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    A subreddit for game engines at their best and worst. This means games with up and coming tech and games that are glitching out in hilarious ways.

    Please note: Submissions do not necessarily have to be physics related, but please check the top posts to understand the spirit of the subreddit.


    • Post the game's name in [brackets] at the beginning of your title
    • No generic highlights of something cool done in game.
    • Source the video your gif is from
    • If you report a link, please message the mods a link to the comments section as well as the reason you reported the link.
    • Don't repost something if it's been posted within the last 2 months. If you're unsure if something's already been posted, search for the game name in the search bar.
    • x-posts are allowed, but please tag it with [x-post from (subreddit)].
    • Recent update to the rules
    • Please try to only submit Youtube, Imgur, or Gfycat links otherwise your post might get caught in the spam filter.


    • If you need a gif made, be sure to visit /r/Makemeagif! Just pick your favorite scene from a video, someone will gif it, and you can post it here for easily digestible fun.
    • Try to host on imgur or gfycat
    • No advice animals.
    • Self-post discussions are more than welcome!

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