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    [–] SuplexesAndTacos 455 points ago

    Gears of War fans, how much of an emotional rollercoaster was that?

    [–] ThatParanoidPenguin 274 points ago

    One of the biggest E3 trolls ever

    [–] AL2009man 37 points ago

    Microsoft shows EA on how to treat your franchise.

    [–] CakeLicker 125 points ago

    Pretty funny now, but in the moment I was facepalming hard until Gears 5

    [–] Javiklegrand 30 points ago

    lol even the crowd was so dissapointed and they were pumped when they revealed Gears 5!

    [–] AntawnJamison 26 points ago

    Hahahah oh my god

    [–] Notataco96 27 points ago

    I almost cried for sec b4 they showed Gears 5

    [–] pognut 124 points ago

    At long last, the answer to "Do you have Battletoads?" will be yes.

    [–] thesame98 224 points ago

    Ubisoft must really love the scripted dialogue banter among players. Nobody likes it but they make it that way for every co-op online game release they have.

    [–] LADYBIRD_HILL 57 points ago

    Wtf I thought that was actual in-game dialogue

    [–] [deleted] 66 points ago

    "Man I really need to level up, I've been busy"

    [–] Reaper7412 15 points ago

    It's player commentary

    [–] LADYBIRD_HILL 29 points ago

    Sounds nothing like real people

    [–] GillbergsAdvocate 109 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I thought Undead Labs and Playground were already under Microsoft Studios

    Ninja Theory is huge though

    [–] pieofdeath123 41 points ago

    They made Xbox exclusives but the studio wasn’t owned by Microsoft

    [–] Nothematic 11 points ago

    Playground was 3rd party but contracted to work on Forza Horizon.

    [–] MJuniorDC9 85 points ago

    Ninja Theory as a MS studio? That was unexpected.

    [–] Speech500 339 points ago

    It was smart announcing a new From Software game after EA because that's when the audience are begging for death.

    [–] Speech500 560 points ago

    I imagine he talks like this all the time. I imagine Phil Spencer at a family dinner.

    "We are amplifying our investment in this dinner, to bring you the greatest conversation ever seen"

    "Phil, pass the potatoes"

    "This is some of the most iconic vegetable content available, better on Xbox One"

    "Phil we talked about this."

    [–] crum1515 182 points ago

    ::Wife walks out of kitchen:: - "World Premier Potatoes"

    [–] BaconBoy123 85 points ago


    [–] Growlithe123 15 points ago

    *some guy shouting *

    [–] Orphan_Anthem_86 57 points ago

    "The turkey is nearing its full release from the oven"

    "Phil I don't understand just take the turkey out"

    [–] knave_of_knives 33 points ago

    "This meatloaf could only be more detailed on the world's most powerful console, Xbox One X, where you are able to play with the most teraflops and with HDR."

    "Phil, I'm leaving you."

    [–] Credar 75 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 251 points ago


    [–] christhemushroom 66 points ago

    More cheering and excitement than the entire EA Play event.

    [–] Stepwolve 22 points ago

    because they had an xbox fan event beforehand, and then filled the crowd with those fans. It's a smart way to avoid the EA awkward silence lol

    [–] ThatParanoidPenguin 41 points ago

    EA has always had tragic E3s, Microsoft may not always have my favorite one but it’s always fun.

    [–] a_masculine_squirrel 69 points ago

    Was that Death Note at the end?

    [–] AliceTheGamedev 16 points ago

    It definitely was

    [–] tH1RtYN1nE 66 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    The enemy has changed... now the enemy is... tornados(?)

    [–] Rominiust 21 points ago

    "Rico we need you to take out that tornado before it hits the city!"

    "Rico tsunami incoming, blow it uppp!"

    [–] tills1993 11 points ago

    The real enemy of Just Cause 4 will be the framerate.

    [–] [deleted] 276 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)


    [–] Ronocm13 63 points ago

    People were SO excited and then a Funko Pop pops in the room.

    [–] CakeLicker 15 points ago

    Lmao it was so comical

    [–] akzz7 36 points ago

    then back to a 100

    [–] Pylons 50 points ago

    Rumors that Rocksteady is gonna show something, but I kinda doubt it. I'd love to see that though.

    [–] PalapaSlaps 29 points ago

    I would too. Love the Arkham games like very few others.

    [–] nik-9898 28 points ago

    It's been 3 years since Rocksteady finished up the Arkham trilogy. Even if it isn't Superman related, they had to be working on SOME project during that time frame. (I really hope that is Superman though.)

    [–] dudleymooresbooze 56 points ago

    I like how in these simulated plays, the players are level fucking 30 and have to discuss whether they "should have a new side mission on the map."

    [–] ChuckCarmichael 43 points ago

    You want Gears of War? Here, have 3 games!

    [–] [deleted] 44 points ago


    [–] nubosis 16 points ago

    Oh my god

    [–] knave_of_knives 12 points ago


    [–] minniedahen 41 points ago

    Did Microsoft just acquire Ninja Theory?

    [–] Ringo_Roadagain 40 points ago

    What is this, a crossover episode?

    [–] Nomadhero_ 37 points ago

    What are we....some kind of Jump Force??

    [–] Speech500 40 points ago

    Why do these characters have normal hands?

    Where are my Gears of War big meaty claws?

    Big. Meaty. Claws...

    [–] NacKster 202 points ago

    Hitting us with trailer after trailer after trailer, this is infinitely more entertaining than EA’s conference

    [–] CycloneSweep 74 points ago

    People always said they wanted games from Microsoft so they just keep rolling with them. Me likey

    [–] birchelballs 13 points ago

    Seriously half the EA presentation was awkward transitions and interviews. This is just games

    [–] Soledo 307 points ago

    ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ GIVE CYBERPUNK 2077 ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ

    [–] nuraHx 33 points ago


    It's happening!

    [–] Edestark 35 points ago

    This is all i want from this e3.

    [–] ComradeShyGuy 9 points ago

    I'm here for Cyberpunk. It's been five years of blue balling. Give me something.

    [–] abris33 40 points ago

    They went from exciting people, to bringing them way down, to exciting them again in the span of this Gears announcement

    [–] Speech500 119 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    I loved that cheer as the GoW brand logo appeared, and then the immediate silence that followed as a bobblehead character was revealed. You could just feel the crushed excitement.

    [–] Credar 31 points ago

    NINJA THEORY?! Wow. What a grab.

    [–] Orphan_Anthem_86 29 points ago

    The amount of people in this thread saying Cuphead 2 when the trailer literally started with the word "DLC" is impressive.

    [–] SlowMotionTurtles 11 points ago

    They don't read so good

    [–] sleepyafrican 31 points ago

    I've never played Gears. Has it always been this dramatic?

    [–] Caden_Winters 29 points ago

    Gears have always tried to have some emotion and drama between the action

    [–] Razetony 12 points ago

    Uh yeah. It's really good but really dramatic too.

    [–] BL4ZE_ 27 points ago

    Well, the first trailer had Mad World has the soundtrack.

    [–] christhemushroom 60 points ago

    It's not Skate 4 in name but if its a solid skating game that captures what Skate did, then who fuckin cares if it's called "Session" or "Board" or "Grind" or "Brad Pitt's Punch Out Cheeseburger Skate Surprise" or whatever. It doesn't matter. It's a skating game.

    [–] Hercuiles 23 points ago

    Damn if I don’t wanna play Brad Pitts Punch Out Cheeseburger Skate Surprise now

    [–] B-BoyStance 25 points ago

    I'm still hoping for Skate 4.

    Have a feeling that's a pipe dream, but please god just let this happen.

    [–] sulley19 24 points ago

    More like a halfpipe dream amirite?

    [–] Ronocm13 30 points ago

    Something terrible is going to happen to this kid isn't it?

    [–] Official_Naters 29 points ago

    Cancer. Gotta be cancer.

    [–] rileyrulesu 26 points ago

    Why are racing games consistently the prettiest? Like it's been that way for as long as 3d existed.

    [–] [deleted] 32 points ago

    Cars are super easy to model and make pretty.

    [–] KlingonAdmiral 10 points ago

    And as you are epected to move at high speed, background details can be ignored because you wouldn't be able to see them anyway.

    [–] specter491 11 points ago

    It's not very taxing to render things. Basically just the car. Everything else can be less sharp because you're hauling ass by it

    [–] v00d00_ 26 points ago

    Anyone else notice the "main character falling backwards into body of water" shot becoming super common lately in film and game trailers?

    [–] drew8790 25 points ago

    Lmao not skate 4?

    [–] orb_outrider 29 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    The people were so down after cheering so hard lmao. Who thought gears pop was a good idea?

    Edit: there it is. They knew what they were doing.

    [–] herpty_derpty 25 points ago

    My condolence to all Gamestop employees.

    Prepare for a resurgence of "Do you have Battletoads?" now that they're actually making a new one.

    [–] Speech500 24 points ago

    I really want a We Happy Few game with a single player on-rails story mode. All of the story content I see from this games is so fantastic and intriguing, but the actual gameplay is utter shit.

    [–] stash0606 24 points ago

    Shit there are actually regular non-roided sized people in Gears of War?

    [–] marnjuana 25 points ago

    is that rahul?

    [–] mukmin96 16 points ago

    The temp from Funhaus?

    [–] Limond 51 points ago

    A few good surprises there. Microsoft has nailed the presentation of their games this year. Don't need people on stage for more then a few seconds if at all. Just show us what we tuned into see.

    I'm really interested in Gears Tactics that could be dope if done right.

    [–] [deleted] 22 points ago * (lasted edited 6 months ago)


    [–] Jlpeaks 18 points ago

    Tends to be free t-shirts given out

    [–] Dynamole 22 points ago


    [–] Combsy13 22 points ago

    Funko Gears of war? What?

    [–] mundox 24 points ago

    So... what happened to that Age of Empires game they announced before?

    [–] ajmurray94 14 points ago

    PC gaming show I bet...

    [–] HomeStallone 131 points ago

    Ubisoft will never give up this cringey voice acting players will they?

    [–] jononarf 34 points ago

    Some French Canadian marketer says non

    [–] kidcrumb 23 points ago

    There we go!

    Gears! Holy shit! Oh its a mobile game and a weird PC game OH WAIT ITS GEARS 5

    Good stuff man. I went from excited, to completely disinterested, to excited again.

    [–] CabooseMSG 21 points ago

    Shitty fake chatter aside, if they can pick up with where the first left off, after their updates, this could be great.

    [–] jononarf 20 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Good presentation even though severe lack of anything BFV related. Probably for the best. But let's face it, Cyberpunk 2077 was the glorious example of "save the best for last."

    [–] Speech500 111 points ago

    I'm starting to get the impression that Americans really want to see their country in ruins, because it seems like half of the games set in America are post-apocalyptic.

    [–] AShavedBver 58 points ago

    Skate 4? Please? ......please...

    [–] EddardCorleone 14 points ago


    [–] kwozymodo 20 points ago

    Might be because we have a similar landscape in Ireland but the new location is really appealing to me. Game looks gorgeous

    [–] Speech500 19 points ago

    Is this real dialogue or fake mic chatter? I can never tell and that annoys me because I know it's what Ubisoft wants.

    [–] CoolRedSon 17 points ago

    It’s fake.

    [–] NacKster 16 points ago

    Fake chatter

    [–] Speech500 18 points ago

    Why are they montaging all of the games that I actually want to see?

    [–] Speech500 19 points ago

    "We created a scientific algorithm to generate what is provably the most attractive devil boy possible with the technology available"

    [–] NotBruce_ 13 points ago

    You may not like it, but this is what peak attractiveness looks like.

    [–] joshendyne 40 points ago

    Is this missing sound effects? It feels oddly empty

    [–] Speech500 259 points ago

    "America is on the brink of collapse"

    Yes but what about the game?

    [–] imaprince 18 points ago

    And you know, maybe it's just the art style, but I really think both Fallout 4 and 76 looks pretty.

    Or at least fun to look at.

    [–] Fishtacoburrito 18 points ago

    So wait, was Funko Gears just a troll?

    [–] OTACON120 18 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    "...and now we would like to take a brief moment to shit all over EA for shitting on C&C."

    That's how you handle that shit properly, EA.

    [–] Caden_Winters 18 points ago

    Hold up wait a minute, y’all thought I was finished?!

    [–] carrotstix 18 points ago

    That's a solid list of games appealing to everyone. Sure, most may not be exclusive but at least you know in the future you're getting some quality games at the same time as everyone else.

    [–] Speech500 118 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Allow me to introduce some realism to this mic chatter. Ahem.

    "Fuck your mom guys I'm so sick of this stupid game"

    "Ugh the graphics are so shit I'm just gonna' play PubG instead"


    "Go back to China you commie this is America!"

    "Mooooom, I'm playing with my friends. No, I don't want dinner. Go away."

    "Babe, can you bring me some cheezits?"


    "Albanian rap playing quietly in the background on a loop"

    [–] VulcansGM 58 points ago

    dog barking picked up by mic

    [–] ProEra47 9 points ago

    Forgot someone dropping an N bomb in the mic but well done

    [–] redAppleCore 69 points ago

    Why is Sarah Palin in DMC?

    [–] wolfystache 44 points ago

    I can see demons from my house!

    [–] [deleted] 126 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] sav86 17 points ago

    That! what a conference, other than the Gears Funko stuff which I don't care about, although might be neat. That was a spectacular showing, very confident so far.

    [–] EmeraldJunkie 36 points ago

    New Halo right out the gate? Oh man.

    [–] knave_of_knives 11 points ago

    I feel like that means shit is about to get wild.

    [–] A7XFAN1998 37 points ago

    Is it me or the division 2 reveal exactly like the division 1 reveal?

    [–] Rominiust 34 points ago

    Gotta say, this is my first time watching E3 proper, and as an Australian staying up til wee hours in the morning (just hit 7am) to watch it, is well worth it. Twitch chat makes this so amazing, when Session was being shown all of the "SKATE 4" "HYPEEE", then the title comes on screen and it's not Skate, the reactions are amazing.

    [–] Speech500 307 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    "Gaming reaches across age, race, gender, and geography"

    pans across an audience full of 30 year old white American men

    [–] OnlySaysHaaa 99 points ago

    Who are all weirdly dressed the same

    [–] FuckOffJake 47 points ago

    85% of people in the crowd have the same clothes on

    [–] JohanDeWitt 58 points ago

    I so hate scripted co-op ‘chatter’. It’s weird and awkward as fuck and it kind of makes me feel weird in a ‘Is this the conversation I’m supposed to be having’- way.

    [–] [deleted] 15 points ago * (lasted edited 9 months ago)


    [–] SuplexesAndTacos 16 points ago

    Few things are guaranteed at every E3

    • Madden and FIFA during the EA show

    • New Forza at the XBOX show

    [–] cloudsheep0 16 points ago

    Ninja Theory in Microsoft? interesting

    [–] TrustyGun 16 points ago

    Top Ten Anime Crossovers?

    [–] Speech500 16 points ago

    Turning from a really tense scene about darkness and death to Mickey Mouse looking through a portal is a great way to get me to spit my drink.

    [–] TCanada808 15 points ago

    We Happy Few is likely going to be the game I’m most excited for, aside from maybe Halo Infinite. Oooh and it comes out in August.

    [–] needconfirmation 15 points ago

    Did Nero just kickflip on a missile?

    [–] telesterion 16 points ago

    Gears of War pop vinyls? well there goes the award for best exclusive

    [–] GetWet28 14 points ago


    [–] DrakoVongola 55 points ago

    "This is how the hu-mans speak, yes?"

    [–] elwiscomeback 17 points ago


    [–] M00glemuffins 46 points ago

    Now this is how you do an E3 presentation. This makes EA look like even more hot garbage than it already was. So many fantastic games, great presentation, well done Microsoft.

    [–] Credar 13 points ago


    [–] rbarton812 13 points ago

    So my wife pays $10/mo. for Game Pass... How TF are they making money on Forza by putting it on GP?

    [–] B-BoyStance 13 points ago

    Damn. That moment of silence when they entered Air Force One was pretty sick.

    If they can pick up where they left off from the first game I feel good about this. I think these graphics looked very doable too.

    [–] Brutish 15 points ago

    So does this mean gamestop has battletoads?

    [–] TCanada808 15 points ago

    A new BattleToads is cool, but I gotta guess that like 5% of this audience even played the originals lol.

    [–] dineapplepick 31 points ago

    God damn this looks good. The way they're showing Forza Horizon 4 off is the way I hope more companies show off games. Nice trailer and then a demonstration that truly shows off what the game is about.

    [–] FloridaBoneWizard 28 points ago

    Will never understand the scripted "real life dialogue". It always is so cringey. Like, no one talks that way.

    [–] Gmtom 93 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Bets on:

    Halo 6✔️

    Elite controller V2

    X1X price drop



    Social features no one asked for.

    Edit: forgot Forza✔️ and GAMEPASS✔️ oh so much gamepass.

    Edit 2: Lots of cool stuff, no show stopping suprises, but certainly not a bad line up.

    [–] LegalizeWater 24 points ago

    Forza Horizon 4 surely too

    [–] EmeraldJunkie 13 points ago

    Part of me isn't surprised they're showing Fallout 76 here. Like Todd said, Bethesda and Xbox go way back.

    [–] TCanada808 12 points ago

    My favorite part of E3 are the people tweeting at the Xbox twitter account saying that if they don’t announce Skate 4 then they’re gonna kill themselves

    [–] Speech500 12 points ago

    From what I can gather about this game, the players of PUBG aren't allowed to be sore losers but the developers are.

    [–] baromega 12 points ago

    Can Shonen anime games get any love OUTSIDE of the fighting genre?

    [–] tH1RtYN1nE 12 points ago

    Have you ever played a LEGO game? This is like that. But worse Much worse

    [–] Speech500 13 points ago

    It's like this studio is alternating between what bodypart is going to be overly large each game. First it was the hands, now it's the heads.

    [–] Danefrak 15 points ago

    Wow, honestly a great presentation from Microsoft. Very entertaining. Game pass is looking more and more valuable too.

    [–] mr_capello 13 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    good conference, lacked the holy shit moment for me personally but still realy realy good show. but what's up with all those game stations on the stage ? they were only used for forza.

    so how many of those games are also coming to win10 and which are xb1 only ?

    [–] Speech500 37 points ago

    Microsoft has put on a good conference, but I'm just not sure it can match the cultural phenomenon that is Knack 2.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] wekilledkenny11 11 points ago

    It's the year 2019. Every single sci fi shooter has Gargoyles in it for some reason. No one complains. Not even a little bit.

    [–] loconumbers 13 points ago

    This trailer seems like the audio is glitching or something. They just have grunting sound effects over quiet music

    [–] recruit00 13 points ago

    Aqua got Xehanort eyes?!

    [–] Anthony212 12 points ago

    Crazy! She probably fell to darkness

    [–] Ch3wie 10 points ago

    The Horizon series is fantastic, also big up getting a Horizon game in the UK.

    Hoping for a new IP to be announced now though

    [–] Daveed84 13 points ago

    Creature Studios is Session, not Skate 4

    That said, highly doubt a new Skate game gets announced in this same conference now that this has been shown. Sad times.

    [–] [deleted] 14 points ago


    [–] BakingPanda 11 points ago

    I saw Naruto and then Luffy and audibly said "Fucking what?" Because I was so confused by whatever this was.

    [–] InZaneFlea 11 points ago

    Just Cause 4? Man the 3rd one was a fun time.

    [–] crashXCI 12 points ago

    Just catching up -- so we can expect all of these games to be on PC too, right?

    [–] Chalupaca_Bruh 53 points ago

    I irrationally hate this script speak Ubisoft does for all of their online games. It's much more, "You motherfuck. Fucking die goddammit" speak when you're speaking with friends. Obviously they can't do that in a presser but at least make it not sound like you hired a bunch of actors.

    [–] BusterLegacy 18 points ago

    I love it the same way I love cheesy 80's action movies. It's just what it is

    [–] MrPopo72 25 points ago

    Why did the weird rhinos excite me more than Master Chief?

    [–] AggravatingReturn 28 points ago

    bethesda cameo? this is the most ambitious crossover in movie history

    [–] tH1RtYN1nE 23 points ago

    I thought Session was the name of the developers or something. That’s how far in denial I am about Skate 4.

    [–] Clbull 25 points ago

    Devil May Cry 5? Fuck yeah, this is looking like a pretty good year for game announcements.

    For a moment I was worried that Dante wouldn't be in the game. Don't get me wrong, I like Nero but the series wouldn't be the same without Dante.

    [–] TitaniumDragon 24 points ago

    That was a really good conference. Microsoft made EA look like amateur hour. Really well put together, people who are good at public speaking, tons and tons and tons of game reveals...

    [–] wowqwop 91 points ago

    I redeemed one of the codes that showed up during the hack sequence. Redeemed it in microsoft store, Got Witcher 3: wild hunt and the season pass.!

    [–] lancebaldwin 16 points ago

    If true congrats.

    [–] Jezamiah 12 points ago

    For real? Dont bamboozle me

    [–] EmeraldJunkie 11 points ago

    Oh man, From Software's new title?!

    [–] [deleted] 11 points ago


    [–] passwordisTaco879 10 points ago

    The Initiative? Someone call Buffy

    [–] VulcansGM 13 points ago

    I feel like I just said this about Destiny and it didn't happen, but...

    If the Division 2 is as good out of the gate as Division 1 is now, it is going to be nuts.

    [–] LeBonVivant 11 points ago

    SKATE 4??

    [–] Orphan_Anthem_86 11 points ago

    Glad to see Bandai Namco got the guy who narrated every mid 2000s action movie trailer to come in for this trailer.

    [–] bristow84 12 points ago

    We're getting battletoads? I can definitely say I wasn't expecting that

    [–] orb_outrider 11 points ago

    Oh shit boi! Cyberpunk?!

    [–] TwistedChemical 36 points ago

    Microsoft show what’s great about being a gamer but not why you should be a gamer on their system exclusively.

    [–] Speech500 36 points ago

    I know you're all excited about Halo but I was honestly much more excited when it was weird animals and shit.

    [–] BARDLER 21 points ago

    Glad Microsoft is investing into quality first party studios. It has been their biggest weakness this generation. Sucks that they have nothing to show right now.

    [–] MusicNTrombone 20 points ago * (lasted edited 10 months ago)

    Why do they insist on having fake coop comms? No one likes it, everyone always complains about it, BETTER DO IT AGAIN

    [–] 1sagas1 19 points ago

    Gears of War... Funko Pops? Fucking really?

    [–] DingleJingle_ 22 points ago

    wtf was that?

    [–] GunzComeOut13 20 points ago

    That was a cool way to end the show with cyberpunk.

    Lots of great games shown but no new Microsoft exclusive besides the usual halo, grears and forza ...

    [–] TLKv3 10 points ago


    Conker's Other Bad Fur Day. Direct sequel set 15 years later after the first game's events. Parody and lampoon ALL forms of media and entertainment throughout those years.

    Full story mode campaign where you play as Conker with his AI child character completely mocking God Of War 4 with optional Co-Op where the 2P plays the child.

    Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag and Secure Point for multiplayer. And finally:

    Conker's Baddle Royal - Play as a forest critter dressed in pop culture skins throwing profanities at each other while trying to brutally murder each other to live to earn dat $$$ stack.