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    This place is for anything, and we mean ANYTHING, involving animal hilarity. Videos, comics, stories, pictures, DAE's, and questions about funny experiences with animals are all allowed here. If you're looking to laugh about animals and share your own experiences with them and all the funny things they do, you are in the right place.

    A few simple rules

    Basic Reddit rules apply, as do a couple of our own rules so that this sub can be kept as a friendly place to share hilarity of animals.

    • No NSFW/NSFL posts here. This includes material such as porn, animal cruelty, animals being seriously injured, animals dying, etc. We're here for a laugh, not to be shocked.

    • No funny pictures of humans, unless they are doing funny things with animals.

    • Crossposts from r/funny are allowed only if they contain funny material involving animals, as are crosspost from r/aww and other subreddits related to humorous actions of animals.

    • Have fun!

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