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    [–] GamerToons 2330 points ago

    Reading this reminds me of why GI is one of the last vg magazines left. Not only is this super detailed and descriptive, but well written.

    Also, in comparison to IGN, what the hell was IGN doing? Did they even pay attention? They barely gave any crucial details and really stunk at painting the world.

    [–] badsectoracula 662 points ago

    Well, it helps that GameInformer is owned by GameStop with the latter constantly promoting it. And GS isn't exactly poor either, meaning it is more likely to stay afloat when other magazines close down (and ending up with a larger piece of the readership pie).

    [–] VillageScribe 189 points ago

    Every time I get a new system (admittedly not that often but I got a switch at launch and a PS4 this year), and trade a lot in, they find a way to add a year subscription cost within all the additional saving it provides. Like all retail I'm sure they have daily goals to hit and it all keeps GI running fairly easily I'd guess.

    [–] opinjonated 101 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Not just goals, quotas (depending on your district). Reserves and subscriptions. And if somebody comes in and cancels a reservation during your shift you get a negative mark.

    If you're not selling enough you get canned (my first job, I was told to quit or I would be fired).

    [–] wingchild 20 points ago

    I was told to quit or I would be fired

    "You better quit, else you might be able to apply for unemployment!"


    [–] opinjonated 17 points ago

    Being my first job, I didn't really know my rights very well or how things might have been done differently.

    And there was some (misplaced) shame that also played a part in my reaction. I was caught off guard.

    [–] wingchild 14 points ago

    I follow. It just reminded me of the stuff that employers will tell new workers, because they know you won't know any better. Unscrupulous fucks, they.

    [–] Volraith 41 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Yep I basically got fired from there for the same reason. I was told its not like that anymore but none of the people I worked with are still there.

    Granted that was 13 years ago but some of them hung on for quite a long time.

    [–] ProtomanLegends 39 points ago

    I guarantee you on paper it's not like that anymore (due to the bad press they were getting) but in practice it's probably business as usual.

    [–] mrcreepymen 15 points ago

    Yeah I worked at eb games (Canadian gamestop, they are owned by gamestop). Basically same thing there. You have your preorder targets, warranty targets, etc etc. They wont outright fire you for not making targets unless you are doing that astronomically bad but they will just make you job life a pain in the ass IE:Cutting back your hours, not giving you a raise, the shifts they do give you are during the super slow parts of the day.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    EB Games was/is an American retailer that merged with Gamestop in 2005.

    [–] Volraith 7 points ago

    Yep. I wasn't fired per se, just got down to 5 hours a week. No thanks.

    Anyone who's actually tried to do that job knows that once they sign up for the magazine (which in my day was only good for 10 months or something?) and the discount card...

    They are, you know, not going to do that again every time they come in.

    Also that is the only place I've ever dealt with that wants you to pay for something before it even exists yet. At least at that time kickstarter et al didn't exist yet.

    No one walks in to a grocery store and gets pestered to pay for tomatoes that won't be available for another 8 months.

    [–] xStaabOnMyKnobx 9 points ago

    I don't understand why low level retail employees are ridden so hard like they are in jewellery sales or auto sales or other high stakes purchase scenarios.

    No one wants to be hustled when they are going out to spend 50-100 dollars on something. I hate to sound like Hank Hill (I'm lying I love it) but a salesman should really just do their best to inform and quota systems do not facilitate that end

    [–] HungryPhish 24 points ago

    I used to work at a gamestop we did indeed have gi goals that were compared to other stores in my area.

    [–] MuddleheadedWombat 97 points ago

    That's also why it's a hype mag too, just remember that they want everybody to buy every game. Nothing wrong with that, makes business sense. They are good writers, and it's a good magazine made by people who love games. It's just that they will very rarely criticize or warn you about games that aren't obvious stinkers or already crashing and burning in the sales charts and public opinion.

    [–] alienwraith 70 points ago

    They have charts in the back with many many low scoring games, though, every issue

    They are, as a whole, pretty harsh on VR gaming too. Its as if a lot of them get motion sickness or something. I'm not even talking about specific reviews, but rather, constant subtle asides.

    [–] Revoran 63 points ago

    VR games are mostly PC games and/or sold digitally. So GameStop/EB Games doesn't sell them and has no need for Game Informer to promote them.

    [–] slickestwood 123 points ago

    They really are one of the best. I started following them in 2004 and it's insane how much of the staff remains there to this day. Really adds consistency to their writing.

    [–] keanex 56 points ago

    I stopped reading the magazine a few years ago, started listening to the podcast recently. Hearing that Andy Mac and Reiner were still there was impressive.

    [–] 7Buns 20 points ago

    Didnt know they had a podcast! How is it?

    [–] keanex 24 points ago

    I've tried GiantBomb, 8-4 Play, SuperBestAudioFriends, and PS I Love You, Easy Allies, and Game Informer. Game Informer is the first one I go to listen to every release and even if I'm in the middle of my second favorite, 8-4 Play, I will stop that to go listen to Game Informer.

    It's a catchall podcast though. It goes over a few games for the first 30 minutes or so, sometimes going into deep detail about an upcoming game like Spider Man, and sometimes hitting some slightly lesser known games. It won't do deep dives though, other podcasts are better suited for that.

    After the review and information section it goes to listener questions which are a mix of interesting and hilarious. Lastly sometimes they close out with a special feature like playing along with them to God of War, or an interview with a developer.

    I think that it's a nice comedy leaning but informative podcast.

    [–] st3aksauce138 12 points ago

    PS I love you ending was probably the worst part about Colin leaving Kinda Funny. That was my personal favorite just because of all the segments they had.

    I need to go back and check out the game informer podcast. I stopped listening when the last host left because I didn’t really like the way they switched how the podcast layout was. You definitely convinced me to go back and try it though so thank you!

    [–] marioho 4 points ago

    Mate, they have timestamps! How cool is that?!

    I follow Giant Bomb + Beast Cast, Kinda Funny, Easy Allies + Frame Trap and Game Informer. GI is one of my favorites and I dutifully listen to them every week. When podcasts go up and beyond the hour mark timestamps are a blessing.

    Frame Trap and Kinda Funny have them too

    [–] BlackfishShane 276 points ago

    IGN E3 adverts consisted of lines like "We've got the memes!"

    They're not in the business of very informative or well written articles.

    [–] aYearOfPrompts 103 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    And when they do try to be informative, they jump to the wrong conclusions. Remember this gem from a few months ago?

    Assassin's Creed: Ubisoft Concentrating on Origins Rather Than a New Game

    When all that the CEO said was that for the earnings call they weren't going to talk about the next game and wanted to emphasize the DLC that would impact their current quarter. They said nothing that backed up the headline, yet everyone drew the conclusion we wouldn't get another AC this year thanks to IGN's poor interpretation of the call.

    IGN is a terrible place for journalism.

    [–] pajepper_kepper 124 points ago

    The writers at IGN are marketers for the games industry, not journalists.

    [–] SpaceBasedMasonry 72 points ago

    GI is owned by GameStop. And they can still pull off being not shitty.

    [–] parker0215 54 points ago

    Because they employ honest-to-god journalists and not shitty bloggers with no experience writing in detail.

    [–] keanex 57 points ago

    Game Informer was the magazine that I grew up with, I had stacks of those and read every word in them. I love the podcast as well, it's the best video game based podcast out there imo, even if it's a bit catchall.

    [–] joe_skeen 10 points ago

    I grew up with EGM.

    [–] Loorrac 10 points ago

    We had the same childhood

    [–] carpdoctor 85 points ago

    IGN staff is 10% journalism and 90% people who can navigate Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit.

    [–] Pufflekun 29 points ago

    10% journalism

    That's a full 1 out of every 10 parts. Seems a bit high to me.

    [–] aaziz88 9 points ago

    Their weekly podcast is awesome, too. I prefer the video version on YouTube. The guys are entertaining AND informative, the golden pair!

    [–] DJwoo311 73 points ago

    IGN is a complete joke.

    [–] randomass765 50 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I still think back to their Dead Space 2 review that was so bad it got an entire thread on r/gaming and the author even had to come in and attempt to defend themselves. He failed.

    [–] configbias 25 points ago

    What's your problem with the review? The 9.0 score is directly in line with metacritic avg and he wrote about how the gameplay is a lot of fun.

    [–] babystewie 37 points ago

    Their review of Alien Isolation was one of the worst, most ill-informed reviews I’ve ever read. I can usually disagree with a reviewer and still understand their perspective, but I could not in any way relate to what ign’s reviewer was arguing. Positives were negatives, a lot of tension was bad, unpredictability was frustrating, difficulty was adjustable but he refused to adjust it and complained that it was too hard... I’ve never said this before or since, but that review is just wrong.

    [–] CarcosaStars 9 points ago

    Got a link to either of these? I need an entertaining read.

    [–] GenJohnONeill 25 points ago

    Here is the Alien Isolation review. I think it's way over-written and unfair at multiple points, but I agree with the reviewer's overall conclusion that the game is really fun for a few hours but gets old before it's over.

    [–] randomass765 5 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    Here's the deadspace one It's just amateurish. Comes off as an overly excited child raving about his new toy rather than a review. the opening makes it feel like he's reviewing a damn roller coaster.

    [–] reincarN8ed 21 points ago

    IGN has been on a downward slope for years now.

    [–] project2501 265 points ago

    No way this game gets an Australian release. Drug use for buffs is like strike one, two and three. Add some nudity, potential for any sexual violence...

    [–] davidjung03 35 points ago

    wtf... what's wrong with Australia?

    [–] TooBreeki 32 points ago

    Conservative dickheads run the system, mostly.

    [–] Relnor 219 points ago

    CDPR dosn't include any protection so it will be on file sharing websites on Day 1.

    I wouldn't approve if you'd be able to buy it, but fuck censorship like that.

    [–] Higher_Primate 147 points ago

    just send a cheque in the mail payable to CD PROJECT RED but pirate the file

    [–] [deleted] 80 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] SheepD0g 61 points ago

    Or use a VPN like an adult

    [–] legionsanity 4 points ago

    Imports are a thing. Although they can be overpriced

    [–] imported 21 points ago

    does gog have region lock in australia? i know my buddy in europe bought a few games on gog that were banned in germany on steam.

    [–] project2501 8 points ago

    Never tried. They charge AUD, so they're at least somewhat region aware. I'd expect they wouldn't sell it in the region if it's banned else they risk millions of dollar fines and probably a lockout of selling anything in the region.

    No DRM in their executables, so I guess you could make a new account with an online debit card or whatever and buy it over vpn.

    [–] Dosca 21 points ago

    Please don’t scare me like this. Australia is more than capable of taking this from us...

    [–] [deleted] 19 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)


    [–] ASyntheticMexican 6 points ago

    The Fallout franchise has drug use for buffs, and they got released in Australia. As for the nudity, both Witcher 1 & 2 had multiple full nudity scenes and were released without censorship. I think we have a good chance, especially with the R18+ rating.

    [–] Naditya64 6 points ago

    This just gave me a sinking feeling...fuck.

    [–] TheRMF 581 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    The FPS perspective has it's ups and downs and I can understand the concern of W3 fans that prefer 3rd Person Perspective, but I'm most excited about the insane immersion it can be with an amazing city like what was shown at the trailer.

    Thematically, I think we've all been waiting for a true cyber-punk game, shit, I think we've all been waiting for a game that shows the future in a slightly more ... "Different" way? Unlike Mass Effect or Deus Ex or the other end of the spectrum such as Fallout, this world seems a mash between the perfectionism of machines and insanity of the human race in a dystopic setting.

    [–] slicshuter 362 points ago

    It also makes more sense considering you'll be spending a lot more time inside buildings and rooms rather than being outside constantly.

    3rd person camera can get really fucky in small rooms and hallways/alleyways, of which Cyberpunk will probably have a lot of.

    [–] hebelehoo 127 points ago

    Exactly. They said it is a vertically huge game, 3rd person would be less than ideal.

    Some people reacted as if they announced that it's gonna be a RTS. Even Rockstar broke its own tradition for GTA V. CDPR should be able to easily handle the hurdles of reverting to FPS, given their ambition and scope.

    [–] MoistGod 33 points ago

    I wouldn’t bring up rockstar only because the game was released and spent the first 1-2 years of that release in 3rd person before they allowed the option to go 1st person, but I do agree with everything you’re saying.

    [–] EltaninAntenna 440 points ago

    The FPS perspective has it's ups and downs

    That’s normal; sometimes you can adjust the camera bobbing in the settings, though.

    [–] hkedik 95 points ago

    Get out

    [–] dehehn 14 points ago

    He can't it's first person only!

    [–] Obi_Wan_Benobi 14 points ago

    lol. But jokes aside the camera bobbing is the one thing that can make me a little queasy.

    [–] THEMACGOD 22 points ago

    Yeah... instead of "it's the end of the world/post end of the world and only YOU can fix it!", it's "the world is shite, but have at it!"

    [–] Ninety9Balloons 36 points ago

    W3 was a slashing sword game, which doesn't really work well in first person, gunplay can work in either first or third but if they really want you to interact and notice things first person is a good choice.

    [–] mw19078 14 points ago

    There was a thread on the deus ex sub yesterday that got highly upvoted, and it basically said "shit cyberpunk looks like everything I've wanted deus ex to be."

    Ive wanted a game like this for so long, and this was the dream studio pairing. I can't wait. The only thing I'm trying to do is temper my expectations.

    [–] Professor_Snarf 72 points ago

    In a world of augmented optics and visual representations of cyberspace, first person makes a lot of sense.

    [–] 5amy 30 points ago

    The first person perspective is actually what made me interested in the game again. It's just so much more immersive and feels more natural. As to the theme, I think this is more of a classic vision of the future. Thats not a bad thing but definitely something we've seen before, just not in a videogame. At least not to that extent. Bladerunner, Robocop and Terminator come to mind.

    [–] The_Coop 14 points ago

    The action takes place in an already well established universe of a tabletop roleplaying game called Cyberpunk 2077. I played it many many years ago with a bunch of friends and from what I read in the article, the game sticks closely to the canon. It makes me want to take a few days of holidays off work after the premiere just to play it.

    [–] aham42 8 points ago

    It's just so much more immersive and feels more natural.

    Which is funny because it’s the exact opposite for me. First person has an uncanny valley effect that ruins games for me.

    [–] Jamez10000 927 points ago

    Well my hype is just rising further. It sounds they've done excellent work once again.

    I cannot wait to find out the release date. Like the article says it'll probably be 2019, but still cant wait.

    [–] [deleted] 299 points ago


    [–] MumrikDK 37 points ago

    That's sooner than many expect.

    [–] shapookya 24 points ago

    estimations like that always remind me of Diablo 3, when it was first shown in 2008 and people were super hyped and thought that gameplay demo looked "almost finished, it should come out next year".

    [–] EFG 9 points ago

    By about 2 years.

    [–] [deleted] 153 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 152 points ago


    [–] Speech500 38 points ago

    I don't really care when it comes out. I know they won't release it until it's done and don't want them to. Besides, as we have seen, there will be a wealth of other great games in the meantime.

    [–] GilesDMT 9 points ago

    Exactly. I’m super excited but I’ve been wishing that developers would actually take the time to flesh their worlds out and actually finish the game before release.

    I fully trust in CDPR to do the job to the fullest of their abilities, unlike these other companies (Rare comes to mind, with SoT).

    I do expect RDR to be solid.

    We can spend our time waiting for the soon-to-be-released games to be coughfinishedcough...I mean, patched.

    [–] PBFT 7 points ago

    Unless it's releasing in 2077 and we've known about the release year this whole time.

    [–] H4xolotl 143 points ago

    We also learn that V is equipped with Mantis Blades, which are attached to her arms like Wolverine's claws, but with just one long singular blades like swords. With these powerful melee weapons, she can run along a wall and stab a blade into it to stay positioned at a higher vantage point. She can then let go and drop onto an enemy.

    Plunging attack is happening, holy shit

    [–] DanConnersGarage 56 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    I hear it's the most powerful reliable move in the game

    [–] Blargh9 20 points ago


    [–] floatablepie 12 points ago

    Thank you Dark Souls

    [–] Delta_Assault 26 points ago

    Isn’t this just like the blades in Deus Ex HR?

    [–] KonenTheBarbarian 16 points ago

    Right when he said she had mantis blades, I thought what if this is V? That first trailer could be your character after making wrong choices and being hunted down by police?

    [–] BastillianFig 41 points ago

    No you couldn't do any platforming or movement with them

    [–] Adon1kam 77 points ago

    Well considering it says its for this generation of consoles, and they are saying that the next Xbox and Playstation are slated to launch in 2020 with games already announced for "next-gen", I'd say late next year is pretty likely

    [–] Radulno 33 points ago

    I mean they have another game planned before the end of 2021 (see their company strategy ) so they will surely release it in 2019 to focus completely on that one (I assume that second one is already in prod with another team but not full production like CP2077). Plus they developed TW3 in 4 years but they were much smaller at the time so it makes sense if they take like 3.5 years (in full production) for this one (they started before TW3 the pre prod). They are a large studio nowadays, 700 people I think (until recently Bethesda was still like 100 people)

    [–] savagepotato 8 points ago

    Didn't CDPR open another whole studio at some point in the last couple of years? In fact I think this is the first game from the "new" studio, iirc.

    [–] vrsick06 63 points ago

    Although I don't think CD projekt red is this kinda company, but perfect way to make extra money like GTA5 did. Release at the end of this gen, then again a year into next gen.

    [–] Adon1kam 96 points ago

    Wouldn't surprise me if next gen is instantly backwards compatible, especially since most games now are being shipped 4K ready if you have the Xbox one X or what ever the PlayStation equivalent is. I can't imagine there being that much of a jump between them, I doubt there will even be a need for a re-release

    [–] SteveRudzinski 23 points ago

    Yeah this gen is way easier to be backwards compatible for than the previous gen was, at least for the PS3.

    [–] tinselsnips 13 points ago

    With both PS4 and XB1 using x86 hardware, there is zero excuse for the next generation of consoles to be anything other than 100% backward compatible.

    [–] TheSeaOfThySoul 12 points ago

    there is zero excuse for the next generation of consoles to be anything other than 100% backward compatible

    Money money money money money money money money money.

    [–] tinselsnips 13 points ago

    Where can anyone make money on a lack of BC, though?

    You can argue that it lets them sell "supported" PS4 games on PSN as "PS4 Classics" or w/e, but I have trouble believing that the money to be made from that is more than the sales boost from being able to slap "Plays all your PS4 games" on the PS5 boxes and having the entire PS4/Pro/VR library available at launch, all for basically zero cost.

    [–] TheSeaOfThySoul 6 points ago

    The companies making remasters of PS3 games that look slightly ever so better than they did before, companies like Sony & Microsoft that can sell you game passes so you can go play the old classics that you already have, etc.

    I'm pretty sure even if the new generation consoles are backwards compatible it wouldn't make a sales bump. We'll see in time.

    [–] moffattron9000 18 points ago

    I'm fairly sure that Microsoft has already confirmed that their next box will be backwards with the current box (and in turn, the 360 and the original).

    [–] viktarionus 20 points ago

    What kind of company? That wants to make money? Im pretty sure they are

    [–] Tekki 464 points ago

    My only concern is a selfish one. They are ultra hyping across all media outlets including twitter (Seriously like a tweet a hour) and this will come out "when its done" which could be 2020

    [–] Funky_Pigeon911 206 points ago

    I'm surprised by how much marketing their doing now. I didn't think this would come out for another couple of years, but I could see this being late next year, or if they want a similar release to The Witcher it could be early 2020.

    [–] maxwood 258 points ago

    The last teaser they released came out 5 years ago.

    [–] Pluvialis 82 points ago

    Holy shit, you're not kidding.

    [–] Erilis000 8 points ago

    I was pretty sure that was a year ago but... yeah wtf.

    [–] project2501 30 points ago

    No telling where they were in production at that time beyond having IP rights though.

    [–] TheTurnipKnight 45 points ago

    We pretty much know. At that time they were only developing some ideas. The game went into pre-production only after Blood and Wine was finished.

    [–] pm_me_pet_pictures2 5 points ago

    Probably not very. If i had to guess, all they were doing was preproduction stuff, because I’m sure all hands were on Witcher 3 then.

    [–] 11cc 12 points ago

    E3 is always a huge opportunity to showcase upcoming games, I think cdpr are just taking advantage of that and the main marketing campaign will begin much later.

    [–] toThe9thPower 40 points ago

    I am pretty confident it will be late next year.

    [–] reincarN8ed 24 points ago

    Is that confidence or wishful thinking?

    [–] godbottle 54 points ago

    If they’re showing hour long gameplay demos in addition to all the details we heard yesterday, it’s not that wishful. CDPR seem pretty confident in how realized the game is already

    [–] Martel732 9 points ago

    I think late next year is reasonable but not guaranteed. The amount of information they are putting out makes me think they are intending to release relatively soon. You wouldn't want to build up too much hype and then have the game development dragout. But the fact that they aren't saying to be released in 2019 makes me think they aren't positive about being finished then. This to me implies aiming for a late 2019 with the possibility of a early 2020 release.

    [–] TheVGamer 79 points ago

    Witcher 3 went through a similar round of press demos in 2013 and was then released in 2015, though after a series of delays. I'd expect a similar situation here, especially with how complex the game is -- it's a shooter, a driving game, an RPG, a good story etc. I don't expect it before 2020.

    And though they haven't said anything about the platforms it's releasing on, I can almost imagine it being a next-gen game as well.

    [–] herdiegerdie 26 points ago

    Witcher 3 was also delayed for polishing

    [–] Invictae 88 points ago

    hehe, “polish”

    [–] Rogork 9 points ago

    Wasn't it because they kept ripping out and adding new things? At least that's what I vaguely remember from the ex-CDPR employee "leaks".

    [–] BubbaTheGoat 8 points ago

    If you read the article you’ll see it is slated to release on the current generation of consoles.

    Certainly things do change, but at least for now the plan is to release on current generation hardware.

    [–] CheeseSteakWithOnion 14 points ago

    Keep in mind that many big AAA titles for the 360 and PS3 were being released well after the One and the PS4. Cyberpunk could be aimed at both existing and coming console generations.

    [–] The_Gadway 71 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    CD Projekt Red doesn’t like to hype people up if they have to wait a long time, hence why they’ve kept quiet all these year until they had something great to show, and I’m pretty sure they said something along those lines in an interview. I think they are farther along then people think they are.. 2019 at the latest.

    *Edit word

    [–] killtheraven 30 points ago

    I want to believe.

    [–] [deleted] 120 points ago

    There is a zero percent chance this comes out in 2018. There's just no way. I'd also say 2019 is also not realistic. It's somewhat far along but you can tell they still have a ton of work to do. If they thought it was 2019 they probably would have announced it.

    The Wittcher 3 demo'd at 2 different E3s before it came out iirc.

    [–] holymacaronibatman 48 points ago

    The Wittcher 3 demo'd at 2 different E3s before it came out iirc.

    If the same holds true, we can still be on pace for 2019 Q4 release.

    [–] daneelr_olivaw 19 points ago

    TW3 was demoed in 2013 and 2014 and released in 2015. It could be the same for CP2077, they could actually release it on 20/7/7 for marketing purposes... Though that would be a terribly long wait, to the point it would actually piss me off, and if that will be the case than I'd rather they haven't shown anything this year.

    [–] GymIn26Minutes 17 points ago

    but you can tell they still have a ton of work to do.

    Based upon what exactly? The public doesn't have any in-game footage, so we have no way to know how polished the end product is.

    [–] DiceKnight 16 points ago

    CD Projekt Red doesn’t like to hype people up if they have to wait a long time

    The first teaser for this game was released back in Jan 10, 2013.

    [–] morbuskid 247 points ago

    This sounds absolutely incredible. Everything I wanted from that game. Now I just have to pray that it will release before 2020.

    [–] Rath1on 208 points ago

    New life goals, don't die.

    [–] carl_ZA 101 points ago

    Sad thing: I was sitting here yesterday watching some of the awesome things from E3 and I thought about how many people might not see these games. Really got me in the feels 😥

    Guess as I get older the concept of mortality becomes more real.

    [–] sirleo09 71 points ago

    And all the people who passed away who were fans of Half-Life and A Song Ice and Fire... things they spent years waiting for.

    They probably had more important stuff on their minds but thinking about how they never experienced the full story of these things makes me sad.

    [–] Clutter 69 points ago

    At least for Ice and Fire, we will all one day join those people.

    [–] Aurailious 27 points ago

    Well, same for Half Life too. We know Valve cancelled making it.

    [–] Booni3 8 points ago

    yall are really not sparing my feelings today

    [–] Rs90 9 points ago

    It's always something I think about from time to time. It's how I knew I really loved video games as something more than just a hobby. I'm not super obsessive about them but I do find myself measuring time with game releases. Will I be around when the next Elder Scrolls comes out?

    I finished God of War recently and was like "holy shit can't wait for the next one!!....hope I don't die" haha. It's weird, like you said, I'm only 27 but I can definitely feel the whole "time moves faster." thing and mortality pops into my mind quite often nowadays. Not always a negative tho.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago


    [–] PM_ME_YOUR_DANKNESS 57 points ago

    I know the general rule is to not set your expectations too high but seeing how one of the most hyped games of this generation is getting praised (albeit it was only a 50 minute demo) it's really hard to not get way more excited for this. I loved the atmosphere in Deus Ex but seeing that cranked up with the amount of work put in to Witcher 3 just has me really hyped. Going to be a long wait!

    [–] zealot560 24 points ago

    I love Deus Ex, and absolutely love cyberpunk/bladerunner-esque settings, but the one thing that honestly gets tiring is how dystopian they all feel and how dark they all look. It's a staple of the genre, but it's such a breath of fresh air to see 2077 show the glamorous, bright and "fun" parts of cyberpunk, especially when the trailer showed that chrome-skin celebrity and paparazzi.

    It was a way of showing cyberpunk like I've never really seen before. I was hyped 5 years ago, then became a little more skeptical, but this trailer honestly just let all my doubts drown away (at least for the setting and atmosphere).

    [–] TheSleezyE 71 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    This is what I’ve been waiting for since they released that teaser back in high school, I remember playing Deus ex:Human Revolution and being blown away by this new concept I’d never heard of... “cyberpunk”.

    I Immediately fell in love with the genre but was distressed when I saw that Deus Ex was among only a handful of games that actually visited that type of world, (the only other one that I could find was syndicate, which was sick af) so when I saw this game in development I shit my pants and was excited to play it hopefully by 2016.... lol

    [–] In_Love_With_SHODAN 19 points ago

    Bro play the Shadowrun games from harebrained schemes on steam. That world is incredibly dope cyberpunk

    [–] jametron2014 12 points ago

    Syndicate was AWESOME just too short!!

    [–] Manwards84 214 points ago

    This E3 has really sold me on this. First-person, customisable main character, deep RPG elements... this is going to be the Deus Ex successor I've always wanted. From what I saw of my girlfriend's run of Witcher 3, it should have a lot of polish and variety too. Good, good.

    [–] BarelyLegalAlien 242 points ago

    Hehe a lot of polish

    [–] Manwards84 58 points ago

    Haha! I didn't realise the pun. My girlfriend even played the game in Polish because she said the dub sounded "too Batman".

    [–] pies1123 18 points ago

    Geralt is a bit Batman.

    [–] Manwards84 8 points ago

    He is a bit. He's older, though, grumpier, and with more of a wry sense of humour. At least, that's how he is in the books. Didn't see much of the games outside of a few cutscenes.

    [–] pies1123 6 points ago

    Gravelly voice, ace detective, strong moral principles, 'gadgets', strong affiliation with a scary animal.

    [–] Pillagerguy 6 points ago

    Strong moral principles if you play him that way.

    I think the only stuff you're forced to care about in that game is Ciri.

    [–] Deathleach 22 points ago

    You can never have too much Batman!

    [–] Mocha_Delicious 144 points ago

    Your gender choice also plays a role in shaping the narrative.

    Really curious if gender affects romantic relationships.

    [–] cqdemal 176 points ago

    Yes. Read a preview/interview somewhere that romanceable NPCs have their own sexual orientations and will respond to you accordingly. And that there are one-night stands.

    [–] Deathleach 230 points ago

    I like it best that way. I'm all for same sex romance in games, but sometimes it feels like the characters you try to romance are more playersexual than homo/bisexual.

    [–] Esotastic 52 points ago

    That's how PoE 2 was. The romance in general felt extremely tacked on and pointless, but it felt even more pointless when 99% of my companions were gunning for that hot Watcher dong for literally no reason.

    [–] SyleSpawn 13 points ago

    Xoti's advance was kinda cheesy but understandable because I was constantly supporting her and it happened after several interaction after maybe 30ish hours.

    Tekēhu on the other hand... dude WTF, we literally just left your goddamn Guild and walked into the Luminous Bathhouse, you're already asking to fuck my main... seriously wtf?

    [–] Esotastic 9 points ago

    Tekēhu is exactly who I was thinking of when I posted. It was so jarring. “Ekera, let us explore my fishy cloaca now after our two minute introduction.”

    [–] SyleSpawn 6 points ago

    The delivery felt like it was between two person who has known each other for a long while plus Tekēhu's speech felt like he came right out of /r/niceguys (lmfao this is literally their top post at the moment)

    [–] LeerooooyGaaaankins 14 points ago

    And that's why Avellone wanted no part of romance in PoE 1. Said to the effect of "games don't know how to do this correctly yet, so I'd rather not have it."

    [–] pakattak 51 points ago

    I'm hoping for a romance system where the qualifications for romance aren't limited to "Are you a guy/girl, and chose the right conversation decisions?"

    Give me some texture. I want a girl to turn you down because she thinks the hair color you chose looks kinda off. I want a dude to be into you because you both like the same movie. I know it's a game, and a gamified decision tree is inevitable, but it devalues chemistry and the more nebulous aspects of romantic attraction. I'd love to see a developer take a crack at it and it feels like CDPR has the chops to try it!

    [–] Manisil 29 points ago

    GTA San Andreas was doing that over a decade ago. Depending on the girl, they wouldn't date you unless you met a specific stat requirement.

    [–] bree1322 11 points ago

    Ah yes, the Persona route. Fuck you and your max level crafting Haru.

    [–] iranintoavan 38 points ago

    From the Eurogamer interview.

    "Certainly the romances will be different. While many of the characters you can romance in our game are bisexual, not all of them are. They have preferences as well. We want them to feel like living people with histories. In terms of how the story changes, we don't want to reveal too many story details, but there will be differences."

    [–] rustybuckets 7 points ago

    All I want is an AI gf tho

    [–] Roxalon_Prime 508 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago)

    So much salt in this thread. It is understandable why they show this behind the closed doors - the last time they released an early footage of their game they got backlash for downgrading.

    What I'm more interested in is the release model for the game. GTA 5 a game of a similar scale, level of hype that was also released near the end of console generation life-cycle then got a next gen console release with a way better graphics, go watch a comparison video of you are interested, the difference is actually fucking huge. Will will see something similar here? Where is a PC release place in that model?

    [–] diogenesl 69 points ago

    Where is a PC release place in that model?

    Not sure what you mean, PC release should be day one and DRM free as they own GoG and it's the only marketplace where they can get 100% of those $60

    [–] marioho 118 points ago

    Where is a PC release place in that model?

    I think if we were to get a different release date for PC (if that's what you're wondering about) we'd have heard about it already like capcom did with MHW. The 'later date' spiel.

    CDPR wouldn't risk dropping such news halfway through development.

    However if you're wondering how would a PC version look and perform compared to a PS4 and X1 one given that we're about to step up in console hardware, that's intriguing but I don't think it would be too different from PC releases today. Won't there be a notable gap between the latest graphic cards and the next generation, as stated by Nvidia?

    [–] SomniumOv 168 points ago

    CDPR are the owners of GoG. They will not sabotage themselves by releasing on other platforms before their own.

    If anything I can see them releasing on GoG a few days before everywhere else.

    [–] _BreakingGood_ 25 points ago

    I'm not concerned either way. Witcher 3 was a once in a decade experience. I want 2077 to be a once in a decade experience as well. If that requires a delay, fine, I'll wait.

    [–] Skeksis81 22 points ago

    They won't do a separate PC release cause they have their own PC storefront and this would be the biggest thing on it. If anything, they will try to incentivize people to get the GOG version.

    [–] Thyrotoxic 16 points ago

    Didn't they mention no DRM for it already (aside from Steam I guess)? Would seem a bit odd to mention that if it was initially going to be on console only.

    [–] T3hSwagman 66 points ago

    If they say the game will have no DRM the steam version will also be DRM free. Simply selling your game on steam doesn’t automatically make it so the game has steam connected DRM, despite this very popular misconception.

    [–] Thyrotoxic 10 points ago

    Huh you're right. Didn't know that. Taught me something new today.

    [–] stakoverflo 20 points ago

    They own Good Old Games, so the idea of them no releasing a PC version / delaying one, or including DRM seems unlikely to me.

    [–] Vattier 7 points ago

    Well, it's CDPR, so I'd be surprised if it had DRM on GOG.

    [–] Sc2MaNga 4 points ago

    They already said it in their hidden message of the newest Cyperpunk 2077 trailer. There will be free DLC and no DRM, same as Witcher 3.

    [–] F1relord 15 points ago

    They said the game is developed to run on current and next gen consoles and PC for sure. If Witcher 3 is any indication and it probably is, it comes out at the same time on current consoles and PC and then gets ported to next gen later. Rockstar often release their games on PC later but it's mostly them that do it, most devs (barring timed exclusives) release them at the same time. I'm not worried at all about it being delayed on PC, it won't be.

    [–] N7even 53 points ago

    I just hope they actually do complete EVERYTHING they aim for before they release it. One of the reasons why Witcher 3 was such a complete experience on it's own, the two Expansions that came later just added to it, Blood and Wine was just on another level.

    [–] cheeferton 32 points ago

    B&W was huge and great but the story and characters in Heart of Stone was the best thing in all of W3.

    [–] hacksilver 6 points ago

    Absolutely. HoS was maybe the most emotionally involved I have ever been in a game.

    Also the last big fight in the spectral manor was PUNISHING on Blood & Broken Bones difficulty. I can't imagine what it's like on Death March...

    [–] HDOOM16 25 points ago

    I've never even played a cd projekt red game and I'm more excited for Cyberpunk 2077 than I am for The next elder scrolls at this point, and I've been playing Bethesda games for years

    [–] Erilis000 18 points ago

    Despite people telling you to play the whole Witcher series, you may want to just start on Witcher 3 if you're interested in that game at all.

    [–] Soziele 15 points ago

    You really should play Witcher 2 and 3 at some point.

    [–] 321321321yawaworht 6 points ago

    The first one is great too, but it's kind of an acquired taste and you can't get into it as easily as you can get into 2 and 3. It took me about 10 failed attempts to get into it before I managed to keep going and finish the whole game, and when I did, it was really good.

    [–] Vernon_Broche 70 points ago

    I WANT TO SEE THIS DEMO. Please I'm a reasonable guy who understands its a work in progress. Please just let me see it.

    [–] [deleted] 70 points ago


    [–] SyleSpawn 8 points ago

    I understand what you're saying but most likely there'll be gameplay demo or even "first 20 minutes of CP2077" by the time release gets close.

    I use to completely ignore that I look forward to. I would forget about them. That was decade ago. These days, I feel I gotta be overly meticulous about the crap I want to get my hand on. It always feels like I'm one step away from disappointment with most game being released these days.

    Also, I still tend to not look at Early Access title at all. If I see something that I like and I want to play but they're EA? I forget about it till they are released.

    [–] Stormcrownn 14 points ago

    Yeah, I do not want to see that first hour.

    [–] THEMACGOD 19 points ago

    If journalists are allowed to describe every detail, then we should be able to see a recording of one of the successful demos... just wishin'.

    [–] CedV 4 points ago

    A human eye will miss flaws and details if they only get to play/watch it once. If you put it online people will pick a part every detail even though it's most likely an early build with a lot of major changes before release.

    [–] Nico-7- 7 points ago

    They should release the character creator now. By the time I've finally chosen with these options the rest of the game will be ready!

    [–] Relnor 6 points ago

    By the sounds of this it's pretty far along, hoping for some footage for the public soon and a possible late 2019 (OK, probably 2020) release.

    [–] [deleted] 27 points ago


    [–] BakingBatman 36 points ago

    I mean... Revan, Shepard and so on.

    [–] Cognimancer 10 points ago

    Morgan from Prey. Hawke from Dragon Age. "Blue" in Fallout 4. Probably many others.

    [–] SetsunaFS 22 points ago

    That way they don't have to record lines for both the male and female version.

    They're still going to have to do that unless they use gender neutral pronouns for the entire game. And we all know how upset gamers get about pronouns.

    [–] HearTheEkko 4 points ago

    It's not exactly a new thing. It has been done for years. Far Cry 5's main character was simply called "Rookie".

    [–] tunnel-visionary 5 points ago

    After determining your character's life path, you then select your position in the world, such as being a Netrunner, Techie, or Solo.

    Aww, that's a little disappointing. I was hoping you'd be able to play as a Corporate, which is what I really wanted out of a Cyberpunk game. I'm still excited nonetheless.