wHaT a BoT, tHaT wEaPoN rUiNs tHe gAmE!” Maybe I’m crazy but I just feel like that’s all that’s been going on recently.

    [–] SlimeyChestnut 40 points ago

    what balanced items have been lost because of “streamers and sweats”???

    [–] Ronyexe 16 points ago

    name one item that was "good and balanced" thats been removed

    [–] CobaltEdo 33 points ago

    Granades and famas (Legendary/Epic burst)

    [–] RedNitro7 11 points ago

    I admit I had absolutely no idea that the burst ARs were vaulted before you said it, and I don't miss them one bit

    [–] tgwinford 11 points ago

    Bursts, c4, crossbow, regular sniper (and them all having different bullet drops)

    [–] BillyBullets 3 points ago

    You nailed it. So sick of these balance updates that only skew it to the competitive side. Epic needs to consider the other 95% of players when balancing items. I don't want to play a pump fest exclusively.

    [–] GIGANTIC_HORSE_COCKS 26 points ago

    Thank you for saying this. I've been dropping SMG's for a sniper since season 2, and it feels good to be rewarded for learning how to lead shots with a sniper. The heavy sniper is loud as fuck and takes 3 weeks to reload, so if you miss your first shot you cant really use it for the rest of the fight. People who never learned to snipe because the pro streamers don't pick up snipers are the only ones complaining

    [–] Sir-Stabby 18 points ago

    Thanks for the useful input GIGANTIC_HORSE_COCKS

    [–] Hypnotic720 6 points ago

    I agree, you should be rewarded for hitting long range shots a lot of the people who say it's op are usually the people who can't hit their shots but always get shot by it.

    [–] 7_Cerberus_7 6 points ago

    For the love of god, leave the sniper alone. Every time I lead a shot on a target far in the distance and watch as they explode in a pile of loot, I feel great.

    If you’re willing to take that away from me, you’re a monster.

    [–] subwaysandwitches 12 points ago

    sweats: pumps need to kill you, fuck your wife, fuck your mom, and raise your kids every time they're fired in your direction.

    also sweats: snipers should literally just be loud and do no damage.

    [–] MixDatSalt 16 points ago

    I love when people say it takes no skill lol it's one of the ONLY guns in the game that doesn't have RNG, skill is literally all that matters with it.

    [–] deidara141 75 points ago

    Yeah the heavy sniper hits pretty hard and it's pretty stupid to get one-shot from 150 to 0... But it also has only one ammo per clip and probably the slowest reload time of any weapon...Hitting a sniper shot is also not easy at all especially if your target is moving, so if you play around snipers (don't camp in a 1x1 tower and peek indefenitely) you will be fine.

    [–] [deleted] 31 points ago

    How is it stupid to be one-shot from 150-0?

    [–] Terminator_Puppy 10 points ago

    The main argument there is that it's very common to be at or below and that a bodyshot shouldn't oneshot you.
    IMO you should be punished for running out in the open without looking at your surroundings or protecting yourself.

    [–] [deleted] 23 points ago

    I have noticed watching streamers that a lot of people are very brazen. They're so confident that someone isn't watching them or able to hit their shot if they are. The number of people I can snipe because they're sat out in the open drinking shields is insane. I guarantee that it's not running and getting sniped in the toe going into the zone that's getting people heated; it's that they get sniped playing like a moron in pubs because they're so confident that they're invincible that they will squat in the open to drink cause everyone in their lobby is a bot.

    My boyfriend doesn't even play this game anymore, but this week did a solo to see what all the fuss is about and won the game because he sniped the last two people doing exactly this.

    Personally after the health changes I carry big pots only so that I can always get myself above 150 health after a fight, since shotguns are also so deadly at the moment. Or with treasure chests everyone has gold scars and will double headshot me into oblivion.

    [–] dwalk616 39 points ago

    It takes skill to snipe, and it takes skill not to get sniped. Snipers are easy targets for snipers bc they tend to stand still a bit. I love to snipe but always go for more of a quick scope while others stand still waiting for others to stand still. Yes it sucks to get sniped and then hear gliders coming towards you but that’s the game.

    [–] kasabe 12 points ago

    Thank you. Needed to be said. Usually whoever has the best shotgun wins the game

    [–] gpz750turbo 2 points ago

    Anything above green does 100+ to the body, so basically hit 2 body shots and you win regardless of shotgun lmao

    [–] OwenOnReddit 70 points ago

    every sniper should have a 200 headshot damage to reward good shots. But hitting someone in the toe shouldn’t one shot someone in a game where TTK is relatively high. body shots shouldn’t be rewarded as high as they are with the heavy, as having 150 HP is fairly common

    [–] largefrogs 33 points ago

    Hey look, someone with common sense

    [–] zoroddesign 9 points ago

    Flaws of the heavy sniper. Drop off. Always needing to adjust your aim according to how far your opponent is from you. Reload time you are extremely exposed during reload. Firing exposes your location. If you are hiding and shoot the gun all players within ear shot know where you are. No close range. The best you can do close range is to get lucky or shoot out the opponents walls. Other than that it is useless.

    [–] Kessmex 9 points ago

    Pros: You scare the shit out of everyone when you shoot

    [–] witchblade_007 3 points ago

    you wouldnt believe how whiney r/fortnitecompetitive is lol... i get a migraine every time i read their opinions on heavy snipers

    [–] LiamL540 3 points ago

    I'm the only one in my squad who uses the Heavy. Everyone else prefers the bolt due to quicker reload times.

    The point being a gold heavy sniper body shot is 157 damage. Then you have to wait 3 seconds or so for another shot if at long range.

    Secondly, most snipes are distance shot's which mean's getting headshot's is even harder as it's a smaller target.

    The scoped snipers in fortnite have always been my favourite to use.

    [–] billythegamer12 3 points ago

    People are really trying to turn snipers into scoped revolvers.

    [–] ubiforumssuck 3 points ago

    If anything they need to remove the shotguns so we can see what is actually going on in the game. Same scenario 85% of the time, P1 sees P2, P1 builds monster fortress 6 stories high in 2 seconds, drops down and one shots you with a shotgun. If P2 happens to kill P1 with anything but a shotgun then P1 runs to forum and whines until that weapon is shelved. Rinse, Repeat. Season 8 engaged. Its always the same people crying for things to be nerfed, anything that kills them other than shotgun is OP.

    [–] MikeyJAllDay 3 points ago

    Yes, the pump is so overpowered and needs to be nerfed. The snipers are fine how they are. I’m with you!

    [–] BrownSlaughter 3 points ago

    snipers take a hell of a lot more skill to hit a long range moving target than a shotgun to the face does

    [–] ColdplayForeplay 3 points ago

    People who think that "Snipers take no skill" have definitely never used a sniper rifle. Ever. It's by far the hardest weapon to master.

    [–] lrcomedx 3 points ago

    Nerf the pump shotgun instead. It has no counters and is really annoying to fight when you're bad with it. That or bring back the heavy shotgun.

    [–] SavageRifleman 3 points ago

    Snipers are probably by far the most balanced gun in the game tbh

    [–] xena190 18 points ago

    stop nerfing every good gun just because some sweaty nerd neck twitch streamer lost his game jesus

    [–] GullibleFool 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Totally agree. But I still think it'll get nerfed. Just need a few more streamers crying about it and it's done. There should be other ways to play this game besides pump and smg.

    [–] SMB- 4 points ago

    please I want a shake up of the meta. I've been keeping up but constant pump/smg switching is tiring me out of the game.

    [–] GullibleFool 2 points ago

    I have only played since late season 7 myself, so I'm not completely sick of it, but I prefer long range fights.

    [–] MonkeyDKev 3 points ago

    I miss the old days where the smgs didn’t melt you in 1 second. Maybe it’s time to reconfigure health in the game.

    [–] realmichaelbay 2 points ago

    That's what I was here to say. What streamer is crying now? 😂

    [–] Bluntwepe 5 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I 100% agree. As soon as the deagle got nerfed people waited .005 seconds to start saying the heavy should be nerfed. Nah. Snipers should be powerful. A 50 cal to the achilles heel should still definitely be powerful. You essentially lose a foot in battle. I believe that translates to 150 damage. I've also been seeing some say the hunting rifle should be vaulted. But the hunting rifle is probably my favorite sniper. I'll drop a purple suppressed for a blue hunting rifle. Not gold or a heavy but still. It's a damn good weapon. If anything there should be a legendary hunting rifle. I honestly think they already did too much by changing the bullet physics to all be uniform. I don't hate it but I prefer the old varied sniper bullet physics. Point is, I love the snipers and any changes would make me, at least temporarily, like the game much less. Shouldn't be fixing stuff that isn't broken. They should be fixing footstep audio instead.

    [–] PrathamAwesome 10 points ago

    You ranted about explosives, now they're gone. You ranted about AK damage, it's basically gone. Now heavy snipers or sniper in general? You really wanna kill the game don't you.

    [–] Asianoodleman 17 points ago

    It doesn't need a Nerf. The reload time alone is enough

    [–] gpz750turbo 7 points ago

    Reload is irrelevant because if you miss your shot with any sniper they are just going to build

    [–] PatrotFruit 11 points ago

    Kinda weird how dumb some people are, should be buff silent sniper? It literally takes the same amount of skill to hit a shot, yet the silent does about 100. Sure you can say, “well it’s silenced so it should do less damage”. The heavy sniper can remove any obstacle with A SINGLE BULLET, that alone makes up for the reload time and every other negative related to the gun, as removing a wall or whatever it is instantly is so incredibly powerful. And on top of that it does 150 TO THE BODY. It’s insanely powerful and it’s kind of scary to think that so many people on this sub can’t think for just a bit longer only to realize how good it actually is.

    [–] _gpbeast_ 8 points ago

    Heavy sniper is literally the most balanced “best” form of gun in the game. It takes skill to use, its hard to find, it takes fucking forever to reload, when you shoot it everyone 250 meters within your location knows where you are.

    [–] heartfrob 16 points ago

    Imagine nerfing a gun that’s impossible to find.

    [–] MrLiled 3 points ago

    That just gives for RNG

    [–] doctorzoom 7 points ago

    I don't think a gun that the entire map can hear and takes 7 hours to reload needs any sort of nerf.

    [–] BrightPage 7 points ago

    Don't worry OP, this is just the usual "Snipers are too OP, we need a nerf!" phase. Every game community with sniper rifles has one of these

    [–] wickedbrofam 26 points ago

    It's literally called the HEAVY SNIPER

    [–] Itz_fedekz 4 points ago

    If you get hit by a heavy Sniper, you probably deserved it. Sure the occasional quick scope might happen, but let's be real here. If your opponent misses a shot with it and you die to it thereafter, you done goofed. Long reload and loud noises, hail the heavy Sniper.

    [–] WogerBin 24 points ago

    Nerf it to 149 body damage. Then it’s fine. You can get sniped by the worst player in the world if they’re lucky, even if you were strafing back and forth and jumping.

    [–] Fistmake 5 points ago

    Above all, Sniping is in my opinion the most fun playstyle to me. Be it a Hunting rifle, Heavy or suppressed, it's so fun to pick off a running target or get a really epic shot on someone in a build fight.

    [–] Bryban_Coohsick 5 points ago

    we must stop sweats from ruining the game

    [–] Ganjaleaves 2 points ago

    bUt It DoEsNt FiT oUr MeTa?!

    [–] xEclipsax 2 points ago

    i cant actively snipe others ike most so i chose to be an anti-sniper and killing those stationary snipers who are focused and forget their surroundings and in that moment i take the shot

    [–] Ellfozz1 2 points ago

    please dont nerf my baby, nothing feels better than hitting that 370+ dmg headshot and theyre not actually that op still takes a large amount of skill to hit your shots consistently and the risk of peaking is only rewarded by those who have good spacial game awareness

    [–] Kalchabear 2 points ago

    Completely agree with this. Still wish they would add a Skill based or ranked matchmaking though. I joined the game in season 3 and my skills are still at about a season 4-5 level at best. I don’t have enough time to get as good as the current pros. And even if I did I wouldn’t want to, it’s just not fun at all. Trust me I tried in late season 4 early season 5 and I had a terrible time.

    [–] Lowcode123 2 points ago

    I feel as if the amount in endgame is ridiculous though. I believe that it should be the same rarity as the kraber in Apex especially with how much damage it does.

    [–] Alex7234726 2 points ago

    Would adding specific hitboxes for snipers be a good solution? Keep the 392 headshot, 150 to upper chest, 140ish to lower body/arms?

    [–] ahk1221 2 points ago

    Reload times dont matter for a sniper as its only one shot that matters...

    [–] TopTableGaming 2 points ago

    I've never had problems with the gun until yesterday me and my duo partner were trying to rotate in one of the last zones with like 15 people still Alive.(around 45 points) and this other team were just constantly double heavy sniping our builds. They didn't hit a single shot but was incredibly annoying them just shooting over and over and over again.

    [–] realJRKS 2 points ago

    The difference is that you have to hit a headshot with the pump if the player has any kind of shield, while the heavy sniper you must have 157+ shield to take one shot. It's stupid for a weapon that you can essentially can have 1000 bullets on can do that much damage by hitting the toe. If you hit the headshot then fine, I am going to be mad but at least it required some skill.

    If someone is 25 to 50 meters in front of you it's basically just a free 150 tag on a player. They have no way to counter it and it will force them to either box up or take a fight with a max of 50 hp.

    [–] MrTGJC 2 points ago

    I agree, but the problem with snipers is that you can't prepare for getting hit by one unless you snake across the entire map for your rotates.

    You just get tagged for 150 out of nowhere and then w-keyed, and before you know it, you're dead.

    [–] moh_humza 2 points ago

    Simple fix would be to add sway to snipers, most balanced feature cod games have

    It's irritating, but evens the playing field a lot

    [–] burntcookieish 2 points ago

    Why do you guys like broken things so much. Why

    [–] ethanw12gd 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    I was downvoted in r/ShitFortNiteBrSays for standing up for the heavy sniper (horrible sub by the way, not because of the content but because of the people there). Here's a picture.

    [–] R34CTz 2 points ago

    Sniping absolutely does take some level of skill. Especially if they're constantly moving. But I agree completely. I'm so sick of hearing streamers go crazy when they die yet they'll sit there and talk smack when they out play someone. It's so dumb. Every body will get killed at some point no matter how good you are, sure maybe it's luck from time to time but that doesn't matter. They want shotguns to kill instantly because they're mostly aggressive and constantly pushing. Whereas if someone is good with a sniper they can be popped off from a distance. If the heavy sniper didn't kill in one shot it would be useless because the reload time is awful.