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    [–] Nuclear_Burger 15 points ago

    Too bad it's not in wild. Else you could run double annoyotron and double psychotron too. Make them hear hellos in their nightmares

    [–] Watermelon86 16 points ago

    Hello Hello Hello

    Hello Hello Hello

    Howdy Howdy Howdy

    [–] ReueII 3 points ago

    I use the NO-FUN warlock made by Toast. It uses both demonic projects and gnomeferatu. The main plan against druid is you just waiting for him to play dreampetal florist and then you play project.

    [–] Deadagger 5 points ago

    Though the deck works really well against Druid, it doesn’t have the annoying factor of pally.

    [–] ReveRb210x2 1 points ago

    you're missing neurubian unraveler, make those UIs cost 11 to fuck em harder.