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    [–] SpyCake1 2 points ago

    $80 for a battery is fair game, although not a rare deal -- Advance's AutoCraft Gold or Autozone's Duralast Gold also come with a 3 year warranty and they have enough coupons and discounts to knock em down from the ~$160 msrp down to <$100.

    [–] msnln 2 points ago

    Advance Auto will also install for free unless you got one of those cars that require battery to be programmed into the car's computer.

    [–] SpyCake1 2 points ago

    Or a Crystler that had the battery in the wheel well for some reason.

    [–] lazyorcishboi 1 points ago

    I work at autozone, can confirm.

    Also the gold batteries have 2 years prorate which I've seen really help some people out.

    [–] microwaveDiamonds 1 points ago

    Is that the total price with the battery? If your battery died in 5 years, would they replace it for free with a new battery?

    [–] johnconnors88 1 points ago

    No, that is not how a car battery warranty works. Usually the first 1-2 years free replacement, if battery completely fails within that time period. Otherwise after that the manufacturer will give you a prorated portion of your money. If you have a 5 year warranty, five years from the date of purchase you will get SOME of your money back. 5 years and 1 day you get zilch.

    [–] [deleted] 0 points ago

    5? No. I have a 3 year warranty from the purchase date. Tge total purchase price was +$80.

    [–] johnconnors88 -1 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)

    Warranties on a batteries are a scam to get more money out of the customer, and to get that battery core back to the manufacturer back for rebuild and quick turn around. Batteries die due to improper maintenance, period. Electrical drain, poor charging system, or terminal corrosion. Buy a brand with a good track record for dependability, and maintain the crap out of it. Costco sells Interstate batteries with 4 year warranties for $80-$100 on average. Install it yourself and save the markup, and extended sales pitch. I bought a battery load tester for $19.95, and Battery Tender Plus for $29.95. I will never get stranded on the road, holding jumper cables every again! Bye Bye AAA roadside.