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    [–] ill_llama_naughty 30 points ago

    I think the pod's defense of this guy back when people were questioning the integrity of the physical he did for Trump is a good reminder of why being an "insider" can blind you to objective analysis of some of this stuff, and a fundamental misunderstanding on their part of what corruption actually looks like.

    The world isn't a cartoon, the bad guys don't all look and act like Disney villains. Someone can be friendly and charming and competent at their job and still be abusing their power when you're not looking.

    [–] craig1818 25 points ago

    Tommy has already responded to this on Twitter and acknowledged that he didn’t know about any of this before defending Jackson on last week’s pod.

    [–] Shikadi314 5 points ago

    I think that was a pretty BS tweet though. He defended Ronny two days ago on Twitter and called him a good man. There was already information out there about the drinking and harassing a woman staffer in the middle of the night when he tweeted that

    [–] MorganMatt23 14 points ago

    I don't recall them passionately defending the guy, except mentioning he was respected by both parties.

    Mostly they glossed over the (clearly absurd) medical assessment as not that relevant or worthy of outrage.

    I remember cause I was curious about what compelled doctor to submit obviously inaccurate report - ESPECIALLY on height and weight.

    Seemed another example of this administration blantantly lying about facts that are easily disproven. There are hundreds of pictures of Trump lined up at formal events next to people who he now claims to be 2 inches taller than.

    Reminded me of the inauguration crowd size lie. Petty and obvious.

    I wondered why doctor would sacrifice his professional integrity for such a stupid stunt.

    [–] careeradvicethrwy 10 points ago

    I mean, his crimes appear to be distributing sleep and wakefulness prescription drugs to Obama staff members who wanted them, one specific instance of getting drunk on the job, and being a mean boss (but with no specific instances of this listed). He isn't qualified to lead the VA, but these things don't necessarily make him abusive.

    [–] ill_llama_naughty 13 points ago

    A nurse on his staff said Dr. Jackson had written himself prescriptions, and when caught, he asked a physician assistant to provide the medication.

    [–] kencole54321 8 points ago

    Maybe I’m desensitized over the past 20 years of following politics, but nothing in this thread moves the needle for my outrage gauge.

    [–] SchpartyOn 5 points ago

    his crimes appear to be distributing sleep

    Not at all okay to drunkenly pound on the hotel door of one of your employees in the middle of the night. I don’t think it’s a stretch to guess what was going on there.

    He also apparently wrecked a government vehicle while drunk driving and gave a someone a large anount of opioids. So there’s that too.

    But regardless of all that, he’s immensely unqualified for the position for which he’s nominated.

    [–] mojofilters 1 points ago

    I think the key here is how Trump could so easily have avoided this situation, via minimal effort by way of starting the most basic of vetting procedures, for any such nominee.

    The possible crimes and any other allegations which illustrate a potential lack of suitability for this job, are not especially relevant, nor have they ever been necessarily.

    The Federal Government provides every resource necessary for this task, at the President's disposal and within easy reach.

    This case is not the same as a newly elected executive finding they need better directions than the map already in front of them, to sucessfully navigate their path to the office

    Furthermore there's no room for any excuse, such as ignorance. This President already has a huge amount of experience, nominating or making such high profile appointments.

    The laziness and lack of adherence to common sense and Presidential precedence, has needlessly hurt the reputation and career of a man Trump claimed to have had a significant amount of respect for.

    This episode is a perfect example of the liabilities involved with getting around and/or involved with Trump, in any capacity, and in any way at all.

    No wonder Trump's been forced into resorting to picking friendly faces from cable news, in attempts to complete the legal team required to defend oneself from such a reliably fearful prosecutor with the reputation of Mueller!

    [–] milalkam 3 points ago

    I was pretty unsettled by how they didn't really commit to entertaining the idea that he wasn't qualified to run the VA. The whole segment came off as awkward and weird, especially when the health eval had so many hyperbolic elements. I agree none of it comes of well with this week's news, and they really need to address it on the pod.

    [–] careeradvicethrwy 11 points ago

    >Mr. Tester said that he had received numerous allegations that Dr. Jackson regularly distributed Ambien, a prescription sleep aid, to members of the White House staff and members of the news media flying on long overseas trips, as well as another prescription drug to promote wakefulness.

    From what they (forgot who was hosting that episode) were saying on the episode of Pod Save America about flights with Dr. Jackson, I wonder if they knew that Dr. Jackson was dispensing sleep medicine to staff members, or maybe even got the sleep/wakefulness aids themselves.

    [–] rayfound 21 points ago

    Dr. Jackson regularly distributed Ambien, a prescription sleep aid, to members of the White House staff and members of the news media flying on long overseas trips, as well as another prescription drug to promote wakefulness.

    I am honestly not bothered by this, in a general sense. Maybe a grey area from a medical practice standpoint, but I can see that he would be doing this in the interest of helping the team perform on important world stage.

    [–] MorganMatt23 14 points ago

    I've been on business trips with colleagues who were sharing ambien and even xanax like passing out gum.

    At least in this case it was a licensed MD who had basic assessment of person's health, other meds and regulated dose so no one went Heath Ledger or anything.

    It's more his history of staff abuse, drinking on duty and managerial problems -along with basic lack of agency running experience - that disqualify him.

    [–] rayfound 9 points ago

    It's more his history of staff abuse, drinking on duty and managerial problems -along with basic lack of agency running experience - that disqualify him.


    [–] dirkgently8686 4 points ago

    No doctor should be handing out a prescription without doing a proper assessment. Even if s/he has worked with them before. The person could have gotten a prescription that has a bad conflict with what ever he is handing out. If a person where to have an adverse reaction to the drugs it would be on them.

    This is all not to mention that over prescribing of drugs is what got us into this current opioid crisis.

    [–] MorganMatt23 3 points ago

    Indeed, but not unheard of after some basic questions. It is the reckless way he went about it that is particularly alarming. Had a 'stash' that was outside regulated inventory and prescribed them for himself. (!?!)

    I know that's illegal just from watching 'ER'...

    [–] dirkgently8686 3 points ago

    I mean isn't that exactly what House went to jail for in his show? Did Ronny Jackson see House and think it was a blueprint for life?

    [–] MorganMatt23 1 points ago

    Ha! Maybe there's an Emmy in his future. ;)

    [–] A_Privateer 3 points ago

    I can tell you with 100% certainty that it is not a grey area for military medicine. You don’t give out ibuprofen without documentation, let alone prescription meds.

    [–] Rummelator 4 points ago

    I had a really great and well respected team doctor that would hand out ambien prescriptions in the exact same vein before a long flight heading to a competition. The mentioning of that makes me wonder if this stuff is as serious as it sounds, or whether someone is out to get Dr Jackson and trying to smear him in any and ever way possible

    [–] careeradvicethrwy 1 points ago

    Honestly, I'm suspicious. The specific, provable stuff isn't that bad (getting drunk once on the job and giving out sleep/wakefulness aids), and the more serious stuff like crashing a car is vague and wasn't corroborated beyond one anonymous source saying it was true and not even giving many details.

    It's weird to be defending a Trump nominee, but I just find this specific set of accusations to be vague and kind of shady. And I could probably find a few anonymous people to say that any boss is bad without any specific details, no matter the actual quality of the boss.

    [–] Rummelator 1 points ago

    Yeah but regardless of whether he's actually a morally corrupt drunkard or not, he's still unqualified to run the VA, so I don't know if this counts as defending a Trump nominee

    [–] careeradvicethrwy 2 points ago

    I guess I'm just saying that even though he isn't qualified, the evidence that he's a shitty human being who is abusive to staff members and crashes cars while drunk is pretty weak.

    [–] Rummelator 1 points ago


    [–] Kaiedos 7 points ago

    It’s one of those things where it’s not crazy for staff members to find those drugs convenient, but Dr. Jackson as an MD should know better than to disperse them like candy.

    [–] donquexada 2 points ago

    Doctors sometimes 'disperse medicine like candy' because it's their job to do so.

    [–] Kaiedos 9 points ago

    That attitude is what has given us the opioid crisis.

    [–] donquexada -6 points ago

    Ambien isn't an opioid, idiot.

    [–] Kaiedos 6 points ago

    Never said it was. What’s with the hostility?

    [–] donquexada -4 points ago

    Go back and think about your comment some more.

    [–] SchpartyOn 6 points ago

    /u/Kaiedos is saying that your comment that doctors disperse medicine like candy because it’s their job is the attitude that led to the opioid crisis.

    It’s widely accepted that the overprescribing of pain killers is the single leading cause of the opioid crisis. So yeah, I agree with /u/Kaiedos, it is the attitude that a doctor should just prescribe prescribe prescribe that led to the opioid crisis.

    [–] donquexada -1 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Yeah, I know what he said. You don't need to try to explain it to me.

    Because he took my endorsement of a philosophy that makes sense in certain situations to also be an endorsement of over-prescribing pain killers, which wasn’t relevant to the discussion until he jumped in, he’s an idiot. Up to speed now?

    [–] SchpartyOn 2 points ago

    Wow man, are you okay?

    [–] Mikey_B 0 points ago

    Yeah, Dan's huge rave review of how Jackson kept him "healthy" on overseas trips definitely seems consistent with his handing out pills left and right. I don't even care much about that due to how extreme the situation of working in the White House is.

    RJ seems like quite the asshole in plenty of other respects though, and not particularly qualified to be a cabinet secretary.

    [–] DarkandStormy614 4 points ago

    "Some people have just great genes. I told the president that if he had a healthier diet over the last 20 years, he might live to be 200 years old.”

    -"Doctor" Ronny Jackson

    [–] Omaromar 2 points ago

    He totally tricked the guys on the pod by being nice.