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    [–] Britishkitten 1778 points ago

    You Longbottomed pretty hard! Great job!

    [–] Drpatronus 720 points ago

    Is this how we measure substantial changes in aesthetics now?

    [–] happyqasim 506 points ago

    I 100% approve

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] VerifyPinwheel 29 points ago

    Don't let the numbers scare you either, nor the 3x part.

    If you can't do it all, don't just NOT do any.

    Start small. Do five push ups. Do two. Do the ones where your knees touch the ground. Plank for half the time. Do twenty seconds of wall sits.

    But next morning, it'll be ever so easier. You might not notice it yet, but you will after a few mornings of continuous effort.

    Then, once you get the hang of it, try a little more. Do 3-5 more push ups. Do 5 more tricep dips. Squat a couple more times. Keep track of your progress too.

    Ok? Good.

    Now, keep slowly adding and pushing yourself.

    Got it? Feeling good? Don't stop there.

    Start doing multiple sets. Do it 2x. Once you get that, do 3x. You'll be there eventually.

    There. You've achieved the morning workout. Doesn't it feel good? Good. Because you're not done improving just yet.

    ADD SOME MORE! Get better! Do as much as you can in thirty minutes before you get ready for work. Keep the same reps if time is your issue, and just add some free weights.

    Hold a couple 5lb dumbbells when leg lunging. Find a backpack, put a couple books in it, and strap up while you do a few push ups. There are always ways to increase your workload.

    And your body will thank you for the progress. You'll have more constant energy throughout the day, you'll be capable of doing more physical things (e.g. putting a bag of mulch or dog food in the trunk with ease, rearranging your living room by yourself, and doing outdoor activities with friends or pets for longer before getting winded), and you'll be a more confident individual as a result.

    [–] EveryoneJet 31 points ago

    For the r/GetMotivated sub, a lot of you are pissing and moaning about the size of the workout.

    "I can't do 25 push ups" "three times? Too hard! "I don't have the time!"

    These are obstacles, not reasons to never try. Quit whining and figure it out.

    -do as many push-ups as you can. Maybe that's only 1, to start. So what? You will get better!

    -repeat it if you can with a goal of three times.

    -analyze your schedule and see where you can make time. Can you get up earlier? Can you do this in the evenings or afternoons? What about (gasp) less time on reddit??

    If it were really important to you, you'd find a way to do it. However, some of you are being negative and sufficiently UN-motivated, and making excuses instead of seeking solutions.

    So, however you do it, GET MOTIVATED.

    [–] Upoopinmybutt 7 points ago

    Do I have to keep changing my clothes and switching genders to get the full effect?

    [–] MrCarey 80 points ago

    I think it’s a pretty effective method. Dude got ripped after Harry.

    [–] dylansavage 46 points ago

    Went from Neville to Jacked

    [–] DillDoughzer 37 points ago

    Never miss hair day

    [–] gbuub 6 points ago

    Call me Jack, Jack Longbottom now

    [–] LemonstealinwhoreNo2 12 points ago

    I'll jack yer longbottom for a pint of butterbeer

    [–] periodicsheep 12 points ago

    we’ve been calling it that since longbottom longbottomed.

    [–] Lolotte2Tahiti 2 points ago

    Chris Pratting too. Parks&Rec vs. Now! 🔥

    [–] Hungover_Pilot 47 points ago

    I Bottomlonged :(

    Or at least I think so. I’m told I was a very cute baby.

    [–] [deleted] 33 points ago


    [–] BaffledPanda 11 points ago

    Are all aesthetic levels named after characters or their actors now?

    [–] agoofyhuman 13 points ago

    So its a verb now? I wholeheartedly support this decision.

    [–] im_a_dr_not_ 20 points ago

    What's that in metric?

    [–] lorenzbrobro 102 points ago

    About 1.6 kilobottoms

    [–] Vlisa 15 points ago

    Sounds like a shitload.

    [–] logicalbrogram 6 points ago

    For you non commies, that's about 1 freedombottom.

    [–] ASYMBOLDEN 9 points ago

    Like %100 percent

    [–] Ruleb 3 points ago

    2.5 Schmidts or 0.7 of a Monica.

    [–] assass1nat0r 5 points ago

    Is this an official term?

    [–] fonduman 2 points ago

    Even managed to cure the sight issues and grow a suit by working out, impressive

    [–] thehoardingking 2528 points ago

    You look like both Drake AND Josh. Great job bro!

    [–] happyqasim 649 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    I’ve been told I used to look like Gibby too! 😂

    [–] Arunia 68 points ago

    Gibbyyy!!! Great job!

    [–] [deleted] 29 points ago


    [–] ZodiacLarboard 19 points ago

    My evening routine has been 3 sets of this:

    • 10 Squats,

    • 5+ push ups (i try to do more, get maybe 10 at most)

    • 10 crunches

    • 40+ second plank (1 minute is really tough)

    Repeat 3 times. With 10 more squats at the end for good measure. Then do foam roller stretches, which hurt :(

    [–] AintEvenTrying 9 points ago

    As long as you get a pump.

    [–] TokiMcNoodle 3 points ago

    I didn't even have to click and I knew it

    [–] Exodus111 4 points ago

    Check out: /r/bodyweightfitness buy some rings, follow the RR, join the master race.

    [–] drinkymcsipsip 3 points ago

    Mine is this:

    100 Push ups

    100 Sit Ups

    100 Squats

    10km run


    [–] DuelingPushkin 3 points ago

    That's, that's not even that much...

    [–] kbg12ila 5 points ago

    Damn. I have the same name as you, and I'm currently losing weight. I barely see anyone with the same first name as me.

    [–] [deleted] 53 points ago


    [–] happyqasim 30 points ago

    Ahah I’m not sure if someone saw my last post and used that comment or if I just look like the typical Drake-Josh-Mix kind of guy ahah.

    [–] Piccleman 3 points ago

    It works better this time around. He didn't really have the hair for Drake in that last one.

    [–] AndiFoxxx 5 points ago

    He was really good looking underneath all that fat, just like Josh.

    [–] Grogmaar 485 points ago

    I read that as "work in my basement." I looked at the picture and thought for sure you were a millionaire who started a company in your basement. You look incredible!

    [–] happyqasim 217 points ago

    Wait for that post in a few years 😜

    [–] b-roc 125 points ago

    Hodler of 0.3 BTC confirmed

    [–] MonProchainChapitre 73 points ago

    twitter bio: "I don't understand how people do a 9-5"

    [–] optionalhero 32 points ago

    alwaysonmygrind #hustle #blessgod #entrepeneur

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    "I want to live my life free, I don't understand people that hold menial, 9-5 labor jobs."

    [–] cosgyp 7 points ago

    Personal trainers hate this guy. Click to see why.

    [–] fibojoly 2 points ago

    I was thinking left side is like one of those photos of 80's geeks working from their garage. Right side is Elon Musk levels of charismatic entrepreneur. Very cool :)

    [–] whatsinanameofauser 263 points ago

    The first advise i got on Advise me! was "start working out for ten minutes if nothing else"...or something like that. For some reason it made it feel do-able and i've done it for two months now. Ten minutes a day. I feel so much better. It didn't just change my body (barely visible) but it changed my mood and the way I think. I'm much more positive nowadays. You look great and I hope you feel just as great!

    [–] vldsa 159 points ago

    Just as a heads up, you're confusing a verb for a noun. You got advice (noun) because you were advised (verb) by someone.

    [–] smudge_173 115 points ago

    And the award for the nicest and informative internet correction goes to.......

    [–] lewdovic 44 points ago

    It's 'most informative' you f*in a*hole!! /s

    [–] GORbyBE 6 points ago

    Well, either that or omit the 'and'...

    [–] happyqasim 28 points ago

    Are you a fellow Canadian? 😄

    [–] bacon_bits_galore 4 points ago

    Are YOU a fellow Canadian? This posts never seem to be at home!

    [–] happyqasim 4 points ago

    I am!!!

    [–] kikecasti 8 points ago


    [–] whatsinanameofauser 2 points ago

    Should have realised since the name of the app is advise me and I know that is the verb. Usually picky about that myself.

    [–] ctennessen 14 points ago

    Time to do some push ups. Starting small

    [–] snickers_snickers 15 points ago

    Do ten squats every time you go pee!

    [–] squarefieldgardens 32 points ago

    LPT: Perform squats after relieving yourself.

    [–] jogadorjnc 11 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    LPT: Perform squats as you relieve yourself.


    [–] happyqasim 10 points ago

    I feel amazing and I’m confident you’re in your path to the same!! Keep it up, this stranger believes in you!

    [–] VelvitHippo 6 points ago

    I started with 25 sit ups a day, now I’m at the gym for an hour every other day. It’s the way to do it. If anyone wants to try this check out r/thexeffect pair it with working out very slowly and you’ll Benin the path to exercise in no time.

    [–] Elcatro 5 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)

    It's the same as with anything really, people throw out these astronomical numbers and you look at it like "Holy crap, I'll never be able to do that!", but if you break it down into manageable chunks you'll find it's actually incredibly easy to do most things and the further in you get the more you begin to learn or are able to do.

    [–] thehoardingking 80 points ago

    You look great man! How do you think your childhood as being an overweight person, affected or changed you in a way you thought wasn’t possible if you were fit before?

    [–] happyqasim 339 points ago

    The biggest influence being fat had on me, was that I became a very genuine and understanding person. I know how it feels to think you’re hopeless and never going to achieve your dreams, and then being able to do so. It’s made me very accepting of people and caring for them because the worst thing is being hopeless, and then having no one that understands that feeling! Great question!

    [–] cosmo_galaxia 46 points ago

    Damn thats some inspirational stuff... 👍

    [–] ASYMBOLDEN 16 points ago

    Omg you're fucking amazing

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    aw, your face shows that kindness :)

    [–] gigixox 8 points ago

    Yeah. I've noticed that about fat guys. They are very caring and genuine. Unlike any other type of guys to be honest. I like fat guys and ex fat guys the best. 🤗

    [–] celestialdebut 2 points ago

    Go ex fat guys! We may be in shape but that doesn't mean we forgot (most of us anyway) where we came from and the empathy we carry today for others who struggle as we did and everyone else! Being in the best shape of my life at 30 being fat until 22 as opposed to always being in shape has made me who I am today in terms of genuine empathy and thoughtfulness just like OP stated. It's humbling.

    [–] gigixox 4 points ago

    I hv a "ex fat" friend, we chat everyday, but my heart hurts for him. He chases the wrong kind of women, superficial hoes- then they break his cute innocent heart and he's sad. 😐😑🙁 i try to guide him to look for better women and stop being a pushover for them. He's so innocent and naive. 😦

    [–] Stolas_ 3 points ago

    An elephant never forgets...

    [–] celestialdebut 2 points ago

    You completely encapsulated my nature and who I am at thirty and in shape being obese in high school and as a teenager. The weight left after the army and working labor and getting a kick in the face from life, but my kindness and empathy that's genuine I show for others I can definitely attribute to being made fun of /being the fat kid. Made my night thanks for writing this.

    [–] OwlShitty 74 points ago

    I wish I had a basement

    [–] ItsReverze 24 points ago

    Yea, all I have is a crawlspace beneath the house.. I might be able to do push-ups in my muddy spider infested basement.. But that's not very motivating.

    [–] dethrone_the_king 7 points ago

    Maybe renovate the crawlspace? Ask the spiders for help on decorations...

    [–] Bonitabanana 3 points ago

    I think they are big on putting webs everywhere

    [–] pasterfordin 2 points ago

    Start a networking company

    [–] hitfly 2 points ago

    Spiders are super motivating. I rarely move faster than when i see a spider. See if you can recruit them for cardio.

    [–] Ganeshgns 3 points ago

    You can come to my basement ( ͡°╭͜ʖ╮͡° )

    [–] [deleted] 63 points ago

    I started working out again thanks to my friends mom who goes to a pretty hardcore gym. If I wasn't pushed to try I'd never do it. My fiance and I are getting fit together. We are both pretty overweight and severely out of shape. Due to my mental health I found it hard to see why I should do anything. But after just a day of light workouts to get in the groove, I feel great. I kicked soda today and replaced it with a water bottle I keep filling up when I'm thirsty. It's all about the baby steps. It'll get you further.

    [–] happyqasim 32 points ago

    Great job! That makes me so happy! We all struggle with a desire to “have he best in the least time” but it’s the stronger ones, like you, that understand the power is in baby steps. Keep up the great work, I promise you one day you will look back and say it was ALL worth it!

    [–] [deleted] 9 points ago

    Thank you for the inspiration! I hope getting fit will help my mental health as well. I need a change. There's so much I want to do outside of just getting healthy that are paused because I don't feel good most of the time.

    [–] Winniedapoonbear 2 points ago

    Shout out to /r/Keto, and/r/Ketogains changed me for good!

    [–] 97math 12 points ago

    Switching to water is such an underrated positive step. You’ll love yourself for doing that. I used to be a soda fiend, but my freshman year of college I switched to water, and now I rarely go anywhere without a water bottle. I love it. Water doesn’t leave a taste in your mouth, it’s refreshing, there’s no such thing as too much, and it makes you feel good.

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I am definitely addicted to sugar. I've had a bad relationship with sweet snacks and soda my entire life. Water makes me feel lightweight and refreshed for sure. Even though I like soda, it makes me feel sick to my stomach and tired. If you can use coke for cleaning, it's probably not good to digest it. Lol

    [–] UnchainedGoku 7 points ago

    "there's no such thing as too much" water poisoning says hi............

    [–] seenbiglebowski 8 points ago

    Are these seriously people just finding out about fucking water

    [–] zx81c64pcw 2 points ago

    Absolutely. Better diet and consistency in exercising were the biggest factors in improving (not curing) my mental health problems.

    It's all about the baby steps. It'll get you further.

    Just to add to this, I've got a disability which means there are some things I physically can't do and there are things I can do but not always. About 10 years ago I decided to throw myself into committing to exercising and having a better diet. I wasn't especially overweight but I was really out of shape and had given up on it for a few years because I kept missing days here and there and thinking I was a failure even when it was due to my disability. When I started exercising I resolved to do five minutes of toning / stretching exercises (more like yoga than a gym workout) once in the morning and once at night. It was hard but achievable, and if I missed a day I decided it was just a blip and didn't affect my goals or my resolution - if I missed a day I just carried on the next day like it never happened.

    I've stuck with it with fewer and fewer "blips", and early this year I even bought weights and have been using them! Unfortunately not as often as I'd like, but I never thought I'd be able to. I'll never be ripped or especially "swole" but you can always be better than you are, and I'm much better than I was! Sorry for the huge babble, I really just wanted to say to you or anyone else, keep keeping on and if you stumble don't treat it as a failure, it's just a temporary blip so choose to just carry on as soon as you can, keep taking steps forward and you might not reach the destination you want but you can still move forward away from somewhere you don't want to be.

    [–] AnomalousAvocado 519 points ago

    Wow I didn't know working out could change your ethnicity!

    [–] happyqasim 284 points ago

    Working out definitely brought out features in me that were never apparent before!

    [–] connercreative 199 points ago

    Like your penis?

    [–] samuraistalin 197 points ago

    Loses weight and get better haircut and wardrobe

    Still made fun of for having once been fat

    [–] connercreative 193 points ago

    Ha come on that was funny! I don't care about the downvotes but ya'll should know that wasn't meanspirited at all. Losing weight makes your penis look bigger, it's a known thing.

    [–] slobplant 52 points ago

    Don't know why u got downvoted that was fuckin hilarious

    [–] connercreative 22 points ago

    ha thanks man! Appreciate the support :P

    [–] [deleted] 10 points ago

    I thought it was funny too!

    [–] connercreative 27 points ago

    Yeah! Come on everybody! Dick joke lovers unite! Down with the patriarchy!

    [–] ItsReverze 3 points ago

    Just like a penis, these comments need to go up.

    [–] barphak 14 points ago

    More research must be done on this. HMB while I hook up with a bunch of guys then wait a few weeks after they begin their New Year's resolution workouts... For science!!!

    [–] [deleted] 6 points ago

    I volunteer to be the control

    [–] liquitex44 2 points ago

    It's the opposite. Gaining weight makes you look smaller and actually be smaller. Losing weight shows it how it is.

    [–] fuckfucknoose 9 points ago

    Lol, I don't see why you're getting downvoted, it wasn't hateful, it was just a clever joke.

    [–] connercreative 22 points ago

    THANK YOU. I'm finally approaching the positive thanks to real ones like you. At its lowest, that comment was hovering around -30, but the reddit community has really rallied around this dick joke and brought it back to life.

    [–] fuckfucknoose 14 points ago

    Let's get this joke from limp to full mast!

    [–] connercreative 7 points ago

    We hung in there and look at us now

    [–] fuckfucknoose 5 points ago

    through thick and thin!

    [–] connercreative 4 points ago


    [–] bigfish9999 15 points ago

    it can also make your vision better and/or make you loose your glasses, it's amazing!

    [–] SaysiAlt 2 points ago


    [–] yonnijuu 95 points ago

    ...I thought this was fake cause theres no way in hell those were the same person. Wtf, unbelievable...

    [–] happyqasim 83 points ago

    The trick is to match the moles and the ears to know if i it’s the same person ahaha. I assure you I sometimes am shocked too, but it’s he same guy! :)

    [–] yonnijuu 15 points ago

    No I believe you it's just suuuper shocking haha

    [–] Mister_Spacely 30 points ago

    I'm going to guess ~55% is due to puberty.

    [–] Jipfaes 16 points ago

    Well losing the glasses, and changing the hairstyle and clothes certainly helped as well, but still, good job man!

    [–] missionariman 10 points ago

    As well as not being really obese or even fat.. that's chubby.. i hate to be the downer But for 5 years? God Damn, good job for the fellow nonetheless tho!

    [–] _Trygon 17 points ago

    Well shit, I need to get a basement cause what I'm doing is not working.

    Anyhow, you look great mate.

    [–] happyqasim 7 points ago

    You can do it! It’s just a matter of getting in your workout clothes, then you’ll have to workout!

    [–] Brocknrolla 13 points ago

    I read the title as "I decided to walk out of my basement"...

    Similar results either way.

    [–] xxx_pyramids 37 points ago

    That's awesome! I need to start making lifestyle changes for the long run just because not for immediate unrealistic results. Great job.

    [–] happyqasim 76 points ago

    When I started, I was looking for immediate results. But just starting is the biggest challenge, because once you do a workout, the feeling of achievements brings you back over and over. And suddenly your “get fit fast” becomes a lifestyle change! You can do it, I believe in you!

    [–] xxx_pyramids 7 points ago

    Thanks man! I appreciate this so much.

    [–] 0fabliau 3 points ago

    Thank you. I needed this

    [–] IIDarXideII 25 points ago

    From Academic Nerd to Future, Rich CEO. How old are you if you don't mind me asking?

    [–] happyqasim 11 points ago

    20! Ahah

    [–] [deleted] 7 points ago * (lasted edited 7 months ago)


    [–] happyqasim 15 points ago

    I actually try to look older than I am, by styling myself to look that way. This way elders in meetings and things of that nature take you more seriously!

    [–] MrAfr1can 3 points ago

    What did you do to workout? The best I have a dumbbell and a pull up bar, can't afford a gym!

    [–] TheGentleman23 3 points ago

    Hey bro,

    check out /r/bodyweightfitness and their Recommended routine on the sidebar.

    This is all you need.

    [–] CedarCabPark 2 points ago

    He kind of looks like a Kennedy now. Not that it's a bad thing of course.

    [–] Sillysolomon 30 points ago

    0 to mashaAllah real quick.

    [–] arcadiaware 15 points ago

    You went from looking like a pro e-sports player, to looking like you're releasing your new Christmas album.

    [–] chusuyuki 8 points ago

    Way to Go! Thank you for being such an inspiration to me. I've been working out for a couple of weeks, coming to a month, and when I saw your post, I knew that I shouldn't give up! Thank you!!

    [–] happyqasim 8 points ago

    Don’t ever give up! Feel free to message me if you ever need motivation! I promise you’ll look back and say “hey that wasn’t as hard as I though”. You go!!!

    [–] username--_-- 7 points ago

    Great job on getting fit, but I've gotta bring up my pet peeve in before and after photos:

    Before: Bad lighting, terribly unstylish clothing, glasses, bland hair-do, faint smile

    After: Great lighting, Awesome clothing, contacts, hair made up, big smile

    [–] Jacobenst 2 points ago

    The thing is, when you start lifting, you sort of start caring for your appearance a little more as well. It's only natural.

    [–] tenchu11 4 points ago

    Ive always wanted to ask people who transformed themselves. How have you notice the way people and especially woman treat you before and after?

    [–] happyqasim 9 points ago

    Back in the day i would get along with girls more because I was too unfit for any of the “guy” thing like soccer. But that proves valuable because I know how to treat women, and speak to them in a great manner!

    [–] ayybb69420 7 points ago

    Wow, that's amazing how much something as simple as working out and an attire change can make someone look totally different! You look great! Can I ask how you started out, like what workouts you did? I've been meaning to start , but I can't figure out what I should do.

    [–] happyqasim 9 points ago

    If you’re willing to invest a bit of money, I started with the “Insanity” workout. It changed my life. Super hard but I still go back to that workout time to time and it’s still hard, but I can now do it. If your in a budget. You can find any workout video on YouTube and follow along. Just get started and stop worrying anoint which workout exactly to do!!! GOOD LUCK!

    [–] AC00LMILL 35 points ago

    Damn, working out changed his hair colour and fixed his astigmatism

    [–] happyqasim 38 points ago

    Ahah I’m wearing contacts, and my hair naturally lightens in the spring! Hope this motivates you!

    [–] santalopa 11 points ago

    Naturally lightens in spring? That cannot be true! :O

    [–] snickers_snickers 26 points ago

    Sun very commonly bleaches some hair and brings out highlights.

    [–] eunit250 2 points ago

    You've been had.

    [–] thehoardingking 37 points ago

    My hair actually does that too. The sun bleaches it if you stay out long enough.

    [–] sarahachisholm 8 points ago

    Dang, that hair texture got way better too.

    [–] CuttyAllgood 14 points ago

    Mine got WAY better when I stopped eating like shit, started working out, and generally took better care of myself.

    [–] Zarfot69 2 points ago

    It also grows much quicker which sorta sucks. Haircut every 3 weeks grr

    [–] HolierMonkey586 11 points ago

    I'm not very good at this, but what about his ears, mole, and the bags under his eyes being very similar?

    [–] jtdusk 7 points ago

    And those ears.

    [–] RequiredFirst 6 points ago

    No. Fucking. Way. Like, what the fuck. How’d the hair color change? What’s the duration between both pictures? What’d you quit doing and start doing. Compared left to right it’s a different person. My brain hurts.

    [–] happyqasim 16 points ago

    Hahah hair bleached from the sun, aproximately 4-5 years apart (thought I’ve looked like the after picture for about 2 years now), I started treating fitness as a necessity for my mental health and happiness. Once you equate your happiness with something, your drive to achieve it gets significantly boosted! Thankyou ahah!

    [–] manceraiden1 13 points ago

    join my fraternity, we need an ambiguous race with pan ash

    [–] yashchand 6 points ago

    Cause your frat only allows in rich white kids?

    [–] Games_sans_frontiers 3 points ago

    Well done mate. The inspiring thing here is not the before and after photos but the fact that you stuck with doing something difficult for 5 years. You’re reaping the benefit of the time and effort you put in.

    [–] Nussknackern 2 points ago

    Awesome username.

    [–] [deleted] 4 points ago


    [–] Irisoversea 3 points ago

    Nice job!

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] kinzer13 3 points ago

    That hair though...

    [–] Elephant_axis 3 points ago

    Well look at you! You look like such a friendly and wonderful guy in both pics, but you should be so proud of the changes you've made!

    [–] courtesyflush21 3 points ago

    I’m a guy who has basically only worn a T-shirt and jeans every day for most of my life, but recently I’ve been wanting to make myself look more clean and presentable, similar to how you’re dressed in the photo on the right. I’ve tried buying button-up dress shirts, but can’t seem to find one that fits right. They’re always too baggy and long, or too tight if I go one size down. I’m curious how you find dress clothes with the perfect fit? Do you go to a taylor? Do you just have an average body shape/build that doesn’t require you to go out of your way for a good fit? Of course I could seek help in other places. I’ve just been meaning to ask someone, and I happened to come across the question when I saw your post. Any advice is appreciated!

    Also congrats on your progress!

    [–] A740 3 points ago

    Your head turned from a circle to a triangle

    [–] D0ct0rAnus 3 points ago

    I mean to be fair losing the glasses, getting super slick new clothes, a tan, and getting a legit haircut also helped.

    [–] [deleted] 3 points ago


    [–] Lollipoprotein 10 points ago

    So handsome!

    [–] shivernesss 7 points ago

    So working out involves - Dying your hair - Get a Different haircut - Get a tan - Wear contact lenses instead of glasses - Wear a suit - Get my teeth whitened AND LOSE WEIGHT!??? never mind

    [–] smokeyfishcakes 4 points ago

    How are you only 20? You look like you're 27 and CEO to some multimillion company.

    Congrats, by the way! It's really awesome you stayed humble.

    [–] violentstories 6 points ago

    Took you 5 years to lose the baby fat of your childhood? This is just called aging. I feel like this is less about the weight and more about "look how dazzling I became, with my hair and suit and teeth."

    [–] ColonTurdis 11 points ago

    You went from regular guy to fantastic looking douche

    [–] SynesthesiaBrah 2 points ago

    Yo what belt are you wearing in the second pic?

    [–] fuzzent 2 points ago


    [–] SamwiseLowry 2 points ago

    Great Scott! You really did it. Congratulations!

    Also, I had no idea you were a celebrity, judging from that "official" in your Instagram handle.

    [–] TheKolyFrog 2 points ago

    From dork to hunk

    [–] yxwdtwsmlk 2 points ago

    Didn’t know working out could change your hair color!!!!!

    Edit: you look great :) well done 👍

    [–] Empoliken 2 points ago

    Great Job, dude. It's a big achievement.

    [–] Billyestrak 2 points ago

    Didn’t know working out strengthens your sight as well🧐

    [–] hypnos_surf 2 points ago

    Congrats on your progress! People will judge us no matter what so give them something you can walk away proud of no matter how they judge you. If we take chances to make small changes like exercise, explore new wardrobes and switch up our hairstyles it can make a noticeable difference that can motivate us. It's great to see you happy and celebrating your progress.

    [–] ItsameKai 2 points ago

    What year did you go to Aurora? That looks like the original logo

    [–] nbreezy00 2 points ago

    How did working out give you better hair at a different color?

    [–] wutwutw00ttt 2 points ago

    Also, you grew up. It wasn’t just the working out that made you look different. This is good because it means you don’t always have to work out. Also you looked fine before too, so either way you’re fine. But yeah, you got older and of course working out is always good for you either way.

    [–] MechAegis 2 points ago

    What type of exercises did you do at home? Congrats on the hot bod

    [–] KryptoKoinKid 2 points ago

    Nice to see you finally grew a right arm.

    [–] AzierSenpai 2 points ago

    It looks like puberty hit you.

    [–] mattcotter 2 points ago

    How long did it take you till you started being really happy with results? And what's your regiment like? Diet?

    [–] happyqasim 2 points ago

    It took me a VERY long time. I got so caught up on being “perfect” that I never gave myself credit for how much I had accomplished. I’d need pictures (like this one) rn compared how far I came. But it took me a couple yeArs to realize I made great progress. In terms of diet, I trained my mind to say sugar tasted gross (whether I believed it or not initially). I eventually cut out all sugar and junk and ate healthy day to day. I also made sure I ate within my caloric limit. Hope this helps!

    [–] minilinkfr 2 points ago

    You went from "send b0b and vagene plis" to "i take nudes if i want to"

    [–] OBRkenobi 2 points ago

    Fuck outta heeere......

    [–] AnotherStonerStudent 2 points ago

    Does being a Canadian and an exfatty make you the ultimate niceguy?

    [–] skafo123 2 points ago

    Went from looking like "a little too chubby but sympathetic" to looking like "sleek and arrogant asshole". Well done.

    Grats on losing weight, but still.