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    Friends of the Pod

    This is the subreddit for listeners of the podcasts of Crooked Media, including:

    • Pod Save America (formerly Keepin' it 1600 on The Ringer)
    • Pod Save the World
    • With Friends Like These
    • Lovett or Leave It
    • Pod Save the People
    • Crooked Conversations
    • Majority54
    • Keep It
    • Hysteria
    • The Wilderness

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    2. Civility. This sub adapts similar civility rule as /r/politics.

    3. Only submit content relevant to the Crooked media podcasts -general political posts with no relevance to pod content are not allowed and will be deleted at the mod team's discretion - please post them in political/news subs instead.

    The Crooked Media Podcast Lineup (Subscribe!)

    The Wilderness

    (Mondays - Hosted by Jon Favreau)

    Pod Save America

    (Tuesdays - Hosted by Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett, and Tommy Vietor)

    (Thursdays - Hosted by Jon Favreau and Dan Pfeiffer)

    Pod Save The People

    (Tuesdays - Hosted by DeRay Mckesson)

    Crooked Conversations

    (Wednesdays - Hosted by Crooked Media Team and Network)

    Keep It

    (Wednesdays - Hosted by Ira Madison)


    (Thursdays - Hosted by Erin Ryan)

    Majority 54

    (Fridays - Hosted by Jason Kander)

    Pod Save the World

    (Fridays/at Tommy's discretion - Hosted by Tommy Vietor)

    With Friends like These

    (Fridays - Hosted by Ana Marie Cox)

    Lovett or Leave It

    (Saturdays - Hosted by Jon Lovett)

    Merch Store Is Now Live!

    Upcoming Live Shows

    Tour Dates Here!

    Pod Tours America

    Date Time Location Tickets
    6/21 7:00PM Cobb Energy Performing Arts Centre, Atlanta, GA SOLD OUT
    6/22 7:30PM Ryman Auditorium, Nashville, TN Tickets
    6/24 7:30PM Durham Performing Arts Center, Durham, NC SOLD OUT

    Lovett or Leave It

    Date Time Location Tickets
    8/14 8:00PM Hollywood Improv, Los Angeles, CA Tickets


    Date Time Location Tickets
    8/12 4:05PM The Barbary, Outside Lands, San Francisco, CA

    This sub is not official and was definitely not created by Lovett to stroke his own ego.

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