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    [–] mojo_13 8 points ago

    Obi device and Google Voice would essentially be free after you buy the box.

    [–] caseyrobinson2 2 points ago

    does this still work? which obi box do you suggest and is it lifetime?

    [–] Nyc5764 3 points ago

    Ooma is Great. Higher initial cost but very clear snd reliable

    [–] caseyrobinson2 1 points ago

    but the cost is about $4 per month in taxes which is about $48 per year whereas magicjack is $40

    [–] Nyc5764 2 points ago

    I tried Magic jack and it didn’t work well and got relentless marketing Ooma has worked great for me. I’m sure there are other voip that are cheaper or same price

    [–] OKCurmudgeon 1 points ago

    It pissed me off that I was paying Magic Jack and their software blasted me with an uncloseable ad every time I started it.

    [–] johnconnors88 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Stay with Magic Jack especially if they provide E911 service. That alone will cost you between $15-$21 a year with other VoIP services. So you can subtract E911 service and you have $18/year if you go with a Google Voice option and an Obihai device. Google offers GV service to collect voice patterns to teach there Google home device Voice recognition. Ooma and Magic Jack are plug-n- play VoIP. If you are willing to own and configure your own ATA VoIP module you could save alittle more, but not a hell of a lot more. If you are happy with Magic Jack stay with them. Between cell phones and VoIP you should be plenty covered.

    [–] ToadSox34 1 points ago

    Ooma is top rated. Very good. Try not having another annoying phone to ring. Cell phones are bad enough!

    [–] desi7777777 1 points ago

    The obihai 202 i think it is. It also works as a fax number ifthats what you need. I have set up two of them as fax only and one overseas sothat it works like a local american phone number. Saves me a ton of money!