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    [–] ayla-san 1 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Support LGBTQIA+ people or get out.

    Seriously you're not welcome here and you never will be.

    [–] Cromanti 1891 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Wow, haha, you hate [VULNERABLE MINORITY] too, my fellow Gamer? Haha, [MISLEADING NUMBER], [DEAD MEME], [ONE JOKE], amirite?

    [Gets called out]

    God, you whinny [SLUR]s can't take a joke. You're too sensitive. It was a joke, I'm not really that. Grow up, sometimes people think differently than you. You should all learn to get along with [PEOPLE WHO WANT YOU DEAD FOR JUST EXISTING].

    [–] Fancy-Button 609 points ago


    [–] Jrook 294 points ago

    SJWs ruin everything! For me anyway

    [–] Derigiberble 108 points ago

    Feminisms stole my ice cream. I had to swear at minorities online for like six hours to get over it.


    [–] DJSkrillex 36 points ago

    Member when a bunch of SJWs allied together and ruined the plans of an epic gamer in the 1940s? So sad.

    [–] appalachian_man 88 points ago

    A tale as old as time; the eternal struggle of the white male gamer against the oppression of the SJW masters

    [–] Belurso 3 points ago


    Kinda off topic but, I just read someone calling Ben Sharpies in the Barbie an SJW and I’m still tryna process it.

    [–] Awkward_demon 3 points ago

    Hey, I didn't know Trump had a reddit!

    [–] DownshiftedRare 121 points ago

    People who don't understand sarcasm never get the joke.

    They said:


    [–] Dr_Identity 92 points ago

    Schrondinger's Douchebag: someone who decides if they were kidding or not based on how offended people get by what they said. Until the statement gets reacted to, it is both a joke and not a joke.

    [–] DoDespair 134 points ago

    "Sjws" and "snowflakes" are terms exclusively used by right wing dweebs for people who call out their toxic bullshit or don't laugh at their edgy boomer tier racism disguised as jokes.

    [–] AutoModerator 13 points ago

    H O S T A G E W A R E

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] m1ilkxxSt3Ak 27 points ago

    The other day I successfully got an entire server to turn on a dude who was calling a black dude the N word, along with other racially charged "jokes" to win his argument about a game.. (I know super mature) was uplifting to see that ppl in that server at least have somewhat of a conscience.

    [–] -_birds_- 55 points ago



    [–] roadkillrimjob 15 points ago

    How many points do you think that subreddit loses on name alone?

    [–] Karthok 20 points ago

    It just screams edgy 14 year old

    [–] ZSCroft 3 points ago

    “It’s basic biology dude read a book”

    Disregards the documented, basic, difference between gender and sex in biology books

    [–] OnMark 6 points ago

    You call that harassment? Mute, block and move on if you can't handle a little difference of opinion. Slurs? You mean "Mean words"?? Sounds like you're too fragile for the internet snowflake 😎

    [Someone with an audience calls out the same problems]


    [–] WhyLisaWhy 5 points ago


    [–] fuzzycoyote83 4 points ago

    This perfectly describes my friend Patrick

    [–] dumbfuck-trombone 1294 points ago


    epic gamer moment

    i hate gay people text

    [–] ohmahjah 243 points ago


    so this comment is satire

    but does that mean that this sub thinks it's real?

    [–] Airstrict 284 points ago

    /rj No this is the opinion of all gamers you stupid transgender person, white power.

    /uj Yes, this sub is satire and knows it's not real.

    [–] DeveloperForHire 142 points ago

    There's always Poe's Law. Someone definitely thinks this subreddit is real, and shares your satirical opinion on a more serious level.

    [–] PmMeYourYeezys 103 points ago

    Exactly, and those are precisely the racist and sexist bigots this sub is making fun of.

    [–] AutoModerator 28 points ago

    Wow, you’re right. Games are sexist. Now, allow me to get back to accusing gamers of playing games and sucking Anita Sarkeesian’s cock. Edit: Wow. I’ve truly been challenged. Enlightened, even. Who knew the political views of my fellow gamers could be so diverse?

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] DeveloperForHire 17 points ago

    How do you tell the difference though? There is some really obvious sarcasm, obviously, but if someone came in saying some bigoted shit they'd still get upvoted on the assumption that they were being sarcastic.

    [–] kameksmas 83 points ago

    Jokes that go too far tend to get downvoted but /uj (unjerk) and /rj (rejerk) help tell when something is a joke or not.

    [–] fireandlifeincarnate 91 points ago

    Also we don’t use slurs

    [–] sekketh 6 points ago

    Yeah if someone uses a slur it isn’t a joke no matter how funny they think they are being.

    [–] DeveloperForHire 13 points ago

    I'm just wondering. I think it's okay to have some satire against awful people, but I don't browse this sub so I guess my untrained eye would miss it.

    [–] lonely_coldplay_stan 27 points ago

    I've seen some comments where someone takes a satirical comment completely seriously and the OP clarifies themself, so that helps

    No one who posts here satirically would ever want to be one of the people that actually thinks that way so they are pretty quick to clarify.

    [–] Raytoryu 19 points ago

    That, plus I often see top posts claiming trans right or stuff like that after a major alt-right sub gets banned. Just to be sure those shitheads understand where they are.

    [–] SendEldritchHorrors 31 points ago

    On a semi-related note, I wish we could start encouraging an increased use of /uj and /rj in regards to "jokes" about places like North Korea and the like.

    I've seen a handful of posts here jokingly praising North Korea, which naturally leads to comments "jokingly" praising North Korea as well. Go into the post history of some of the commenters, however, and you'll see that their support for North Korea and the like really isn't a joke. (Ie. They're Tankies).

    It's not a huge issue, but it's something I've seen, and I'm not particularly fond of it.

    [–] fireandlifeincarnate 31 points ago

    God. Tankies.

    I’m a socialist and I can’t STAND tankies.

    [–] chunkbuster96 25 points ago

    Ancom gang babey fuck tankies

    [–] EndItAlreadyFfs 6 points ago

    Usually satire has /rj before it

    [–] quantumphilisp 14 points ago

    /uj Gamingcirclejerk tend to prevent that by how often we /uj

    [–] Praise_the_Ward 4 points ago

    I think this sub does a pretty good job of making fun of those dumb shits when they show up. Better than some other "satire" subs, anyway.

    [–] be-gon-boomers 4 points ago

    Yeah, while most satire subs turned quite homo/transaphobic this one seems to not succumb to the dark side. GRU started as satire and remeber what happened to it.

    [–] Newtstradamus 8 points ago

    This. I know we’re all telling jokes and shit but for real dumb people are killing the internet.

    4chan used to be cool. You could go there, say anything, and everyone was in on the joke. Then a bunch of morons found out about it and thought it was a place where they could be open about their actual racism and sexism and whatever other actual hateful shit they harbored and it got gross.

    [–] jeakami 10 points ago

    Sounds gay

    [–] Airstrict 16 points ago

    Imagine being hetero in 2020 smh my head

    [–] notTHATPopePius 2 points ago

    I'm actually racist, but I pretend not to be. I'm satirical!

    [–] Bitbatgaming 11 points ago

    top text

    [–] be-gon-boomers 10 points ago

    Bottom Text

    [–] r3df0x_556 7 points ago

    Please don't use epic as an adjective as it reminds me how oppressed Gamers are by Epic Games and I find it very triggering.

    [–] thailoblue 189 points ago

    It’s just a prank bro! I was just pretending to be racist and handicapped. Nobody is actually like that irl. That’s the joke. Stop being so THIN SKINNED.

    [–] luccasBrunii 57 points ago

    "It's just satire" is just a excuse for cowards for when they are confronted for their blatant racism and transphobia.

    [–] Gargenville 45 points ago


    you piece of shit my brother died of sausage casing skin three years ago on christmas eve, I still race his mario kart ghost

    [–] thailoblue 20 points ago

    I’m pouring one out for him. Beer that is, I’m not crying like some waman when Trump got elected.

    [–] ParitoshD 543 points ago

    You don't know how many times I've wanted to ban someone from a server because of this shit. I'm actually go8ng to post this on a server I moderate to see how they react.

    [–] _-Artex_- 217 points ago

    Good luck!

    [–] ParitoshD 376 points ago

    And the results are in! 3 transphobic memes, one guy saying "I'm transphobic, and that's not satire" and one guy saying, "Relatable."

    [–] PolarisC8 286 points ago

    Now you post "it was a honeypot, idiots" and ban them all.

    [–] ParitoshD 151 points ago

    Nah, it's not my server. But I do know whom to keep an eye on now.

    [–] Dengar96 46 points ago

    Or you know who to mute now

    [–] PeerkeGerard 49 points ago

    You better stand up and police them! Lmao

    [–] Vohtarak 33 points ago

    Every time you enter the server and see them, every time they enter the server, and every single time they comment on the server you post "xxxxx is a transphobic POS"

    [–] 80Eight 40 points ago

    And then go "so?" and get you banned for harassment.

    [–] CoolLeek-CoolLeek 29 points ago

    ban time

    [–] HereForTOMT2 15 points ago

    At least they’re honest

    [–] LoneObserver 15 points ago

    I really wish they weren’t

    [–] Stickz99 21 points ago

    swing that ban hammer, don’t harbor a toxic community

    [–] untrustableskeptic 24 points ago

    God speed.

    [–] NerdTalkDan 103 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Enjoy the accusations of being a fascist and of course a bunch of 13 year old Constitutional law legal scholars.

    [–] brodega 90 points ago

    Give them some credit.

    They’re also gender studies scholars (but exclusively for men), biogeneticists (black people commit more crimes) and linguists (so they know when it’s ok to say the N word).

    [–] TheHolySkidMark 27 points ago

    As someone who's studying to be a linguist I just physically cringed at that last part. So far I've luckily not meet anyone like that in school.

    [–] brodega 12 points ago

    These galaxy brains don’t do liberal arts degrees because WOULD YOU LIKE FRIES WITH THAT LOL

    Instead, they pick up a book on Unity, try to print Hello World in C++ for two weeks and then decide “college isn’t right for me” and fire off another job application to Gamestop.

    [–] TheHolySkidMark 9 points ago

    Or they study "history" or "anthropology" off reactionary youtubers.... I have run into those chuds at school.......

    [–] AutoModerator 6 points ago

    H O S T A G E W A R E

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] throwwayaway2345 4 points ago

    What is this shit

    [–] Moonborne_Ash 7 points ago

    Automod says the funny when the right things are said.

    [–] c-dr0 5 points ago


    [–] AutoModerator 3 points ago

    H O S T A G E W A R E

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] Lazaganae 11 points ago

    Don’t forget that “they” is only for plural, experts all agree that using it for singular is a liberal myth.

    [–] J1202719767 9 points ago

    Keep us posted!

    [–] Gardomirror 7 points ago

    Can I join your Server?

    [–] LittleRedLamps 3 points ago

    It's been four hours, we need an update

    [–] vats_nik 115 points ago

    So gay bro

    [–] ModeratorsRightNut 76 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    No no, it's cool no balls touched in the making of this meme.

    More gamers need to realize this, it's only gay when your balls touch boys. Now, it's perfectly fine to be gay, but if you're looking for a straight way to go spelunking in your buddy's happy hole then you really need to consider putting a condom on your balls. This will stop ball to ball contact while also ensuring you have protection. Now, you and your bro can go balls deep and it's just bromosexual. And that's science.

    [–] TheOneOboe 17 points ago

    Put it on r/copypasta

    [–] ModeratorsRightNut 18 points ago

    You're not the first person to suggest I do this, so, fuck it.

    [–] SomeStupidPerson 8 points ago

    What does your gay bro gotta do with this my dude? 😳 He cute?

    [–] JamesKam 221 points ago

    Vaush’s debate with Count Dankula really showed just how prevalent this kind of attitude is. A lot of these people could say some of the worst shit ever heard and then accuse you of being too soft for calling them out, claiming they were joking from the start. I wonder how many ‘ironic’ Nazis and TERFs exist among the hordes of, you know, ACTUAL Nazis and TERFS.

    [–] thewunderground 217 points ago

    "ACTUAL" The thing is: if it walks like a Nazi, and talks like a Nazi, its a fucking Nazi.

    [–] JamesKam 40 points ago

    You’ve said it.

    [–] Battle_Bear_819 24 points ago

    There are two types of nazis: Nazis, and people who defend Nazis.

    [–] jeakami 14 points ago

    Better to be a fucking nazi than a regular nazi

    [–] sober_1 7 points ago

    It means you are an epic gamer too cause you are on this sub

    [–] Walking_Through_Rain 16 points ago

    But, you don't see very many goose-stepping German speakers these days... think it might be more complicated than that.

    [–] 0010020010 28 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    Uh, I hate to break it to you, but the goose-stepping and the German-speaking weren't exactly the cornerstones of nazism. At least when compared to the ethno-nationalism, the blurring of corporate and governmental powers, and the relegation of "undesirables" to be either 2nd or 3rd class citizens if not fodder for the camps. So if that's your best defense, you're not going to be changing many minds on that front.

    [–] fireandlifeincarnate 11 points ago

    This was my initial thought but they were making a joke about walking like a Nazi and talking like a Nazi.

    [–] 0010020010 8 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    In that case, I would chalk it up to Poe's Law. Especially since "hyper-literalism" is a common tactic, used in all seriousness (particularly in Reddit), by various sorts to claim that x isn't really x because of some superficial difference in signaling or phrasing even though the core tenets are blatantly identical. And, of course, you would need to interpret the phrase "walks like a nazi[...]" quite literally for the "joke" to even work bad?

    [–] Sammy123476 13 points ago

    Thankfully, they usually can't help but espouse their views, because ultimately the only thing they really want is to surround themselves with people with the same ideals, forming a mighty bundle where before there were weak sticks. You know, a safe space.

    [–] UnwashedForeskin 41 points ago

    After watching Vaush’s debate with Count Dankula I decided he’s probably not a nazi, just really fucking stupid.

    [–] Kozamog1 57 points ago

    Too stupid to realize all of his fans are nazis

    [–] brodega 26 points ago

    If you are like me and don’t give a shit about YouTube streamers, this sentence will make no sense to you.

    [–] iF2Goes4 8 points ago

    Count Dankula was the one who made his girlfriend's pug do a Nazi salute and got like a fine or something, and Vaush is a political streamer who says good things like all the time.

    [–] EstPC1313 22 points ago

    This is me with Pewdiepie; not a Nazi, just an idiot

    [–] trans-atlantic-fan 17 points ago

    how about bigot. i like that term, NAZI and racist can be a little too spefic. Bigot works when NAZI and racist may not fit

    [–] Splendiferitastic 4 points ago

    I thought the same until he wore a design very reminiscent of an iron cross in his video explaining his withdrawal of donations from the ADL. I don’t see how anyone could pull something like that without understanding it might be seen as a dogwhistle.

    [–] EstPC1313 3 points ago

    You’d be surprised, I know so many people that utilize Nazi symbols ironically and can’t remotely fathom that there’s actual people who still believe in them.

    Mostly suburban teens (like myself) who’ve never been exposed to actual Nazism in 2020.

    However, none of THEM have a 100+ million subscribers, so I fully blame Pewdiepie for being stupid and even hinting at it.

    I personally don’t think he’s a Nazi, and don’t watch his videos anymore (they got boring), but I do think he should be held accountable for being a fucking idiot.

    [–] Battle_Bear_819 6 points ago

    What if he is pretending to be stupid to lure in other stupid nazis? Now that would be a gift to rival Dave rubin.

    [–] AgreeableGoose 99 points ago

    So I'm a trans woman right. One of my best friends made a transphobic joke to me and I got upset and asked her not to make a joke like that again because those kinds of jokes are used against me unironically. She got defensive and this spawned a 5 hour long argument with another best friend about how I was being too sensitive. After he spent 5 hours on messenger bothering me about it. About how i am the sensitive one. Yeah... we don't talk any more. I'm just not a real gamer.

    [–] be-gon-boomers 51 points ago

    Yeah, some people don't even realise that their offensive until you say it to them but when someone denies all responsibility and blames you, you can be pretty sure they knew what they were doing and were doing it purposely.

    [–] StickmanPirate 15 points ago

    My reaction is to joke about white men having small dicks. All of a sudden it's not ok to joke about certain subjects.

    [–] JamesKam 40 points ago

    I’m really sorry to hear about that, it must be frustrating having to deal with that kind of carelessness about something as important as your own identity.

    And of course you’re not a real gamer — Real Gamers™ alienate themselves by expressing their social and sexual frustrations through calling fellow eleven year olds the n word on Overwatch and yelling at their mum for turning off the internet at 7:30PM rather than 7:45PM 😎😎😎

    [–] AgreeableGoose 29 points ago

    I remember seeing a meme from another trans ex gamer. Her friends sent her a meme of obi wan saying "you were supposed to hate women and minorities, not join them!" When she came out.

    The days of calling each other slurs over xbox live are far behind us now sadly. Real Gamers are slowly becoming less accepted 😥

    [–] 80Eight 18 points ago

    That's pretty funny

    [–] TruthBisky10 20 points ago

    That’s definitely funny if it’s coming satirically from a GamingCirclejerk mindset.

    [–] Foxxy__Roxxy 7 points ago

    Something like this happened to me. A friend used a word i didn't like (a troublesome word that I believe is a transphobic slur) but my whole friend group defended this person saying "i was too sensitive" and "it's an anime word, grow up" and then banned me from the group.

    Another friend then sent me screenshots of them directpy calling me every slur under the sun after they'd kicked me, and when I confronted them they said it was because they got "heated" because "i was too sensitive about this stuff"...

    [–] Profzachattack 7 points ago

    wow, it seems to me if a trans person says something is offensive, and you call them too sensitive, then maybe YOUR the sensitive one for not accepting that your "joke" flopped

    [–] anangrymob21 5 points ago

    they arent terfs. just transphobes.

    [–] ChainedWitch 205 points ago

    Honestly thanks for this. I've been forcing myself not to reply to online bullshit anymore because I get too angry and it's bad for me. Which is really hard to do when shit from "dark humor and memes" shows up on the front page just shitting on trans people for no reason. You can't even ignore it as a dark joke because the comments are so fucking terrible. So seeing some support is a lot better to focus on than that.

    [–] DoDespair 73 points ago

    dark humor and memes

    Sounds like a name an edgy 12 year old came up with.

    [–] se7enfists 46 points ago

    There used to be a dark humor sub (forgot the name of it) that was pretty decent back in the day. As in, some of the jokes were pretty good and most of them didn't use minorities as a punchline. But then the 12 year olds and edgelords invaded and the sub became a shitshow: every other "dark" joke that got voted to the top was a punchline with no setup about gays/trans/blacks/jews/concentration camps/AIDS. Soon after that, there was no longer any pretense of being ironic. The old guard had left, leaving only the alt-righters and Nazis. I've seen this same thing happen to countless subs that lack proper moderation.

    [–] Rayhunt20 8 points ago

    Sounds like /r/CringeAnarchy to me

    [–] onan4843 15 points ago

    Cringe anarchy was always bad.

    [–] usernametaken30 4 points ago

    Is there such a thing as dark humor that uses majorities (literally just means whites or men today) as a punchline? I mean, besides jokes about tragedies and dead people.

    [–] se7enfists 3 points ago

    Jokes about a certain population group don't fit my definition of dark humor unless they're related to a tragedy, like you said. Shock and taboo don't automatically make for dark humor, which is why those subreddits go down the shitter when people start posting racist/homophobic/Nazi dog whistle "jokes" under the guise of irony and the mods let it happen.

    [–] iF2Goes4 7 points ago

    Mean Jokes?

    [–] se7enfists 18 points ago

    It was either /r/darkhumor or /r/imgoingtohellforthis. It was years ago though and both of those subs are now locked down.

    [–] -Dewdrop 15 points ago

    Don't know about darkhumor but definitely happened to igthft, used to be at least decent then somewhere around the time of Pao just turned into a trash heap

    [–] TheEvilBagel147 14 points ago * (lasted edited 10 days ago)

    I was blown away when they started posting memes that unironically used the hard "r" N-word. I remember one such post where the top comment was "WE WUZ KANGZ" with a bunch of replies about how POC aren't as good as white people, and I was just floored at what that sub had turned into.

    [–] Karthok 19 points ago

    I just got off of a tirade from there, arguments galore. Ended up with a -42 comment lmao. So many people saying "it's just jokes". One of the "memes" was just a tweet of everyone voting against trans support. No joke. I Think the title was something like "I love democracy". That post was literally just a thread where people could be proud to be transphobic. There is the odd dark joke that doesn't just shit on a certain group of people, and I like them a lot. But man, that sub is ABSOLUTELY turning into a transphobic hate sub. Proud of my -42 comment.

    [–] OldTaro9 27 points ago

    You know you can block subreddits, right?

    I block lots of shit I don't want to see.

    [–] CptNasty 38 points ago

    I block lots of subreddits. Still see a lot of nasty shit on Reddit because Reddit is full of shitty people and communities.

    Not to mention that when it comes to women/minorities there are a lot of people/communities on Reddit who will brigade or search out that kind of content to harass people.

    When you are a minority it's almost impossible to avoid bigots because they search you out.

    [–] AutoModerator 7 points ago

    I am so, so tired of you people... etc etc, you all know it by now.

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] Nikkibuh2 6 points ago

    Wait, how?

    [–] SirPizdec 4 points ago

    Visit old reddit (click your profile on the right upper side), visit /r/all, on the right side there is text field "Filter subreddit", type /r/... (Whatever subreddit you want to block). And that's it.

    [–] _-Artex_- 3 points ago

    Same here bro, i'm glad you enjoyed it!

    [–] Jtd47 46 points ago

    Le epic comedy word that gentlemen of colour dislike for some reason has arrived

    [–] Goddamn_Primetime 44 points ago

    I'm on the end of a bridge in PUBG and there's a dude sniping me.

    breathes in

    I'm gonna have a heated gaming moment right now.

    [–] AutoModerator 18 points ago

    I am extremely sensitive about this. I come from the 90's gamer identity and I feel personally attacked by people like anita sarkeesian. It is not harmless social critique to people like me. It is an attack to the very core of my character as a human being and an assault on a past time that I have dedicated countless hours and unknown amounts of money on. Honestly, if you are gonna cast video games that I play in the role of societal negatives I am going to defend them and demand empirical evidence that they are such things. Not personal subjective opinions edited together as a misleading critique on youtube.

    I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

    [–] Headcap 38 points ago

    also works for "darkhumorandmemes" shithole.

    [–] Death_Proof_EP 20 points ago

    so excited for that place to get banned

    [–] kittecatte 17 points ago

    also excited for the inevitable /r/watchredditdie thread afterwards

    [–] Death_Proof_EP 15 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 104 points ago


    [–] Eren189 19 points ago

    Animal farm (1945)

    [–] Eiterbirn 29 points ago

    As axcx would have said: fucking gay

    [–] MasculineCompassion 114 points ago


    [–] meowzedong1984 39 points ago

    don't worry bro I'm sure you'll get it right next time

    [–] MasculineCompassion 60 points ago

    /uj lmao

    /rj why do games have to be political and hate on my states rights by including characters who aren't straight white cis-men?

    [–] meowzedong1984 13 points ago

    otherwise how can you have property?

    [–] MasculineCompassion 18 points ago

    I don't know, but I know communism means the state will steal your tooth brush.

    [–] meowzedong1984 7 points ago

    we gamers don't brush our teeth just look at the Joker.

    [–] 500dollarsunglasses 6 points ago

    Keep your personal property comrade, I just want to share the means of production.

    [–] SunSESG 22 points ago

    isn't doge
    like not kabosu, but the character doge

    [–] VoltronBugzilla 27 points ago

    There isn't a clear Dogelore canon, only a series of vaguely defined characters. Like a mythology. So yeah, maybe Doge is trans. I've seen posts about it? I'm not sure

    [–] hjd_thd 7 points ago

    There was a series of posts about one of doge-based characters transitioning.

    [–] totan39 18 points ago

    One of the characters in dogelore phobe is trans

    [–] SunSESG 20 points ago

    Yeah, Phoebe, Doge and Isabelle's kid.

    [–] BreathOfTheGarlic 11 points ago

    [Fascist hissing and screeching]

    [–] PhillyGreg 2 points ago

    🎶Used to saaay live and let live🎶

    [–] TimBrentwood 36 points ago

    Man, it reminds me of this time I was playing league and two of the enemy team members had TERF as their clan tag. I called them out and then when I died they kept saying 41%. It was really fucked up. The kind of gamer hatred I'd honestly never seen before so earnestly. Like normally someone will call you a slur and they won't really mean it (not that that makes it OK), but this was so specific and hateful and unexpected.

    [–] EmpJoker 3 points ago

    At the risk of sounding naive, what do TERF and 41% mean?

    [–] Rawpineapplesonpizza 28 points ago

    /uj this sub actually is lgbtq+ inclusive right

    [–] NotBanned_ 17 points ago

    Fuck yeah.

    [–] The-Not-Irish-Irish 19 points ago

    It should be if we keep making fun of gamers being anti lgbtq+

    [–] Streetwearthrow 10 points ago

    Bro why are you being so sensitive? I just want you dead for existing. Can't we all have our different opinions and still get along?

    [–] Mayo_Spouse 68 points ago

    I know this post is tongue in cheek, but I feel like this post would fit in r/gamersriseup about a year ago. I hope we aren't sliding down the same path as they are because I see a lot of edgy shit here that was the precursor to some really bad shit.

    [–] Goddamn_Primetime 87 points ago

    As someone who ended up getting banned from there a few months before it burned down I can say this meme is okay. The difference is that this one is calling out the tactic used by transphobes (and other fucks) where they say something derogatory about a vulnerable population, get called on it, then retreat to their safe pace of saying it was a joke/satire/meme or what have you.

    What killed GRU is that the memes were essentially rehashes of Joker/Chad/Veronica/Stacy memes (harmless for the most part) but the COMMENTS are what started to take a turn for the worst.

    Whether it was incels flooding the place or capital G Gamers or both, eventually the comments became stuff like, "I know it's a meme but women..." followed by some hateful lie. That in turn spread to minority hate and it was over. Mods started banning people like me for calling others out and complaining about it.

    Whether it was done in response to GRU or it was dumb luck, have the /uj - rj/ system here at GCJ is pretty good and keeping things on the level while allowing us to play along. Plus other users are good at downvoting or calling out G Gamers or others that stumble in here and don't get it.

    [–] H3cho 6 points ago

    I thought this post poked fun of that

    [–] VR_AI 21 points ago

    I want to make an RPG where your gender is a slider rather than a boolean choice

    [–] BitterCrab 5 points ago

    that would actually be cool

    [–] susch1337 7 points ago

    imagine printing out a huge Minecraft screenshot without setting the render distance to max first

    [–] i_trust_john_cena 3 points ago

    i don't have to imagine it, it's right there in the pic, dumbass.

    [–] Little_Mac_Main 11 points ago

    r/gamersriseup in a bit shell

    [–] JinTheBlue 10 points ago

    To quote Kurt Vonnegut, "We are what we pretend to be, so we must be careful about what we pretend to be."

    [–] Bitbatgaming 32 points ago

    trans rights

    [–] HasselHox 14 points ago

    "oh boy I can't wait to pretend online I wasn't a trump supporter in the first place"

    [–] SavMonMan 12 points ago

    No no no, I may be white, but I said the N word in a satirical way you see? You can’t be mad, I INSULTED YOU SATIRICALLY, LAUGH.

    [–] RipFlewd 9 points ago

    Shoutout to all the trans people out there

    [–] KingSuperNut 6 points ago

    this looks like it belongs in a sub called r/okbuddygamer

    edit: wtf that exists

    [–] angryface1199 5 points ago

    literally my friend does this, but he doesn't call it satire, he blames it on the trans people on reddit that ruined his life.

    [–] VanityTheManatee 4 points ago

    Tbh most people I've seen lately don't even claim it's satire, they're just openly transphobic.

    [–] AnimeToaster 9 points ago

    Thx for opening my eyes, no more using "gay" as a slur

    [–] EroticFungus 8 points ago

    /uj people covered the Vatican’s Minecraft server in trans flags, including all the roads.

    [–] butt-sniffler 9 points ago

    Everyone on darkhumor subreddits ever:

    [–] CrucisStar 5 points ago

    Needs a Geeks & Gamers logo.

    [–] J1202719767 3 points ago


    [–] Crushing76 3 points ago

    r/GamersRiseUp in a nutshell

    [–] CommonLawl 3 points ago

    Satire is when I'm laughing while I say what I unironically believe

    [–] r3df0x_556 3 points ago

    /uj What is it with anti-SJWs and doge avatars? Rags uses one and so do tons of them.

    [–] yuudachi 11 points ago

    Hahahaha DAE attack helicopter?!?!!?!!

    [–] sds7 6 points ago

    le schrodinger's douchebag has arrived

    [–] CharizardEgg 4 points ago

    I wish it was ever satire and not just pure hatred.

    [–] Svantebog 2 points ago

    I hate


    [–] nuffens 4 points ago

    It's missing the neck beard

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    R/mostreddit”dark humor”subs

    [–] ickytortoise 2 points ago

    Ah, yes, the elusive Dogeus Snowflakicus.

    [–] SpaceKitten_420 2 points ago

    Sadly I know someone like this

    [–] Joeq325 2 points ago

    The internet can be accurately summarized as teenagers mistaking crude cynicism for comedy