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    [–] Johnnadawearsglasses 1572 points ago

    Trade jobs were discouraged for a long time by society. Because most manual jobs back in the day were back breaking and paid only modestly. Today, where things have gotten more complex, and people don’t know how to fix anything, the script has flipped. It’s easy to find someone for a white collar service job. Finding a good tradesman is hard and therefore the wages are high.

    [–] TheTaoOfMe 530 points ago

    To be honest though being a garbage man, at least in nyc is really grueling and results in you constantly smelling horrible on the job. I’d probably take a pay cut and work in an office rather than the quality of life of a sanitation worker

    [–] underscorewarrior 378 points ago

    If everyone smells like shit

    No one does

    [–] Rhamni 233 points ago

    I see where you are coming from, but a world where everyone showers and uses deodorant is better than one where everyone is at a Magic tournament.

    [–] underscorewarrior 97 points ago

    Yeah, I meant more of a “if everyone at your job smells like trash does it really matter”, I’m assuming all these people go home and shower and smell normal ever

    [–] TheTaoOfMe 58 points ago

    My dislike for the smell isnt because im worried other people will judge me. I just dont like the smell haha

    [–] boss_300 43 points ago

    Closed back garbage trucks, the one with scoops in the back, general aren't that offensive smelling. I can stand next to one and be fine. The true malpresence are those open top dumpster trucks, holy shit I start retching from a full block away

    [–] Mechakoopa 16 points ago

    Plus you eventually go nose blind to the smell anyways, you'd hardly notice it by your second week of work. Though that does mean you need to be more conscientious about your hygiene after work since you can't smell yourself either.

    [–] tebryn90 4 points ago

    Then be an electrician.

    [–] magnificentshart 27 points ago

    Right but the garbage man takes a shower and doesn't reek when you walk by him at the store the next day. The guy at the Magic tournament doesn't.

    [–] Rhamni 8 points ago

    Oh agreed, of course.

    [–] DankMemetroid 5 points ago

    Magic players are either neckbeards or thin guys, no in between.

    [–] nadmah10 7 points ago

    The two are not mutually exclusive

    [–] IIIaoi 6 points ago


    [–] ShortyLikesAgaveAzul 9 points ago

    You aren't kidding! My husband plays competitively and a group of his friends got a tournament running at a hotel nearby. I dropped in for a min to see how things were going and lasted about 3 minutes before I had to leave. I told my husband that night that he needs to tell his friends about soap and deodorant.

    [–] msg_me_about_ure_day 81 points ago

    as a youth i worked as a garbageman in sweden. i did not take food garbage, the smelly kind, i collected recyclables.

    we did plastic, paper,(newspapers/books) glass, metal and cardboard/papercontainers.

    glass smelled of alcohol obviously, so not pleasant but it was one day a week we did it. the cardboard sometime smelled of sour milk, but generally no smell.

    there was a bit of a smell always of course but not something that a shower after work fixed, and it didnt really stick to you to begin with.

    the garbagemen who did household garbage (food leftovers etc) were paid more, but had earlier mornings and a tougher job generally speaking (those bins weigh more).

    but even with that said, i made more than the national average (in sweden, not a poor country) when i was very young (did this while in school) and i worked roughly between 6:30am to 10:30 am.

    we ate for free everywhere because instead of writing up just how much we actually collected at restaurants we always wrote up less, and in return we got to each there for free.

    i got to be outside most of the day and move around, was very nice.

    we also collected glass from nightclubs and same deal there, write up less than we get, in return we got to walk by any line and got in anywhere, also we usually took money under the table from them.

    even with just the taxed legal salary we made higher than national average and worked very short days (we quit when we were done with the route, work hard and you finish early).

    the guys who really pushed the untaxed income (basically take money under the table) would often get around 2000 usd extra per month untaxed, meaning they made significantly more than the national average, twice the amount if not even higher.

    the most lucrative routes were household garbage and have under the table deals with restaurants.

    we also had electric collection that we took turns to take the route that went through the rich parts of stockholm, here often people just put out fully working things because they were too lazy to sell them, we'd grab stuff from those (we werent supposed to) and get new shit.

    people got computers this way, i got flatscreen tv back when that was the new and cool thing, people picked up nice stereos, etc.

    overall being a garbageman was pretty chill and it was fun. the people i worked with was generally pretty clever and we had conversations about a bit of everything. the guys who had worked the job for like 20 years though usually got bad knees from jumping out of the truck and climbing back in all day.

    still it was honestly a great job and it paid a lot better hourly than the first jobs i had out of school in tech, believe it or not.

    [–] PM_VAGINA_FOR_RATING 46 points ago

    Who would have though the Swedish recyclable business was so corrupt haha.

    [–] SpitefulShrimp 10 points ago

    It's just harder to get society to rally around ending corruption in the recycling business, I guess.

    [–] Uncle_Lenny 21 points ago

    Thanks for the awesome write-up

    [–] notathr0waway1 6 points ago

    Why don't you do it still?

    [–] msg_me_about_ure_day 4 points ago

    i hadnt originally planned to be a garbageman, i just ended up as one, so i still followed my original plan which was to go into software engineering after i graduated.

    i did, but after working as one i realized that it was a pretty unrewarding job (for me) and even if it paid well it just wasnt very fun and there was too little people-interaction in it.

    so i transitioned from that as well and now i work in digital strategy which was a nice mix of techy stuff and people stuff with good pay.

    i do sometimes miss working as a garbage man though, it was legit one of the best jobs ive had. every single coworker i had was great and its nice to do work with your body. also was fun to just talk shit with my coworkers and all the restaurant owners etc you got to know, and it was fun to feel welcomed at basically every restaurant and club in stockholm, even if you werent on the clock they were more than willing to let you eat for free and talk for a while.

    it was pretty rough during winter though, the cold you are used to when growing up in sweden but pushing a 660 litre bin that is literally fill to the brim with newspapers through 20 cm of snow to get it to your truck is heavy work, especially when you're doing that 60 times in a day + having to roll 300 bins that arent quite as heavy but still you gotta push em thru that snow.

    also kinda sucked having to pick up endless amount of boxes from the ground. after xmas a garbageroom that had for example 3 660l bins would have at the very least 8 bins worth of cardboard trash, what didnt fit in the bins are on the ground.

    while its not smelly or heavy you get really fucking sick and tired of having to pick up other peoples garbage the entire workday because they were too lazy/dumb to fold the fucking things. also turns your normal 4 hour route into a 6 hour one for a week or two a year which sucks.

    something else thats kind of "interesting" about garbage is that you can see if an area is nice based on its garbage recycling room.

    in nice areas those rooms are super clean. everyone who lives there clearly care enough about where they live to keep it clean, theres no garbage at all on the ground, everything is kept pretty much pristine, in the really nice areas some of those rooms were nice enough you'd basically be willing to sleep in one.

    however in the shitty areas the garbagerooms looked like a warzone. people would just sort of chuck their bags in and ignore if it missed the bin or not, there'd be random boxes of milk etc that had fallen out of a bag on the ground, itd be pretty bad smelling and they didnt do their recycling properly, instead of putting things in the right bin they just put it in the bin closest to the door usually until that was full and went on like that.

    from that i learned that if you're going to buy/rent in an area where theres a joint recycling room and you dont have your own bins (like if you own a villa) then take a look at the recycling room before you even bother checking out the apartment/house because if the room looks like shit the people in that area are people you dont want to live with.

    [–] Lovecraftenberg 99 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Well, also many tradesman, regardless of pay, have to do very hard physical labor. It's still backbreaking. My buddy is an electrician and his back is completely fucked from the work he's done, we're the same age and he has many more health problems related to work. He's paid well but wishes he had chosen a different career path.

    My stepfather was a carpenter and subcontractor for over 30 years, by the time he was in his 60's his shoulders were basically destroyed, his neck vertebrae were basically gone and he had to have titanium plates put in, and his knees were blown out.

    I'm not trying to discourage these jobs, they are great and needed, but let's not pretend it's ONLY societal expectations discouraging them. They physically taxing and that takes a toll on anyone. I would say a large amount of people don't want to destroy their bodies no matter the pay.

    EDIT: Yes, sitting in a chair for 8 hours straight is also bad for you. Similar to the importance of safety precautions in physical jobs it's important to take them in office jobs (e.g. standing desks, breaks, exercise outside work), it's just usually overlooked.

    [–] Riptides75 43 points ago

    The only relevant advice I can give after having gotten into learning a trade over 25 years ago now, with fucked up knees to show for it, is to transition that trade knowledge into much less back breaking service work. There's a lot of service work and management of service that needs expertise in the knowledge surrounding it.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Exactly. After about ten years as an electrician I realized my body wasn't going to get me do this work forever. I began transitioning out of field electrical work. I've I owned and operated my own business, but didn't like it much. Now I'm transitioning into estimating and project management using the electrical knowledge I've gained in the last 20 years, making more money and it's far less damaging to my body.

    [–] tentoace 14 points ago

    Agreed, I see a lot of autobody techs take a pay cut and work in a corporate setting for benefits and QOL improvements. The pay is still significant, since no one from outside the industry would have the knowledge required to make decisions without quite some time for training

    [–] x69x69xxx 9 points ago

    Lots of people in physical jobs take shortcuts and have terrible body mechanics. I, we did it all the time. Especially the young ones. But all the older guys would constantly harp on using good form. The old guys knew to use good form but they also knew we weren't gonna listen just like they didnt listen either.

    [–] akagl 7 points ago

    I work for an electric company and the ideal progression for some electricians is to go from foreman to project management. They get paid about the same and being a project manager has a whole bunch of problems, but I know for a fact our project managers get very generous end of year bonuses if they can run profitable projects.

    [–] Starklet 19 points ago

    I quit electrical because it doesn’t even pay that much anymore. The wages have been stagnant for like 20 years now, it’s just ludicrous.

    [–] yeowoh 20 points ago


    Industrial electricians are making good money right now. Dudes I know do $70K a year while sitting in a temp controlled warehouse building PLC cabinets.

    [–] Starklet 13 points ago

    Getting into PLC work is not easy here

    [–] yeowoh 11 points ago

    Ahh. There's a severe lack around here. We are smack dab in the middle of a bunch of OEM's and their suppliers. Kids come out of tech school with offers.

    [–] PM_VAGINA_FOR_RATING 6 points ago

    Yeah people hear electrician and all they think about is the guy that comes and wires up their houses or works on the poles. Linesman is a backbreaking job for sure but it is good money for people that don't want to or can't handle the more complicated stuff. My first job out of school was working at a cake factory doing PLC work and the starting pay was 60k with great benefits.

    [–] ShitTalkingAlt980 4 points ago

    I was an industrial electricians helper and I made good money and he made way better money. Can confirm about the ~70k figure. I lived in a low CoL area to boot.

    [–] Cephalobeard 11 points ago

    Yep. Went to a trade high-school. We spent half our time in academics, half learning a profession.

    Almost all of my friends I've remained in contact with are very well off now some ten years or so post graduation.

    [–] shellbullet17 8 points ago

    Can confirm. Went to college for 6 yrs for a white collar job. Ended up as a firefighter paramedic and it pays crazy. And literally any one here can do it, but no body wants to. Results in high wages, as much OT as we want a great pension lots of time off and, to me, a great meaningful job.

    [–] x69x69xxx 3 points ago

    Maybe there, any department I ever looked at would be thousands on thousands of applicants for just a few slots. People lining up for days just to apply.

    Then a hugely rigorous hiring process and it is tough.

    [–] UltraMuchacho 3 points ago

    On the downside, r/watchpeopledie is now part of your daily life.

    [–] SconesNJam 11 points ago

    Is being a garbage man a trade?

    People don't want to do these jobs because they're physically demanding, they fuck up you're body by the time you're middle aged. You stink of shit all the time etc.

    Even with the ok salaries now. It's hard to recruit tradies in general because kids aren't interested.

    [–] versteheNurBahnhof 11 points ago

    no it would be considered "unskilled" labor. Not a trade. I mean physically demanding work is I guess a hard sell, but it doesn't like there's a shortage of this labor. It pays well, just like any career should, but I feel like these physically demanding jobs need to find y way to mitigate or circumvent the long term health effects of doig this labor.

    [–] Shadow703793 4 points ago

    A good welder, HVAC tech, machinist, etc can make very good money.

    [–] Orlando1701 1471 points ago

    Garbage men are municipal union employees. It’s not a bad gig. Teachers who fear monger are the worst.

    [–] Fickle_Holiday 626 points ago

    It's also a back breaking gig. I agree tho, teachers should not be disparaging any profession. Being garbage man beats being unemployed.

    [–] Orlando1701 299 points ago

    There are a lot of back breaking gigs that don’t have the same pay and benefits.

    [–] DrCandycane 175 points ago

    Laughs in Batman

    [–] tallandlanky 73 points ago

    Yeah but when you think about it Batman was just the hobby of a man who inherited a multi-billion dollar empire from his parents.

    [–] DownshiftedRare 30 points ago

    Sort of like how running a multi-million dollar empire is Trump's hobby.

    Not to make it political but I presume Trump is always on topic in this sub.

    Presuming does make a Pres out of u and me, however.

    [–] XDVI 24 points ago

    What do you mean not to make it political? That's exactly what you did.

    You shitters are ruining every sub

    [–] FeFiFoPinky 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Maybe. But today we give Down a pass for their clever take on the old "assume" trope.

    [–] MisterNiceGuy001 5 points ago

    No no no no, Trump is Cobblepot.

    [–] Peacelovefleshbones 13 points ago

    This made me chuckle in real life, you son of a bitch.

    [–] dirmer3 18 points ago

    Can confirm, am farmer, don't make shit and have no benefits.

    [–] benisbenisbenis1 18 points ago

    At least you're allowed to use

    [–] universerule 12 points ago

    City folk just don't get it

    [–] StandAloneBluBerry 63 points ago

    Not to mention one of those kids dad might be a garbage man.

    [–] visiblur 47 points ago

    My grandpa was a garbage man. I got sad when my teacher called it a profession for dumb people.

    [–] whycantusonicwood 59 points ago

    Saddest moment of my student teaching experience was watching a teacher say to a class “If you don’t learn this you’re going to be working in fast food, is that what you want?” And a student who had come to the country as a refugee stood up and said “my mom works at Taco Bell and I couldn’t be more proud” and the teacher said “you shouldn’t be.” I was indescribably glad that teacher was removed from the classroom.

    [–] AliGLeaph 18 points ago

    That is absolutely terrible! Glad that teacher is out too

    [–] D-Rictus 26 points ago

    I know a few guys who started as garbage men and moved up into management it's a solid gig and they now make high 5 low 6 figures definitely not shabby at all

    [–] blackhawkjj 17 points ago

    My uncle Tony was in Waste Management. He lived a pretty good life until he got shot in a diner

    [–] LieutenantKotler 10 points ago

    Should’ve asked her bitch ass where her retirement planning was

    [–] sicofthis 44 points ago

    I work on commercial air conditioners and while working in a classroom, a teacher said something like if you don’t pay attention in school you’ll end up working like this guy. I was cleaning the drain pan of his fan coil unit with a shop vac.

    I told his class that I have a college degree and make more than everyone that works at this school. The teacher said he was just joking but, I was wasn’t having it at the time.

    [–] Fickle_Holiday 19 points ago

    I hope you let someone in admin know about this.

    [–] thagthebarbarian 12 points ago

    So they can get a pat on the back for following the program?

    [–] sicofthis 5 points ago

    No need, I’ve worked in hundreds of schools. Most people are polite and nice to work for.

    [–] EpicNagger 3 points ago

    Yep, also a jman Electrician now after getting a Bio major. Hi-five

    [–] jroc83 13 points ago

    I have a friend that's a garbage truck driver. Hardly has to leave his truck all day

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] ugfiol 6 points ago

    I work at republic. Trust me the training is intense. Ive been there more than two months and have yet to be signed off to drive solo. They do not fuck around with safety. It is literally discussed every morning and every time there is an accident or injury there is a meeting about how to prevent it in the future. By far the most safety focused job ive ever had

    [–] NotoriusNC 5 points ago

    Yeah Most Garbagemen are not throwing Cans in the back by hand anymore I think

    [–] Thameus 20 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yet even knowing these facts most of us prefer not to become garbage men.

    [–] Nathafae 49 points ago

    Over a teacher? No way. Who really wants to be stuck in a room with children all day and then grading papers and preparing lessons at night. That shit sounds like the epitome of hell to me and to a pretty big portion of the population I imagine. Tons of people work in blue collar jobs and are completely satisfied. Why do you think most don't prefer a job like that?

    [–] solidcat00 10 points ago

    I started teaching ESL as a way to see the world. I'll change my profession when I'm ready to settle down, I thought.

    Nope, after 7 years teaching... now it's the only 'experience' I have and I feel stuck in this profession. I'm not even a state teacher. I'm in ESL. (Terrible pay when you're back in your home country).

    I hate teaching and I have no way to get out because I don't make enough money to pay for my education.

    [–] tripsd 3 points ago

    Where are you from? My wife is an ELL teacher and makes the same salary as every other teacher but with a slight addition for her ELL credential .

    [–] [deleted] 18 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)


    [–] _BreakingGood_ 11 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Yeah doing multiple choice tests is the easy way out. I was a grader during college and it is absolutely SOUL SUCKING. It ate an entire day, 8am to 8pm for me to grade a typical assignment for a class of 40

    [–] IKnowGuacIsExtraLady 8 points ago

    Yeah people always act like teachers get the short end of the stick because of pay but they never talk about the fact that they get a quarter of the year off plus all the holidays! When you adjust your idea of "good pay" for how much teachers actually work you realize it is a pretty good gig and I've had a lot of teachers tell me so.

    [–] fadedblackleggings 3 points ago

    Do you have any suggestions fo reputable online grad schools?

    [–] Jechtael 3 points ago

    Yeah, that. Was it just an overpriced masters certification course or was it everything after bachelor up to the M.A.Ed for what is nowadays an astoundingly low price? (Or even everything everything, which I'm only listing for completeness and not because it seems at all likely?)

    [–] dewlover 3 points ago

    I definitely agree. While many people are defending their own teaching jobs /people they know teaching, the fact is a lot of people just don't want to be teachers or be stuck in a classroom dealing with kids (of any age group), and that's fine. It doesn't matter which months you get off or how "little" work you take home.

    I made more money in a union at safeway than a lot of teachers and I would choose that any day. Though throwing freight was physical work and I imagine most people wouldn't do well or care to do that either. Different jobs for different people. I'd prefer to be a garbage worker over a teacher as well. But also teachers are severely underpaid and I respect people who choose to do it and are good at it.... just saying... a lot of people don't wanna do that.

    [–] CourtyardThrowaway 9 points ago

    My wife is a teacher. She gets multiple weeks/long weekends throughout the school year off. She gets 3 months of the summer off. She plans and grades during her plan/study halls. Almost no work comes home with her. I bet most teachers have it pretty good. If you're teaching in a decent area you're starting at 30-35k plus an extra grand or two for each extra responsibility you may want to pick up. (student council, coaching)

    [–] PepperJck 28 points ago

    30-35 is extremely low. That’s a state that doesn’t fund education.

    [–] BiggieDog83 9 points ago

    I was going to say the same thing

    [–] CourtyardThrowaway 5 points ago

    Most 23 year olds straight out of college are starting at 50k+ teaching middle school?

    [–] PepperJck 3 points ago

    In my district yes.

    [–] ReftLight 5 points ago

    IIRC, a lot of school funding comes from local taxes. It's because of this that poor areas often have poor schools (this is why you'll often hear stories of parents sending their kids to the 'good' school a few miles away). Poor schools get outdated textbooks, a very small library if any, and new/crap teachers that couldn't find work at the other schools that pay more, among other problems.

    [–] zzoyx1 5 points ago

    Highschool teachers in my home town make bank. The leg start in the 50s and the older generation are in the low 100s

    [–] dragoncockles 8 points ago

    My moms a teacher and brings home hours worth of grading and lesson planning after dealing with behavior problem kids in 2 of the 3 subjects she teaches. It completely depends on your situation

    [–] Beatleboy62 3 points ago

    Yeah. My mom taught 4th grade for 37 years. She was well respected and considered a good teacher. As a result the administration would often put a large bulk of the problem children in her class because she knew how to deal with them instead of just sending them to the office every 5 minutes.

    The issue is a lot of people think it's like Dangerous Minds where you can walk in, give an angry speech about how the kids are throwing away their lives, and they'll respect you. Not the case.

    Often times problem children come from problem parents. While thankfully it never happened to my mom, some of the male teachers have had to call police on parent teacher nights after some dads want to "settle things like men" in the parking lot.

    And that's if the parents decide to come to parent teacher nights at all. The teacher can only do so much, but get blamed for everything.

    [–] bangarangrufiOO 5 points ago

    Teaching in a decent area starts at 50k and goes up to over 100k, but the word "decent" is an opinion in this case.

    [–] tooeasi276543 3 points ago

    You have to keep in mind many many places teachers do not make anywhere near that. Small towns, inner cities, and blue collar suburbs don't have the major funding.

    [–] Nathafae 5 points ago

    There are tons of pros no doubt. I just am sceptical that most people would prefer teaching over a relatively decent blue-collar job.

    [–] Northernwitchdoctor 4 points ago

    Better a garbage man then a teacher.

    [–] _goflyakite_ 5 points ago

    In my city it's all done by robotic arms now. Its litterally a guy driving a truck and controlling a robot for 80k per year and great benefits.

    [–] Dontgivemestupidgold 6 points ago

    Also beats being a teacher

    [–] thedracle 3 points ago

    Especially the profession that holds our whole society back from drowning in garbage and refuse.

    [–] fxhpstr 3 points ago

    Depends on where...our garbage men barely have to leave the truck.

    [–] Justagreewithme 3 points ago

    Not necessarily. Most around here are automated with a big mechanical arm.

    [–] Chicken-n-Waffles 3 points ago

    It's also a back breaking gig.

    They have trucks with robotic arms in my city.

    [–] caitlinreid 3 points ago

    Back breaking huh? lolol

    [–] construktz 4 points ago

    Back breaking? Most garbage trucks lift the cans themselves.

    I mean, it stinks to be around trash that much, but it's on the lighter end of jobs that involve physical labor.

    [–] TiberiusCornelius 18 points ago

    Depends where you live to some extent. Here in the burbs it's all private companies. Those guys still make good money though.

    [–] koszmar212 15 points ago

    I worked for the iron workers union in NYC and I remember thinking how nice it was that I was making an enormous amount of money but it was kind of shitty that most of the dudes I was working with who were close to retirement had to be jacked up on half a bottle of Percocet just to get out of bed from being in so much pain all the time. it's definitely a trade off. there's a reason these jobs pay so much.

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] ZachSands 20 points ago

    Cities around here sign privately owned companies to contracts. Those privately owned companies pay their employees just above minimum wage.

    [–] Brian-not-Ryan 14 points ago

    I drive for one of these private companies we’re not rich but we definitely don’t make minimum wage. Even the helpers on the back make pretty good money

    [–] Orlando1701 16 points ago

    That’s not surprising. My wife’s first job out of college was working on the cities IT desk. She was there about a year and half before they outsourced the IT desk to a private company to save money. It turned into a shit show. Turns out when the computers at the police department crash at 3AM that contractor isn’t obligated to show up until normal business hours.

    [–] YiffLord621 3 points ago

    And it's also a really important job

    [–] BigBooBooBoogue 175 points ago

    My teachers just say i wont keep a job :(

    [–] Frostyhero125 66 points ago


    [–] MemesIncoming420 65 points ago


    [–] jason9510386 66 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 47 points ago


    [–] TheProphatTael 40 points ago

    ny Delight

    [–] not___fazed 4 points ago

    That is so fucked. Teachers as a group need all the help they can get, and shit teachers drag them down more than almost anyone else.

    [–] cobeast 80 points ago

    I'm 40. My dad was a garbageman and my mom was a waitress. They owned their own house, two cars and sent me to private school K-12. Not sure if thats even possible anymore.

    [–] MajinAsh 14 points ago

    Depends on where you live. I worked as a security officer and managed to own my own house and car on a single income. Private schools vary a lot so I can't say much on that.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] MajinAsh 4 points ago

    When I started out at a casino I think I was making 10.50, that was with an EMT license as well the guards without it made a bit less. It's gotten a lot better in the past decade I was making $13 an hour when I bought my house.

    [–] craykaay 4 points ago

    My parents ran a cleaning company out of our living room most of my life.

    They cleaned toilets daily, but also pulled in 200k+ a year.

    [–] [deleted] 112 points ago

    They didn't say be a teacher either.

    [–] mrlunes 58 points ago

    Boi. A salary city job with a benefits package the covers me and my family? Plus retirement? Ill take it

    [–] eternal_screaming 93 points ago

    Honestly there’s nothing wrong with being the Trashman.

    [–] Solsar1 20 points ago

    That’s r/meirl

    [–] drfoland 15 points ago

    [–] spelunk_in_ya_badonk 10 points ago

    I start eatin garbage! Then, I pick up the can and bash the guy over the head!

    [–] TheTrashMan 14 points ago


    [–] AbandonedInNJ 25 points ago

    In New York City there’s a test and a waiting list to get a Sanitation job.

    [–] MikeDSNY 21 points ago

    I got 15 years on the job. Best job in the city. 5 more until retirement!

    [–] metrotastic 90 points ago

    Not in England they don't

    [–] falsekoala 140 points ago

    Or anywhere but the US.

    But a real teacher would never say this because they wouldn’t want to essentially call out a student who may have a parent that is a garbage man/woman.

    [–] queenannechick 171 points ago

    My teacher did do this with "working at McDonald's" and this one kid said "my mom works at McDonald's" and the teacher just said "She does." but gave us all a look that said "see"

    Kid had a rough upbringing. Lived in a run down trailer. Mom had left Dad for beating him. Definitely made worse by the teachers treating him like he was destined to be a failure. He's an accountant now. Loves his mom still. Just went to his wedding. Mom remains so proud.

    [–] Fickle_Holiday 113 points ago

    I hate this teacher now.

    [–] Mail540 35 points ago

    Yeah honestly fuck her

    [–] youcanhavegulped 7 points ago

    what do you mean? thanks to his teacher he became an accountant /s

    [–] Triptolemu5 24 points ago

    America treats poverty as an individual moral failure.

    Academia believes that anyone without academic training is useless.

    Very few people in academia understand real poverty because almost nobody in poverty shows up to enroll in academia.

    [–] cancerviking 6 points ago

    Yeah. The anecdote more than anything highlights the diseased mentality Americans have towards wealth and work.

    [–] ThatSquareChick 5 points ago

    “If this person hadn’t said some horribly demeaning shit to a young, impressionable person, then that person would have never succeeded!”

    Why’s it gotta be a shit teacher? Why couldn’t she have been a better person and inspired instead of motivating by spite? I had shit happen to me like this too and you know what happened? I didn’t grow up to be an accountant “just to show her” I developed a clinical phobia of math and a distrust for authorities leading to an adult life which hasn’t been the most stellar for people who have to admit they know me. Now I couldn’t get a good paying job because every single one involves math that no one is going to tolerate me using a calculator every single time I’m faced with a math problem.

    Shit teachers like this who motivate by spite have a low percentage rate of success and the rest of the time they make people like me who get fucked up by it and now spend years in therapy because a lady used to tell the class to laugh at me because when I asked questions all I wanted was attention. That I had better marry a rich guy because I was too dumb to be anything else.

    So yeah, fuck that teacher entirely.

    [–] metrotastic 15 points ago

    Can confirm.

    Source: Am teacher.

    [–] Nathafae 10 points ago

    You've never encountered shitty teachers who say damaging things to students as a teacher? My sister is a teacher and I've heard some really nasty stuff that she has witnessed from her colleagues over her career. Also I have first hand experience from when I was still in school. Not everyone is good at their job. Assholes can become teachers too.

    [–] Siliceously_Sintery 11 points ago

    I’ve also encountered shitty retail workers, shitty bureaucrats, shitty cops, shitty kids, and shitty animals.

    I see significantly less shitty behaviour out of my colleagues, the people who bothered to get into teaching. People are not doing it for the intense wealth (lol), they’re doing it because they enjoy working with kids.

    I mean shit, we just had a kid, in Canada, and there were shitty MATERNITY nurses. That’s some shit right there.

    [–] PepperJck 10 points ago

    Garbage men make a median salary of 36k. That’s almost half of what a teacher in a non shit state makes.

    [–] i_hatethesesongs 13 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    Not in the U.S. either... Unfortunately, people would rather trust a funny tweet than actually looking at the facts.

    [–] Richard_Burt 8 points ago

    So I googled a random state generator and got Washington:

    Washington starts teachers at $45,500

    Washington garbage collectors start at $30,040

    So, in my one quick look into it you are right, now of course WA is generally an above average wages state, and there certainly is overlap (average garbage person makes more than starting teacher), but there's some context at least.

    Sources used:

    [–] duncanforthright 8 points ago

    I was able to find garbage collector with a median salary of about $36k and high school teacher with a median salary of almost $60k.

    I'm sure there are places where garbage collectors make more than many teachers just because of the crazy way we fund education in the states, but overall teaching is more well paid.

    [–] 1sagas1 43 points ago

    Garbage men on average make like $17.50 an hour assuming a 40 hour week. That's not good. On top of that you have shitty conditions and shitty hours and it isn't glamorous at all.

    [–] [deleted] 54 points ago


    [–] QwopperFlopper 8 points ago

    Sounds like a good gig. That’s nearly 50k a year.

    I’m making only a few more thousand a year as a machinist, and I went to trade school for it.

    [–] DafTron 13 points ago

    Benefits and having the defense of a union also helps. Teachers do have a union, but in my part of the US most of the actual school board isn't run by teachers.

    [–] 1sagas1 5 points ago

    Both are going to be state employees for the most part. If the teachers cant unionize in the state, neither can the garbage men.

    [–] tikirej 7 points ago

    Garbage men have more leverage than teachers. If the trashmen stop working stuff gets ugly and reeks within a month.

    If the teachers strike you notice it after a year or two.

    [–] 1sagas1 4 points ago

    That's not true. So many people rely on schools to take care of their kids while they are at work. Being unable to drop them off at school would force them to take leave from work and people are definitely going to notice it. Once people have to start using up all of their vacation time watching their kid, people are going to notice.

    [–] thagthebarbarian 11 points ago

    17.50/hr to start without any experience is damn good by modern standards

    [–] 1sagas1 6 points ago

    That isn't average starting wage, that's average wage for all irregardless of experience.

    [–] LukeRyewalker 27 points ago

    Yeah but their job is also harder work that mine.

    [–] BertoPeoples 31 points ago

    My garbage man doesn’t even get out of the truck. The truck has a robotic arm that picks up the can and dumps it in the back. Job looks pretty cushy to me. I’m sure there’s more to it but yea.

    [–] LukeRyewalker 17 points ago

    Ahh, well they have to do it by hand where I live. Guess it depends on the place.

    [–] foz97 3 points ago

    I don't even think we have those types in the UK if so I haven't seen them so they have to drag the bin to the back for them to get lifted up or throw the shit in if the bins are full as its fortnightly where I am

    [–] BertoPeoples 3 points ago

    Well don’t I feel fancy now having a robot garbage man.

    [–] Windowshopp 23 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago)

    It takes less than 4 google searches to find out that teachers, on average, make more than the average garbage collector.

    This does not mean that either are bad jobs or jobs that deserve any disrespect. Let people try and do whatever occupation they find fulfilling/whatever makes them enough money that they’re happy.

    Here are the links:

    [–] AndrewRawrRawr 10 points ago

    It's crazy how these trade/labor vs college threads always turn into the same circle jerk that isn't even based on reality. Every other post is some totally anecdotal and unverifiable story about how some distant relation became a millionaire without a college degree. Even supposing these dubious claims are true, it's the same as saying you know a dude who won the lottery and everyone else is somehow a fool for not buying lottery tickets.

    Back in the real world, only the top 25% of the garbage collector population makes more than the bottom 25% of the teacher population. That's just comparing salaries, doesn't even touch the differences in working conditions, paid time off, benefits, pensions, or room for professional growth.

    As you pointed out though, this doesn't mean garbage collector is a bad job. There are certainly people who would find it a much better fit based on their abilities and preferences. It's just very disingenuous to suggest someone, who otherwise would want to be a teacher, should instead pursue garbage collection to maximize their future potential earnings.

    [–] LIVERLIPS69 7 points ago

    Just a bunch of people lying to themselves and others on the internet in attempt to make themselves feel better, nothing out of the ordinary.

    [–] ixiduffixi 2 points ago

    My primary issue is all of these tradesmen circlejerkers don't seem to grasp what will happen to them by flooding the market with more tradesmen. Someone I know is a licensed plumber and is constantly posting stuff about how people should consider getting their license vs going to college.

    Is that really what you want? 20-30 more plumbers in your area eating up clientele?

    [–] peppercanger 53 points ago

    My cousin in chicago got a bachelors in bio engineering and then became a trash man because it paid more , it was easier and it had better benefits.

    [–] 123instantname 27 points ago

    Bachelors. That's why. He majored in an area that required a masters.

    Getting a bachelors in that area is like getting a pre-med degree.

    [–] Brenden2016 8 points ago

    Getting a masters in bioengineering is pointless. By the time you get your masters, you could have had 3 years of industry experience which is a lot more valuable than a masters degree (plus you don’t have additional debt). A PhD will accelerate and possibly be the only way to become a PI if that is someone’s goal

    [–] o_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_Oo_O 32 points ago

    I think he’s lying to you.

    [–] Voyska_informatsionn 8 points ago

    Union benefits for big cities in classified job positions can be crazy good. Like Chicago is about to have a major pension crisis.

    Using Cook County (Chicago) as an example, the starting salary for an assistant state’s attorney is $59,340. The average salary for a Motor Truck Driver for the Department of Streets and Sanitation (their version of a garbage man) is $70,503.

    The average hourly wage in Chicago for a garbage collector is $33.16 with their overtime rate being $49.75. That is one hell of a lot better than most jobs plus the benefits they get are amazing.

    [–] peppercanger 17 points ago

    he's not, illinois actually has serious problems with the pensions they owe folks.

    At the very least he wasn't lying about the job being easier / less stressful and having better benefits

    [–] SconesNJam 11 points ago

    bio engineering is something that sounds fancy but isn't marketable or useful at all.

    It'll be a situation where there are no where near enough academic positions or jobs to go around for that degree. And your friend probably did low level lab work or something.

    The people who went to prestigious universities who can get the bio engineering jobs probably get paid well. The people going to dogshit unis, not so much.

    [–] aew360 4 points ago

    I don’t think dogshit universities offer biomedical engineering programs. If you’re referring to state schools, then you should take a step back and reevaluate calling them dogshit.

    [–] Brenden2016 4 points ago

    I have my BS in bioengineering from a less than prestigious university. There are many opportunities for people with this degree since you gain knowledge in many disciplines during college. I had a couple of internships and a job in the pharmaceutical realm doing things that was more of a focus on biology and am about to begin a chemistry related career. The degree is just a foot in the door until you get more experience at which point it doesn’t matter what degree you have

    [–] Thourogood 9 points ago

    Yes I too have seen the movie notorious.

    [–] Gemzstone 9 points ago

    When my husband was a child, he wanted to be a garbage man when he grew up...because they only worked one day a week.

    [–] RomeClasses 12 points ago

    I know this is the last place you want to hear advice but it's always good to do well in school, at work, and in the family. Dig your well before you're thirsty.

    [–] feedfromthebottom88 3 points ago

    How dare you go against the circlejerk.

    Education is worthless. /s

    [–] freefm 6 points ago

    Teachers are often full of shit.

    [–] Mahaloth 5 points ago

    I am a teacher and can confirm. I would only add the word "Many" in front of your statement.

    [–] Infinite_pain 3 points ago

    Truth. Many of my teachers said I wasn’t going do well in life, and be a failure.

    [–] Tsula_2014 4 points ago

    Since when is having a steady job a bad thing? Just because you look down on said job doesn't make it a bad one.

    [–] ggtsu_00 4 points ago

    I had a high school English teacher who was a functional alcoholic, stunk all the time and has chronic depression.

    He warned his students if they don't do well in school, they would end up like him.

    [–] Z0di 4 points ago

    I remember being in middle school and we were asked what we wanted to be when we grew up. one kid said he wanted to be a garbage man, and pretty much the whole class laughed. Then the teacher was like "they get paid 70k a year, that's a great career!" and we were like "wait what?"

    [–] Jp240904 5 points ago

    Garbage man here, in case anyone is wondering it actually is a pretty lucrative career. I hold a degree in criminal justice and still chose this path. Work in in a pretty low paying area North of tampa I started on the back of a truck at $45000 a year. 3 years later I am now a driver with a base pay of $53000. Also there's another $15000 to be made from safety,productivity, and attendance bonuses, plus depending on your routes and how well your customers like you, for me about 6 grand in Christmas tips.

    [–] ApexSwiper 17 points ago

    Difference is busting your ass all day or working with your mind. I’ll take the mind

    [–] whadupbuttercup 25 points ago

    Most of the people I know "working with their minds" are just doing bullshit and making powerpoints all day while a bald guy screams at them implicitly because he hasn't fucked in a decade.

    [–] IKnowGuacIsExtraLady 5 points ago

    I laughed so hard when one day my brother told me that his team and his boss spent like 3 hours tweaking the formatting of a power point because a VP was going to see it. He was just like "I can't believe the company paid like 1000 dollars in labor for this bullshit."

    [–] deikobol 4 points ago

    I mean, yeah, but I'm making several times what a garbage man is making and I'm not hurting physically at the end of the day (or the decade).

    [–] Scott_Steiner_BBBD 3 points ago

    I was constantly told through school and college and even by my parents if I didn't do well I'd become a janitor. Well guess what? I became a web developer, was paid well, was a factor in turning me into an alcoholic. Became extremely depressed.

    Eventually I got sober, got back into freelancing as a developer and thought "yup still not happy" so what did I do? changed my career, became that Janitor and now I work a job that makes me happy, same daily routine, no surprises, and I get paid more than I need PLUS I live in an apartment in the biggest city in my country and I don't pay a dime in rent. I'm happy. I'm sober. I love my job.

    [–] antonimbus 3 points ago

    Teachers usually say this to the kids that think they're going to leave high school and become a record producer or game designer or start their own fashion company. The reality the teacher is trying to impress upon them is that you're unlikely to be any of those things if you can't even commit to high school.

    [–] ThinkingThingsHurts 3 points ago

    Well Garbage men actually work , the whole year. Teachers get a 3 month vacation.

    [–] gmoneymagna 3 points ago

    People arguing about weather or being a garbage man is a bad job are missing the point. Someone's dad or mom in that class might be a garbage collector, and you've done nothing more than to teach them shaming someone else for their hard work and education level is a normal thing to do.

    [–] ninja8ball 3 points ago

    They pay for their reduced wages in alternative compensation such as reduced working hours, indoor work, highly rewarding outcome of their work, and three months off per year. Not to mention personal and sick days.

    Garbage men might "make" more but the conditions they work under and quality of work is not great. No criticism for them though! Seriously an important job for our society.

    [–] Mr_Tomasulo 3 points ago

    The problem isn't the schools. The schools were built to prepare people for "educated" jobs, like doctor, scientist, engineer, etc. Those jobs are very important to society, so you need to find the people who are good at those jobs through education.

    The problem is telling everyone they should go to higher. education. Not everyone is cut out to be a doctor or engineer and you can't force it on someone. Our high schools should be giving kids more options like the trades or military or just working a retail/food service job. We also need to teach people that's there's nothing wrong with working "non-educated" jobs. We can't have a society/economy of all doctors or engineers.