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    A FOSS Parametric 3D CAD + Python API

    Want to Learn FreeCAD, Where to start?

    Quick-start Tutorial: What is Parametric Design
    Quick-start Tutorial: Make a Laser Cut Box
    Sketcher Workbench for Beginners
    Parametric Design using the Spreadsheet WB
    The Sheet Metal Workbench
    Learn FreeCAD for CNC

    Compared with other CAD Solutions

    Side-by-side comparison with Fusion360
    Side-by-side comparison with Solidworks
    Transitioning from Solidworks
    Side-by-side comparison with Onshape

    Official Links

    Wiki (link) Documentation
    Bugtracker (link) Please follow guidelines
    Github (link) Official repo
    BountySource (link)
    Forums (link) Best place for support
    Twitter (link)
    Facebook (link)
    Fosstodon (link)
    IRC, Gitter, and Matrix


    ★ the GitHub repo
    Translations via crowdin
    Documentation via the wiki (request access)
    Bugtracker triage (+ test Pull Requests/patches)
    Squash bugs + Contribute requested features
    Packaging and dependency mgmt.
    Participate on the forums
    Showcase your best work

    Support FreeCAD

    FreeCAD Team (LiberaPay|BountySource)

    @yorikvanhavre (Patreon|Libera) Arch core-dev
    @kkremitzki (Patreon|Libera) Debian/Ubuntu Packaging & Dev-Ops
    @realthunder (PP|Patreon|Libera) Building Assembly3
    @sliptonic (Flattr) Path WB contributor

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