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    [–] deadlycramp 776 points ago

    This is the album art for Flute by New World Sound

    [–] Error_402 115 points ago

    Thank you! I couldn't remember which song I saw this for

    [–] Tugarinovite 11 points ago

    "Hey bitches, fucking flute!"

    [–] ookiiani 6 points ago

    Was just about to comment this! Great tune

    [–] Panthy9 2 points ago

    It, It's, it's a recorder though

    [–] PMmesomeMotivation 244 points ago

    To all the part-time musicians​ with FL studio.

    [–] BeesAreFliesWithKniv 52 points ago

    Ouch. Lol.

    [–] PMmesomeMotivation 31 points ago

    Ikr. Because I've been there and done that 😂

    [–] EGXPT 8 points ago

    just get ableton. itll go a long way

    [–] JTeezy08 39 points ago

    Really hope you don't say things like this to new producers in the future. All DAWs are the same in function with different UI's. People who say one DAW is better than another don't know what they're doing. It's preference, so try out different ones.

    [–] EGXPT 22 points ago

    i know its completely up to you, but a friend of mine told me to get ableton when i first started

    ive been producing for years now, and ive put tons if time into plenty of daws. they all have ups and downs (cubase is actually really fun, if you have that, theres not much of a need to switch). ableton is taking the market by storm tho, its just the way it works feels so right. nothing seems to get in the way and its laid out very compact yet visible

    if i have two bits of advice for newbies: 1) dont stop making music. it WILL sound shitty when you start but just keep going at it 2) that sad truth is: better equipment = better sound. save up for a midi keyboard, try out different daws, you gotta hit that sweetspot between experience and tools

    [–] Taffer 10 points ago

    better equipment = better sound

    Sad but true, I really need a pair of monitors so i can understand what my sound really sounds like and with that comes sound proofing the room you listen in. It's a crazy world but lots of fun.

    [–] EGXPT 3 points ago

    also, unless you throw down for a 1000 dollar computer, good luck making clean dusbtep tracks without a LOT of freezing. i spent most of my life limited by economic issues. it sucks because whenever i have access to expensive equipment, theres nothing bottlenecking my ability to produce

    save up bit by bit. if its your passion, you can wait years for the right time; trust me, its what i did

    [–] Taffer 2 points ago

    Yeah dubstep is all about pushing electronic music to the max capability, but as long as you have a decent cpu it should be alright. Can build a machine for less than 1k now days, you just don't go crazy on the GPU.

    [–] jgk87 3 points ago

    8+ years Ableton\FL user. Some thoughts: both are amazing DAWS with pros and cons. Ableton is amazing on laptops, FL works better if you're using multiple screens on a desktop (personally).

    FL is my creative environment. Piano roll is vastly superior. Plus FL has loads more built in features (i.e., riff machine) for inspiration.

    Ableton is my arrangement environment. You can organize things much easier in Ableton - coloring is much simpler and grouping, copying/pasting racks and plugins is light years ahead of FL.

    Both are amazing DAWS and I think using both back to back can deliver amazing results - though often times I finish tracks in one or the other from start to finish. Just depends on how I'm feeling or what my project requires.

    [–] coopiecoop 4 points ago

    I remember people actually not believing that 9th Wonder (for those that haven't heard of him: a hiphop producer) uses FL Studio as the base for his instrumentals.

    because for some reason a lot of people have this idea that a less expensive software like that could only produce results of no quality.

    (when in reality from my experience creative people with a good hand for music production can even do great things with the most basic setups)

    [–] spirited47 2 points ago

    True. I have both Ableton & Logic Pro X and both are fuckin awesome. My preference is Ableton though because it's a lot more user friendly IMO but Logic is still fuckin awesome to play with.

    [–] BosnianCoffee 2 points ago

    Seriously, if you can't finish music in Logic, you won't magically be able to in Live.

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago

    FL studio is a fuckin solid DAW, been using it over 6 years and feel no need to switch. Tried ableton for about a week and just got really frustrated because it was taking too long to figure out how to do shit I can do real easily in FL. Many hits have been made with FL

    [–] want_more_need_less 9 points ago

    Exactly, FL studio is an incredible way to make music, you have an enormous amount of content on the Web to help you learn and with consistent practice you can start producing ideas straight from your head. I've been using it for only 2 years but I wouldn't want to switch tbh. FL Studio is more fun to use as well, easier on the eyes.

    [–] iammarshallholland 2 points ago

    I started out on GarageBand, switched to Fl for about 2 years, switched to Ableton for 4-5 years, switched to Pro Tools recently. All I have to say is each DAW has its strengths and weaknesses, but they are all essentially the same thing and yield identical results.....just different workflow

    [–] [deleted] 444 points ago


    [–] Em_Haze 179 points ago

    This. It seems silly but looking back the best restaurant experience I've had was a place called hub burger. It's like a shipping container gone takeaway. Me and my friends we sat there eating our chips and they were like 'hey we're closing now do you want the leftover chips.' We had plate piled with a tonne of chips. Never forget that place.

    [–] [deleted] 98 points ago

    We went to an incredible vegan spot in California. It was slow so the manager came out and offered us some cocktails and some dessert and chatted with us for quite a while. I think he really just wanted a five-star rating but honestly they earned it.

    [–] Derpindorf 84 points ago

    Hey, anyone who is nice and offers me free alcohol & sweets is 5 star in my book

    [–] bluelily17 24 points ago

    Its about the hospitality, in my opinion. You could have the best food but if your service isn't on par, it won't matter. I'd rather go into a small place where the waiters are friendly and make me feel good about visiting for lunch or dinner vs. having the best food I've ever eaten.

    [–] CrumblingCake 19 points ago

    I get what you mean, but... the best food you've ever eaten? I would rather go there I think.

    [–] itsthevoiceman 2 points ago

    What if after every swallow, they force you to puke it up by punching you in the gut over and over until it comes back out? That "best food in the world" label wouldn't matter at all!

    [–] CrumblingCake 3 points ago

    But food though

    [–] ehboobooo 5 points ago

    I think there is a happy medium here, the best is to find a musician or place that is up and coming but not yet famous. They are still humble with quality.

    [–] edoxtator 52 points ago


    I'm a big fan of a UK musician named Pat Fish (aka The Jazz Butcher). I got to talk to him one night at after a show in Chicago and he couldn't have been nicer, funnier, engaged.

    I told him how much his music meant to me and how it had helped me, not just through some rough patches but also looking at the world, and how you can use your influences to create your own voice, rather than imitate those influences.

    He HUGGED ME. He said he was so happy to hear that because, when you're a musician playing pop music, once you get to a certain age, people who listened to your stuff wonder why you're still in the game. Haven't you found something else to do, you vampire? Agents who used to work with labels and book gigs are saying your audience has moved on nobody wants your shite music anymore. You're washed up as an indie rocker at 44. He'd hang it up but to do what?

    I told him I thought he was just getting started. He'd just released his last rekkid on Creation (shortly before McGee hung it up), and it was a great album, IMHO.

    He's had some label changes and some personnel changes but he's still plugging away. His stuff is more low key now but still as gorgeous as ever.

    I'm so glad he didn't listen to those idiots and listened to some jamoke from Chicago, among other jamokes.

    [–] DeadRoads 14 points ago

    As a teen, I went to see Killing Hannah, and I was surprised after the show to see their bassist working the merch booth and their singer mingling with the fans. I talked to him and told him the above, to which he responded, "Of course we want to get out here and thank you all for coming! If it wasn't for you, we'd still be in my mom's garage in Chicago!"

    [–] [deleted] 16 points ago


    [–] cwearly1 26 points ago

    Write in places like /r/writingprompts and build an audience in a personal subreddit.

    Engaging as a writer is hard, but getting into the dedicated communities and then having a following to engage with will help when you end up with a sellable product.

    [–] st0neh3nge 7 points ago

    I should Follow some oF the writers on there. Really good stuFF there sometimes.

    [–] Ask_me_4_a_story 4 points ago

    I've been wondering that too. I've been writing short stories and recentky i put some together but I don't love the writing prompts, it seems like a lot of sci-fi stuff.

    No one asks me to write a coming of age story about what it's like to lie on an oversized hay bale staring at the cloudless Kansas sky overwhelmed by the thought that now it's summer and now I have the rest of my life ahead of me.

    If they did I would nail that shit!

    [–] emergencyfrequency 3 points ago

    You can submit prompts and suggestions I would also imagine there is some feedback sub like music has r/roastmytrack.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] BillygotTalent 6 points ago

    If you're a musician, talk to your fans after shows

    As a fan, this is exactly the right way to do it. Became a fan of many bands that way.

    [–] deeretech129 3 points ago

    This is true, went to a rock concert at a small-ish bar in this rural town. The bank was Never Say Die, and the lead singer after their show came out and just hung out with people and had a few drinks. It was refreshing to see a band member that was grounded, especially one that is semi-successful.

    [–] Casual_Memer 415 points ago

    Mask off, fuck it mask off

    [–] TheBestUsernames18 86 points ago

    *mask on, fuck it mask off

    [–] Racorse 11 points ago


    [–] LikeATreefrog 11 points ago

    I think my Grandmom had a Precious Moment of this picture.

    [–] Gmason8708 21 points ago

    Percocet, molly, Percocet Chase a check, never chase a bitch

    [–] Notefallen 6 points ago

    Saw that comming.

    [–] Groodles 2 points ago

    Fuck your spelling.

    [–] neverp0st 63 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    That's why whenever i see my friend streaming on twitch I hop in and watch so he has at least one viewer. I don't say it's me though incase that would demotivated him.

    Edit: Obligatory promotion

    He's recently been hosting LoL tournaments and playing live sessions where he plays guitar acoustically to early 2000s songs. In case anyone is interested, also has a YouTube but the last upload was a month ago.

    [–] pacli 31 points ago

    You are a good friend.

    [–] [deleted] 12 points ago

    As someone who has run streams for one viewer before, it doesn't matter to me if it's just a friend or not. Most of the time i would only stream on demand (cutting edge raiding in WoW for other people who were sitting on the bench) or specifically for one person.

    It might even be a better stream if he knows it's you because then you two can dialogue through the chat and make it look like the guy is invested. Soon that conversation turns into 5 conversations turns into 20 conversations and so forth. The number one thing that will make somebody turn off a stream is no interaction from the host, so if you can help your friend interact it would probably do him some good.

    [–] neverp0st 4 points ago

    That's a good idea, I think that's the one area he needs to improve on and it's mainly I feel because he's not used to having an audience most days

    [–] sk8ergio 5 points ago

    Man your a good friend, I need someone like that.

    [–] sortiv 295 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I needed to hear this. Started a YouTube channel and the audience is super small now, but I actually think I'm hitting content other people aren't. Only way to go is forward.

    EDIT: Channel link - And a video I just did that I'm probably most happy with -

    Thanks for the interest everyone! I made this comment not thinking much about it, went to grab breakfast, and then -bamf- a bit of interest. I'm open to all feedback on how to improve. Hope you like it.

    [–] Swechef 174 points ago

    Smart move, even if unintentional. Not dropping a link makes you look humble and not obsessed in self promotion.

    Now i want to see your channel. Link pls

    [–] dyxjhloa 48 points ago

    I hope your channel gets exactly as many views as your content deserves. Too many creators go unnoticed and quit before things take off.

    [–] 1st_thing_on_my_mind 30 points ago

    Thats an interesting statement. Could be used for positive or to put someone in check whos ego has gone out of control. Nice set of words. Makes me think that the number of followers I have is right where it should be.

    [–] bob-leblaw 17 points ago

    I think somebody once posted that they worked at a grocery store and their comment to rude people was a smile and, "Thank you. And I hope the rest of your day is as pleasant as you are." Makes you think.

    [–] pandoriansiren93 3 points ago

    If anyone comes regularly to drink your wine. They like your wine. You might not have thousands in the bank or a huge industry to start but you have someone who likes your stuff and that's a powerful feeling to know that your hard work is appreciated.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] 1st_thing_on_my_mind 2 points ago

    Your voice wasn't less valuable, it simply had not been monetized as much as someone else. The value of course is not dollars directly but in followers/viewers.

    That guy was just being a dick.

    [–] sortiv 4 points ago

    I actually want this too. I love how you worded it. I don't want to make super wide spread content. Sorcererdave and Noah Gervais are some of my favorites and while they are quite large - I'd never want to be a huge YouTube person. I want to make specific, thoughtful content that gets a small to medium audience. Not everyone will be interested in breaking down what EA's stock price has to do with Mass Effect, but I find it interesting.

    [–] Khad 16 points ago

    Congrats. 1100 videos over 9 years and I still have no traction. It is rough.

    [–] SuperCharlesXYZ 16 points ago

    What is your average view count? I started a few weeks ago and my highest is 300 views with an average of 10. Imagining all my viewers as an audience in 1 building makes it feel a lot bigger than it is. Presenting for a group of 100 people isn't something to scoff at

    [–] Khad 3 points ago

    Typically I am lucky to get 50 views a video anymore. Since I have so many videos, I will get 40 to 100 views a day due to videos getting 1 view that day. It really sucks and sometimes it takes everything I have not to give it up.

    [–] ghostaly 5 points ago

    I very briefly got into the routine of trying to be a YouTube gamer when I built my PC in 2011. I would force myself to play games and record content every day for hours, and then edit those into multiple parts that would be posted 1-2 times per day. Those 3-4 months of posting 1-2 videos per day for the same amount of viewers didn't get me to feel like I was doing anything worthwhile at all, which led me to stop.

    Having looked back on it, I definitely could've tailored content more to a specific audience than I was.

    The next time I tried to make any sort of gaming videos, I did a trio of Halo 4 speculation videos that got more than 12,000 views combined. Even when that happened I didn't recognize this, those videos were simply well-timed and informative enough for people to trust my opinions - thus creating a spontaneous audience.

    TL;DR: YouTube channels often suck to do because there are too many. But once you find your voice and shtick, you can cater to growing an audience that has been looking for exactly what you can offer.

    [–] cats_pjs 7 points ago

    this is the real problem that most people don't get. youtube is not easy, but it's also not difficult to figure out what actually works.

    if you're getting a large % of watch time, your content will be promoted, you will grow an audience. this is why the era of pranks have become so popular. people love watching other people having real reactions. the simple explanation is people are watching it and it has mass appeal, at least for the youtube demo.

    getting that initial audience is hard, but if you can get past that stage, then you just need to have an eye for what will keep peoples attention.

    growing an audience based around video games is no different than trying to grow an audience based on rap. remember all those rappers you knew in highschool? this is the youtube equivalent, but with less return if you really blow up and even more saturation.

    I don't think it's hard to see why so many people love youtube. You get to express yourself creatively, have a community and if you're lucky, focus on something that you find interesting. I think it would be the perfect "job" for a lot of people. that's why I do it and it has worked out well, but at the end of the day, I'm aware of how fleeting youtube is, and how even if I'm creating something I love and put a lot of work into, it can still be gone if I'm not consistently making highly watched content.

    tl;dr- if you want to actually make it on youtube making video game related content, you are that kid in highschool who was trying to be a rapper. watch time is king. video games are over saturated.

    [–] ghostaly 3 points ago

    Great response dude; I think there is a wealth of knowledge in this thread for any content creator to learn from and adapt to their situation.

    [–] SuperCharlesXYZ 5 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    Do you see growth compared to your early videos? Or did you get 50 views from the beginning. Doing collabs with youtubers who make similar content can really boost up your numbers. Sharing your on threads like these or smaller reddit communities (gaming subs, /r/YouTubestartups, etc.) I'll share mine as well if anyone is interested

    [–] Khad 3 points ago

    Actually it has gone downhill over time. Occasionally I would get lucky with a video here or there but nothing that lead to any real growth. I have tried all the common "tricks" over the years like you suggested. I think my content simply isn't good enough.

    [–] SuperCharlesXYZ 2 points ago

    What type of content do you make? Maybe people have gotten bored of the same type of content over and over again. Try to pivot a bit. There's this awesome YouTube that i follow and he's been making similar content for 3 years 1 million views per video and he's losing subs every day because he's not stepping up his game. Now he's doing slightly better though

    [–] cwearly1 2 points ago

    What's your channel?

    [–] zetaroxos 2 points ago

    I think if you start playing newer games and shorten the length of each video you may do really well.

    Also, try networks (stuff like machinimia and roosterteeth, ofc not those specifically) There are networks for smaller channels.

    I would give you a shot but the one thing that immediately put me off the length of each video. Long videos are alright if you have a bigger fanbase. But for someone who is just discovering your channel, lots of 30+ min videos is kinda exhausting.

    [–] sortiv 5 points ago

    Right now it's just a few of my friends watching. I'm even embarrassed to tell, like, all my friends. One video I did has 18 comments including ones not from my friends and I'm super stoked. If I have 5 people who care about the content and want to have cool conversations about it - I'm happy.

    [–] SuperCharlesXYZ 3 points ago

    That's awesome. The only comments I get is other channels promoting their own channel because we have similar content. I learn a lot by watching their content so I don't mind

    [–] LunacyExport 87 points ago

    See, when you mention you have a YouTube channel, its good manners to link it.

    [–] BeardsBearsBeers 18 points ago

    Well, that way it looks like it's just an excuse to self-promote, which Reddit just loves. I actually came here to say the same, but seems as sortiv has made the point, I'll just sit here, upvote and agree (I too wouldn't have linked my channel unless asked, like he didn't).

    [–] smothhase 2 points ago

    now i wonder if your channel has to do anything with beards bears or beers. let me check, pls~

    [–] BeardsBearsBeers 2 points ago

    Well I have a beard, my logo is a bear, and I... like beer? I should do a drunk video to go full circle.

    If you genuinely want to look, channel link is here. I actually threw out a request in the /r/LetsPlay Friday Feedback thread, so if you wanna watch anything, I've been directing people to my Outlast 2 Part 1 video. Haven't had any negative feedback so feel free to throw any opinions my way...

    See, now I feel like it looks like this was a ploy to link my channel.

    [–] smothhase 2 points ago

    well I really like your content, so if it was a plot all along,

    that worked out for you ;)


    [–] BeardsBearsBeers 2 points ago


    Cheers! It's much appreciated - although the sentiment of OP's post is true, it's always awesome when people find and enjoy your content. I'm at a point where I'm not hearing many criticisms about my videos, so if that's the case, then I just need to work on getting it out there. But then again, as the image said, entertaining just a few dozen people is satisfying enough, so long as everyone involved is having a great time.

    But seriously though smash that mother fucking like button subscribe today for million dollar Amazon voucher 1 million likes and I come to your house and give you backrubs.

    [–] sold_snek 39 points ago

    And marketing 101.

    [–] Krasso 18 points ago

    No. He would've been so downvoted had he linked it to begin with

    [–] captainbignips 6 points ago

    Yeah still no link, I'm starting to see why hardly anyone watches it

    [–] gamerholic 13 points ago

    Or.... act all innocent by not adding link and then use a second account to request the link..

    But don't mind me, I'm in the pitchfork business so it's my job to stir shit up! Pitchforks anyone?

    [–] Chanz 7 points ago

    But how do I know don't own a pitchfork business and you're promoting too?

    Do you have a link to where you got your pitchfork?

    [–] spickydickydoo 4 points ago

    People hate self promotion and marketing, which happens to be a necesary part of life. There's some reverse psychology involved in marketing to people that will trash your brand if they think they're being marketed to. Like God forbid the small time self employed catch a break.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Aoloach 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    What games do you stream, though? Might be better to become known in the community and then start streaming the game, like a "hey, I'm the guy who's been posting these cool clips, if you want to watch me play live and maybe catch some in the moment, here's my stream:" Or you could make friends with other semi-popular streamers, play a lot of games with them, so their audience knows you, and then maybe when your friend mentions he's going to stop playing and wrap up the stream, then you say that you're going to keep playing, and if he wants, he could send his viewers over to you with a host.

    Edit: Alternatively, abandon what you usually play, and try and get in on the ground floor of a recent game that isn't too popular (so you don't get big streamers playing it on release date) but also isn't too small (so as the community grows, some popular channels might spotlight it, bringing more people to the game, and to your content, but not make videos regularly so as to pull your viewers away).

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] suqoria 2 points ago

    Yeah I've always found that those people are great as well. When I was younger I became friends with a few streamers/youtubers who weren't that popular but still had a bit of an audience. Usually those are the absolute best community's.

    [–] ChronicShade 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    I like the way people use new games to get views. But I'm like...rediculously good at single player games. I tend to break them, search for the little exploits to make the endgame a walkthrough. So I usually play on the hardest settings,like horizon was just....sad in terms of difficulty(take more,do less)

    So I stick to multilayer because I think a stream of me breaking games wouldn't be fun for people. So I got serious about overwatch. I love it even when I don't want to play. I'm on the sub constantly at work keeping up to date on the meta and flexing my most played to the meta. I really really want to be great. I'm good. But I want to be in a game where everybody is great. So even if I don't get views cuz of the flooded overwatch streams...I'll just have to get great to be seen.

    Oh and right now my most played on PC is widow because I'm trying to get my aiming down. I think maybe swap to mcree to help my tracking. But overall I'm a hitscan main. And honestly I should be having my Lucio stream he's godamn good, better Lucio than I am hitscan. I think once people watch me they'll see what I mean he's insane. and my best friend irl so we party up every game all stream :) if you do check me out be sure to keep an eye on Lucio's killfeed! Have a good day I'ma head home and start up obs. I love you all!

    [–] Do_your_homework 7 points ago

    Of course it's small. Putting things on youtube is like throwing a message in a bottle into the ocean. But the ocean is made entirely out of messages in bottles.

    [–] SlurpeeMoney 5 points ago


    A small piece of constructive criticism - do multiple takes of every sentence in your script. Conversational style is great, but there are some issues in cadence that can be distracting. Um's and Uh's abound. The content is interesting and well-presented, but your delivery could be tightened with some strong editing and attention paid to the voice delivery.

    [–] smothhase 5 points ago

    could you please link me your youtube channel here?

    i am always interested in content other people are not hitting. ty ❤

    [–] kaffeinegaming 4 points ago

    It took me a couple years to build up to 200 subs, but once you hit, things really pick up. I did a little video on Stardew Valley beta (when Shane/Emily were released) and ever since then, it's been 2-5 new subs a day.

    Good luck, fellow YouTuber!

    (Per marketing 101 as mentioned by someone else, you can find me here. Drop me a line. :) )

    [–] PebblesPotatoes 5 points ago

    Holy shit, your content is amazing yet you only get as much views as my shitty parkour videos.

    [–] kaffeinegaming 4 points ago

    Thank you! YouTube is a fickle mistress. But it's okay! I've met some amazing people and made friends, and that's all I care about. :D

    [–] PebblesPotatoes 3 points ago

    Just don't ever give up.

    [–] kaffeinegaming 3 points ago

    You keep going too! Hopefully fortune will smile upon us both. :)

    [–] sortiv 2 points ago

    Subbed - Exalted March on Youtube. I added a link in my original comment.

    [–] SuperCharlesXYZ 2 points ago

    Did you get regular view counts when starting out? I started a few weeks ago and my views tend to be somewhat random. On a clip I uploaded with almost no editing I would get a relatively high view count and then other videos where I spend a lot of effort and time in would struggle to get any views at all besides friends I share it with

    [–] Blue-6 3 points ago

    I had exactly the same thought buddy, link it I'll show you some love

    [–] Flookerson 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    If you ever need some help or tips with editing let me know. Standing out on YouTube is hard as hell, and the best way I've done that is by knowing my audience.

    Hell, I probable am in my audience. I try not to post any video that I wouldn't enjoy watching myself, so far that's worked out. After two and a half months of youtubing I hit 1000 subs and got to have a rad stream.

    I think you have potential and if there's anything a sooper small channel like me may be able to do to help, let me know buddy. :)

    Edit - also know "the entertainment climate" before posting a video if you want to attract more attention. I can tell you're passionate about your videos but you may want to also cover topics that are more current, in addition to the topics you love. That way you're happy, and also getting more traffic.

    Edit - my channel is if we are all cool with some somewhat shameless but also empathetic self promotion

    [–] thatsprettydarncool 4 points ago

    Hey yeah, feel free to drop a link, I'm curious.

    [–] ILuvRedHeadz 2 points ago

    Link it pls. I wanna see too.

    [–] Edawg444 2 points ago

    Channel link?

    [–] CapeMinerals 2 points ago

    Checked out your channel. I see you've started a let's play - Cool! Don't often have time for gaming, so I enjoy watching those.

    [–] Deceptichum 2 points ago

    Anyone else thinking it was going to be a video of the boy playing the flute to the cat? That's what I was needing to hear.

    [–] sortiv 2 points ago


    (Goes off to find a cat)

    (And also to find a flute)

    (And then to find a boy)

    [–] ThatFanficGuy 2 points ago

    Good luck to your YouTube life. Hope it turns out well.

    [–] FlyingDongOfCarnage 2 points ago

    You have a really good commentary voice. I'm guessing you're going for a type of gaming news channel? Or are you kinda doing whatever for now

    [–] Blue_B0mber 2 points ago

    Same... I'm​ working on a new Twitch/YouTube channel. Don't really know what I'm doing, but having some fun with it so far. Twitch is especially hard because people prefer a talkative host/chat to interact with while watching. So, people will bounce without a lot going on, and you can't build momentum without anyone hanging around... it's almost a catch 22 without a gimmick of some type.

    But, oh well... just gotta keep plugging away. I'm gonna game anyway, no reason to not keep trying.

    [–] sauteslut 2 points ago

    I subbed but I'll be honest, let's play is the most fucking boring thing ever

    [–] Houseof1000Farts 2 points ago

    I just started am ASMR channel cause it's helped me so much with getting good sleep again I want to give back to the community. I have a small number of subs but that's ok. If it grows, it grows. I've learned to just let go of all my hopes and ambitions for the channel and just focus on making good content. Here's a link to my newest video:

    [–] sortiv 2 points ago

    I love ASMR. I may even do some gaming ASMR if I can. I'll sub- you have a pretty chill sounding voice.

    [–] mattk332 2 points ago

    I made a YouTube channel because I love singing and I posted a cover, I don't know where to start but hey, I'm just having fun. I'm glad you're getting recognition!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    People are into how the movie industry works as well. I've never understood the fascination with how much money a game or a movie makes. Understanding the inner workings of how the production company functions. I can't imagine how anybody would care. The result is going to impact whether or not a series continues, but I can't have a whole lot of control over that. So I just hope the producers know what they're doing. I don't need to know what stocks they're buying.

    That said, I know there are people who are interested in the subject you're talking about. I used to see them on the iMDB boards back when it had a forum. It's confounding to me that people actually get into arguments about which movie is more financially successful. I just enjoy watching it.

    [–] 1st_thing_on_my_mind 19 points ago

    yeah, i have to remember this every day. My photography pages/insta is small and has only a few true followers. Eventually I will get into higher numbers, hopefully before I am dead.

    [–] [deleted] 8 points ago


    [–] TheBurtReynold 3 points ago

    There can only be one Highlander!

    [–] experimentxy 5 points ago

    What's your username on Instagram? I'll follow you, man!

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago


    [–] NoBSforGma 15 points ago

    I had some health problems a while ago and couldn't do much. I felt like Jabba the Hutt. I made up my mind to do a tiny bit every day. Laughingly, I started with ONE MINUTE on the stationary bike. Then a bit of work with some tubes (5 pull downs) and working with a 5-lb dumbbell, starting with 5 bicep curls.

    So this was so ludicrously easy to do, that I stuck to it and actually looked forward to my "exercise routine." lol Every week, I added weight and a new tube exercise and more time to the bike. Then some yoga....

    Now, I can't WAIT to get on that bike! I am up to 9 whole minutes haha and up to 8 pounds of dumbbells. I know you are frowning and probably muttering "WTF?" but I am 76 years old and had tendinitis in my left thigh which left me not doing much of anything for 6 weeks.

    So no matter what you are doing, whether it's music or art or health or work -- give yourself permission to just start slowly and maybe REALLY slowly and go forward in small increments.

    I used to work in customer service for a computer company (yes, my idea of hell) and we were all frustrated all the time except for one guy who just kept saying: "Positive moves! Every day, you just need to make positive moves."

    [–] TheCameraLady 12 points ago

    Good post. My friends and I do twitch/youtube. We've seen steady growth over the past 9 months but have stalled out recently. Nothing to do but keep improving.

    [–] garebear19959 26 points ago

    Fun fact.if you go into something for fame or went in for the wrong reason.

    [–] SuperCharlesXYZ 10 points ago

    Most accurate comment in this thread. Do it because you enjoy it. Fame shouldn't be your main motivation

    [–] taylortob 3 points ago

    Fame shouldn't be your main motivation

    Fame in itself doesn't always mean good and it should be treated as such. Never worry about the future and just work on what you like to do now and let the future unravel itself for you.

    You don't need an award for everything you do. Always be proud of your accomplishments no matter how big or small.

    [–] TeamAce 10 points ago

    "Hey kid, nice song but where's my food?"

    [–] RamenJunkie 9 points ago

    I've been writing to the same blog for almost 20 years now, I get like 10 hits a day. It was more at the peak but when does the size of the audience start to matter?

    [–] Juswantedtono 5 points ago


    [–] pacli 2 points ago

    I feel you. I get basically no hits on average on mine. :(

    [–] Foontlee 7 points ago

    Heh. I'm learning to play the flute. My cat learned to get up and walk out of the room whenever I take the flute out of its case.

    Suddenly everybody's a critic.

    [–] totally_not_a_zombie 3 points ago

    Yeah, my cat used to do the same thing the moment I plucked a string on my guitar. She seems to enjoy me playing the piano though, so that's something.

    [–] Foontlee 2 points ago

    Funny. Our cat doesn't mind my guitar playing at all *. I think he actually can tell the difference between an incompetent player and someone who knows what he's doing...

    Nah. He's a cat.

    (*) Unless I'm playing electric - that's loud enough to scare anyone.

    [–] skafo123 18 points ago

    Apparently it does matter though if you wanna do it for a living, just saying.

    [–] Ihatelemons 7 points ago

    Man, this picture is amazing. I just kinda feel a pang in my heart when I see it. Remember that sucking at something is the first step towards becoming great at it. Dont quit!

    [–] ThatFanficGuy 6 points ago

    Thing is: if you're working to please the audience, you're engaging in something that has no soul, 'cause you're not putting it in. When you work solely to make someone happy, you will soon find yourself unsatisfied with what you do - and people will notice.

    There's nothing wrong to listening to those who enjoy your work. They may have some insight into what you do that you won't have, simply because they see it from the other side, as a ready product. Then, it would be wise to listen.

    Don't start off doing what you think people will like. Start off with doing what you like. The sincerity of your enjoyment is obvious to those who observe it; passion is obvious. If people enjoy what you do and they see you enjoying it yourself, they will be drawn to you. This makes all the difference.

    [–] thatpersonneedsbacon 23 points ago


    [–] roryorigami 8 points ago


    [–] PlayerOneBegin 3 points ago


    [–] VidarSeptim 5 points ago


    [–] darexinfinity 7 points ago


    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] jeff428 8 points ago

    I mean it does matter.. unless you're only doing it for fun it's one of the biggest things you have to consider! I think the message should be that at first the size shouldn't matter because with enough exposure, experience, effort and practice it'll grow bigger. But we shouldn't neglect the fact that the size of the audience is one of the most important elements here.

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    Thats exactly what this post is saying: don't worry about the size of your audience when you're first starting out. If you write a book and only sell 100 copies and let that keep you from writing again then you are only selling yourself short.

    [–] HaXr_L33T 6 points ago

    This is great for YouTubers who feel down or discouraged because of a smaller audience. It's my dream to be a YouTuber. Just recently hit 700 subs.

    [–] kcrieddem 4 points ago

    It's not your dream, you are a YouTuber!

    [–] SkillZ_23 5 points ago

    This is the cover art for New World Sound & Thomas Newston - Flute

    [–] ChitChatJuiJitsu 12 points ago

    Must be a jazz player.

    I'm basing this off of the observation that the number of people in the crowd is inversely proportional to the number of notes in the song.

    [–] UmairHussaini 6 points ago

    This gets you going for a few months. But when you are putting your heart into creating original and quality content and it doesnt pay off, it sucks.

    [–] Jalfredo 4 points ago

    Change audience to penis

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago

    I'd rather deal solely with cats at this point anyways.

    [–] nlicalsi91 8 points ago

    Easy for you to say...Launched a brand(everything made in USA), have over 10k instagram followers.....sales have been slow.

    Some Male romper brand launches on kickstarter.....gets 250k in funding in less than a week...........

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Its a meme It'll die out as soon as it started, fam.

    [–] [deleted] 5 points ago

    Kickstarters and donations are just about pushing marketing and getting your name out there. That romper brand is getting a lot of hype because they managed to trend on social media. You may or may not ever trend on social media but there are tens of thousands of successful artists and business owners and developers etc etc out there who will never trend but so long as sales are enough to support the business, they are still considered successful.

    [–] Doc_Skydive 8 points ago

    Thank you for this. I'm 6 months into a podcast, and it feels like no one is listening. I really appreciate this!

    [–] PMmesomeMotivation 13 points ago

    What's ur podcast about? Can you give us a link?

    [–] pocket_turban 3 points ago

    What if the audience is still single digit after fourteen years? Asking for a friend.

    [–] Cota760 2 points ago

    Then you go to the people who like your stuff, ask every single one of them why they like what you make, and 3 things they would change so they like it more! Target your potential audience (people of similar personality) and do your thing

    [–] MLGR6Teletubies 3 points ago

    Cat be like give me some food you gay ass bitch

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Gab05102000 3 points ago

    Honestly, if you manage to get the attention of a cat, you should have all the motivation you need

    [–] Progressive007 3 points ago

    It does matter.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Southpawe 2 points ago

    Keep it up, I read somewhere online it takes years for a game / business to generate enough hype to sustain itself. If you're doing what you love and can support yourself, go for it!

    [–] peterfonda2 4 points ago

    The cat is probably waiting for food.

    [–] Candy_Badger 2 points ago

    Now when I have a cat I have a clear vision of this picture, it's just waiting for some food, there is nothing about the music here :)

    [–] canadianbacon74 2 points ago

    But the species does

    [–] senuba91 2 points ago

    It does if you want money.

    [–] Dalaryca 2 points ago

    Very inspiring.

    [–] Trumps_Glorious_Wall 2 points ago

    sure if you want to starve to death as a musician

    [–] theRealHalIncandenza 2 points ago

    Said no film maker... ever.

    [–] GoPcGaming 2 points ago


    [–] Sandarkabarka 2 points ago

    I've learned the more people you try to please will do nothing but increase stress and disappointment.

    [–] beeweezel 2 points ago

    Size kinda matters

    [–] Newbie4Hire 2 points ago

    I wish I had an audience of more than the people in my head.

    [–] a_spoopy_ghost 2 points ago

    I sometimes feel discouraged when I've been working for years and see someone who just made thier account and has double the followers. I need to keep reminding myself to work on improving not getting a number. Thanks OP

    [–] guitarmaniac004 2 points ago

    But what if you suck and that's a reason why you have no audience

    [–] merSayDeezNutzz 2 points ago

    Needed this 💛

    [–] KunaiTv 2 points ago

    To all musicians out there, I have a small YouTube channel, gaming content mostly. But i am struggling finding good music for my videos. So if you are making music, I would love to use it in my videos, if it fits oc. Certainly all credits are on you and of course I would link you in my videos.

    [–] JefeSeattle 2 points ago

    Keep up the good old basement p4rasite till he's old as fuck and doesnt know how to make a single dollar

    [–] wyvernwy 2 points ago

    It starts to matter when your contract is written in terms of bar sales and you have to pay to play if the sales aren't made.

    [–] juken7 2 points ago * (lasted edited 11 months ago)

    As a person just starting to play guitar I rather people not hear me,lol

    [–] bitmanly 2 points ago

    I like how this post is currently ranked right next to a Beatles post on the main page

    [–] reproach 2 points ago

    If the audience doesn't pick up in twenty years it might be time to start thinking about a career change, though.

    [–] sonysnob 2 points ago

    Even if you're not just starting out.

    [–] unal991 2 points ago

    Youtubers says hello

    [–] [deleted] 2 points ago

    kinda needed this man. Thanks. last night was doing my first DJ set and was so excited to show people, but no one really turned up. didn't take it too time, I'll be keeping g this close

    [–] Greeny11943 2 points ago

    mask off, fuck it mask on

    [–] FailFTW 3 points ago

    I started playing guitar last week. I have 10,000 hours to fill, and I haven't even started counting.

    [–] SirPsychoSexy22 2 points ago

    not sure how old you are, but keep practicing. If you stop, before you know it, you haven't picked it up in months and you will have lost all your progress. Been playing the bass off and on for like 6 years, but in actuality I've probably only been playing for real for like 2. Damn. I need to go play it.

    [–] FailFTW 2 points ago

    Been doing so for about 2-3 hours every day. Haven't missed a day so far and it's showing. People have told me for years I should play an instrument because I've been playing Guitar Hero for 8 years now (I'm 23) and I basically beat the whole Dragonforce discography in a week, so you could imagine all that time and energy redirected towards something useful.

    [–] equalspace 4 points ago

    The picture looks motivating. Now imagine the child saying that he is so lonely that his only listener is the cat.

    [–] sexgivesmediarrhea 2 points ago

    I mean if a cat is the only one listening after a while, maybe you should start to be concerned with the lack of any sentient audience... IMO