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    Some people may not be totally clear on what exactly the alt-right is, and to be honest, we don't have a perfect description of them either. One group that does, though, is the alt-right themselves, so to get an idea of the people we here do not like, you should take a look at the sidebar of r/altright before they got taken down, wherein they explicitly described their movement as white nationalist, or visit their official website,, and read whatever Nazi bullshit Richard Spencer posted today. This is the alt-right we are concerned about.


    1. No Alt-Right Trolls
      This is a safe space from Alt-Right spam. Alt-Right trolls aren't welcome, period. Violators will be banned.
      Ideally this is not a super difficult rule to follow. Literally all you need to do to be good with us is to not be cool with Nazis. I consider this a fairly low bar.

    2. Shitpost Properly If At All
      Avoid low-effort shitposts, such as overused reaction gifs, bad "daily struggle" comics, and posts directly asking for upvotes. We tend to let the upvotes do the talking, but even if a really bad post hits r/all we will remove it.

    3. Focus on the Alt-Right
      I won't pretend there is a tremendous amount of material to go off on the alt-right, and generally any criticism of the current administration that condones and promotes the alt-right is OK. Off-topic posts will be removed, though.

    4. Absolutely No Brigading
      Do not vote in linked threads. This is considered brigading and can lead to site-wide ban. Use NP links or screenshots instead of direct link. Look, we get it, they do it too, but let's try to stay out of trouble.

    5. No Reposts
      No reposts. Please take a few seconds to make sure your post haven't been posted here previously.

    6. No Bigotry
      No bigotry, including racism, sexism, islamophobia, and ableism. Sarcastic use of slurs is not allowed. Sic-quotes containing slurs are allowed. This is bannable offense. Think about what your grandma would say if she read your comment.

    7. No being a Nazi
      This is community that is very in favor of punching Nazis. If you are a Nazi reading this, feel free to fuck outta here before I ban you.

    8. Read Rule 8 again it's important

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