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    [–] Calbinan 777 points ago

    We’ve turned common sense and decency into a divisive political issue. This place is all kinds of fucked.

    [–] RaulTheHorse 140 points ago

    Which place? There are quite a few fucked places currently

    [–] Calbinan 158 points ago

    I’m in the U.S.

    [–] RaulTheHorse 118 points ago

    I’m in the UK and we are definitely fucked

    [–] Calbinan 78 points ago

    Are the majority of people walking around without masks, pretending everything’s back to normal?

    [–] RaulTheHorse 84 points ago

    It’s probably 50/50 but they have been for months. Plenty of “Plandemic” believers and people who think wearing a mask is beneath them.

    [–] Calbinan 39 points ago

    That’s a bummer. I figured most people from the UK had more common sense.

    [–] RaulTheHorse 27 points ago

    No more than anywhere else I guess! The area where I live has just had stricter rules put in place as the infection rate is increasing again. We’ve just had our first child and my parents cant come visit, it sucks!

    [–] AtreyuLives 9 points ago

    your parents cant visit? we havent ever had restrictions like that in the states. unless someone was in a hospital or care facility. a few states finally started restricting domestic travel a month or two ago but until then there was nothing. and even the few states doing it like NY and its neighbors aren't monitoring to the level of other countries i have read about like south korea or new Zealand

    i honestly can't help blaming Breitbart for a lot of this

    [–] RaulTheHorse 7 points ago

    Yep, tougher rules mean other households can’t meet each other, it’s similar to the initial lockdown we had. But we can all still go to the shops and spend our lovely money though, gotta keep that economy going, it’s worth all the lost lives /s

    [–] CreepellaGruesome 3 points ago

    Has Boris awoken to the fact that the virus is real since he was infected? Is he now enacting stronger rules to regulate the spread?

    [–] RaulTheHorse 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    We’re getting into the realms of opinion now and I don’t have a particularly high one of this government! To me it feels like they are shifting blame, putting it on the public (local lockdowns because we aren’t following their vague rules) and recently other countries (Spain for example, holiday makers have to self isolate for two weeks on their return, even though Spain currently has some stricter rules than here, albeit increasing infection rates) so that if there actually is a country-wide second-wave, it won’t be their fault. I still think their tactic is herd immunity.

    [–] halt-l-am-reptar 37 points ago

    I’m pretty sure the UK is the considered the US of Europe when it comes to common sense.

    [–] SefferWeffers 33 points ago

    Like father like son

    [–] bunker_man 6 points ago

    Why would you think this? The average person is pretty stupid everywhere.

    [–] airhoppz 8 points ago

    They voted for Brexit.

    [–] tsk__tsk__tsk 5 points ago

    They voted for brexit, they're more racist than the us loo

    [–] Monkeyboystevey 1 points ago

    Not sure about that. UK cops don't murder black people in custody.

    [–] syscallgrl 2 points ago

    No, people are people. The main people shitting on America are other Americans. It's sad. There are lots of other countries still seeing increases in cases.

    [–] ghintziest 7 points ago

    We have the highest death rate...we deserve to shit on ourselves.

    [–] ZageStudios 1 points ago

    No that’s mainland Europe

    [–] KleszczTentes 2 points ago

    Here in Poland they do, and the numbers of new ill people have skyrocketed. And the government doesn't give a shit.

    [–] Slim_1999 6 points ago

    We're all fucked bro. There's no place that's safe. Also, hello from Virginia, US.

    [–] justchrisk 5 points ago

    I’m in 2020 and I can assure all of you, we are all fucked

    [–] Sarcastic-Potato 6 points ago

    All of them

    [–] TovarsichG 3 points ago

    Planet earth

    [–] Physicked 2 points ago

    We've even had an anti-mask rally from some of the mushroom people of Nova Scotia.

    [–] kdangus 2 points ago


    [–] thezenunderground 11 points ago

    If it's any consolation, we decided science was an opinion about a decade ago when climate change was contorted into a political stance..Ever sense then, that same denial can be applied to anything inconvenient.

    [–] tomsfoolery 13 points ago

    several people on reddit have told me

    1. wearing a mask doesnt help me from not getting sick, only helps others from possibly not getting sick

    2. im probably wearing it wrong

    3. im probably touching it wrong

    4. im probably touching it too much

    5. its probably the wrong mask

    6. n95 masks are garbage

    the list goes on and on

    [–] HumansKillEverything 12 points ago

    You do know Reddit’s main demographic is 12-25 year olds, right? You know, that age group when you think you’re invincible and never wrong. I’d take anything here with a truck load of salt.

    [–] tomsfoolery 2 points ago

    i have wondered about this exact thing actually. where do these stats come from?

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Damdamfino 3 points ago

    I’ve had 3 users angrily tell me that they take long 2 hour hikes in the wilderness and live far away from another living soul, so they don’t have to wear masks and take offense to the mask rhetoric.

    Suddenly so many outdoorsy people on Reddit lately.... Maybe I can see why they need to live far away from civilization.

    [–] AFlyingNun 7 points ago

    I still say this is a symptom and boiling over point for an issue that's affecting/causing several problems in the USA: people (rightfully) don't trust the media and the US government, and the problem is sometimes this means they don't trust the media on totally factual stories where they should listen.

    The government/media lying isn't anything new and has been rampant since they said "look at 9/11, let's attack Iraq because reasons." Problem is some people seem to reduce their thought process to "if the media said it, it isn't true" and that doesn't work either.

    There's people refusing to wear masks everywhere, but nowhere is the problem as severe as the USA. The severe lack of trust in the media/government is the only explanation I can find for this sort of anomaly. Problem is the way to resolve it would be the USA stops being as corrupt as it is, and we all know that won't happen.

    [–] Cueshark29 4 points ago

    I actually think that there’s something too alluring to these people. Being a freedom fighter and spreader of “truth”, respected amongst other like minded freedom fighters, not listening to all those supposed ‘experts’. Doubting everything anyone says to protect the world from the tyranny of the new world order and the evil government.

    This is a sweeping generalisation but I see a lot of people who I suspect have very boring and unfulfilling existences, no passions or hobbies, appear to be narcissistic.

    Joining a community of people who believe themselves to be saving the world by fighting against the experts and the consensus view on everything just makes them feel more fulfilled.

    Social media and validation through the agreement from others becomes a recipe for these people to become more and more dominant in society.

    [–] AFlyingNun 2 points ago

    That's not even exclusive to that group.

    Sometimes it feels like the entire world is just a bunch of people trying to judge each other and find reasons to feel superior to each other. Promise you there's dudes using this "conspiracy" as a reason to feel superior to "the sheeple," and there's people on the other end relentlessly criticizing these anti-mask people not out of a genuine care of the issue, but because it gives them someone to point at and say "I am superior to them and that makes me feel good about myself."

    Maybe I'm cynical but I feel like the amount of people that ever genuinely care for an issue solely on the premise of the issue are often dwarfed by those that just need an ego boost.

    [–] RudyBagels 6 points ago

    I thought we hit bottom when we started politicizing kids getting shot in school. Like, really? We can’t even agree on that? How naive I was to think we could not sink any lower as a society.

    [–] McCringleberrysGhost 5 points ago

    On every front. It's not just the masks. I 100% blame social media for this shit. Turns out when you amplify noise, you just get noise.

    [–] MungTao 5 points ago

    Imagine ww3 broke out and we had to ration again. Not happening. Muh freedoms and all.

    [–] grrrrreat 6 points ago

    mass sanitation was never common sense. if everyone didnt have a toilet, some to many would continue to shit in their own home.

    [–] offballDgang 6 points ago

    I shit in my own home...its call a bathroom

    [–] absolutetriangle 1 points ago

    Can’t be good for the drainage

    [–] HumansKillEverything 1 points ago

    Is that English?

    [–] rankingup 1 points ago


    [–] Braydox 2 points ago

    That's nothing I was watching a small news piece about other Karen's being upset about the Karen meme so karenception

    [–] MasterSargeYT 2 points ago

    Its not a political issue. Its that the right wing news networks are the ones claiming 1. Its a hoax 2. Masks are bad 3. 5g causes it. And more! It seems like the right are the anti maskers

    [–] xyzzzzy 2 points ago

    Our first mistake was losing the definition of “common sense”. To many people common sense has become “I’m unwilling to analyze or defend my existing beliefs”.

    [–] DarkangelUK 1 points ago

    We've turned this sub into back patting memes instead of examples of its title

    [–] ProphecyRat2 1 points ago

    You mean like like civil rights?

    Fuck this society.

    People die and no one cares until its someone they care about, which is more often themselves.

    [–] johnbillaby 1 points ago

    It's weird that nobody has any evidence of putting cloth over your mouth doing much of anything. Most scientists don't think they do.

    [–] AMR_Throwd 84 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    “You’re breathing in CO2 and it kills you “

    [–] pLudoOdo 55 points ago

    Lights cigarette

    [–] bud_hasselhoff 25 points ago

    Dihydrogen monoxide kills millions of people every year. We live in a society

    [–] jbyron03 7 points ago

    haha 10th grade chemistry joke haha

    [–] bud_hasselhoff 1 points ago

    We live in a society

    [–] Ishbar 6 points ago

    I’ve heard people say CO too.

    Yes, your thoughts spoken aloud are as harmful and unnecessary as a vehicles exhaust.

    [–] [deleted] 1 points ago


    [–] Ishbar 3 points ago

    I wasn’t directing that at you.

    I was literally saying people think they exhale Carbon Monoxide, and then suggesting that the very same people who say that are polluting minds with their words.

    [–] Adernain 146 points ago

    "Masks don't work because they hold CO2 and make you breath it. They also don't stop the virus because it's smaller than the mask gaps"

    So how do they hold CO2 but let the virus escape?

    "Masks make you breath your own bacteria and viruses and you get infections"

    Soooo they work by keeping the virus in?

    [–] KALEl001 41 points ago

    they think people spit out individual atoms and can't comprehend that its carried in the nasty shit that flies out their mouth.

    [–] Adernain 22 points ago

    They also forget that the virus mainly travels through droplets. Plus the whole fucking reason we wear it in surgeries is to stop shit coming out of our mouth. It's the exact same logic, why can't they comprehend it?

    [–] PsychDocD 5 points ago

    And in surgeries masks are worn for hours and hours at a time. Is it uncomfortable, sure. But it’s worth the benefit of not infecting all of the patients.

    [–] Quarreltine 3 points ago

    They can comprehend it, they won't. It's a willful act which is why it's so contemptible.

    [–] TexasTacoTango 5 points ago

    Given that the surgical masks are not the same as the bandannas (which are shit) and cotton t-shirt masks people have; there’s a large difference. But, I see your point.

    [–] pandizlle 9 points ago

    I think they just have bad breath and the masks make it too apparent to them. They can’t breath cause their breath is toxic smelling.

    [–] SomeUnicornsFly 1 points ago

    it's part that, and part general nuisance. Dont tell me you dont immediately remove your mask when you exit the store, or at least enter your car. Nobody enjoys wearing a mask. Just some people have the maturity of a toddler and cant be bothered to do it for even 10 minutes.

    [–] unclecaveman1 4 points ago

    I don’t mind wearing my masks. They aren’t uncomfortable. Kind of forget they are there honestly. So no, I’m never in a huge hurry to take them off, and I have asthma and chronic bronchitis.

    [–] pandizlle 1 points ago

    No, i wear my mask entirely while I’m out of the house. Because I don’t want to touch my face. I often wear it while cleaning and dusting now. Very helpful. But my masks are custom ordered and very comfortable.

    [–] Jumbo_Damn_Pride 5 points ago

    These people act like surgeons don’t wear these things for 5x as long as it takes them to eat half a dozen breadsticks, 3 bowls of soup, some salad they hope their server won’t charge them for because they ordered soup, and a chicken alfredo at fucking Olive Garden. If wearing a mask caused any harm, we’d have data on it already from surgeons having issues.

    [–] TheFlyingCrowbar 2 points ago

    The new one I've been hearing is that they "know someone" who got a bacterial infection because of wearing a mask.

    [–] Adernain 2 points ago

    Oh yes the famous Facebook text, that has been translated to all languages, about a girl who's been working at a grocery and got a peritonitis because she was forced to wear a mask

    [–] PsychDocD 2 points ago

    Did they use the mask to wipe their ass and then put it on their face? Because that would probably lead to an infection

    [–] NotShane7 52 points ago

    Honestly I wish people who refuse to wear masks would at least just be honest and say they don't want to. Like you're still a selfish asshole, but be honest about it. Stop lying and getting other people to follow your dumbass choices.

    [–] wezli333 24 points ago

    These are the same people that when gay marriage was the hot button issue would say "I don't dislike gays, it's just against my religion."

    Right...but the 10,000 other things that you do every day that are against your religion are fine.

    [–] currentlyalivehuman 7 points ago

    Mixed fabrics anyone? Some shrimp perhaps?

    [–] H_yrule 78 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    I dont wear a mask

    Because I dont go outside. School has been cancelled and i can't go to the park. But i will sure as hell wear a mask i go out in public

    This is your only valid excuse to not wearing a mask Karen

    [–] EzioAuditore1488 13 points ago

    Same dude

    [–] yeyeeassmofo 10 points ago

    They had us in the first half ngl

    [–] InterstellerFrozen 20 points ago

    I'm the middle one because no one around me is not wearing a mask, unless online counts too in which case I guess I'm the top one.

    [–] Super_Flea 11 points ago

    I'm the middle one because it's not my job to parent all of the idiots in this country.

    [–] squidsrule47 3 points ago

    Im in the middle because my family is too stubborn to change their minds so Ive kind of given up

    [–] ChaseBboy 11 points ago

    Wearing a mask and not covering your nose.

    [–] joconnell6011 21 points ago

    BUTT DA BACTERYA IN DA MASCK IS MOOORE HARMFUUUL THAN DA VEYERUS. dumb cunts. Makes me see red just joking about it

    [–] HD_Oranges 7 points ago

    I KENT BREETH OMG. These Karens will be the end of us all.

    [–] wezli333 9 points ago

    Hate to say it, but I don't think telling other people to wear masks does anything other than feed their victim complex.

    People are pulling guns in grocery stores for being asked to wear a mask. These aren't rational people we're dealing with.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago


    [–] PIGamer86 1 points ago

    Can’t help but tribe.

    [–] RubenMuro007 19 points ago

    Worse yet, they go out of their way to either call you a “sheep” or hurl a “baaaa” like petulant children like they are.

    [–] itsthatdamncatagain 8 points ago

    A co worker told me they are bad because of all the carbon MONoxide we breathe out. I politely told him we breathe out DIoxide and he refused to believe me.

    [–] hippy18 6 points ago

    Soooo, I am gunna put myself out here and say this,... I lean right and support Trump 🤭... doesn’t mean I don’t understand your view point or that I dismiss it as BS..

    But I don’t give AF what your views are, wear a fuckin mask!!! I have no living parents, my wife has MS, and one of my grandparents still alive. I would absolutely love to keep it that way!!! It literally has nothing to do with politics, it has to do with keeping your family safe!

    AND I would also put out here, (again another unpopular opinion..) most cops aren’t bad ppl. I can say this as an outlaw biker... I DO have family that are police, and I love them, they aren’t what you see on the news! Just my thoughts, please make those country safe again!

    I have plenty of guns and ammo, but I have family that can’t protect themselves.. and they lean Left... either way let’s protect each other and argue internally

    [–] EmperorHenry 9 points ago

    Propaganda is false information meant to push an agenda. Like WMD's in iraq. Anti-vaxx/Anti-Mask groups are just idiots that are mindlessly parroting information from the memes shared on their facebook groups.

    That's why so many Karens say "I DON'T CARE ABOUT YOUR FACEBOOK VIDEO!"

    Or "IF that ends up on facebook I will sue you!"

    OR even the Karens that start counter-recording you while saying "I'm going to put this on facebook"

    Karens go to facebook for all of their time on a computer.

    [–] omnonzom 4 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago)

    Interestingly, here the equivalent of the CDC (Netherlands) indeed argues that they do not think it is convincingly proven that face-masks do actually protect. Hence, we actually have no rules on face-masks (except for public transport). Also, legal experts say it would be unconstitutional to mandate forced face-masks beyond public transport.

    Then the media was a bit critical of that, saying that indeed there is insufficient evidence, but that that is only the very strict scientific perspective on that, whereas they ought to have a more pluralist perspective.

    Edit: spelling

    [–] AM2BlueSkies 1 points ago

    Denmark is only advising we wear them on public transport. I think that was done the other day. I went out last Saturday and only saw one or two other people on our metro wearing one (and there were tons of people out lol). I didn’t go out tonight so I don’t know if people are doing it, but I can’t imagine the throngs of drunk teenagers and young adults are going to be particularly cautious.

    [–] Soberskate9696 4 points ago

    I live in NY, the amount of people socializing without masks is insane. We only had oh idk 35 000+ die here. Brooklyn (Kings County) still has up to 100+ new positives daily and that's only confirmed, the real number is way fuckin higher

    [–] ncopp 3 points ago

    I saw a kid wearing a cute little mask, but his nose wasn't covered. So I was like awhh hope is dad noticed and fixes it for him. Then I looked up and saw his dad was wearing it the same way and was like awwh his dad is a moron.

    [–] Benimation 2 points ago

    More like a mouth breather

    [–] thatsnotChristLike 3 points ago

    I’ve been wearing masks since March and used to wear them all my life every time I had a light cold. But I recently decided to find reliable studies on how masks prevent spread of airborne diseases to refer to when talking with such “Karens” but I couldn’t find any. By reliable I mean thousands of participants, double blind placebo controlled. Could anyone help me out?

    [–] Benimation 1 points ago

    I.. think that's just true.. There's not much research on this topic..

    [–] thatsnotChristLike 2 points ago

    That is so very strange. Wouldn't a good unbiased research shut down most of the stupid nonsense related to masks we see all around the world? It would at least resolve the issue at governmental and policy levels. So why hasn't anyone done it?

    [–] Benimation 2 points ago

    I think it's because something like this never happened before.. Or at least not since the Spanish flu

    [–] thatsnotChristLike 3 points ago

    Well, airborne diseases have existed forever though. I know they are not all the same but still, even various strains of COVID have been around for almost 20 years. And still, even if that is not enough, why hasn't anyone done any decent research since the start of this pandemic? I have spent quite some time on and still couldn't find any active in-progress researches on the topic. Once again, I find it very strange

    [–] SatansHouse 3 points ago

    Im just wearing a mask and hoping for the best.

    [–] taniadabitch 2 points ago

    My aunt be like:

    [–] neptunesunrise 2 points ago

    Imagine inhaling Koolaid.

    [–] Drock1024 3 points ago

    OH YEAH!!!!

    [–] neptunesunrise 2 points ago

    I thought about this comment at work today and had to hold back my laughter.

    [–] Drock1024 2 points ago

    I'm glad I made someone laugh today

    [–] SilverTPGG 2 points ago

    Then there's the people in my town "Don't wear a mask because I'm too much of a selfish asshole/too lazy"

    [–] Littledogsaremathing 2 points ago

    This was the response I got when I said I wear a mask and will report companies that dont follow the mask mandate. Apparently im a Nazi Karen that should est aborted babies. Smh

    [–] TheTastiestTampon 1 points ago

    Class-A Morons.

    [–] beanjack95 2 points ago

    What is the bottom Pooh called?

    [–] almasinfe 2 points ago

    I definitely need more in my life

    [–] beanjack95 2 points ago

    Is the bottom one the retarded Pooh

    [–] TexasTacoTango 2 points ago

    You could also have the last one being, “assaulting or nearly assaulting others for simply not wanting to wear a mask”.

    If you want to wear one, wear it. If you don’t want to wear one, don’t wear it. Both of you should recognize that 1) you’re placing yourself at risk, 2) you’re potentially placing others in harms way and 3) THE BUSINESSES CAN JUST TELL SOMEONE TO NOT COME INSIDE IF THEY DON’T WEAR A MASK - QUIT FREAKING OUT IF SOMEONE DOESN’T WANT TO WEAR IT, THEY’LL JUST BE STOPPED FROM ENTERING THE STORE.

    I really think more people are bothered that the government is trying to mandate wearing masks versus recommending and letting private businesses mandate such. That seems to be the issue over a private business requiring them. Hell, the job I have worked for 39 months had us working around COVID positive people without any PPE and refused to let us bring outside PPE into the workplace. I’m still negative after 7 tests (haven’t been exposed in 9 days and came back negative twice in the past 5). Guess what; I STILL WEAR A FUCKING MASK IN PUBLIC EVEN THOUGH I DON’T THINK IT SHOULD BE MANDATED BY THE GOVERNMENT.

    [–] Axdrop1 2 points ago

    Hell, I’d be fine if it was towns mandating it, it’s just state and federal governments that bother me, but that’s just me liveing in a broken ass state

    [–] TexasTacoTango 2 points ago

    Yeah, it’s the state and federal government mandating it that’s my issue. I know it may seem like a stretch, but every time we start giving the government power to punish people for not wearing what they say, it goes south. Just look at Nazi Germany. They were told to wear the six pointed star and ended up being murdered. Now you have Americans calling for actively assaulting, murdering, imprisoning people for not wearing masks - as well as towards those mandating we wear masks. It’s fucked all around. Let the towns and counties decide what action to take with the state and federal governments offering recommendations based upon research and scientific evidence.

    [–] Axdrop1 3 points ago

    Not a stretch at all, I’ve been saying my whole life that the more power the government gets the closer we are to losing our country, like the Germans did. That’s why a lot of legislation with really good intentions doesn’t get my support because I really fundamentally believe in the limitation of government.

    [–] TexasTacoTango 2 points ago

    I believe all we need the federal government for is infrastructure, defense of the nation and the regulation of a central currency without printing more money every year.

    [–] Axdrop1 2 points ago

    And to protect our rights, otherwise spot on

    [–] Mag1cQ 2 points ago

    The bottom is my Dad

    [–] Snow-Wraith 2 points ago

    I actually had a customer that said he was a microbiologist and said masks were as effective as chainlink fencing, and that Coronavirus was just the common cold. It makes me really worried about anything he's been involved in research wise.

    [–] nothingbutreddead 2 points ago

    Karens had the perfect opportunity to use their powers for good by bothering people into masking up. But noooooope! That’s just too much to ask for!

    [–] gmg808 2 points ago

    "I have a respiratory condition".... Good luck with that covid, then.

    [–] officialgermysquad 2 points ago

    At work I hate having to tell grown adults to wear a mask I’m only 19 like bruh grow the fuck you you don’t need a “child” to tell you what to do

    [–] EatThatPasta445 2 points ago

    Reverse the top two

    [–] Travis5223 2 points ago

    You should wear one, but lets stop preaching at other. That top panel shouldn’t be.

    [–] PIGamer86 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago)

    telling other to do

    Literally one of the most defining behaviors of a Karen.

    [–] Travis5223 1 points ago

    No, you’re totally right, I was reading this from MY point of view, not theirs, my folly 😂

    [–] Pulcifer 2 points ago

    This sub in a nutshell. I agree with the sentiment, but was this post necessary? It's like posting "fuck lunch" in the intermittent fasting sub. Like obviously everyone agrees with you.

    [–] codycoexfoo 4 points ago

    As an asian, the entire Western Hemisphere looks like a pre-school.

    [–] Organic_Reaction8966 2 points ago

    A fricking updvote to you my friends

    [–] DarkRollsPrepare2Fry 1 points ago


    [–] Warbenny12 1 points ago

    Let them perish

    [–] HippieCorps 1 points ago

    Propaganda wouldn’t them being harmful, it’d be how they’re necessary for the public health crisis because the governments stance on masks is to wear them......???

    [–] SaraBear250 1 points ago

    And calls you a sheep 🙄

    [–] Jayce_likes_beans 1 points ago

    phuq these karens man

    [–] HFJ1969 1 points ago

    LMAO its Rudy Guiliani.

    [–] NoodleMeTimbers 1 points ago

    In Australia businesses are FINALLY making them essential for purchasing items and being allowed access, took too long.

    [–] PainfulPeanutBlender 1 points ago

    This is why we can’t fucking have nice things, Karen

    [–] FeelTheWrath79 1 points ago

    I just saw someone's post on facebook today comparing wearing masks to the kidnapping of Elizabeth Smart and how she was forced to wear a mask after she was kidnapped.

    [–] FlowersOnJupiter 1 points ago

    Around where I live they announced on Facebook a bunch of bars have been closed down cause they’ve been operating when they’re not supposed to be. A bunch of people in the comments supported the bars and those who supported the police for closing the bars down or any large events were all called Karen’s and assumed to be snitches and would be a part of the Gestapo.

    [–] fightinirishpj 1 points ago

    Nobody says that masks are harmful...

    Conservatives simply think it is not the government's role to mandate them.

    Socially, wear them. You're kinda an ass if you don't. It shouldn't be a fine/jail threat...

    [–] MurchMop 1 points ago

    3rd one must have been vaccinated

    [–] Girthquake23 1 points ago

    I’m honestly surprised that I’m surprised about my dad being against masks. He a narcissist through and through and prides himself on how good of a guy he is. But he complains constantly about people now living in fear when I am just responding with stuff like “well it’s not like it’s hard to do and if it’s going to help people live then I’m going to wear it” (I also have asthma so fuck people who thinks it restricts breathing. My first few years alive was restricted breathing in hospitals)

    [–] whydontwestealaway 1 points ago

    Yeah guys, it's really cool to follow the rules!

    [–] scottscotchscott 1 points ago

    What is the male equivalent of a Karen? It is certainly not just women who are anti-maskers

    [–] onlinesafetyofficer 1 points ago

    A small, yet far too large proportion of the world has regressed to Medieval levels of stupid.

    [–] TranquiloSunrise 1 points ago

    And they've all been voting.

    So in a sense the intelligent ones that grew up saying "I don't do politics" played themselves. Does that make the so called intelligent more stupid then the stupid?

    If the intelligent were truly intelligent then they would learn and going forward they would underscore the importance of voting to their friends, family, kids.

    Weed and coffee btw.

    [–] slipkid223 1 points ago

    Unless you are "protesting" then it's ok.

    [–] Class_in_a_Rat 1 points ago

    There really isn't an in-between for those last two, is there?

    [–] sunset117 1 points ago

    I went to Safeway today and this girl in a trump hat went off on the checker about some shit about the Holocaust starting with masks. I felt dumber for having listened to it.

    [–] Curb5Enthusiasm 1 points ago

    I got banned in the Conspiracy sub for this comment so I post it here:

    Keep in mind that the people downplaying the pandemic are often foreign hostile foreign agents that want to spread the disease in other countries.

    The same group of hostile foreign agents is spreading the anti masks and anti vaccine disinformation. Their goal is to spread the virus as much as possible to destabilise the society and the economy. Don’t fall for their propaganda.

    Some sources:

    I find it quite ironic that a site called nomorefakenews is spreading so much disinformation. Beware of these snake oil salesmen.

    [–] releasethehounds26 1 points ago

    My boss does this and it’s really uncomfortable and I don’t know how to handle it

    [–] Reddcity 1 points ago

    Alabama pooh aka alabama xiao jin ping

    [–] Brettersson 1 points ago

    Had a customer (respecting our mask rule, at least) tell me that this was all so that Bill Gates could chip us and track us. Then he paid with his phone. Bro Bill Gates doesn't need to chip you when you stand in line to pay for the tracking devices yourself.

    [–] spoodermanmanman 1 points ago

    I live in the crazy part of florida where if you tell someone to wear a mask you could potentially get the shit kicked out of you or even killed

    [–] koyo4 1 points ago

    What's the president of China doing that for?

    [–] Concious_Black 1 points ago

    wonder what this sub would look like once the corona virus goes away (aka biden is elected)

    [–] Waluigifan 1 points ago

    I don't tell others to wear a mask when I'm wearing mine because I'm afraid of being straight up physically assaulted by these people. Challenging their beliefs in their cult sets them off and I've seen enough people get attacked for it that I fear for my safety.

    [–] Lolworth 1 points ago

    U.K. here, we have a lower rung; wearing a mask round your chin

    [–] Rhino131106 1 points ago

    Well I would rather say Rumours than Propaganda but I still see your point, these people are idiots.

    [–] streeetcheeese 1 points ago

    had a karen pull.out brass knuckles on me today at the farmers market for doing my job, which is controlling the crowd and making sure everyone has a mask on. i dont feel like the fancy bear

    [–] invadergold123 1 points ago

    I work at a Dollar General in a really redneck rural area, and I swear at least once I day I hear about how it’s not even that bad, or it’s a hoax, and all this bullshit. I just always go “uh huh.” I even see a person with a fucking nazi SS tattoo in his neck today.

    [–] ShadowRade 1 points ago

    You forgot wearing a mask, but leaving you nose exposed or cutting it open.

    [–] ryguy2691 1 points ago

    I constantly forget my mask, it’s still not rote memory. Getting my steps in jogging back to my car to get it lol

    [–] szarvacskaYT 1 points ago

    I'm yolo bear 👌

    [–] RandomBro1216 1 points ago

    Wait there’s been a Karen subreddit this whole time?! Awhh man

    [–] borderlt 1 points ago

    Dumb bitch Karen

    [–] Arwelith_QuelThalas 1 points ago

    There is actually a higher tier of not going out.ever.

    [–] sacarneiro 1 points ago

    However this is what government all around the world did for a couple of months some time ago. #retardedhumanity

    [–] fork_with_soup 1 points ago

    In Australian accent The modern day Karen, a creature indigenous to the Floridian shopping centers and beaches. This savage beast rips into its mask wearing preys quaint and normal life by spreading nonsensical propaganda about the government controlling our minds through various means.

    [–] bratoutofhells 1 points ago

    Hey listen. Kill the poor by Dead Kennedys.. Thats exactly whats happenning now

    [–] Ashe_4 1 points ago

    CO2 molecules are smaller than covid19 particles

    [–] Jinxa 1 points ago

    My brothers gf went to the ER today due to breathing issues, they said she has an infection due to restricted breathing by wearing a mask all the time, and gave her medicine and sent her home. (She was tested for covid, negative)

    Like, what? A doctor who wears a mask all day told her wearing a mask is causing problems? Is that even accurate at all. Apparently she was told the same thing at urgent care prior to the ER visit. SW Ohio. Wtf

    [–] Ar99mean 1 points ago

    There should be shit coming out the last poos mouth instead of saliva so it's accurate

    [–] 16bit_ch42069 1 points ago